Maricopa County Superior Juvenile Court Phoenix / Durango Information

hi I’m David Cantor with the Law Offices
of David Michael Cantor today I’m going to talk about the Maricopa County
Juvenile Court specifically the court in Phoenix. Now this court is located at
3131 West Durango Street Phoenix, Arizona 85009. Now basically the way you get there is if you come down the I-10 exit 35th Avenue and head south. You’re gonna go down until you hit Durango street and then you’re gonna go east. Go to about 31st Ave and on the south side
of the road is the Juvenile court. Some people call this the Durango Juvenile
court. You pull off and you park on the north side you walk into the courthouse
and you can go up to the front desk and you’re going to check in. They’re gonna send you up to
the second floor and when you get up to the second floor you’re going to wait outside
of the courtroom and they will come and get you when it’s your turn as far as
any food there is a cafeteria there and you can get some food either before or
after and they do have a soda machines and things of that nature make sure you
dress professionally both the juvenile and the guardian or parent should dress
professionally as if you’re going to a job interview show respect no sunglasses
no shorts t-shirts things of that nature as far as the
judge in your particular court I give my personal opinion on judges so if you go
to our website and you go to the judges page look for
Maricopa County Superior Court judges find your judge and I’ll give one of
four opinions. Either I will say they are pro-defense pro prosecutor right in
the middle or I have no opinion because they’ve recently rotated to the criminal
or juvenile bench. If you or a loved one has been charged with the crime and I
assume you have because that’s why you’re watching this video contact us at for a free
initial consultation. It’s 30 minutes it won’t cost you a dime. I’ll go over your case with you from top to bottom and explain what we can do to help you out hopefully
get you out of the entire charge completely I look forward to hearing
from you soon

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