Man Denied Pregnancy By Calling Girlfriend Fat (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Please be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is the case
ofBrewington v. Lee.Thank you, Jerome.
Good day, everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day. Ms. Brewington, you are
here to prove your three-year-old son
Giovanni is Mr. Lee’s biological child, and you claim Mr. Lee
has been a father to your son since the day
he was born, and is denying paternity
because he wants to avoid paying child support,
is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Lee. You say you’ve known
from day one Giovanni was not your son, and you are here to prove
Ms. Brewington is a liar, and has been using you
for money, is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. So, Ms. Brewington, you claim
you are 100% certain that Mr. Lee is the father. Can you tell me how you know? Yes, Your Honor. I am
without a doubt 100% certain that he is
my son’s father. Not only was I only
sleeping with him, we were actually working
on our relationship. We already have a child
from a previous situation. We got back together.
We’re working on us. So, when I found out
I was pregnant, I didn’t think it was gonna be
a shock or a surprise or anything like that. And you say you know 100% you’re not the biological
father of Giovanni. Yes, Your Honor, I do. I wanna know why
you have doubt. At the time that Gio
was conceived, we were not having
no type of intercourse, we were not cool at the moment. You don’t believe you were
working on the relationship at the time Giovanni
was conceived. LEE: No, not at all. JUDGE LAKE: You
weren’t together? No, not at all. Your Honor, I was
living with him. (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) We were living
in the same household, in the same bed. Were you living
in the same house? Around a time, yes. (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) JUDGE LAKE: But you
weren’t together. Exactly. So, were you sharing a bed? Yes, ma’am. And fluids. No. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) Clearly, yes.
Yes. Clearly. I’m, I’m sorry, Your Honor. I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) I’m sorry. No, ma’am. I will say, although
she did not say it as eloquently as I would
have liked, (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) you can still be sexually active with one another
and not be in a relationship. So, I guess, this does
beg the question were you still having sex? At the time
of conceivement, no. So, you’re saying during
the window of time when Giovanni was conceived, you are certain
that even though Ms. Brewington lived
in your house and shared your bed,
you weren’t intimate with her. Yes, ma’am. Your Honor, I conceived
my son in February… My birthday is February 1st. JUDGE LAKE: All right. And from the first,
until about Valentine’s Day, we were yeah.
We were in there. Take me back to… (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) Well, listen… LEE: Not at all,
not at all. Take me back to the day you
found out you were pregnant. Okay, I found out
that I was pregnant… Um, I actually went
to the doctor to just re-up
on my birth control. Um, they said, “Oh, you “actually missed
your last shot.” I didn’t even realize it. They said that they had
to do a pregnancy test before they could go ahead
with the birth control. So, I went ahead.
They did a pregnancy test, it came up positive. Um, I told him. He completely… He did not
believe me at all. He went out and got
three pregnancy tests, made me take all of them. They were all positive. And he was like,
“Well, that’s not my baby.” Because we didn’t have sex. And I’m like, “What are
you talking about? “We’ve been having sex.” And then the last time
we probably had sex was, um, Valentine’s Day,
maybe a few days after. I’m like, “This our
whole love baby.” No, Your honor. Like, you… No! Definitely not. Come on now.
My son was due… Definitely not. He was born in November. So, you seem
so certain, Mr. Lee. I do, because Imma explain
it to you, Your Honor. How she said her birthday
is 2nd of February… He doesn’t wanna pay tax… It’s not. It’s not. Her birthday’s on
the 2nd of February, My birthday’s on
the 1st of February. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) Second. My birthday is on the… Now you’ll tell me
what day I was born? It’s the 2nd. I was born on
the 1st of February. He said it’s the 2nd.
(CHUCKLES) Yeah. Look, it’s close.
Just the same. He around that just like
he was around exactly. See, exactly. LEE: So… Exactly. His sperm
is like that, too. LEE: Because you came
to my house complaining about how
I didn’t say “Happy Birthday.” That I didn’t get nothing
for her birthday. And I didn’t,
because of simple reason… And then he turned around
and tried to treat me for my birthday, Your Honor. Yes, Okay, for the next
two weeks. Thank you. No. We not cool. Why would
I say “Happy Birthday”? You say “Happy Birthday”
to people you like. Well, uh, go ahead and say
how you feel, then. (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) Yeah. I wasn’t happy, so
“Happy Birthday” didn’t fit. Okay, so now, understood this. So, you both have
different story about what happened
in the relationship. So, let’s fast-forward
to the birth. Throughout this pregnancy, as you prepare for
the birth of Giovanni, was Mr. Lee present? No. He was telling people
I was just getting fat. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMS) He was like, “She just eats
a lot of fast food.” Everybody was rubbing… My friends were rubbing
my stomach. I’m showing ultrasounds
to people. He’s like, “Don’t believe her.
She’s just fat.” (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMS) The entire time.
I’m talking about, “I’m going into labor.”
