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  1. Michael Barclay says:


  2. Michael Barclay says:


  3. Michael Barclay says:


  4. David Storton says:

    I'm in the mandatory assessment stage myself and it's an utter and complete shambles, I was awarded DLA for life with a heart condition and severe angina and CRIPPLING arthritis all over, these are all conditions that get worse and worse how did I manage to get myself denied PIP

  5. Virginia Neil says:

    Poor Debbie , so happy she won , god bless you x .

  6. Connie Long says:

    glad she got it

  7. Sara Verdi says:

    bullshit the old system shud not have been changed. it worked fine

  8. Sara Verdi says:

    are the assessors blind with these people.

  9. Sara Verdi says:

    they have one agenda.

  10. Jahronimo Emaneual Ellis says:

    millions… they probs keep 70% of it just to set it up lol.. my mums sick and I need to step in otherwise nothing will get done..

  11. Lynda Coulson says:

    I appealed my Pip decision and it went to a tribunal which I asked to be heard on paper and I lost in the tribunal. I wasn't able to make it to the court because of my health conditions. I feel that my appeal wasn't heard correctly, taking all my health conditions into consideration. I am so upset that my mobility was reduced because they feel my problems which weren't all listed was not serious enough to award my original amount I was getting on DLA before having to move over to pip. Nothing I can do now, DWP have won!!

  12. gemma turnbull says:

    They are bent!

  13. Michael H says:

    A national disgrace!!! We must stop it now!!

  14. Julie Reilly says:

    We are just going thru this process. Watching this you tube video and seeing the amount of stress ill / disabled people are put thru is disgusting. [email protected] people / people who have no support will not go thru this. This is all about everybody who claims benefits are SCUM. Of course there are the minority who abuse the system. The cost of all this legal system must be huge. What a government!

  15. Nikki Diamond-Christudas says:

    "I was told that because I could open a tin of cat food I was fit for work "!

  16. johnmodel500 says:

    well done love 🙂… damm shame that this lady had to go through all this just get what was rightly hers…

  17. Andrew Morton says:

    I have to go on pip soon. I am worried sick. I have aspergers AD HD OCD.

  18. Andrew Morton says:

    I got DLA for life. Now i have to go on pip. Its worring me sick.b

  19. Sean Hinchliffe says:

    At assessment I was asked if I’d thought of suicide with the discharge notice from hospital stating attempted suicide in front of him. Then he asked if I wanted to get better. I live with chronic pain of arthritis of the spine & suffered 4 nervous breakdowns.

  20. G G says:

    crooked tories use crooked health assessors to cheat the disabled

  21. Sin says:

    My severly autistic 4 year old was refused high mobility dla .i told them he would die without me holding him on to him in the street in the application. He just lies on the floor or runs in to the rd .im gona write to court

  22. Protomaker Black Sprint Original 3D Printer says:

    Doctors can NOT charge you for Medicals Reports after 25 May

  23. Protomaker Black Sprint Original 3D Printer says:


  24. Zurkster says:

    I won my ESA tribunal in May this year, but it feels like a hollow victory, now the ESA are stalling repayment of more than two years benefits (£3000). PIP finally paid me this morning, only to discover that upper management overrode the total owed and reduced what they paid me by more than £5000! IT'S A CRIME WHAT THEY ARE DOING TO THE MOST VULNERABLE PEOPLE STRUGGLING TO SURVIVE, LET ALONE LIVE!

  25. Maria Lee says:

    As long as it's only a million a week there lose in in fees to overturn these claims as long as people are stressed and made to feel lie a lier and scroungers then that's ok with the tories

  26. Greg Dobson says:

    I attended PIP assessment with a friend . There was Not a single piece of medical equipment in the office not even a cheap Blood Pressure Monitor . No tests were carried out , just questions . Why are we wasting so much public money assessing people that have already been assessed and awarded benefit . There is a Myth that they are only targeting Dodgy Claimants , That is a Blatant Lie , Many of these people have been assessed several times , and have Medical Evidence to prove their Illness.
    The whole thing is just a money Laundering Scam , where the Government pays out £billions of Tax Payers money to Private Companies .

  27. Don 56 says:

    This government is a utter, total and absolute disgrace!

  28. Smith Films says:

    Hi all I recently made a documentary documenting two people's progress through the PIP system. From what I've been told it helps people's understanding of the PIP so if anyone would like to take a look feel free to watch.

  29. mudpuddlestruck bylightning says:

    The system has to change – and the Treasury want to sink plans to change it.

    We must remember that no one has a right to claim the property of others.

