Michèle A’Court visits a plastic surgeon, discovers time ravages us all | On the Rag: Ageing

Something really wonderful happens to women
as we get older. We start to feel really good about ourselves,
our place in the world, the contribution that we make to our community, we even start to
feel really good about how we look, which is ironic ’cause around about the time we
start feeling quite good about how we look, we actually start looking quite shit. (car
door slams) Mostly we’re too tired to care, but there are whole industries built to fix
it, from creams and dyes to needles and knives. We are very lucky. So, Meredith, on the inside, I feel like I’m
18. Why don’t I look like I’m 18? Time ravages us all. We put on weight, we lose weight, skin gets
stretched, it’s a bit like a balloon, and sometimes it’ll stretch, little elastic fibres
stretch, and then they just can’t relax anymore. As we get older, they lose their resilience,
and it’s a bit like if you inflate a balloon and then you let it down. The skin just becomes a little softer, which
means that with gravity, everything kind of drops. I keep having an image of a popped balloon
now, you know it gets wrinkly, popped. Yeah, well, you look at a young face and it’s
plump and dewy and youthful and – Yeah. Glowing, and then – Hate them. Horrible people. (laughs) You get older and it gets in and
shrinks and thin and thin, and whilst cheekbones and jaws are beautiful, plump cheeks are beautiful
and plump foreheads and plump chins. Why? Is it because we’re hardwired to see youth
as hopeful, full of future, fertility? Is that it? Probably, it’s probably fertility. You know, we see lovely skin and juicy bodies
and round and fertile and eggs and, you know, that’s what we want, that’s what men look
for. Why don’t they look for experience and wisdom
and– Well I guess depends what they’re looking for. If they’re looking for babies in the future,
then they wanna look for a vessel that’s gonna carry their babies, they want something that
can do that job. Do you think women are under more pressure
from society to change their appearance than men are? Yes, probably, because of the expectations. I think that there is a lot of pushing out
there, there’s a lot of media that is bombarding people all the time every day. So it used to be in the magazines and you’d
flick through a magazine once a week and you’d get your image of gorgeous people, and then
you’d go and you’d see normal people all the time. Now everyone’s on their phones all the time,
and they’re being bombarded by these slightly plasticized, slightly overlifted, slightly
overfilled, slightly over-Botoxed people, and it’s from such a young age. You’re never good enough from when you’re
young all the way through, and it’s not just young girls. It is older women as well. How young is too young to have Botox? Wrinkles are beautiful, wrinkles are character,
wrinkles are your identity coming through, and wrinkles can be two forms: Wrinkles can
be dynamic, so when we smile, we get smiles round our eyes and we get creases round our
lips and we get dimples, and then static lines are when you’ve been doing an action for so
long that you have permanent lines even when you’re not doing that action. I think the perfect time for Botox is when
your dynamic wrinkles start becoming static. What do you think I should have done? What do you think? Where do you think I should–what would be
the thing? You’re beautiful. If I could ah, stop it now. If you could, if you could do one thing, what
would you do? Would it be that, would it be that, would
it be that? Well, let me get my hands on you. Come on, come on, don’t be shy. Wait, do you only have one thing? Oh no, you can do it, you do the whole thing. OK. As much as needs to be done. OK now, the big thing at the moment is filling,
but filling from your own tissue, so taking fat from where you don’t need it or where
you don’t want it – I’ve got some (slaps) Got a little bit? OK, we don’t need much–and recreating that
volume that you had when you were young, so recreating your cheeks and recreating your
temples and actually, ironically, filling this area often actually gives you a lovely
smooth jawline, so if you were gonna just have one thing, I would suggest fat-grafting
filling. Fat-grafting filling? Yep, and then – and if you’re nervous you
can have just fillers to try it out to see how it goes. Yep. Short, easy procedure, we’d be taking a little
bit of skin from your upper eyelids that will open and refresh them. Where do I sign? Where is the form that I sign for that? It sounds very good.

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