Michigan Court Strikes Down Attempt By Nestlé To Privatize Water

Finally tonight, some good news. A court of appeals in Michigan has told Nestle
that bottling water is not an essential public service and therefore they can’t create a
new pumping station in the state and steal more water. Osceola Townships in Michigan was attempting
to block Nestle from moving into the area and stealing their fresh water as they’ve
done all over the world. It’s been something Nestle’s been doing for
decades all across the globe. The company moves in like a swarm of locusts
and they destroy whatever resources they can put their hands on. Then they leave town. They haven’t been charged with anything and
taxpayers have to fix, has to fix this. This won’t be happening in the small Michigan,
Michigan community, after a three judge panel told the company that their bottled water
can’t be considered an actual source of water for the community because tap water is readily
available. Do to the local restrictions on any nonessential
resources extraction, Nestle’s prohibited from taking clean water away from its residents. This ruling is a huge blow to one of the worst
corporate, the absolute worst, worst corporate offenders on the planet. And I don’t say that lightly because I work
on the other side of most of them. But maybe it’s going to show other courts
that they don’t have to bow down to corporate locusts like Nestle. That’s all for tonight. Find us on Twitter and Facebook @facebook.com/rtamericaslawyer. You can watch all RT America programs on Direct
TV, 321 is the channel, and also stream them live on YouTube. I’m Mike Papantonio and this is America’s
Lawyer, where every week we tell you the stories that corporate media is ordered not to tell
because their advertisers simply won’t let them. Have a great night.

42 Responses

  1. Sarah Telles says:

    Oh, thank goodness, last thing anyone needs is to be forced to buy water, a necessity to survival..

  2. PresidentBelichick12 says:

    Water should be publicly owned.

  3. 15th-TN Sammy says:

    Needs to be national policy or else

  4. Diane Denham says:

    I have boycotted Nestle products for over 30 years. (as best as I can, it's getting harder these days, they're everywhere) When I breastfed my first baby I was involved with local Le Leche breastfeeding support group. The newsletters write about Nestle pushing their formula in undeveloped countries, where moms didn't have consistent access to clean water, or could read the instructions for proper dilution.
    They're are really quite predatory.

  5. Deochan Karan says:

    Let them piss off. Shameless greed, how much is enough?

  6. juan gomez says:

    Next, they'll try to privatize breathing air.

  7. quadpumped34 says:

    fuck nestle

  8. Wayne Such says:

    Also, there have been cases of NESCAFE INSTANT COFFEE that have been found to have SAWDUST in it. No wonder the price has been going down in price whilst COFFEE has been rising.

  9. R D Reeves says:

    Please research "The Venus Project"! We can fix this!

  10. Barry White says:


  11. Adika Aniedobe says:

    A victory!!

  12. handyhippie65 says:

    about time. corporations need to be controlled, not catered to.

  13. Tiger kitkat says:

    Hopeful news yet shameful

  14. Zero-One-One Zero-One says:

    Bechtel tried this in Bolivia. They wanted to own all water, even the rain that fell from the sky. The people revolted and won at the cost of hundreds of lives. This is out-of-control capitalism at its absolute worst.

  15. Uncontrolled Substance says:

    Good for that court.

  16. Simon 's says:

    Corporate America has had a movement long before Rump took office, to privatize anything and everything they could with our government siding with them. Now, with Rump openly supporting the corporations, it's on full blast, look what they did to the prison system, privatize it and it cost us more than it every did and the suicide rate has increased, now we have the cable companies trying to get in the game with killing net neutrality, this is serious, the American people are being pushed against the wall and we need a president that is going to be for the people.

  17. I_Am_Dragoon says:

    Next they'll be trying to buy up all the oxygen molecules so that they can turn around and sell it at a gouged out price! 🤬🤬🤬

  18. catalinacurio says:

    Thus is a huge win! 👏👏👏👏

  19. Indianaguy72 says:


  20. timluns says:

    F-Nestle boycott all their products

  21. Joe Paul says:

    NEVER buy anything from NESTLE……EVER!!! They use aborted fetus cells aka synomex in many products

  22. New Era Mysteries & Conspiracies says:

    There is a C.E.O of Nestle right here on YT in an interview where he says "they will eat our GMO produced food and like it."

  23. PinkPonyOfPrey says:

    YES! Finally someone is doing something about this abhorrent useless company, the enemy of the earth.

  24. Mark Dolan says:

    Air will be next.

  25. Poosammiches says:

    Vampires that live on stolen water!!

  26. Joanie Bowers says:

    So wrong Nestle! We don't need bottled water.

  27. A King says:

    Unless they are providing free water to the community & surrounding areas… WHY are they allowed to confiscate local water supplies for corporate profit?? Coca cola had water usage issues in India. Unfortunately, they poisoned local water supplies, wildelife & farmlands…

  28. J S says:

    Time for tar and feathers again

  29. Máire Walton says:

    Water falls from the sky! Boycott Nestle products!

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  30. Are We Not Men? says:

    I remember a several years ago, the CEO of Nestle promoting the commodification of water by reasoning if that there is a price attached to water, everyone would be more responsible in it's use and CONSUMPTION. (drink less). The one element most essential for life after oxygen and he wants to make everyone pay for it. Ghoulish is a a polite description for him,

  31. Pepper Grinder says:

    Capitalism at it's purest is simply exploitation of resources and labor for profit…. no matter the consequences to society. Amazon is also a master at that!

  32. Pat H says:

    And now Nestle wages war with the tap…

  33. Leeinda Lane says:

    They are CURRENTLY trying to do this in FLORIDA @ GINNIE SPRINGS 🙁 PLEASE HELP US

  34. missy says:

    How wicked

  35. angela bluebird60 says:

    Share this video! People need to know, so they can take part, spread the word about Nestle and also choose whether to buy their products.

  36. Evil Lyn says:

    Really? Nestle had the balls to hit MICHIGAN up for water? Fu<king vultures.

  37. Sponge bob says:

    Nestle White chocolate is made from the devils jock juice!
    Tell all your friends!

  38. RS Johnson says:

    It sounds like a win, but they worded it kind of scary. They can't privatize water because the tap water is still drinkable. That leads me to fear that they may take steps to poison the tap water supply so that they win later. You tell them they lost bc the tap water is still okay, and they'll make sure it's not okay for long. Yes, they are that corrupt. Look at Flint.

  39. kao saeteurn says:

    American resources should be government owned or citizen owned not corporate.

  40. wise eyes says:

    About time someone knocks them down.

  41. USA ALL THE WAY says:

    Didn’t they moved to Switzerland? Privatize their water if the LET u🤗🇺🇸

  42. Linda Wilson says:

    There right in our town

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