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  1. John Meeder says:

    Trump just gave NATO the finger

  2. Sandra S says:

    They said they identified the parents, they didn't say that the kids had been returned to their parents.

  3. Armando Enriquez says:

    Before the season twenty-two.

  4. handyhippie65 says:

    this is what we've come to. 1 year old babies representing themselves in a court of law. and the politicians don't care because "they are not our babies". this is now much conservatives truly care about life. how can they call themselves pro-life? how will they answer for this to their god? hell will be so full of evangelicals, the rest of us nonbelievers will have to be reincarnated because there's no room in the inn for us.

  5. Eric Hauser Sr. says:


  6. Robin Wiley says:

    Humpty Trumpty couldn't put families together again

  7. Alicat Gtz says:

    This is so horrible. I have a son who is 1 year and 3 months and I can't imagine first how the 1yr old is feeling not being close to his mother and 2nd how the mother must be losing her mind wondering where and how her child is doing. Is the best they can do!? This isn't moral, this isn't right. My heart breaks for them.

  8. Vicki Bee says:

    They should make a boom-boom in Trump's foul MOUTH.

  9. Ronald Humen says:

    I use to watch Colbert, then again that was seven years ago.

  10. Roonskii says:

    This is what I watch to" lighten" my day living in the United States. I think about that and you should too. This is so sad and evil. It only takes 10 minutes a day just to read headlines in major papers at the same time judges say you don't have the right to learn to read in this country. America is not a beacon on of freedom but a pit of dispare.

  11. Patrick3183 says:

    Mexican babies do not make me say “aww”

  12. SuperKing604 says:

    Now I wanna see a legal drama called baby lawyer

  13. B6 schilke says:

    I am so disappointed by the disgraceful orange turd's admin that this is not funny any longer. If it were my grandchildren I can not imagine what I would do. I would be dead or in prison.

  14. P Chan says:

    …and what is the plan for the babies, if reuniting was not in original plan? Where did they plan to deport the kids to?

  15. David Antonenko says:

    Leftist trash…

  16. Thomas Rainbow says:

    Of course Colbert says nothing about how the coach is Buddhist and taught the kids meditation so they could survive by conserving their energy. Why would he not mention that? His religious bias gets in the way and he's so obsessed with Trump he'd rather throw in a corny joke instead.

  17. kellyjbarnett says:

    IF that's the truth, that children are being loaded into unmarked vans, and taken to undisclosed locations, OMG, THAT sounds VERY ominous for these children. That there was NO PLAN for reunification already in place for the families—-was this just a purely DUMBASS move, OR something more sinister???

  18. Strange Angel says:

    It wastes a lot of taxpayer money to detain people and sustain this kind of fascist $$hattery. Even if they don't care about people don't Repubs care about their money?

  19. Errant Pursuits says:

    If you're thinking of voting Republican this year…
    Remember DONald Trump.

  20. Elvis Johnson says:

    Why didn't you ask Pres. Bush or Pres. Obama that question? No, you're to dumb to ask for the truth. Why hasn't your show been cancelled ?

  21. james evarts says:


  22. Gerar2891 says:

    this is not a matter of joke!! this is a crime against humanity!!!

  23. Captain Black says:

    Trump's court appearance will most likely be similar to a court appearance by a 1 year old. 😁

  24. Scott Greene says:

    I've never been ashamed of this country until our current President.

  25. Rogdre Hazle says:

    Love Colbert Hey guys please follow this page @preciousgold_xoxo for beautiful pictures and amazing scenery

  26. rammsteinrulz16 says:

    Even if this is funny, i still find it hard to laugh.
    Wtf America

  27. Ginger R says:

    Huggies commercial before this

  28. Parth Patel says:

    As hard as Stephen tried to make me laugh, I cried at the oppression and tyranny these children face at the borders and intimidation and humiliation in courts. Put the dang damn Toddler in chief in front of Robert Mueller for 3 hours in public news media and then let the chaos unfold….

  29. Rara Zap says:

    Sometimes, I cannot laugh anymore due to all the horrific and atrocious things that are happening now. But still, thank you, Stephen, for trying to make us laugh somehow to cope with everything. Thank you, Stephen. We love you!

  30. Laura Kennedy says:

    baby isn't the only lacking object permenance. trump team can't seem to comprehend prevent repercussions

  31. Alan Hanglin says:

    this is so sad

  32. ccb L says:

    dont care

  33. CJCryer Buzz says:

    So what if those kids are not reunited? Nobody is going to do a god damn thing about it anyway.
    I’ve been embarrassed to be an American a few times, but this is beyond pathetic.

  34. Scooter Boy says:

    Who cares?

  35. argyll1952 says:

    It would have been nice if you had remembered the diver who died during the rescue.

  36. Oleg G. says:

    They can't locate the parents because at the time of separation no reunification plan was in place? Who was it that last separated children from parents without a reunification plan, telling them they were being sent to "take a shower?" Forget impeachment, it's time to start talking about a "crimes against humanity" tribunal at the Hague.

