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  1. Mely Ayala says:

    Calling it. Sandra Bullock will be making her story into a film.

  2. shmekil says:

    very inspiring, many more women from the hasidic community will do the same, a real kiddush hashem.

  3. Jameson Kennedy says:

    Incredibly inspiring Hasidic woman. I'm floored.

  4. Ray Isko says:

    So amazing and inspiring!

  5. JKB JKB says:

    Megyn Kelly, such a GOY. This is incredible that Megyn asks such ignorant questions.

  6. JKB JKB says:

    This Judge & Judge Judy could show girls how to rule the world.

  7. Steven White says:

    Very inspiring segment! Question: are Hasidic girls allowed to view this? In the home? In school?

  8. 7thSmurf says:

    Disgusting JEWS !! .. horrible.. america is helplessly overrun by them . nothing but a SLAVE NATION to Israel..

  9. Stephen Alvarez says:

    Judge Freier should be the next Supreme Court Justice!!!

  10. Chai Fried says:

    "…Typically rejecting jobs outside the home". This is ignorance and deliberate sensationalism. Any Chassidic woman has the option to work outside the home. However, the home is the first priority of a Chasidic woman and therefore many women wait until their kids are older to work full time. However, even if one has little kids, if it works out for them then they'll work outside the home. There are tens of thousands of Chasidic women and girls who graduated school and are working outside their homes.

  11. Mary Therese McCool says:

    What an amazing story. Many Hasidic men study Torah all day and their wives work to support their families.

  12. B Fines says:

    She's hot!

  13. Beverly Huttinger says:

    I love Hasidim!

  14. Jennifer Lawrence says:

    Alot of Jewish woman have big families do all the cooking and have full time jobs and make shabbos every week .. that is like making Thanksgiving every week….yes Jewish religious woman are super heroes… especially this one with a really impressive job

  15. Dennis Staughton says:

    "Rejecting jobs outside the home"??? I lived in NYC for the better part of a decade and saw scores of Hasidic women working downtown everyday. And I was told many of their husbands did not work, but studied the Talmud/Torah full-time. Was I lied to?

  16. Miss Bumblebee says:

    Why does she have this weird accent? She doesn't even sound American.

    It's great that she's a judge despite her religion, that limits women (even though she says otherwise). It's sad though that she is "traditional" in her personal life.

  17. Whatever goes says:

    A lot of hassidics first language is Yiddish so when they learn English it has an accent

  18. Isr Strategies says:

    Hasidim but I don’t believe em.

  19. Mike V says:

    Kelly is such a complacent lightweight. Can't listen to her for more than 5 seconds.

  20. Catherine Murphy says:

    oh dear another Jew following MONEY??

  21. Heart Beat says:

    Wow…She is so beautiful

  22. Dan SN says:

    I just don't like how she took all the attention to her husband allowing her to study… No girl, this is a conversation about you and your achievements. He only did the right thing by supporting you.

  23. tophatandtails says:

    Had a chance to hear her speak at an event — and she's even more amazing and inspiring.

  24. Goldi Goldfisch says:

    How can anyone take her seriously as a judge when she has to ask her husband for permission to do the job?!

  25. Brown Fitterman says:

    So Mrs. Freier, what are you going to do when you have to judge a Jew contrary to the rules of the Torah? You will pay for all of the innocent people you put away.

  26. Miriam Geisinsky says:

    The reality is that this woman comes from a starkly different society than many of us. I say different, not traditional or old-fashioned, intentionally.

    We live in a world where women must be the exact same as men. We fight for rights like equal pay and in which the ideal is women and men equally represented in all professions.

    Nothing is wrong with that.

    But there is another story. Men and women are created differently, no matter how much we protest. There is simply different plumbing and wiring between the two sexes. We can protest and deny this fact, but it still exists.

    The judge, Rochie Freier, comes from the latter camp. She believes that family, and the continuation of humankind, is the future. It is family first, career second. And there is nothing wrong with that. Instead of pushing her to change her world views, and to throw her kids and grandkids into the backseat of her life, why not encourage her husband (and all men) to also have the same worldview.

