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  1. German R says:

    Trump 2020

  2. Anthony Vono says:

    Xi Jinping will never bow to President Trump's demands.

  3. Jarrod D says:

    Trump Landslide 2020❤️🇺🇸

    Remember Republicans vote Tuesday, November 3rd 2020
    Democrats vote Wednesday, November 4th.
    Spread the word

  4. Geert Matthys says:

    Back to expensive food to feed China

  5. Appeli Sauice Stroke says:

    I'll bet you anything that the Democrats will attack and whine about anything positive from Donald Trump again today.

  6. Hairy John says:

    Donald J. Trump is the greatest President of all time. The man is a Genius!

  7. Joel Tunnah says:

    There is no such thing as a “free market” when your foreign rivals use essentially slave labor, no healthcare, and no environmental laws.

  8. clif risner says:

    China needs this deal more than we do. Trump 2020 🙋‍♂️🏁🏃‍♂️God bless

  9. Rolly Hui says:

    This gUy ARE FULL of IT

  10. Joseph West says:

    Donald Trump is a Hero !

    Donald J. Trump is a Superhero !!

    President Donald J. Trump is a World Leader !!!

  11. Jim Thompson says:

    China is our enemy. Why would be buy from China and fuel their military is beyond me. The idea was 30 or 40 years ago to start appeasing China in the hopes that they would start acting civilly and start moving towards democracy or some form of it. The experiment has been a failure. Instead we have been feeding their war machine and their desire for world domination. Another Germany in the making. Wake up America! Doing business with China is a bad idea. We are going to have to deal with this one way or another in the future. Hopefully it won't be in a war.

  12. 1970cowboyed says:


  13. H Pn says:

    I'm holding

  14. H Pn says:

    Fyi…this guy is full of BS.
    Market is reacting to Nov. Job numbers.
    China is only one country.
    We trade with others.
    I'm for tarriff. Bring it.

  15. Me YE says:

    Really? so Trump caved. China win. Trump lose. What a moron.

  16. Me YE says:

    I voted for Trump. Not again. He surrenders to China. Bye.

  17. jim blair says:

    National government news here in New Zealand is using CNN as their official American news source.
    Kiwi Trump supporter 🇳🇿🇳🇿

  18. Caden Grace says:

    US tariffs on Chinese goods is pfft. 15% on 3% economic impact means that prices on the American consumer would raise 1/20th of a penny on the dollar.

  19. Gary Gowan says:

    No deal unless we get assurances that technology theft can be prosecuted!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸✌Trump 2020

  20. blip cat says:

    china is borrowing money from the central banks to bolster their faltering economy….the tariffs haven't hurt America's economy like china's, which is in a big hurt…………remember china is infamous for making deals then not holding up to those deals. China is all about china, they don't give a rat's patutty about anybody else. Remember they made a deal with the Kenyan not to militarize their man made islands…………….now those islands are full fledge military bases………same old obama red lines and democrat BS.

  21. KidtheIcarus says:

    God I'm sick of these bloomberg ads…

  22. heat cliff says:

    Proof. The USA is stupid and docil.

  23. Jeff Smith says:

    Lol lmao, a Chinese deal in principle ??? With the Chinese ??? lMAO!

  24. Carolyn Barney says:

    The early bird doesnt '…always get tge worm ?❤❤❤👣🕊🌎✨🌠💫🥰
    Sometimes '…they literaly eat the bird ?

  25. Zytheis Universe says:

    Don't cancel the tariffs unit the deal is inked. China always promises to buy from the US, and they don't follow thru . Fact

  26. Regular Guy says:

    The damage has already been done.

  27. N is for Noble says:

    Thanks Obam— I mean Thanks Trump! 😄

  28. OH Yeh! says:

    Trump 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  29. David Adrian says:

    President Trump is going to WIN in 2020

  30. ROBERT CRAIG says:

    ban china from selling any products here. no exceptions. f them totally. time for us to take over the discussion.

  31. All Things Prophetic Ministries says:

    An amazing transformation for America because of President Trump!

  32. Ewsull says:

    Make China Small Again.

  33. wabbet24 says:

    This is pointless. It does not matter what China agrees to, they have no integrity they will not keep to any agreement they will keep doing whatever they have been doing in the past. We should cut ties with China.