  37. Chris Perry says:

    Illegal alien babies??? What doesn't the taxpayer have to pay for in this country. Build that wall already.

  38. Thomas Panto says:


  39. Treehuggers Journey says:

    Remember that a Thai diver died trying to rescue these stupid children. Their coach should go to prison for endangering his team and for the death of the diver who wouldn't have had to been there if these people, children included, were not so damn stupid. I'd've let them stay there.

  40. Treehuggers Journey says:

    trump is still president and hiring supreme court judges and visiting leaders of other countries and he imprisons children just because they are the new brown? republicans are repugnant and evil people. ALL OF THEM EVEN THE VOTERS Not sure why they are allowed to exist. Descriminate against them. Don't marry them and spread their DNA, don't allow them to work for your company, don't dial 911 to save their life, don't do business with them.

  41. pleiades dragon says:

    I do miss David Letterman , but Stephen is making up for my lost of watching David …thank U Stephen my man ….always a pleasure to watch you

  42. Joshua Sweetvale says:


    These kids with, uh, no rights… Would be great as slaves. Not American, so no rights… Already in 'prisons', like America's current pseudo-slave stock, black people who drive cars near police or inject weed.

    We do need some more newspeak. "Three-strike-law" and "zero-tolerance" implies you gave these inferior people a CHANCE to fit into white society. We need words that say these kids never did and never will! Like "illegals." Ah! Got one already! "These aren't toddlers, they're illegals! Here, buy one!"

    /End CarlinMode

  43. Poy Han says:

    a boom boom in my diddy…LOL!

  44. Alexis Mena says:

    I love Colbert and totally appreciate the role of satire in such a crazy and awful time. But this segment rubbed me the wrong way. Whenever we talk about these children (babies really) it should be from a place of outrage. Hearing the audience not react to the awful true situation but then laugh at the jokes was creepy. When we present this type of news in a way that doesn't express outrage, people get desensitized. Michael Moore's interview last week was incredibly powerful — you could hear how his words were landing on the audience, and how outraged they were. We need to speak about this situation like that EVERY. TIME. We can't get desensitized to this.

  45. Iyant says:

    The babies probably used as Guinea Pig
    Since child are pretty much still don't know much about the world, it might give them some profit by selling all those children
    It's not bad though

    I hope I was just talking bullshit

  46. प्रियदर्शी says:

    This is what you will be known for, America. Kidnapping innocent children from distraught, crying parents and throwing them in cages like animals, and then mishandling and abusing them until they become suicidal orphans, get trafficked, or die. It is shameful beyond comprehension.

    Congrats, you just created another generation of people who will grow up hating your country's guts. As if being known across the world for shooting kids in schools wasn't enough.

  47. modernorpheus says:

    Dreamworks presents: Lawyer Baby

  48. Chris Williams says:

    Why can I see no comments from Trump voters supporting this policy?
    They seem to support everything else he has done – is this one step too far, even for them?

  49. scott mcfadyen says:

    "They have been instructed to put the children in vans and take them to locations that as yet unknown to them." Congratulations America, you have your first official Pedophile President !

  50. Akash Singh says:

    How can people laugh at such misery?

  51. Cynthia Hawkins says:

    Love ya!!!

  52. Dan Burk says:

    Caveman here, if you are going to go near a cave… make sure you can get out of it yourself in the first place. Usually. The problem is people coming unprepared in the first place. Which let me tell ya, Mexicans love to do that. I have evidence of that shit routinely

  53. Katima Mulilo says:

    I would watch the Baby Atticus Finch series.

  54. Nick Hardy says:

    Does Trump really care who likes him ?

  55. rujuta hantodkar says:

    This is ultimate scary!!! Imagine how scared n insecure those kids might be feeling!!! Horrible!

  56. kay says:

    Wie könnt ihr über das Leid dieser Kinder nur lachen. Verdammt geht endlich auf die Strasse und protestiert. Jung wie alt. Ihr guckt nur zu und macht euch über Trump lustig. Das ändert gar nichts. Dammned get up from your couch and shout STOP. Help this people,you are just talking but doing nothing. Get on the streeta, stop working and PROTEST!!!!!!!!! How dare you can laugh about this situation, shame on you USA.

  57. dmalmostwan says:


  58. Sarah Walton says:

    There was no reunification process planned? What?! So were they just going to keep them?

  59. Randy Pearce says:

    What would Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill have to say about Trump and his leadership?

  60. Earl McCay says:

    Why can't they bring everyone to one place and let them find each other?

  61. Donjin Cieraad says:

    Wow, in just 2 year from champion of democracy to child kidnappers

  62. richard wilmot Ph.D says:


  63. MforMovesets says:

    They are soon fed to white homeless people. Either this or X Files just became real.

  64. Lily Chua says:

    Tell your Trump that the star of the group of Soccer boys was a STATELESS boy that was slipped into the border state of Thailand to escape ethnic oppression and he excelled in school!