  30. Kiani Francis says:

    I went to SEC Court  (Appeal Tribunal) & the judge told me that the DWP were losing 83% of cases (Chancery Lane). As usual the DWP did not turn up (neither did my client  – but we still won). The DWP are harassing vulnerable people hoping they will go away & when they go to court the Court costs are whatever you would pay to hire a doctor and a lawyer for a day + the third member & all the admin. i.e. a Fortune. BUT the costs don't come from the DWP budget but the Ministry of Justice. DWP policy is to harass the disabled and get the taxpayer to pay for it.

  31. Mad Drivers101 says:

    shameful UK doing this.

  32. blue says:

    If the doctor has a letter then they should consider it already!! Idiot Cameroon he started all this problem and now he is lay his back without soul.. No heart for othere people!!

  33. Sal Love says:

    If pip was fair they'd allow recorded interviews

  34. Humpy And Bex says:

    Why the hell isnt anyone doing anything about this situation????? This is absolutely disgusting!!!

  35. White Hornet says:

    Say youve just got off the banana boat or wear a burka Sorted

  36. last unctives says:

    A mate of mine is planning to do the bastards for criminal fraud and attempted corporate manslaughter . Prison for these bastards , were they will be viewed as no better than nonces or rapists and get killed . Then there's the bastards in Atos Capita . Don't do the crime if you can't do the time. Pure lies from that cunt of a minister better off under PIP ? What a filthy piss taker .

  37. last unctives says:

    The tribunals are being used as punishment for being disabled . A massive guillotine of cuts , harrassment , and death . Exporting 16 billion in foreign corruption while people die of starvation. UC is a system of the deserving poor 20 % and the underserving poor 80% . Don't forget it was shit Brown's labour Government that wrote the PIP assessment not IDS back in 2010 .it was so bad he kept it for his Overall reform the UC workhouse starvation for the poor. The Jewel in the crown of UC . ( Vomit)

  38. ENOCH WAS RIGHT says:

    I'm on my way there 🤔 😛 🙄

  39. david myles says:

    I just appealed my decision with atos and won so I will definitely say appeal all decisions but watch out for the lies about you

  40. Anastasia Tempest says:

    I am disgusting to what’s happened to Debbie and other people. I too am going to a hearing to get my ESA, DWP are dreadful organisation.

  41. Twice As Interesting says:

    The system is totally broken now. I went from higher living allowance and middle mobility down to nothing. And within my decision letter, they said I wasn’t entitled to any points, but the assessors statement said I was entitled to quite a few…

    Appealed at mandatory and basically got told to go to the tribunal, being waiting for Over 6 months to get a date for the hearing, I even have welfare rights to represent me.

    I decided to email my MP which I should have done months ago, as my friend contacted her and it was sorted out after a few weeks. Contacted her on Friday saying I’m not happy, and I know she isn’t either and she is happy to argue to get her citizens the money they deserve, as she was previously refused ESA/PIP/DLA after she was out of work due to a leg replacement.

    Got an email from her on Sunday saying she’s sorry I’ve had to deal with this crap and she’ll pass on the info to her staff and they’ll be in touch this week, I got a reply a few hours ago from a Senior caseworker asking for my DWP Reference Number and such so they can look into the issue.

    Im expecting this to be sorted just before or just after Christmas, which will be the 1 year anviseary of when it was stopped, by which point they will owe me around £5,000 in back payments. Even if I get half of that I’m happy, and if I get no backpayment but my full payment reinstated it’s still fine with me. I just need the money to live normally.

  42. Jason Lee says:

    had 0 points for pip….really need my money back?!

  43. Jason Lee says:

    The GPs should say if someone deserves it….

  44. Robby334 says:

    They need to catch the fakers and not the genuine people

  45. Balbisiana A says:

    These HPs that do the face to face , have little to know idea what conditions people are dealing with…I remember one asking me what do I do when am unconscious that’s during a seizure. I said I have no idea.your explaining what’s what and the person looking at you has an expression, that looks like So ,what wrong with that? It’s dreadful and what concerns me more, is they have the authority to end or change the Financial help we get entirely, just because their ignorance to many many conditions. They don’t understand many disabilities are invisible. We must stand together and protect our selves…

  46. Michael Smith says:

    ATOS made plenty of money out of all this.

