McDowell Mountain Justice Court

Hi i’m David Michael Cantor with the Law Offices of David Michael Cantor. Today I’m going to
talk about the McDowell Mountain Justice Court. Now if you were
stopped for DUI or misdemeanor crime and told to go the
McDowell Mountain Justice Court that means you were arrested by the
Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office or DPS. If a city cop arrested you, you should have
been sent to the City Court. Now the jurisdictional boundaries of this
particular court are as follows: Lone Mountain Road to the north, Thomas
Road to the south, Saguaro boulevard to the east, and Tatum Blvd. to
the west. Now the actual boundaries looks like
this on a map… They’re not a perfect rectangle see how they all jet in and out all over the place. So if you have been cited to go to the
McDowell Mountain Justice Court, come on in and see us. We”ll make sure
that you were actually arrested in that jurisdiction because if you weren’t,
it’s a defense that can get the whole case thrown out. Now the court address for the McDowell
Mountain Justice Court is located in the North East Regional
Court Center located at 18380 North 40th Street. That’s up
40th Street and Union hills. It roughly holds about four courthouses but the one
you’re looking for is the McDowell Mountain Justice Court. Parking out front is ample, it doesn’t
cost anything, the dress that you need to wear is no
tank tops, no shorts, no baseball hats, no sunglasses,
look professional. The judge there is Michael Reagan. Now
Michael’s state-oriented, so he’s not a friend to the
defense, that’s why it’s important you have a lawyer when you go in there to fight your charges. The other thing
you need to know about most to the justices of the peace, they
didn’t go to law school. They’re elected by popularity contest basically given six weeks of training then told
they could judge people. Could you imagine electing your surgeon
that way, six weeks of training then handed a scalpel? I wouldn’t feel that
comfortable. So if you’re charged with a DUI or misdemeanor criminal charge and
told to go the McDowell Mountain Justice Court, call us, set a free initial consultation, we’ll meet with you, it will take about 30
minutes. We’ll go over the case with you from top to bottom and hopefully
find a way out of this thing for you. But if that is your situation, I look forward to
hearing from you soon, take care.

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