Man Who Survived Near Death Experience Was Lied To (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

You may be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is the case of
Montoya/Sensabaugh v. Brown.
Thank you, Jerome. Good day, everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day. Ms. Montoya, you and
your son, Mr. Sensabaugh, claim you’ve been
lied to by the defendant about the paternity
of her child on numerous occasions. Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Now, you say
a recent near-death experiencemakes today’s DNA resultsmore important
to you than ever.
TINA:Yes, Your Honor.Ms. Brown,
you admit to lying about the paternity of your
daughter to both plaintiffs. Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: You say you
realize they no longer believe anything you say and
you’re hoping today’s results will finally uncover
the truth. Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: So, Ms. Brown, you say you were
in a relationship. How did it end? I didn’t know
that Gregory was such a mother’s boy and that I would be
dealing with his mother. How am I
a mother’s boy? I would be dealing with
his mother more than him. I didn’t lay with her,
I laid with him. It ended when we
was supposed to… We had a conversation and he had said
that he was ready to man up and move
in together. So, I had found
an apartment. I had an apartment
that was ready for us to sign the paperwork. He was supposed to show up the day of us seeing
the apartment and giving the money
and signing the paperwork. He never showed up. JUDGE LAKE: So you’re
at the leasing office, ready to sign the papers
for the apartment and he never showed? I called him, he didn’t
return my call for days later,
after I left California. No. No, no, no, no, no. No, you didn’t. He called me three days after I made it
into Oklahoma… You contacted me. No, you didn’t. You said, “Where are you
and what you doing?” JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Sensabaugh,
were you done with the relationship? Was that how you broke up
with her, by not showing up to sign the lease? The relationship wasn’t
even all like that. Like, it wasn’t even all
how it seem to be right now. Like, the relationship,
she was still talking to… At her ex, you feel me? So, like, what was
I supposed to do? TEMPESTT: Greg, you know
the honest to God truth that you told me you was
ready to settle down. You know that’s the
honest to God truth. TINA: Regardless
to all this, what brings us
here is the lies. I just want to get
to the bottom of this and see what it is
because there was no closure. JUDGE LAKE: So, Ms. Brown,
at some pointyou almost end up, or you
end up with another guy.
TEMPESTT: Yes, ma’am. JUDGE LAKE: What happened? Um…
(SNIFFLES) When I had
left California, I went to Oklahoma
with my ex. And that’s when
the calendar comes in. JUDGE LAKE: So, after
he didn’t show up at the leasing office… I left. JUDGE LAKE: And how soon after you were intimate
with Mr. Sensabaugh did you go down
to see your ex? It was soon. JUDGE LAKE: It was soon. Mmm-hmm. JUDGE LAKE: All right,
so you’re admitting to that. Is that evidence
you have for me? Jerome, will you pass that? TEMPESTT: This is
the calendar of the times that I slept
with both of them. You’ve outlined the dates
you were intimate with both men
on a calendar.Okay, in green
are the days
you were intimate
with Mr. Sensabaugh.
TEMPESTT:Yes, ma’am.JUDGE LAKE: In red
is outlined the dates
you were traveling.And then in blue
which days you were
intimate with your ex. TEMPESTT: Yes, Your Honor. Which is potential
father number two. So, yeah, that’s doubt. But even looking at this
calendar, it lets me know that she even lied about
something else because I was told she
took a plane to Oklahoma, and then when she got off the
plane, she was throwing up, I guess experiencing
morning sickness. Now, here we go,
you drove? Greg knew. TINA: You told me. I don’t know what
you told Greg or what he knew. I never told you that I took a plane
to Oklahoma. Yes, you did. JUDGE LAKE: But
did you tell her when you got off the plane? No. TINA: So, when did you tell
me you started throwing up? I didn’t talk to you
until after… Until, like, a little
bit after eight months when I told him that
he may be the father. TINA:You didn’t talk to meuntil after you
had your baby.
That made me concludethat you didn’t want to
talk to nobody or say nothing so you could see who
the baby resembled so you can put
that baby on somebody and it just happened
to be my son. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) This is why I didn’t
wanna say anything. She looks for love in
all the wrong places. At the end of the day,
she didn’t care about… TEMPESTT: You don’t
even know me. She didn’t care about
the baby feelings. She cared about
the men feelings. Like, who gonna be mad? She didn’t care if the baby’s
real father was in her life. She didn’t care about that at the time,
she just lied. So, Mr. Sensabaugh, when you heard
about the pregnancy, did she say you
were the father or you may be
the father? She was for sure, like, for sure that
I was the father. She was for sure
I was the father. And, like, even without
a paternity test, I like, tried to,
like, get the baby out, like, to come out
there with me. Like, I didn’t have no
paternity test or nothing. I was just gonna step up
and be the father. But I said, “Can you
send her out here? “Can my mom come get her? “Whatever you want me to do,
however you wanna do it. “You can bring her out here
on a plane. I’ll get her. “And can I like,
get to know her?” TINA: So that he’d be able
