Mistress Broke Wife’s Car Window (Full Episode) | Couples Court

This isCouples Court
With The Cutlers. Good day. We’re here for the case
of White Vs. Gunnels. You all are married.
You’ve been married, uh,
2 and a half years? Yes, ma’am. Yeah. And you all met in high school
and reconnected,
is that correct? Correct. Yes, Your Honor. Ms. White, can you tell me
why you brought your husband
here today? Because I want to know
if my husband cheated on me after I had my baby
last year. I didn’t. So, why do you think
your husband cheated on you
after you had a baby? His past behavior
that he had. I was–
I was weak at that time. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) I– I was trying
to fill a void and that’s the past,
you gotta let that go. Are you in love with her? GUNNELS: Yes, I am. JUDGE KEITH:
What are you here
to prove today? Today that, after May, uh, of last year, I have been
faithful to her. So, the last time
you cheated was
a year ago? Yes, sir. All right, he’s saying that.
Have you believed him? No, ma’am. The actions
that he showed me, it’s like
he goes out with his friends don’t come home
until 2 AM. So, this marriage
is on the rocks? Obviously. If it comes back today, that in fact your husband
has not cheated since he last
told you that he did, are you going to be able
to put the past behind you
and move forward? I want to build trust with him
but he doesn’t give me that assurance that
I can trust him again. Look, love, you don’t throw
a house up in one stone. WHITE: Yeah. You take one stone
at a time. And if he’s been
in the game…
Yes. …building stone after stone
for the last year, then that foundation
is slowly being laid. I’m not asking you to say,
“Oh– I’m going blind.” I’m just saying
you got to give
a brother a chance. Yeah, but it’s just I’m hurt
from everything he’s done. That’s right, Your Honor. That’s right. So, Mr. Gunnels… GUNNELS: Yes, Your Honor. …do you understand that your family, your home
is at risk today. Yes, Your Honor.
I’m really here to clear
the air and, assure her that
I’m not doing those things. Ms. White, at one point,
you loved him. Yes, I did, dearly. Okay, I reviewed
your case file, the things that you filed
with this court and I saw your wedding video
and you were happy. JUDGE DANA:
You were very happy.
GUNNELS: Yes, we were. JUDGE DANA:
Tell me about the happy times. Um, the happy times
I can recall, he’d give me flowers,
I wasn’t used to that. WHITE: So, I have
the petals I saved. JUDGE DANA:
That’s very sweet.
I have ’em here. Aw! And those are the petals
he gave you when? Three times.
It was one, just because, the other one
was on valentines day
and the last one here, it was for my birthday. (AUDIENCE AWING) All right, I understand that.
I have the flowers,
I have the yellow roses that Mr. Cutler gave me,
our first valentine’s and that would have been
February 1983? Mm-hm. I still have those, so
I understand about that. So you loved him. Yes, ma’am, and it was a time
he walked four miles in a snow storm to me. All right! That’s what
I’m talking about. That’s true, Your Honor. I was surprised cause
I wouldn’t have
did it for him. (LAUGHING) All right, she’s telling truth,
can’t condemn her,
can’t condemn her. But Ms. White, okay, you’re holding on
to those rose petals. That means you’re holding
onto something. WHITE: Yeah.
Yeah, I am. I think deep down you really
do want this to work, you’re afraid
of being hurt. Mm-hm, yes. JUDGE KEITH: Okay. And that’s understandable.
In a relationship, that risk
is always there. WHITE: Mm-hm. If you got somebody
on the other side who’s trying to
take the steps
to rebuild a trust, you gotta meet them.
You gotta let them take
those steps. WHITE: Yeah.
JUDGE DANA: And you gotta
meet them half way there. And that’s what he’s here
trying to do today,
to help rebuild the trust. However, his only entitled
to that if he hasn’t… “breached” her trust
in the last year and so
that’s why we’re here today. Tell us how the trust
was first broken.
Tell us about that. Um, I found out
that he had sex
with this young lady. (AUDIENCE EXCLAMING) She had texted me. She told me that she needed
to tell me something
that was involving her and my husband. And, so, she was like,
“Yeah, we had sex
these past three Mondays.” I was like, “Let me put
my baby down.” ’cause I had my daughter
in my hand. And so, she told me everything
from the, you know, he got her
a job at his job, which I had no knowledge of
and he walked right through
the door, looked at her, shook his hair,
walked to the bedroom, I followed him and told him,
“What are you running for now?
Your secret is here.” So give me the truth. I wasn’t running. I told him, “Hey,
I don’t want to
be with you. You can leave with her and that’s the end of it.”
Later, she started playing
on my phone, sending weird
text messages saying… There was a reason for that. …she was, um, she was still
in love with him,
all this other stuff, they’re gonna, you know,
potentially get together, and, you know, I have the text
messages to prove that,