  47. Peter Benedetta says:

    Always get an audio recording weather your going for esa or pip assessments. For pip assessments you can get two cassette recorders from Argos for 50 pounds. My partner has a pip home assessment tomorrow plus I let the Nazis at Capita know my intentions to record. Recording limits the assessors ability to lie because they know at a tribuneral their cut & paste bullshit won't hold so always get every assesment recorded trust me it's worth it. This system is crule n purposely designed to denial people their benefits. Fuck em

  48. Wendy Blank says:

    The one case that boggles the mind is the gentleman that has been doing interviews about his assessment report; it stated that he had no mobility issues, legs fine, etc. The gentleman in question is paralyzed; zero use of his legs. I can't remember his name but he was born with Spina Bifida as well as other subsequent conditions. It is inconceivable any professional person could misrepresent someone to such a degree.

  49. Steve L says:

    I believe that The Secretary of State for the Department of Work and Pensions should be charged with corporate manslaughter for all the deaths their department make in their name. I believe that the charge should be made at the end of the MP's tenure in the role.

    The reason I believe this is that if a private companies decisions caused someone to lose their life then they would be charged with corporate manslaughter, why should there be one rule for the population and one rule for those in power.

  50. Johnnn Doeee says:

    Its obvious she won because the cameras was there

  51. Pete Savoy says:

    I was suffering from mental health problems and couldn't face reading though forms why I couldn't have PIP, and it wasn't until the judge pointed out parts of the original assessment at the tribunal that I realised the assessor had written things I didn't say

  52. Shannon Dalshaug says:

    I've lost money due to transfer to PIP it was so stressful and I just didn't have the support to help me through the process to go to tribunal to challenge the decision.

  53. monstersince says:

    medical assessment test is an abuse of laws linked to self harm and suicide

  54. monstersince says:

  55. Jack and the pals says:

    Yes I agree on the old system they might have been people out there who were making things up but isn't that the same in the government as well have people forgotten about the expenditure scandal when one of the MPs was claiming to get his moat cleaned and yes this new system might be harder for the scroungers when there is nothing wrong with them off the benefit but they are not just targeting them people they are targeting genuine people and if you have been assessed once then why should you be assessed again and when you go in these assessments it's ok them asking you a few questions for 15 minutes and you swinging your arms around talking to them they should come out and assess you in your home how you get around how you do things daily not just a 15 minute interview exactly the same with these tribunals they just ask you a series of questions for 15 minutes and then decide on what money you are supposed to get for the next couple of years shouldn't they see how you go on in life there's loads of people out there who look normal when they just sat there talking but can't do daily things

  56. anon anon says:

    i know someone who went to the high court web site and looked at the decisions made by the court and told the DWP he was dissabled,he took bits of other peoples illness that were passed by the high court as law and put it in the PIP application form and bingo a couple of months later he got full rate, no assesment was needed.

  57. Mary Heicher says:

    Once something gets privatized you're f**ked. Money is ALL that matters.

  58. RPKVids says:

    Why are the Tories still continuing with this if it's costing them more money?

    The only thing I can think of is that once they've eventually killed off most of the disabled, mentally ill, and sick people in this country, which will mean a lot less people needing benefits, then maybe they will then save a hell of a lot more money than what they would do if the whole benefits system was fair.

    In other words it's costing them a lot now, but maybe they will save a hell of a lot more money in the long run.

  59. Lifeonearth says:

    The Disability expert at the appeal was corrupt . I was told by staff who worked there!
    They told me she is paid to take everyone of it.. and noone has walked out of here with
    any points.

    I was interrogated at my trial by the disability expert – she was no expert and nasty disgrace of a person.
    My partner stood up to her tale twisters I lost and got no points just like the staff had said.
    After I saw her I released Its all corrupt . All I can say its shameful she gets paid to kick people off PIP.

  60. Patrick McMcahon says:

    Everyone everywhere must now vote 🗳 for UKIP this government is corrupt to the core and we the people need to vote out every single one ☝️ of them out for the lies the corruption and the betrayal to your own country and people who now are sick of being treated like animals because you LOUBOUR & CONSERVATIVE are finished in this country and you only have yourselves to blame so everyone everywhere knows the truth about this corrupt government now everyone everywhere must vote 🗳 for you UKIP AND YOU WILL BE TREATED WITH DIGNITY NOT LIKE A PIECE OF CATTLE

  61. Tripack Droned says:

    We must remember that the people assessing initially are ‘medical professionals ‘ making a tidy wage by helping a French firm make profit, and depriving some pretty sick people of a little money to make life easier. What the female politician was saying was just a lie. I dialysed 5 times a day and it’s a horrific strain on individuals and families. The assessors input answers to questions on a computer you cannot see, it takes apx 8weeks to see a print out, my wife was not allowed to speak at the assessment and I was told that I could only answer yes or no. None of which are formal instructions. They also have targets which they achieve by rejecting as many people as possible. The UK uses a formidable legal format to terrorise applicants who have lost confidence. If a patient is susceptible to infection and are immuno suppressed, they still have to appear in court surrounded by other sick folk. This is a criminal process. It’s as close to a third reich system that I ever want to see.

