MESSY! Woman Has Affair, Man Has Kids With Two Women In Same Family (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

You may be seated. Hello, Your Honor. This is the case of
Brock versus Almanza. Thank you. You’re welcome. Good day, everyone. Mr. Brock, you claim
you have been supporting Ms. Almanza’s two children
for the last five years and are convinced
they are not yours. You have petitioned the court
requesting a paternity test to determine
if you are the father of the children
in question and the one
she is currently carrying as well as a lie
detector test to determine if she has been cheating. Ms. Almanza, you’ve also
petitioned the court for a lie detector test,
and you’re confident that today’s DNA results
will prove that Mr. Brock is the father
of your children. Now, Mr. Brock,
why, after an
11-year relationship, do you believe the
defendant has been lying and the kids
may not be yours? We’ve been
dealing each other for 11 years
or whatever, but the foundation
of our relationship wasn’t based on
husband-wife. This was somebody
who I was messing with during a time
I was basically ending a relationship. Oh. Well, you know, that’s
how it goes sometimes. We want the truth.
Proceed. Yeah, but,
well, basically, she laid up
with somebody that was a mutual friend
of ours, right? During that time,
she end up pregnant, and I end up… That was because
we weren’t in an exclusive
relationship. Oh, so friends
are ball game when it’s not exclusive? Okay. Continue. And then,
technical difficulties, I end up getting
incarcerated. Well, during
that time… From technical difficulties? From technical difficulties, technical difficulties. That’s a new crime,
technical difficulties. Okay. But before
I was incarcerated, she told me that she
was a certain amount of months pregnant
or whatever, whatever weeks
or whatever. Okay. Okay. I agree with it,
whatever, but then when I got incarcerated,
she had a doctor appointment, and the timing was off
from the time she said
she was pregnant. Okay. So… He asked me. He didn’t say anything
or deny my daughter. He just asked why
the timing was off because it’s
gone by weeks. It’s not gone by months
how he was counting. So you say his calculation
was the one that was off. Right, at
that time, yes. Okay. So, Ms. Almanza,
how does it make you feel that’s he’s questioning
the paternity of all your children? Well, it disgusts me because we’re
living together. We’ve been in
a relationship. So if I’m having
these babies, I’m not having them
by myself or with
anybody else, and despite
of all of that, he’s still the one
that’s messing around. So let me
get this straight. You’re currently
living together. You are
obviously pregnant, and you just said
he’s still messing around? Yeah. I’m pretty
sure he is. She refused
DNA tests before. How do you know that,
Ms. Almanza? How do you know that? He’s had a child
with my relative. He’s…
No. It’s not… Oh. That happened
during a time me and her, we had
our little timeout. So, wow, this is messy. (APPLAUSE) Now, speaking of
DNA tests, Ms. Almanza, you refused a DNA test? No. When my daughter
was born, I needed to
get assistance
for her medical. So I went to
apply for that, and when I did, they asked me who
the father was. To my knowledge
at that time, he’s the father. So I named him,
and they went after him for
child support. So when they did that,
he questioned paternity, and from what
he tells me, they sent me a paper
asking me to come in for the DNA test. I never got anything.
So I never went. So this fueled
your doubt. Yeah, but I still
took her word for it because she
gave me a line like I’m the father,
so I wouldn’t want
to do that to y’all. I wouldn’t want to put
that kind of energy, but the way I know,
it’s always mama’s baby,
papa’s maybe. So I already know
that’s what I can be. You’ve got a lot
of little sayings. I got to keep up
with you. You got a lot
of little phrases now. Hit me with
that one again. It’s always mama’s baby,
papa’s baby? Papa’s maybe. Papa’s maybe.
Oh, that one. Yeah. Well, if you could see,
they look like him. Look at my daughter’s
little forehead. I have other children.
I have other children, also. So I’m also,
you know… So tell me what else
makes you doubtful about all these children. I mean, 11 years. 11 years,
and he doubts me, but he’s the one
that I’ve caught with text messages,
and I’m pretty sure females pick him up
from my house because he walks
around the corner when they get there. Not blatantly
in her face. You said,
“Not blatantly in her face,” but you admit
to doing it. Right. Why is that? I mean, My Honor, I have
nine other children. So it’s like