  65. marygoround1292 says:

    Can we go back to the part where these kids are being put in unmarked vans heading to undisclosed locations because the nazis….oh wait sorry, the government…is worried about the first amendment?

  66. Bernie Cruz says:

    But what's not being reported is that 1 navy seal DIED! Rescuing these 12 Thai boys. So this 1 guy had to lose his life because these 12 boys thought going off to explore a cave would be fun!
    I guess to society, that's a fair trade! (sarcasm)

  67. Nicole Bragg says:

    I see multiple comments saying it's getting harder & harder to laugh about what's happening in their country.

    Those of us outside of it can't really find a way to laugh either. It's just sickening.

  68. Ghetto Dexter says:

    The country baby skit had to be the funniest joke yet. I have a migraine and the laugh hurt so bad.

  69. nil bogg says:

    We're damned in history for this.

  70. George R says:


  71. Benjamin King says:

    Wait… Cheerios are just a sick trick to improve motor skills? Diabolical….

  72. CZpersi says:

    What were they planning to do with the toddlers, if there was no reunification plan in place? Put them back on the Mexican border and let them be eaten by coyotees? Yes, they are migrants, but once you separate them from their parents, you take responsibility for their safety.

  73. My Thai says:

    Thailand in da house! Not all that glitters is gold, but glad that story makes it around the world and even into the Colbert show 🙂

  74. Benjamin Flagg says:

    And this person is the goddamn president of the United States.
    Achievement Unlocked: Maximum Human Stupidity

  75. Stephen Kent says:

    I think a 1 year old kid representing himself in court lacks the weight it deserves.
    Making light of it (for ratings etc.) seems worse.

  76. Ingo Vollmer says:

    Why are Americans so F'cking incompetent. Is there no sense of decency in those UNITED F'CKING STATES? The decent human beings abroad are appalled by what they see going on in the United F'CKING States.

  77. Viorel Mocan says:


  78. Billy M. says:

    Colbert has to be trumps biggest fan. It's all ever thinks about. It's all he talks about. Trump is Stevens whole life. His whole world. Where would Steven be without Trump?

  79. Marcos F. Molina says:

    Can you even imagine the agony of having your newborn abducted and missed?

  80. Cheryl Sibson says:

    Erik Brown, the Canadian diver from Langely, BC Canada who now lives in Thailand, grateful Canadians participated in the rescue of the boys who were in the cave were rescued.

  81. Just A Guy Production says:

    What do you expect? These are direct orders from the man in charge: Putin.

  82. cg standing says:

    this is an embarrassment to humanity

  83. nayinayi1 says:

    Sewer clown is Trump…

  84. M Watson says:

    There were more than 102 kids taken. What crap is that number, government? We're not stupid! what about the rest?

  85. J L says:

    Pssst hey USA, trumps out of country, don't let him back in, leave a note "gone fishing!"

  86. Anoop Kumar Narayanan says:

    Maybe they cant identify them because the 48 children were orphans or they were already taken away from the parents. This is a nice way for a person to infiltrate a country posing as a parent, could be American spy or something ??? This is nice way to manipulate human emotions. The thing is if these people were allowed inside the USA, then the country may be at stake. Just saying, you don't want a back door open !!!

  87. K says:

    Let's not forget the ultimate sacrifice Sanarn Kunan paid in trying to rescue these kids. Rest in peace Mr. Kunan, thank you


  88. Anonymous Monkey says:

    those Thai boys…talk about the manpower used, monetary cost and people's lives expended cause a bunch of boys decided to go cave splunking… :P. GREAT news.

  89. Dr. Mantis Toboggan, M.D. says:

    You'll float too Mr. Trump. You'll float too…

    Oh wait. You're already floating above London wearing a diaper. That's right.

  90. Writing Talk says:

    you hear that, President? freeing children makes people like you

  91. Sean Knutson says:

    "Where is justice?? Justice rolled behind the couch and I lack object permanence." I'm dying.

  92. karl jonson says:

    Colbert's not talking about news in these monologues . He's obsessed with Trump.

  93. Vishvajitsinh Kosamiya says:

    So, The US government believes, Migrant children are more intelligent than adults Americans?

  94. Julie W. says:

    Wow – they . . . didn't even write down their names?! My God! Were they planning on killing them???

  95. apirate namedjohn says:

    Yeah but the trump toters still defend that dumb ass.

  96. Alexandria Reynoso says:

    O course Trump is threaten by immigrants, he doesn't want them getting a green card cuz that would lead to citizenship, and give them voting rights! I hope we have a Puerto Rican President2020, that might offend Mr. Trump!

  97. Escapate Mental Slavery says:

    WWG1WGA. D5 can’t b stopped.
    Sealed indictments coming .We know what the red shoes mean.MAGA

  98. jim jim says:

    kids and unmarked vans ? sounds like normal practice , thats just fucked up

  99. jim jim says:

    Maga or Magat there can only be one

  100. david black says:

    Except it was the British specialists who got them out

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