that she was texting him. While she’s
giving you that, Your Honor, I also
want to tell my side
of that story. Let’s look at
the text messages ’cause
I think this may help us. JUDGE DANA:
This is a message
from the other woman. “You tell me I was special
to you and when we had sex,
you felt so alive.” (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) And so, Mr. Gunnels,
you wrote, “Y’all playing
bruh, too grown for that. Sad.” And now the woman replied,
“I don’t want your wife
to get my number, so I made
this account.” (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) JUDEGE KEITH: Mr. Gunnels,
did you have this text exchange
with your co worker? Yes. All right.
Okay, so you had sex
with this other woman. Not during the year,
that year. No. JUDGE KEITH: Okay,
but you have had
sex with this woman. Yes. While you were with
Ms. White. Yes, that was the first
occurrence, yeah. JUDGE KEITH: Okay. JUDGE KEITH: So, Mr. Gunnels,
you are here fighting
for your relationship, JUDGE KEITH: right? Yes, Your Honor. How do you end up
sleeping with a coworker
when you’re a married man? At that time, the other woman
would make me feel…
like a man. She would not emasculate me. Jelecia had a problem
with letting a man be a man. If you showed me a man
I wouldn’t had to do that. (AUDIENCE EXCLAMING
JUDGE KEITH: Okay. I totally have,
this whole year. JUDGE KEITH: Okay. And what was this other woman
doing to make you
feel like a man? When I would do something
for her or, you know, just
give her a compliment, she would validate that,
you know, “Oh, well,
I like the fact that you’re
doing this for me.” Jelecia on the other hand,
she did not validate me
at all for the things that I did.
Working seven days a week, I mean, I laugh at
setting the hours.
This is all affirmation? Alright, so, So let me ask you this,
how did you meet
this coworker? You said you got her
a job, so you didn’t
meet her at work. Technically– No, actually. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) Actually, me and
the other woman were
having conversations before I actually got
serious with Jelecia. I was just kinda scoping
the scene, seeing which– Which woman would be
the right woman for me. So you saw that she was
the better woman?
Point blank? At that time, yes. JUDGE DANA: All right. But you couldn’t let
the other one go. I did, Your Honor. JUDGE DANA:
No, you didn’t. I did for a certain amount
of time and– No no, there is a difference
between letting go and like, just kinda holding
the rail loosely. Mm-hm. You didn’t let go,
you just kinda was like,
“I’m not going to hold tight.” Her name is still White. We got married by court
and at the church. Why is her last name
still White? Your last name is supposed
to be Gunnels. Not exactly, I said that
and told you that if you can
stick two years being faithful to me,
I will change my name. What did you do? You cheated. Embarrassed me. That was before. Negative. We had already fixed that situation. Negative. Wait, Your Honor,
we had already– JUDGE DANA:
So, you’re telling me that from day one when
she decided not to take
your name, that emasculated you and started you down this
trap of feeling like she
didn’t see you as the man. GUNNELS:
That’s part of it. Um, I was
using his phone, and a message came
on his phone and it said, “What’s up?”,
so, I was like, “Who is this?
I don’t know this person.” And so, I text the person back,
I was like, “What? Like, who are you?”
And they was like,
“Where he at?” And I was like,
“What?” What? And so, I scrolled
the page down and I was a picture of her
she had on like a bra top and some shorts.
Shorts shorts. Okay, well, do you regret
the affair or do you regret
getting caught? I honestly regret
the affair because
I felt empty inside. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) Your Honor, man to man, when you work and come home, wake up in the morning,
go to work and do the same thing
every single day, for about two to three years, you tend to become
desensitized. Okay, you’re talking
to somebody who’s been married
for almost 30 years, who’s worked at the same
profession, the same job
for the last 30 years with the same woman. I mean, so,
when you talk about, you know,
being robotic, I mean,
that’t not an excuse. Mm-hm. Yes, Your Honor. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Okay, I mean,
you said man to man, so I’m just talking
to you man to man. GUNNELS: Yes, Your Honor,
I understand. Okay, man to man,
that’s what men do. And wait a minute,
how many hours do
you work a day, love? Many, you know, 12,
14, just depends on
what’s going on. For real! I mean, every day. GUNNELS: I understand. Saturdays, Sundays,
you know, the work
has to get done. So, yeah, it is a grind. But you knew that
going in, right? GUNNELS: Yes, yes. Okay, so, I mean,
man to man, you can’t use that
as an excuse. All right, I think we’ve
heard enough testimony
on this part. You have a lawsuit in
this case as well,
Ms. White? Yes, ma’am. Can you tell the court
briefly about that? Yes, ma’am, I can.
Um, the confrontation I had