I don’t… (AUDIENCE MURMURS) What does that have to do
with the nine other children? Luck be a lady,
I guess, but… But, see, he
doesn’t tell me that these are females
picking him up. He doesn’t tell me
when it comes to the text messages. So why is it that you
keep going back to him? So why is it that you
keep going back to him? I don’t want my
children to have
a part-time father. So let me ask you
both this. What is your relationship
like right now, Mr. Brock? It’s a roller coaster ride.
It’s a roller coaster. It’s a roller coaster. Okay. Ms. Almanza, what is the
state of your relationship? When it comes
to him and me, I try to talk to him. At the same time,
when it comes down to family time and
things with my children, it’s always me
doing things. It’s not him.
He’s never included. He’s never involved. Of course. He was involved
in my baby shower.
He was there. So if he doesn’t feel
that he’s the father, why was he there? So that’s a picture
from your baby shower. This is a picture
from my baby shower. He was there. So, Mr. Brock,
you attended the baby shower. I mean, she invited
my brother. So it’s like it put me
in a position to where, “What would it look like
if your brother show up?” I already know
the little shenanigans that was put
to set up on me, but your brother show up,
but you don’t show up. So of course I went. Oh, so you were
duped into this. It was a manipulation. Yeah. What man goes
to baby showers? The father of the child
goes to the baby shower
at the end. Exactly. Well, you know,
I wasn’t aware of that. You know what
I’m not getting, Mr. Brock? You got a lot of phrases,
but not a lot of logic. I need a logical reason
why do you doubt after 11 years
being in a relationship with this woman… From the foundation
of our relationship, I started,
“This is your child.” If that wasn’t
in there, we wouldn’t even
be here today. I guarantee you that.
You know what I mean? But when that was
presented to me, I don’t duck on
none of my children. So you feel like Ms. Almanza
has jumped up and said, “Well, this baby
is yours,” and now because you gave her
the benefit of the doubt, you then said, “I got to
step on up to the plate.” But if doubts me
so much, why is he still
having kids with me? (APPLAUSE) Why? Oh… To me, why is a question
that’s asked by the deaf,
dumb, and blind. We weren’t in
a relationship. It’s like I was
still doing me, living my life, and she was
living her life. Don’t you
live together now? He sleeps in the
same bed with me. Sometimes. And that’s why you both
have also requested lie detector tests. Right. But before that,
I believe it’s important to establish what
these DNA results are. Jerome, if you could hand me
the first envelope… Now, there are three
children in question here, two children
you have currently
and one unborn child. As it relates to paternity for five-year-old
Victoria Brock… These results, as prepared
by DNA Diagnostics, are as follows. As it relates to paternity for five-year-old
Victoria Brock… Mr. Brock, you are the father. (APPLAUSE) That’s what
I needed to hear. You knew that.
You knew that. It’s good to hear? That’s what I
needed to hear. You needed to hear it. He knew that. All right. Well, let’s
give him some more news
he needs to hear, Jerome. Then I’ll give him
some news I think he needs to hear. As it relates to paternity for two-year-old
Giselle Brock… Mr. Brock, you are the father. Yes. Okay. That’s what
I need to know. It’s a great feeling.
That’s our understanding. That’s why I tell you,
love is not a feeling. It’s an understanding. Mmm-hmm. I have
a distinct feeling that you may be in here
wasting this court’s time. (APPLAUSE) Because… You don’t look like you
have a doubt in your mind. That might be
my poker face. And you never stated
one on the record. I know that for sure
because I was trying
to get you to. So let’s bring
this third envelope, Jerome. You wouldn’t feel what
they call infidelity would be a reason to doubt? Well, the children
are yours now. The point is moot. (APPLAUSE) Now, Ms. Almanza,
why are you crying? What do you feel? It’s just frustrating
that we have to go
through all this. He can’t go
by my word. He can say infidelity. I wasn’t
unfaithful to him. He blames me and
doesn’t believe me because of
what he does. Her actions, also. So the bottom line is,
he’s trying to put it
off on you when it may be him. Right. What it sounds like to me
is that there is absolutely no trust
in this relationship. I mean,
you all just don’t
trust each other one bit, and that’s why I’m going
to seriously consider lie detector tests,
but I want to get to the paternity