to bond with the child, being that she had four
other… Three other children. This one child, it shouldn’t
have affected her other than just her being
the mother of the child, for her to come bond with who
was supposed to be the daddy. TEMPESTT: You think I
was gonna send my child to California with
somebody that… You agreed to it. Did I do it? You agreed to it. Did I do it? You backed down. If I was in California, I would have let them
visit her and stuff. But, it was his lifestyle
that I was scared of. That’s not true either. Of her letting him leave with him and something
happening to my child. I love all my children
equally and dearly. That’s not true either,
because regardless of him… Like I explained to you,
regardless of his lifestyle, I would have been the primary
responsible person. And you ain’t have the best
lifestyle over there either. You not the primary responsible person when we
were sleeping together, so how can I take
your word for that? (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) My son has had two
different separate near-death experiences. So, does he have to die
for the truth to come out? JUDGE LAKE: What happened? He’s been shot. TEMPESTT:And that’s
the lifestyle
that I didn’t wanna
let my daughter lead…
TINA: You was messing with him
at the time of his lifestyle. It don’t matter,
I had… My kids was nowhere involved
unattended with this man. GREGORY: Well, Your Honor, I almost lost my life.
I got shot six times. I got shot in the head,
in the arm, in the back,
and the butt, I got shot. So, after that, it made
me think, like,what if the baby was mine?
What if that’s my baby?
JUDGE LAKE:You woke up
thinking about Maliyah.
GREGORY:Yes.JUDGE LAKE:And did you call
Miss Brown and say…
I called his mother.
I contacted his mother. TINA: No, our first line
of communication was you calling him to tell
him that the baby was his. After that, I didn’t speak to
you or hear about nothing about this baby for a month
until I got on Facebook… I never said that
the baby was his. …and seen
a picture of the baby. I never said
the baby was his, I said it was a possibility
of this baby being his. Same difference.
Possibility. Same difference. This is the picture
that I seen on Facebook. You saw this picture
on Facebook. TINA: Yes.
And I inboxed herbecause I wasn’t getting
no answers from my son.
With the other, like,
daddy right there. JUDGE LAKE: Did you inbox her
because when you saw the baby, you felt like it could
be your son’s? Or you were just
curious because your son told you there could
be a baby? No, no, no, honestly,
when I saw the baby, I called to check
on the baby and her. She can call me as
she may, but I still care. I’m a caring person. And I don’t think
nothing about you ’cause I don’t know
you as a person. JUDGE LAKE: She actually
is getting emotional talking about checking
on you and your child. Why are you so emotional,
Ms. Montoya? What are you feeling? I don’t know, I don’t
know what to feel. I just want the truth
to come out. GREGORY: Like, and another
reason is ’cause the baby look like…
It favors me.So, I was just thinking,like, why I can’t
be in my child’s life,
if that’s my child?
It look like me.
JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Sensabaugh, if Maliyah is your
biological child, do you wanna
have a relationship? Yes, yes, I wanna have a relationship with
that child, yes. I want to step
up and be a man, like I already been
trying to do. Step up and be a father from the gate, without
no paternity test. At some point, you even
pursued a home DNA test. Correct. JUDGE LAKE: Please explain to
the court what happened then. That’s when I, um… I created this
timeline of lies and I submitted it to the
court, if I can show you… JUDGE LAKE: Let’s take a look
at that, yes, ma’am. Okay, the timeline
of lies is week one, I purchased the DNA test,
to which she agreed to take. I honestly believed that
she would go forthwith doing it and there
wouldn’t be no problems.
But, I ended up waiting
eight weeks, two months, for her to send it in.
And the whole two months, she said, “I sent it,
I sent it, I sent it.” JUDGE LAKE: Ms. Brown,
had you done the swab? Had you sent the
DNA sample in? I did the swab. I did, and it sat
for a minute because I didn’t wanna
send it in right away. Like, I really didn’t
wanna know the truth. All right, continue with
the timeline of lies, ma’am. So, week 10, finally she
sends in the DNA sample. Week 11, the results
came in. I got an email in
the middle of the night. JUDGE LAKE: And what
did the results say? TINA: That there was zero
probability of paternity. (AUDIENCE OOHING) Zero? TINA: Zero. JUDGE LAKE: But then,
what happens on week 14? TINA: Week 14, I get
told by my son that she said she lied
and that she swabbed one of her other
kids on purpose so that he wouldn’t
be the father. JUDGE LAKE: Wait a minute. Miss Brown,
did you say this? TEMPESTT: I said that
out of being upset, but… He called and him talking
to me crazy… GREGORY: That’s another lie. Cussing me out. Once again, here we are where I’m in this
emotional state again of maybe I do have
a grandchild, maybe I don’t. At the end of the day,
my son got shot once. He got shot again
after these results. That’s week 14. Maybe by week 19, he was
shot again and almost died. So, here we are, we have
still a child up in the air. And that’s what brings us
here toPaternity Court.JUDGE LAKE: Do you hope
she’s your grandchild? I don’t know,
’cause I don’t know if I wanna
deal with her. (AUDIENCE OOHING) TEMPESTT: You don’t