  34. James Feldman says:

    The Democrats are debating adding a new impeachment charge, in addition to "abuse of power" and "obstruction of justice." The new impeachment charge under consideration is "Boosting the US Economy for Personal Political Gain."

  35. ArticBeatle says:

    President Donald Trump will go down as the first president to ever use economic warfare on a scale that's never been seen before. Instead of dropping bombs he's dropping tariffs and they are working like a charm in spite of what all the naysayers have said.

  36. Orion Thanathos says:

    Another Bloomberg’s rumour…

  37. J R says:

    Can't claim a win when you fix the problem you started.

  38. Marco Polo says:

    trump manipulating the market, on Sunday the tariffs will hit or just be 'postponed' the index will sink and trump's friends will clean the market on Monday….it's happened so many times that anyone with two inches of brow can see the pattern.

  39. goose gander says:

    Trump/Pence 2020! Don Jr 2024!

  40. 全球反港狗联盟Fuck all Hong Cunts says:

    Stop spreading fake news. There is no trade agreement and wont happing after Hong Kong and Xinjiang interferences. Stop lying to investors

  41. A Very Stable Genius says:

    🔴Saudi terror attack at Pensacola Navy base? No comments?🤷‍♂️
    Afghanistan papers? Bush, Obama and Trump lied about winning the war🙄

  42. Melvin Hunt says:

    Keep the Tariffs going! THERE WORKING!

  43. Barbara Snyder says:

    The demo socialist eve are taking creditfor what President has done with trade deals with other countries.Will they ever tell the truth about anything in their lifetime.They lie about everything.I guess they have been doing it so long they cannot tell the truth about anything.

  44. Thomas Cassler says:

    obama will go down in histroy as the first prez, to go to prison !

  45. Stolo says:

    What's Charlie Day doing in the thumbnail?

  46. Kyle G says:

    Trump just got all of his farmers votes!

  47. Thyalwaysseek says:

    Markets jump in anything these days it's how you tell these markets are built on sand.

  48. doug Tudor says:

    In two years Trump turned the China deal completely around and is now in the drivers seat, mainly because of the tariffs he put on that all the media and liberals said was bad, guess what that is reason we are here today and still number one in the world instead of China who was projected to replace us during the Obama administration, Thank You Trump!

  49. C L says:

    Is this for real this time? Or is it like when Trump lied and China negated his statement.

  50. Chatla Suresh says:

    What the `Π¢=®[^}°,∆°℅×℅÷°¥^€¢€`•Π`•℅{^¶™™[= jackie?

  51. Grace Ousley says:

    China isn't going to uphold any deal that's made.  Xi has never kept his word why should he start now.  Middle Class American tax payers took China from a third world country to 2nd economically behind the U.S.  Those days are over and the days of China stealing our technology have to end.  But the Chinese Communist Party will never stand by any deal.  They just want tariffs lifted.  The U.S. doesn't need the crap that China produces.  Wall Street and Deep State should stop pushing Trump for a deal with China.  I trust the president he knows exactly what he's doing.

  52. Tim Whiting says:

    Tarrifs are a tool which if used correctly can sway other countries to sign deals they wouldnt otherwise sign because the USA is the engine of the world

  53. fire works says:

    Phrase one? The Art of Deal ?Unpredictable? There will be too much unpredictable ahead.Can anyone deal with UNPREDICTABLE?

  54. Ben Franklin says:

    China will be buying around $10 (ten dollars) of soybeans, pork, etc for every Chinese for 2 years. That's what the Donald got.

  55. Ng Soon Lee says:

    Hypocrite Americunts. Backing off to beg for a deal. China also promised to gift you with 300 million of dildos and reamers. Enough for you Americunts to go screw yourselves.

  56. vccv vccv says:

    The Communist China GOV will NEVER abide by any agreements and commitments. To constrain communism by contract, only failure! One billion China people in less than 1 dollar a day in food, China claims to be powerful. NO!

  57. Matt Foley says:

    Trump stock market is destroying Obama's.
    Total stock market days: 730
    Data Last Updated: 2019-12-13
    Cumulative Performance
    Trump Obama Difference
    S&P 500 +40% +56% +16% Obama
    NASDAQ +56% +84% +27% Obama
    Dow Jones +42% +53% +11% Obama

    Oh wait.

  58. Hank says:

    Vote the DO NOTHING Democrats out of office.
    America First 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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