    The modern feminist movement is obsessed with women being equal to men. Equality isn't always about having the exact same things, but about respect for one another.

    When she talks about her husband allowing her to run for office, it's not a matter of being submissive to her husband's will. Rather, she is in an equal and loving relationship where each spouse respects one another. If a man were to run for office, he would most certainly need his wife's permission to do so. If he runs, despite her abject disapproval, then they are not in an equal, loving, and respectful relationship. Certainly, the inverse would apply. If she ran without his approval, then she is disrespecting her spouse.

    There is room for both camps to exist in this world. Certainly, no young girl should be told that they cannot pursue their passion at a young age because that's "men's work". Feminists fight for this right and make great strides in gaining respect for women in the world. However, if a woman does choose the traditional route, or to consult her husband, it does not make her less of a woman.

  27. Neder Rosenberg says:

    Interesting lady, she means well it looks

  28. Heidy Ellenore says:

    Wait, she's 52??? I thought she's in her 30s 😂

  29. Evan Shore says:

    Idk how all these women look so young ??

  30. Joseph says:

    I was the first Orthodox Jew in my Bank in my state… I was the only one wearing a kippah.. Jews would come into the bank, and they couldn't believe their eyes!

  31. Enza delia says:


  32. livid snicket says:

    I don't want to minimize this woman's story, but is it such a big deal that a woman became a judge? It's not the 1940s, people.

  33. Jennyoy says:

    Rachel is beautiful, especially her faith in God.

  34. B T says:

    She's 52? Wow she looks about 10 years younger. I notice Jewish women age well.

  35. Begoña Garcia Romo says:

    bravoo Juez

  36. Battle Hymn of the Empath says:

    What a trailblazer.

  37. Marcia Fab says:

    Beautiful woman.

  38. BlueEyes Brittany says:

    When religions have good principles that protect people whether in the public or private sphere, I have nothing against them provided people adhere to them and it results in happy, safe, loving, healthy, caring and long lasting family. Otherwise it is best to stay out. What we need today is to return to good living principles and stick to them .. the problems otherwise are far too great to ignore such good safe healthy living principles.

  39. LyleDeYounges says:

    Very inspiring woman.

  40. manofweed1 says:

    Looks great for 52.

  41. Dima b says:

    It's so upsetting to see people mutilate their baby boys

  42. Milliband 1948 says:

    My Niece is a Hasidic working PH.d with eight kids.

  43. mixedandnot says:

    I had a Chasidic woman nurse at Mount Sinai Hospital in NYC when I had emergency surgery. She was not a good nurse in any sense of the word as it was obvious she did not want to touch or do much with the patient, but she did work outside the home.
    Judge Freier is beautiful, intelligent and a "Superwoman." She is someone to look up to and admire.

  44. Ajub Ragis says:


  45. Josh says:

    So nice of her husband to 'allow' her to do this… @4:10

  46. Max Chadwin says:

    That's totally not true most orthodox women work outside the home usually not high profile jobs but many run their own companies my wife is a professional and I'm a Talmid teacher of high level orthodox boys

  47. Maw 3615054 says:

    I wonder if she would make mincemeat out of a religious JEWISH male defendant or would she disqualify herself on grounds of incompatibility with the Shulchan Aruch? She is limited as to her capacity to Judge within the "realm" of her religious beliefs, she is therefore PROHIBITED from judging Jewish defendants and THIS is why her position is unconstitutional, racist & ILLEGAL!

  48. Bianca Bianchi says:

    Beautiful ❤️ 💙💗💛

  49. Carrie Cox says:

    I love seeing people of faith finding success w/o feeling that they've had to compromise their values!

  50. Taking the Fork says:

    It's nice she was allowed out, not true for everyone whatsoever

  51. Maurice Powers says:

    I wonder if she is the judge that caused Etty Ausch to lose her children? Extreme orthodox is the same as cult!

  52. Greg F. says:

    She is a beautiful, strong and smart Jewish woman. As she said, she has also been very lucky to have such a supportive husband. Many women in the Chassidic community are not as lucky. In fact most women in Chassidic communities barely get a proper high school education. Hopefully Mrs. Freier will be an inspiration to the community and we will soon see more and more Chassidic women obtaining a college education.

