Māori Council seek urgent Waitangi Tribunal hearing

The NZ Maori Council is urgently seeking a hearing
before the Waitangi Tribunal over Maori Affairs Minister
Pita Sharples’ Maori Language Strategy. The council opposes Sharples’ plan for the future revitalisation
of the language. Hinerangi Goodman reports. Who said it was OK for a group
appointed by the Government to ensure the survival of Te Reo? That’s according to Maanu Paul
of the NZ Maori Council. The Government will usurp
the mana of te reo Maori and give it to others. We’re saying that’s wrong. In 1984, the case
to revive the language was taken to the Privy Council
in London, the outcome of that was referred
back for Maori and the Government to settle it together. The problem is that Te Matawai
can’t speak for all Maori. For example,
would Tuhoe allow Te Arawa to speak on their dialect? I don’t think so. Maanu Paul says
Te Matawai is a puppet group for the Government to do as it bids, which is nothing to do with
the survival of the language. If you look at Te Matawai,
the power is with Te Puni Kokiri. TPK are the in charge of Te Matawai. The reo is a treasure handed down
by our ancestors, and by speaking it every day
will ensure its survival. Hinerangi Goodman, Te Karere.

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