with the young lady at his job that was sending text messages
to my phone, I was just
so fed up with it, so, I went up there to her
and I said, “Hey, I’m tired of you
sending text messages
to my phone.” And she was like, “Yeah,
I plan on doing something else
with him again.” (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) So I muffed her in the face. You did what? You did what? I mushed her in the face. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) JUDGE KEITH: Okay. You gave her the hand.
I have the evidence… …from my window being
broken weeks later. That’s far as the retaliation of you mushing her
in her face, right? Weeks later, I was taking
my son to– I am not– JUDGE KEITH: Hold on,
hold on, Mr. Gunnels. I was taking my son
to the zoo, however, on the way to the car, On the way to the car,
I’d noticed that
my window was shattered. JUDGE DANA: How do you know
she broke out this window? She later text him and told him
that, “Yeah, I broke
your wife’s window cause she’s not gonna
get away with… GUNNELS: She did not,
she did not.
…hitting me in the face.” And this is the woman
he was cheating with? WHITE: Yes. She did not. JUDGE KEITH: All right,
did you replace the window? No, sir. Did you get an estimate
to replace the window? Yes, sir, I did. And that’s for
the total of $700? WHITE: That’s what he was
going to charge me. JUDGE KEITH: Okay,
and you think he’s
responsible for that because of
his infidelities. Yes, sir. As Ms. White
has explained it, her window got broke, because it was a retaliation
for her mushing a woman
in the face and she mushed a woman
in the face because it was
a woman she confronted and she confronted the woman
because you were sleeping
with this woman. Okay, you see how
that chain goes? In the past, in the past. You see how
that chain goes? It leads back to you. I mean, you follow the line,
it ends at you. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) But what kills me
is legally, we can’t hold you
responsible for it. JUDGE KEITH:
Because it was done
by another person. So, we’re going to have to
dismiss your claim,
(BANGS GAVEL) but that still leaves us
with the lovesuit. What we need to establish
is whether or not you have
cheated in the last year, so, we’ve ordered
a polygraph test of you,
Mr. Gunnels, and we have the results. (AUDIENCE CLAPPING) GUNNELS: All right. At this time, the court
would like to call certified
polygraph examiner, Micheal Williams. Uh, Ron, would you please
escort Mr. Williams
into the court room? RON: Yes, Your Honor. (AUDIENCE CLAPPING) JUDGE KEITH: Mr. Williams,
how are you doing? I’m doing good. I’m doing okay,
good to see you. How are you this afternoon? So, in this case, a polygraph
was given of Mr. Gunnels,
is that correct? That’s correct. And he was asked, “Other than
the infidelity you admitted
to your wife, are you currently having
sexual relations with any
of you coworkers?” What was
his response? His response was, “No.” JUDGE DANA:
What did the polygraph
exam show? (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) What did the polygraph
exam show? There was no significant
physiological response
which is an indication of truthfulness. JUDGE DANA: All right. That’s what I’m trying
to say, y’all. That’s all
I’m trying to say.
(AUDIENCE CLAPPING) Mr. Gunnels, you were asked,
“Since May 2016,
until the present time, “have you had
sexual intercourse
with anyone other than your wife?” What was his response? His response was “No.” What did the polygraph
indicate? There was no significant
response, which indicated
he was telling the truth. (AUDIENCE CLAPPING)
That’s all
I’m saying, y’all. So, I’m going to say
this to you, Ms. White, forgiveness does not
erase the past, but it does pave a way
to your future. WHITE: Yeah. Can you forgive
your husband? Yes. All right. (AUDIENCE AWING)
(AUDIENCE CLAPPING) Mr. Gunnels, you came to court
today to prove that you’ve been
faithful to your wife over the last year. Yes, Your Honor. And you’ve proven that. Yes. But it’s not over. I don’t care how
emasculated you feel, how much of
a grind it is, man up, ’cause
that’s what life is. And Your Honor, that’s
exactly what I’m about
to do as of right now, me being a man and doing
what I needed to do
for a year, and you’re constantly
emasculated and look like
the bad guy. I’m going to be
honest with you, I don’t know
how to play the victim. I don’t know.
Jelecia, I love you. But I feel like
I’m not ready to carry on
this relationship. There might be a possibility for
something in the future, but as of right now, no. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) All right, if you listen,
a person would tell you
exactly who they are. He just told you.
WHITE: Yeah. You deserve, as
Aretha Franklin said,
R-E-S-P-E-C-T. So, let him go. We have resources
with this court to help you forge
a wonderful life
and as we say in this court, “Do not keep yourself
out of opportunity to have a happy,
healthy relationship.” And you can do
that without him. Yes, ma’am. Court is adjourned. (BANGS GAVEL) (AUDIENCE CLAPPING)

