Marriage Poem from Santa to the Supreme Court of the U.S.

Twas the night before New Year when all
through the land, Not all couples could legally walk hand in hand; To marriage, fifteen states still said no. But, we hoped the Supreme Court would soon make it so. The children
stirred in their warm, toasty beds, while our wedding visions danced in
their heads; and my love in a kerchief and I in my cap worried about all the legal traps.
Throughout the country, minds were a’ changing, as the Supreme Court kept loving couples waiting. All through the night I tossed and I
turned, hoping one day soon our love would be
confirmed. The moonlight shone on the face of my dearest, making the reason for our struggle the
clearest. what more did I want than a legal
commitment, celebrated by family and friends near and distant. I rose in
frustration I slumped in my chair, I grabbed the remote to see what was on air. As I stared at the screen watching CNN, I saw their black robes; three women, six men. Now, John! Now Ruth! Now Sonia! Now Clarence and Elena! On Anthony! Antonin! On Samuel and Stephen! Their faces kept me company all through the night I hoped that the court soon would take up
the fight. So that one day all couples – loving and
committed, could be protected by the law, their
marriages permitted. And then in this great country, open and giving, families of all kinds could be safely living. Couples of all
races! Couples young and old would finally feel safe in their loved
one’s hold. Families on the East coast, in the West
and South, families in the Mid-West, and the land
throughout! We rely on the Supreme Court to do the
right thing, and let freedom to marry for all couples
ring. Let 2015 be a year to celebrate. A year for history to commemorate. All couples in the land
could have reason to rejoice, if the Supreme Court makes the right and lawful choice. Families of all different shapes
and sizes, could see the end of this marriage crisis. Holding each
other’s hands with anticipation, we could look at the Supreme Court
with gratification. All couples could exclaim in happiness and joviality, “The freedom to marry is now a reality!” [Ho, Ho, Ho] This was brought to you by the
Federal Department of Freedom to Marry. Have a good holiday!

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