Man Used To Call Woman To “Twerk” During School Hours (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is the case of
King v. Holmes.
Thank you, Jerome.
Good day, everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day. Mr. King, you have opened
your case today because
you are 100% certain that you fathered Ms. Holmes’
10-month-old son, Kei’von. You state she told you
that you are the father but now says you are not
his daddy, is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Ms. Holmes,
you admit you led Mr. King to believing he was
your son’s father. But you are here
to prove
you made a mistake. Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: You know
who Kei’von’s dad is, and it isn’t Mr. King.
Is that correct? Yes, Ma’am. JUDGE LAKE: All right,
so Mr. King, you stated that
you’re tired
of being played. KING: Yes, Your Honor. Explain to the court please. It’s like, Your Honor,
when she wants something, she calls me, needs me. But now,
when we are having
a complication, she’s so quick to say,
“Oh, you’re not the father. “Why is you here?” AUDIENCE: Ooh! “What is you doing?
Why do you keep
sending me stuff? “Why can’t you just go?
And why can’t you
just leave us alone?” So, she’s sending
mixed messages? KING: Yes, Your Honor. She’s telling you
at some point
you are the father, at some point you aren’t. Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Give me an example. When he needs clothes,
“Hey, can you send…
your son some clothes.” I’m okay with that.
Clothes, money, diapers,
whatever she needed. And you accepted
everything he had to offer? HOLMES: Yes. Knowing that he may or
may not be the father. But you truly believed
he wasn’t the father. Yes. Are you playing both sides
of the fence, Ms. Holmes? Yes, um, that was… AUDIENCE: Ooh! Well, let’s go ahead
and be honest, then. I just want
Kei’von to have
what he needs. And when I’m having
a hard time and I need something,
I know King’s gonna
give it to me. AUDIENCE: Wow… And it’s like, when we’re arguing,
I feel some type of way ’cause he throws things
in my face like, “Oh, you know
you were sleeping “with me and him
at the same time. “You know,
you don’t even know
if this is my son.” So, ya, I text him
when I need something ’cause why would I try
to build a relationship if you’re gonna keep
throwing it in my face. So, you’re the mother? HOLMES: Yes. And the master manipulator. (SIGHS) JUDGE LAKE: Right? Yes, I was stuck
in between them two. Like, once upon a time,
me and King, we were
high school sweethearts. You know, we started
sneaking around on the low. Like, we would skip school
and text each other
during class. And be like, “Let’s meet
at the staircase,” you know. AUDIENCE: Oh! Sexual things
at the staircase,
in high school? HOLMES: Yes. No, Your Honor,
that’s not the truth. Can I tell you
what happened? Please do. KING: All right, so, like she said before,
yes, we would text
and meet at the staircase but it was nothing, probably
just like a little dance. Or just a kiss… A dance? JUDGE LAKE: A dance? Yes. A dance? Yes, Your Honor. KING: Like… HOLMES: Okay. Like maybe just a hug,
maybe just a twerk. Okay, a twerk at the staircase,
I have never heard
of this, Jerome. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) JUDGE LAKE: “We twerking
at the staircase.” We did more than twerk
at the staircase, okay? I… (CHUCKLING) Wait a minute. What kinda
biology class is this? This is a whole new kinda
biology class. Basically, not in class
where you were
supposed to be. No, nope. I was
never in class.
Almost never. And you see how
that landed you
straight here, right? Yeah. Yeah, I see that. JUDGE LAKE: Were you
boyfriend and girlfriend? HOLMES: Yeah. Yes, Your Honor. Okay, and so
that was in high school? BOTH: Yes. Then at some point
you said you reconnected. Um, because I left.
I left Texas. Because at the time
I was with the other guy. And me and him broke up. So, I hit King up
and I’m like, “It’s been a minute
since I’ve seen you. “Let me come to Texas
and let’s meet up.” He is like, “Sure.” So, I go to Texas. We get in a hotel.
We’re having sex, like,
4, 5 times a day. AUDIENCE: Oh… And… Wait a minute. What happened
to let’s just meet and go to
lunch or go to the movies? (STAMMERING) I mean, you say
you gonna go to Texas. And you just
immediately get
a hotel room, and start having sex? It’s ’cause when we’re
in high school, we couldn’t
do what we wanted. We wanted to
go there forever
but we never got to it. And it’s like,
when I saw him
it was like… Old feelings arrived. So, I was like,
“Okay, let’s just
get this done.” The old feelings arrived! So, you didn’t even say,
“We’re gonna
go on a date.” Nothing. You all just go to a hotel
and start having sex. Well, no… JUDGE LAKE: Four and
five times a day. No… We took dinner.
I’m not that cheap.
(CHUCKLES) Your Honor,
that is not true.
We did not once go out. Like she said… (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) Like you said,
we went straight
to the hotel room, and she wanted to
get it on. I was like, “Okay.”