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  65. Monika Dunns says:

    While I felt sorry for the wife but the man clearly stated that hes done and not ready for a commitment. I cant blamed him, you cannot force someone to love you. It's just unfortunate that she loves him but he doesn't. It's best he told her than to be leading her to believe that hes not shagging around town. Good for both if them, no need to be living a lie or in constant misery. Put a period to it and move on.

  66. Crystal Sherman says:

    If you have to give someone an ultimate not to cheat, I wouldn't marry him.

  67. Charlie West says:

    Why not just block her

  68. Cecilia Gonzalez says:

    Dude really tried to embarrass her on national Tv and failed

  69. Meli Powell says:

    Stay together court with the Cutlers🙄🙄

  70. Diana Maccow says:

    Did he bring her to court to humiliate her. What’s the point of having this court case. Let him go, you can do better

  71. gr2view says:

    i like keith . dana can kick rocks tho .

  72. Ash Armonie says:

    He's such a bomb

  73. Cossell Howard says:

    That's my niece and nephew in law

  74. Charity Herbert says:

    He keeps sticking up for the mistress and downgrading his wife.

  75. Charity Herbert says:

    He be running straight back to the mistress

  76. Dj Krossfade One says:

    Ms cutler sucks

  77. Jarek Gamer says:

    He was no innocent but he was honest. Many people angry with him but you know what, he acted very mature. He ended the relationship before another incident occur. And what everyone is angry about is, he was being honest, didn't due any cheating and once proven his point, ended the relationship instead of staying with her. Hurtful yes, but also necessary for their sakes.