of the unborn child because I want to
make sure, Mr. Brock, you have the results
you came here to get… Appreciate it. Okay? So in regards to paternity for Ms. Almanza’s
unborn child, Mr. Brock… (WHISPERS)
You are the father! You are the father! (APPLAUSE) Okay. Mr. Brock, now that
it has been established that you are
these children’s father, I want to hear less quotes
and phrases and sayings, and I want to see
more action from you so that these
children understand that their father
loves them and that their father
supports them and is there
for them. I know. I’m a guy
with heavenly intentions. That’s a guarantee. Awesome. That’s a guarantee. I will disregard
that statement and strike it
from the record. Anyway, as for
the lie detector tests, neither of you trusts
the other one at all. So for that reason,
the court is going to order
both of you to submit
to lie detector tests. Mr. Brock, I’m going
to order that you
submit to yours today, but, Ms. Almanza,
because you are pregnant, you have two heartbeats
going now at once, I will not administer
this test today, of course. After you have the baby,
within one month, I am ordering that you take
this lie detector test. Okay. Mr. Brock, I want you
to take this test right now. (APPLAUSE) The court needs
to take a recess. We will reconvene shortly
with the results. (GAVEL BANGS) So, Jerome,
please escort Mr. Brock
out of the courtroom and get his
lie detector test. You have that envelope
for me, Jerome? I’ve got the
results right here. Mr. Brock, you seem
a little nervous. Is there anything you’d
like to say to this court before I read
these results? Yeah. I’m listening. I love this woman. I’m at the point
where I know I need to make a lot of
adjustments in my life. This, this, this…
Come here and hold this. This is her,
you know? (CROWD GROANS) BROCK: Man, Brenda,
I feel like a fool, really, but I need you
in my life. I need you to be
that woman. I ask that you please…
You know what I mean? Please, will you
marry me? Ms. Almanza, not to be
in your business… But I have to ask you
if you’d like to hear these results
before you respond, and it’s up to you. I do.
I want to know. Okay. Ms. Almanza,
you wanted to know if Mr. Brock
has cheated on you since you have been
in a committed relationship. He admitted to cheating
on three different occasions, which, he says,
you knew about. I think
I know of two. Of course,
I found out after,
but three? We can move on to
the next question. He can go
into detail later. Now, the lie
detector administrator then asked Mr. Brock, “Other than the three women
you admitted to, “have you had any type
of sexual contact “with anyone
other than Ms. Almanza “since you have been
in a committed relationship?” Mr. Brock, you said no. The lie detector
determined that was a lie. CROWD: Oh! WOMAN: That’s bad. Wow. Moving on, lastly,
you admitted to having sexual contact
with Ms. Almanza’s
family member in August 2012. The lie detector
administrator asked
if you have had any sexual contact
with this person since then. Mr. Brock, you said no. The lie detector
determined that was a lie. (CROWD EXCLAIMING) Nervous? You failed
every question. The lie detector
test is a lie. That’s why. Our problem is just
our trust issue. Well, Mr. Brock,
you better leave here thanking your lucky stars
that there’s something this woman
still sees in you that she did not turn you
down flat on your face right here today
after you failed every question
she asked you in this
lie detector test. We love each other. Stop talking and listen. Mr. Brock… Mr. Brock, you have
a beautiful, young woman that loves you
despite your faults. She has pretty
much been waiting
on you to grow up, and it’s time to be a man. Now, I want to provide
those resources to you. I hope you take
advantage of them and learn how to be a family
and great parents for your children,
whether or not you choose
to get married or not. I’m still holding you
to your lie detector results, Ms. Almanza,
but if I had to bet, I’d be betting on hers. Court is adjourned. I’m wearing the ring
because I do want to work things out
and fix our family.

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    She needs a Real friend to tell her that she’s worth more.. Her Smile shows hurt..

  98. Aparis Nedd says:

    She is too pretty for him. Not that is what is important. But he got nine kids???? Who needs that in their life??

  99. Jimmy Suplex says:

    I bet she ain’t coming back 😂😂😂😂

  100. D Thomas says:

    God these people are so dumb it's just sad makes for good entertainment though

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