I was in the mood
for it anyway. ‘Cause the hormones
are raising. JUDGE LAKE: The hormones
were what? Raising. They were raising. KING: Yes. Not raging. Raising. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) JUDGE LAKE: Now,
watcha about to be doing
is raising some kids if y’all don’t learn
how to start… What? (AUDIENCE CLAPPING) JUDGE LAKE: And then
what happened? And we got it on,
Your Honor. So, for three days straight? KING: Yes, Your Honor. And so how did you
find out, Mr. King,
that she was pregnant? She called me
out of the blue. She actually went
back to her boyfriend, she completely
quit talking to me. I was like, “Oh, why?” I kept texting, like,
“Why are you not
talking to me?” “You just had sex with me. “It’s like you’re
just using me
for a play toy.” AUDIENCE: Ooh… Yeah. She was like,
“I’m back with my boyfriend.
I can’t talk to you no more.” So, Ms. Holmes,
you went back home and got back
with your boyfriend
immediately. HOLMES: It wasn’t
immediately. But it’s like
when I touched down,
he hit me up. He was like,
“Hey, we need to talk.” So, you know,
I meet up with him. We meet at our
favorite restaurant. And we talk it out.
And he’s like,
“I miss you. “I don’t know
what I was thinking. “I don’t know
why we took a break.” So, I fell for it. What I wanna know
for the purposes
of this hearingis how long after
you and your
boyfriend met up
did you start
having sex with him,
after you had just had
plenty of sex
with Mr. King? It was, like,
immediately, like
the next day. AUDIENCE: Ooh… You did, Ms. Holmes? Yeah, I did that. How did you find out,
Mr. King,
that she was pregnant? Was that protected
or unprotected? That was definitely
unprotected. AUDIENCE: Ooh! JUDGE LAKE: Then get back
with your boyfriend. You also had unprotected
sex with the boyfriend. HOLMES: Yes. One day later. Yes. And how soon after that
did you find out
you were pregnant? Um, I found out
and the end of November.So at that time
I was with the other guy.
So went to go get
a pregnancy test,
and it was positive.
So, Mr. King,
while this is happening,
you have no idea? No, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Because
she’s cut you off. Completely.
No explanation,
no nothing. So, take me to the day
that you find out that
she actually is pregnant. She actually called me
out of the nowhere,
out of the blue. And she called me,
“Hey, you got a baby
on a way.” I’m like, “What do you mean?
We haven’t talk in… “You got back
with your boyfriend. “So how am I the father?
Quit lying.” AUDIENCE: Ooh… You thought she was lying. KING: Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: This is
interesting. So, when you initially
called him, Ms. Holmes,
what did you say? I said there is
no way I’m lying because my conception
date is the 28th. And that’s exactly
when me and you was
mostly intimate. Okay, hold on.
I wanna understand this. You submitted a calendar
to the court
which outlines the window of conception
you were given by your doctor,
am I correct? Yes, she told me
my conception date was
the 6th of November. So, at that time,
I was with the other guy. JUDGE LAKE: The first
conception date you were given
was the 6th of November, is that correct? HOLMES: Yes. And that was
for the other guy. Yes. JUDGE LAKE: So, we’ll
call the other guy “OG.” HOLMES: “OG.” (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) JUDGE LAKE: Then
you got a conception date
of October 28th, right? Yes. JUDGE LAKE: That
pointed to whom? HOLMES: King. JUDGE LAKE: Mr. King. Then you got
a third conception date. HOLMES: Uh-huh. JUDGE LAKE: Of October 30th. HOLMES: Yes. And then who would you think
it was the father? The other guy. Now, in any point in time
did you say to yourself, “This is a really
close window, “and I actually don’t know
who in the world
is my child’s father.” Yeah, I had
a lot of moments where, at the time
I was being stupid. I was just
messing around with two guys
at the same time
not using protection. And I don’t know
who is the father. Why are you so convinced
that the other guy
is the biological father, when you admit
that you had sex with both men, unprotected,
two days apart. So, when we was having sex,
me and Mr. King, I would never let him…
I was a track star star. What does that mean? KING: She kept
running non-stop. Like, running around
the room. Track star! What? Why you
running around the room? ‘Cause I wasn’t expecting
that to be the size, okay?
When we was talking… (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) Lord, Lord, Lord… You’re convinced Kei’von’s
really your other boyfriend’s? Yes. KING: Yes, Your Honor. Ms. Holmes, at this point,
even though you did finish
the act with Mr. King, you’re convinced Kei’von is
really your other boyfriend’s? Yes. Take me to the day
you actually give birth.
Who was there? HOLMES: No one. KING: Hmm. JUDGE LAKE: Neither guy? No. JUDGE LAKE: And that was
purposeful or? Um. Well… King wasn’t there
on purpose, ’cause I felt so bad
because of the… KING: Your Honor,
she actually,
she actually didn’t tell me. She didn’t text me
or call me, nothing. I kept asking her,
“Hey, when you going
to labor?” Or I texted.
