Māori Council decision to seek Tribunal inquiry into Te Reo strategy draws criticism

A leader of Te Maru o Nga Kura a Iwi
o Aotearoa Pem Bird disagrees with the Maori Council’s decision to take the Maori Language Strategy
to the Waitangi Tribunal. Mr Bird believes the authority
over the language should be given back to iwi without the need
to be decided by the law. He’s a Maori language stalwart who disagrees
with the Maori Council. What role does the law have in relation to our language? None. That’s Pem Bird’s response
to the NZ Maori Council’s opposition of the Government’s
Maori Language strategy, and the move to challenge it
via the Privy Council. What will the Maori Council’s
challenge do to the intrinsic mana of each iwi’s unique dialect? The Maori Council isn’t seeking to downplay an iwi’s mana, iwi have mana in their own regions. The Maori Language Strategy aims to
give to iwi the responsibility to promote Maori language use under
a new governance body, Te Matawai. The Maori Council has opposed
this from the start. Timoti is right in saying that iwi are responsible
for where the language is at, why give them a second chance? Mr Paul says
the door to the Privy Council has been open since 1985, when the Maori Council and the Crown
were ordered to collaborate in revitalising the Maori language. They said to the Maori people,
‘if in the future ‘you are unsatisfied
with the Government’s conduct, ‘our doors will be open.’ What is the point of this exercise? What good will come of it? I’ll tell you, nothing good at all will come of it. The Maori Council’s legal team
are currently in the process of mounting their argument. Kereama Wright, Te Karere.

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