  53. Irina Ermolaeva says:

    She is 52? Are you kidding me? She looks 25

  54. marierose214 says:

    She is wonderful !!!!!

  55. Islam is Israel's broom Rabbi Rav David Touitou says:

    Why is the right promoting women in politics?

  56. FS says:

    I cannot believe she's 52! Great story.

  57. popglitters11 says:

    What a role model! Doing it all !

  58. Marcos Fontes says:

    She is a awesome granny

  59. Mala Rodriguez says:

    She should help Etty Asuch

  60. Reece Dylan says:

    Thought hasidics weren't supposed to go to school

  61. Fariba Gabriela Massachi says:


  62. Larry E says:

    This woman is enslaved by her husband and she doesn’t know it. She gushing about how he gave her “permission” to run for civil court. Mental and physical slavery at its finest.

  63. Caroline Lalam says:

    I like her wig..

  64. Claudia F. says:

    Megyn Kelly has not done her homework – Hasidic woman have to work because their husbands are occupied with religious studies!

  65. Louis Holland says:

    Men Really think God only Blesses them. It's sad that women in America has to fight so hard to Achieve Achieve thier Dreams But I'm Glad God is not like man He loves and Blesses all his Children.

  66. MC Sage Mordechai says:

    Fantastic. A real trailblazer

  67. Vinita W says:

    Loved this. Such an amazing woman👍🏼

  68. funny men says:


  69. Devora Jacobs says:

    I'm bothered by anyone who accepts notoriety and attention "for being more special or better than other people based on their religion or status as a woman".
    A judge needs to be impartial not thinking differently about anyone based on their religion or even lack of religion, impartial to their nationality, impartial to being male or female, & impartial to family roles.
    Because she has allowed herself this media attention and brags about her status shows her partiality and this isn't beautiful to me it is a red flag that she will be partial and deal more favorably with hassidic people in court. Her religion only for it's cultural beliefs than torah truths if fully understood is highly prejudicial and extreme and doesn't represent our society at all.
    Even Jewish people are not welcome or accepted in the "community" or able to marry a Hassidic Jew without being excommunicated. This is the extreme prejudism about which I speak. I can't aplaud her but only warn others she will prefer her kind due to the extreme pressure and control of her community; many of whom have financially contributed to her success for a reason. In the Hassidic world the pressure to conform & to be controlled always comes with severe consequences such as your children not being allowed in good schools or to marry in the community to be unable to see or communicate with your family etc…. I speak of the consequences of excommunication.
    When she will volluntarily leave Hassidic life to a more liberal faith where she is free, I could try to believe in her.

  70. Ariella Frankel says:

    She lives across the street from my parents dental office. (my dad is a dentist, my mom is tge secretary)


    All that remains is to have the right to wear one of those cool fur hats…

  72. Chaim Schechter says:

    What about Judge Mindy Glazer from the 11 Judicial Circuit Court, Probate Division of Miami Florida, elected September the 5th, 2000?

  73. Christina Penner says:

    “Let me” go to school, so hard to get past that.

  74. s kk says:

    Wow I'm so inspired by her attitude, passion, achievement and faith😇

  75. Rachel Monees says:

    not any button

  76. Nessy 2244 says:

    I come from a Muslim background and SUPPORT YOU! 👐👐👐

  77. Marc Green says:

    Kol Hakavod!!

  78. inka says:

    Her husband gave her… PERMISSION to run for public office. He ALLOWED her… Wow…really?

  79. Gabriela Reznik says:

    I've met her, she's really nice.

  80. intelin123 says:

    The real jews are black

  81. Yosef Roth says:

    so I met a Jewish judge…. I walk in, and she see's me wearing a Yarmulke.. Let's just say she waved all the charges ☺️

  82. Ester Landau says:

    Please Rachel Freier show us how you deal a Clinical

  83. Hanoch Bieber says:


  84. kb be says:

    does Oprah sits in da crowd?

  85. Pura Periculo says:

    I love her 💙

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