  62. Joe McCaffery says:

    Tory’s are self serving private schoolboys that are taught absolute disdain for the rest of society from a very young age.

  63. Buffalo 66 says:

    Tory and dwp go and die.

  64. digger 360 says:

    The system is all wrong, it's been proved beyond doubt……. However, it makes me wonder just what type of person is happy to be part of this cruelty voluntarily.

  65. pega1 ag says:

    The gov have plans the killing of the disabled pepole this is the toreys

  66. pega1 ag says:

    I got no help to fill out forms not even the c.a.b. or scope or anyone just to help me fill out forms

  67. Raya Vigor says:

    Dwp NOT requesting proof of medical evidence from gp & or consultants after being assessed fit for work is where a lot of the errors are from my experience

  68. nangma07 says:

    I get tested by ESA and PIP every 2 years and have to go court with 1"health care professional", 1 lawyer, 1dwp rep, 1 disability rep, 1 man who was not identified and who kept coming and going and 1 rep who was to help me. I don't understand why I am on this little " merry go round", if it's routinely overturned, why am I not left off the guest list, I'm not going to get better, I will be in pain every single day for the rest of my life. I don't need to be humiliated in front of strangers telling them every embarrassing detail of not being able to swallow or the full body twitch or wetting myself. We are not allowed to feel dignified but we are allowed to feel suicidal. SHAME ON ALL OF YOU.

  69. grace kabodi says:

    I am a disable too
    The stopped my money for the PIP since 2018 but I have appear for that,, very sad for that because their don't believe to disable peaple what we are telling them.

  70. Lazy Academic says:

    Absolutely disgusting poor woman

  71. Harry Williams112 says:

    I’m amazed there is no stories of someone with autism and anger issues or something similar to that actually attacking the assessor?

  72. Hau Le says:

    All bloody tory should watch this!

  73. Gulzar Bibi says:

    I have a Tribunal tomorrow 🤔😏

  74. Dave smith says:

    The Dwp and Atos are bent and totally courupt I underwent a assessment with Atos and the asseser
    Amanda Armatidge at Sheffield riverside totally lied on her report I have a audio recording of that assessment to prove she lied I’m now applying to the British medical council to have her struck of as a nurse for making and lieing on a medical report for the dwp with out preduice

  75. Dave smith says:


  76. Be Happy says:

    first they stop your PIP, then they stop your ESA, then they stop your Housing Benefit, then you'll have to go on job seekers benefit as someone who is ill you won't be able to cope, and will have to prove you're looking for work. Then they will stop JSA, then they'll evict you from your home, and you'll end up on the streets, then your benefits money and your home will be given to an immigrant, then they will be happy and you will be fcuked. well done for voting the loony left Labour party that started all this in 1997. If you're a man they will not give you homeless accommodation, and even if they do, it will be a run down hostel room, and you might need to share that room too. Then you will have a break down, then you will end up on PIP and ESA in the support group. Then the circle will begin all over again, and ATOS and Capita will continue to make millions. If your black or a woman you stand a better chance of keeping or being awarded PIP or winning an appeal. But if you'ere a white man the will discriminate against you. the appeals are costing the taxpayer more money than they are saving cutting people's benefit, thus it's a race to the bottom, the more it costs the more benefits they have to cut, yet the more they have to pay out to immigrants. the only one's that profit from all this are ATOS, Capita assessment centres etc.

  77. rarecockneyguvnor says:

    This the fault of conservatives they have no empathy.

  78. Ged Woods says:

    ESA £256 every two weeks so in 28days that’s £512, universal cruelty for 31 days £312🤔 benefit cut

  79. Ged Woods says:

    Charity support. 😡. Should be tax funded. The government don’t have to put these companies in do they.

  80. Ged Woods says:

    Always fight back.

  81. Ged Woods says:

    F u. I’m not faking so let’s root you out and leave me alone.

  82. Ged Woods says:

    No it lays squarely on the shoulders of them who voted Tory. They brought this system in. They the ones saying the genuine are just broken eggs. Don’t blame claimants. They got no power to affect this. If they did they would do as our mps do and vote in 11% annual pay rises. Put the blame where it belongs. Squarely on the shoulders of Tory voters.

  83. rarecockneyguvnor says:

    2019 still happening Tories are Evil.

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