have to deal with me. JUDGE LAKE: All right, ma’am. Thank you for your
very honest, brutally honest testimony. JUDGE LAKE: Miss Brown,
that was a lot of lies. It was. JUDGE LAKE: Most of which
you admitted to. TEMPESTT: Mmm-hmm. Why so many lies? ‘Cause, the whole time
I was dealing with her I should have been
dealing with him, and that’s how I feel,
personally. GREGORY: And that’s because
I cut her off, Your Honor. I cut her off, and I wasn’t
dealing with her no more. She wouldn’t let me see
the baby, nothing. Wouldn’t send her out.
I cut her off. And my mom was
still calling… He didn’t even want me
to have communication. He wanted me to stop
pushing the issue. Even with coming to
Paternity Court,
he was upset. He wanted me to just
not pursue the issue because she is where she is
and she does what she does. JUDGE LAKE: Why couldn’t
you let it go? Because that could
possibly be my grandchild. This is my son, I can lose
him at any given time. He’s been shot twice. Who’s to say the third
time isn’t gonna be it? My son almost died when
he was two weeks old. So, if she wants to consider
him a mama’s boy, that’s fine. With him getting shot,
it just… It brings just
different emotion to me. And I have a 91-year-old
grandmother that’s still able-bodied, and if this is her
great-great-grandchild, she wants to be a part
of her life as well. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) If this
is his daughter, she’s withholding back a whole bunch of people
that could love her. TEMPESTT: Okay. Just here to make me
out to be the bad guy. TINA: You are the bad guy. She was sending
pictures, okay? I’m posting them on Facebook,
Instagram, or whatever. Like, “This is my baby.” Like, it’s my baby,
like, showing everybody. So, she called me like,
“Why would you do that? “Why would you do that?
Why would you do that? “Like, now I’m going
through all this “’cause his family
members seen “that you posting
pictures of his baby…” JUDGE LAKE: Wait a minute.
Wait a minute now. What is going on? GREGORY: I made that picture. I made that picture
and put it on there. I made that myself. JUDGE LAKE: Miss Brown,
did you tell him he shouldn’t do that? TEMPESTT: At the moment, yeah. JUDGE LAKE: I need you
to speak up now. Don’t get quiet on me. Yeah, I did. JUDGE LAKE: Why? Because my ex was thinking that Maliyah was his.And, I didn’t wanna
break our family up.
And to go back into this,to deal with all
of this nonsense.
GREGORY: She told me
there was a possibility before she had the baby. She told him that there
was a possibility after she had the baby,
so she waited to see, like, without… So she don’t
have to go through nothing. She waited to see what
the baby looked like, so if it just looked like him,
like, I’d be out the picture. TEMPESTT: If you
really wanna know, we had our own
discussions and… GREGORY: I don’t care
about what y’all had. I’m here to see
if this is my child. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Well, the only way
we’re gonna find out is to get the results,
and I have them here. Jerome? Thank you. These results were prepared
by DNA Diagnostics and they read as follows. In the case of
Montoya/Sensabaugh v. Brown,
when it comes to one-year-old
Maliyah Black, it has been determined
by this court, Mr. Sensabaugh… I’m here to see
if this is my child. When it comes to one-year-old
Maliyah Black, and as to whether
Mr. Sensabaugh is her biological father, it has been determined
by this court, Mr. Sensabaugh… You are not her father. Yes. (SIGHS) JUDGE LAKE: Miss Brown,
you look relieved. Ms. Montoya,
you look crushed. It’s not about
being crushed. At the end of the day, I really want him to
go on with his life, get married,
have a baby and be able to be in that
baby’s life from birth. And I wish the best
for him in his future. How do you feel,
Mr. Sensabaugh? Honestly, I feel relief,
I got the truth. Like, it’s something big,
like, this… This ain’t little.
This is not nothing little. This is her whole life. And this truth,
Mr. Sensabaugh, although you don’t
have a little girl, I need you to understand if you’re ending up
in the hospital that often from
gunshot wounds, as a criminal
defense attorney, I have represented many,
many men and women that live in
a certain environment. But, you can leave
that environment. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) So, I want to wish you
the best of luck, take care. And I gotta ask you,
and don’t lie. So, we know who
her father is, right? Yes, ma’am. JUDGE LAKE: Good.
That’s what’s important. I wish you
the best of luck. Take care of yourselves. Court is adjourned.

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  88. AvK says:

    Good job 25 and 4 kids .

  89. Margaret Ardley says:

    21!!!!! 👀Somebody's lying!

  90. Metrii Whit says:


  91. Jill Burkeen says:

    I’m really tired of these people lying about their age.

  92. Jill Burkeen says:

    I’m a Google his name and see why he was shot

  93. Tweet Hobbs says:

    He on drugs. And living a dangerous life and was doing too much. I’m happy the baby was not his. He don’t care out his self how can he care for a baby.

  94. RJ london says:

    This is what happens when you unintentionally love men more than your kids. How can you lie that much over a childs life? Only reason is coz she was all up in her OWN feelings smfh

  95. Geena L says:

    Maybe your son should move to another state- because if he stays where you're at- he isn't going to be anyone's father.

  96. Geena L says:

    Woman is such a liar- it's probably the Postman's baby.

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