No response, non-stop. You delivered the baby,
Ms. Holmes, by yourself? Yes, like the other guy,
he had me thinking that
we’d be a family, and… JUDGE LAKE: Oh,
the other guy did? Yeah. JUDGE LAKE: So, was
the other guy believing that he was the father
at the time
you gave birth? No, actually, he got him
a new girlfriend. AUDIENCE: Ooh! So, I try to say in contact,
’cause like I say,
I thought he was the father. And when Kei’von was born,
I didn’t tell King
because, I mean, I already had bounced back
between two guys. At the time,
I didn’t wanna
talk to King ’cause every time
I talk to him
I only used him. The court actually was able
to obtain a copy of
Kei’von’s birth certificate. Yes. JUDGE LAKE: And
what I found
interesting is that under father’s name,
no name was listed. So, if you were so certain
that the other guy was
Kei’von’s biological father, why wouldn’t you list
his name? I mean, Your Honor,
at the end of the day,
I was intimate with two guys. So, I knew that it’s
a possibility he could have
been from King. Okay, so, the real truth is,
is you don’t know? HOLMES: No. I don’t know. Okay, so ’cause
we only here
for the real truth. Yeah. JUDGE LAKE: The real truth
is that you have no idea. No, I have no idea. And I am glad
you’re honest about that. Because there is no way
you can have any idea. Not having sex with Mr. King
on 28th and having sex
with the other guy on the 30th. And you understand
that as well, Mr. King. Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: I mean
you may hope and wish and bet your
bottom dollar that this child
is your biological child. But there is no way to know,
given the testimony
we heard today. Yes, Your Honor. When you look at Kei’von,
do you see yourself? Do you feel like
he looks like you? I actually see
the smile part. JUDGE LAKE: You do.
You think you have
the same smile? Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: And so,
why do you have that look
on your face, Ms. Holmes? (SIGHING) Because…
Kei’von is… He’s… That’s my baby. And when Kei’von was born
it’s like my whole world
changed around. I love him so much. (SOBBING) He changed my life. I went from clubbing
to partying to be an old mom. Always making sure he has. I mean put his needs
before mine. And I was so selfish when I was having
multiple sex with
two different guys. Because you didn’t know
at that time, as a young girl,
how that would affect him. HOLMES: Yeah.It kills me knowing that my son
is two months and I don’t know
who his dad is.
that’s one thing
I feel like in this courtroom,
we don’t really
talk about enough. We don’t often think
about the load that
a mother carries. In terms of the guilt,
and I see that
in your eyes. You just, you say you feel
very badly that for 10 months,
your son doesn’t know who his father is
and you don’t know. No. So, what are your hopes?
What are you truly hoping for
today, as we stand here? I do hope that he is
from Anthony, ’cause, when he met him
for the first time, it was like
love at first sight. He looked at him,
kissed him,
he hugged him. And I never seen
my son smile so much. It brought a smile
to my face, ’cause he’s
not around no males.
It’s just me. So, the other guy
hasn’t had any part
to play in his life? HOLMES: No. Hasn’t supported
the child in any way? HOLMES: No. Hasn’t come to visit
Kei’von at all? No. JUDGE LAKE: Has never
laid eyes on him? KING: Wow. Jerome. I’m ready for the results. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) There you go. These results were prepared
by DNA Diagnostics and
they read as follows. JUDGE LAKE: It has been
determined by this court, Mr. King, you are not the father. I know that wasn’t the answer
you wanted, Mr. King.
I’m sorry. (HOLMES SOBBING) And Ms. Holmes, I know that was hard
for you to hear. I can see the tears
in your eyes, Mr. King. You really wanted it
to be a different result. Yes, Your Honor. What are you feeling
in this moment, Ms. Holmes? Lot of regret. Lot of regret. Because this man don’t…
He hasn’t even tried to get in contact
with me for Kei’von. And Anthony always check in,
make sure he’s okay. Ask how he is doing,
what’s his growth,
if he needs anything. And it hurts he is not,
that King’s not the father. You know, I just don’t
have to make the child
to be the child’s father. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) JUDGE LAKE: That’s
very mature of you. Are you saying that
you’re gonna step up regardless of whether or not
you and Ms. Holmes are
in a relationship? Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: It is
admirable. If you wanna be
in Kei’von’s life, I think that’s
a beautiful thing. But I do want you
to truly think about it. Because it does Kei’von no good
for you to stay in his life for four years,
you and Ms. Holmes try
to work it out, but then, it doesn’t work out
and the next thing you know
you got another girlfriend. But for four years,
he’s believed you
to be his father figure. Do you understand
what I’m saying? Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: And Ms. Holmes,
I hope you understand that even though Mr. King is
the man who has
stepped up for Kei’von, the truth is
you can’t base
your decision to be with Mr. King on that. Because if you don’t
really love him, the next time Mr. Wrong calls you gonna be off on a plane, touching down like
you said earlier, right? (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) JUDGE LAKE: Right? Because what you shouldn’t do
is just keep using him because
he is good to your son. So, we gonna go forward
in the truth. I want you all to take
advantage of the counseling. I wish you all
the very best of luck. He’s a beautiful little boy. And you know what, ultimately
I believe you gonna
figure it out, Ms. Holmes. Court is adjourned. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING)

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