  78. Montana Escabar says:

    That lie detector was a flat out lie!!! He came there just to leave her for the woman he's been cheating on her with!!!

  79. Candace Butler says:

    Teach judge

  80. Candace Butler says:

    He being technical to get the heat off of him.

  81. Candace Butler says:


  82. Melanin Goddess says:

    She played herself. Why get married and not take his last name 🤔. He should prove himself first not after. 🤦‍♀️

  83. Bree11ful says:


  84. Mark Jamson says:

    I would recommend you just contact @redhackpro on Instagram. he is an expert on accounts and Website Hack, he helped me hack into my cheating partner's device,It seemed as though my life was spinning out of control getting to find out my partner has someone else. and I was able to read all the text. you can also message him on WhatsApp +1(937)815-1491

  85. iamhisblessing says:

    When he said I had two women, and was trying to find the right one….JUDGE SAYS YOU CHOSE HER…HE RESPONDS……AT THAT TIME….

  86. Kiimmig says:

    Wow this guy is trying to get everyone to join his pity party.
    Poor poor thing. He HAD to run to another woman. SMH.

  87. Author_Tiffany _Dionne says:

    That ol’ sorry negroe! Immature and unapologetic

  88. Catrina Carter says:

    Wow!!!! I’m speechless 😶

  89. T.H.O 1Nation says:

    Bruuuuhhh she did not give a flying single f*** when he broke up with her hahaha that was so funny to watch

  90. Tymal Leco says:

    He tried to do the right thing. I commend him. But he wrong for cheating. But he did the thing that best for him.

  91. Mogu Mogu says:

    It's actually easy to cheat a polygraph! There's 2 ways. Believing (in this case) that what he had done was cheating. 2. Relaxing drugs makes you numb and the blood pressure doesn't go up 3. He didn't think he cheated cuz he was already checked out of this relationship,so of cause the result is a NO when he has no feeling.
    It's ONLY when emotions are at stake and you're afraid to be caught cuz you're afraid to loose a person, the blood pressure will go up (that's the indicator of lying(you can do it at home just by feeling the blood vessels,if it gegings to pump when asking a question,you know there's something deceptive there)
    But he really had NO emotion "my mandhood blah blah 😒"
    That's why he was able to take the test without being caught !
    It's also almost impossible to take a lie detector test on a psychopath, cuz they feel NO remorse, it's only when you have bad consience cuz you KNOW you did wrong, the polygraph is doable !
    But you can't use it on ppl with no emotions, consience or psychopath!

    He had just NO emotion 😒🙄

    She deserves so much better and trust me he's doing it,but IF he doesn't see it as cheating cuz he's emotionally have checked out, he'd pass.

    I don't think she looked like a fool, HE looked like a fool !

  92. James Thomas says:

    He went back to the other woman

  93. sassibrit says:

    Why did she even get married. You married anticipating divorce and you got it.

  94. Leggie Meggie says:

    Move on girl!! There is someone so much better out there for you!!!! ❤️ God is going to open a door that is so much better than the one that just closed ❤️

  95. Resheda Scott says:

    she is beautiful!! omg!!

  96. Head To Toe says:

    I would never marry someone who wouldn’t take my last name

  97. Wal3 da. invinvible says:

    The ending of this video hurt every female that they want the man dead but he still love y'all cos he moving with another female

  98. Chrissy says:

    Went over and hugged her after all that and tried to embarrass her by breaking up with her. Yeah, he planned all of this. He’s not slick. She’s been emotionally detached I’m glad she didn’t show any emotions and moved out. Bless her.

  99. SincereGamer says:

    You all realize that she took him to court right?

  100. Tony Bucaro says:

    I'm old school, when you get married the female should take the husbands name. That's something I truly believe in. This dude is not a man. You don't cheat on your wife. If you don't love her, then split up but don't cheat on the lady you love.

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