He’s like, “No, you’re not.” JUDGE LAKE: What kind
of denial is this? (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) Mr. Lee, you’ve taken
denial too far. BREWINGTON:
Exactly. This is what it was. She was
trying to get back with me, but I wasn’t. So she
probably felt like, “If we have a child,
we might work out.” BREWINGTON: As soon as he found
out that my son was a boy, he’s like, “Oh, that’s
my boy. That’s my boy. “I love him. I…”
You know, “That’s
my son. I need to be there” So, take me to the day you gave birth
to Giovanni. Was Mr. Lee there? He came after I had given birth
because he had work. But he showed right up. He actually didn’t even, um… They asked about the birth
certificate and everything. He signed
the birth certificate. He named my son.
He wouldn’t even… He was like, “No, I’m not
letting you give me son “no dumb name. I’m naming him.” I actually told him to…
I was like, “You don’t wanna
wait until,” you know, “until we do a DNA test.” I offered a DNA test
in a hospital. She did not say that,
Your Honor. LEE: She did not say that. But you signed the birth
certificate, right? LEE:Yes, I did.JUDGE LAKE:If you had
all this denial,
and you say, “She eating
fast food,
“and this isn’t even
a pregnancy.”
But then you get there and
execute a birth certificate? It was the right thing
at that moment. We already had
a previous child, like I said, so… You just go around
signing birth certificates. (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) Because Imma be around
the child, I might as well. Kids are not Pokemon. It’s not like I can
come there and… Just because he had one,
doesn’t mean he needed to “collect them all.” (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) If he didn’t think
that was his child he should not have done that. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) You said that. He’s our whole love baby. In my head, it was like, “We
already had a previous child.” Imma be in this child’s life
regardless, because… You’re making a…
You’re making an execution of a birth certificate
sound like a consolation prize or a consolation… LEE: I didn’t… “Well, since I’m gonna do this,“I might as well.”That’s not why you sign
a birth certificate.
LEE:I didn’t know
I couldn’t take my name
back off of it. I wasn’t
aware of that. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) Or else I would have…
I wouldn’t have signed it. If I… I was… So, you weren’t
aware of the law. ‘Cause well…
What I’m saying is it just doesn’t make any
sense that you had absolutely no thought
that this child could be yours, and then you walk in
and you just say, “Well, I might as well just
sign the birth certificate.” Like you’re supersizing
your fries or something. That doesn’t make sense. And then, Ms. Brewington, it doesn’t really
make sense to me, why are you offering
him a DNA test if you are 100% sure? That was because I was
a 100% sure. He… If he has any doubts,
you know, I carried the baby,
I birthed the baby. If you have any
doubts, go ahead. I don’t mind making
you look stupid. That’s why I’m here now. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) Okay, so your point was is, “I’m tired of
hearing the denial… LEE: We’ll see. “If you want a DNA test,
let’s take it now,“because I know
you’re the father.”
BREWINGTON:Exactly.LEE:Well, Your Honor…JUDGE LAKE:And then,when she offered the DNA test,why didn’t you take it?I figured, when I signed it, I knew she was gonna
put me on child support, ’cause I was already
on child support. Now, with the previous child
that we had I had to do a DNA test
at the child support services. I figured if I sign it, they’re gonna take me right off
after I do the DNA test, We came there, and then they said, “No,
we don’t do a DNA test “’cause you already signed
the birth certificate.” JUDGE LAKE: Yes! He declined. LEE: That’s not the case.
They told me right away… Listen, Mr. Lee. You gotta
learn. Making babies in the country
and don’t know the laws. Yeah. I got to. JUDGE LAKE: But once you sign
that birth certificate,you’re the legal father.LEE:That’s what
they told me.
JUDGE LAKE:You had done
what is called
an acknowledgment
of paternity. Well, I had another… And another reason I did not
think that it was mine is, one of her friends,
a good friend of her, actually told me that I wasn’t the father. Really? LEE: She told me that she knows
who’s the father. My friend told him that because she wanted
to sleep with him. Excuse me, I was talking. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) I’m still talking. I actually caught them
sleeping together. What! Oh, so that’s why you think this person was just telling him these lies… Because it was
shade the whole time. Because he was
sleeping with her. She knew that if we stop
dealing with each other… ‘Cause I told her
we were working on us. And she knew that if we stopped dealing
with each other, then she was free to go and be with their little “maybe baby” that they
might have. We never. JUDGE LAKE: What! LEE: Your Honor… What did the friend
tell you, Mr. Lee? She told me that she actually
is friends with the dude who is the father and that he’s trying to get
in contact with Brittany. But she keeps ignoring him and wants me to be the dad
since I’m there already. But for me, it didn’t
make a change. It was just more
verification for me. ‘Cause it didn’t change stuff. It won’t take me
off child support. It won’t change
the situation
with the child. Your Honor, his whole life It’s only more
information I could use. …has been about getting off
of child support. Honestly. That’s
what he talks Yes. about all day long. LEE: Definitely. If he thought,
“Oh, it was a chance…” ‘Cause I bought
home DNA test as well. He told me he didn’t
trust me to swab his mouth. No. BREWINGTON: He didn’t trust me to put the correct DNA
into the box. LEE: No, it’s a home test.
Who does that? And she told me herself
I wasn’t the father, so… I told him that
in anger, Your Honor. Multiple times. So, you know when
you ring that bell, you can’t un-ring it. That is a statement
you can’t take back. BREWINGTON: But he looks
exactly like him. And then yes, I say and then
if he ever tries to run with it I’m like, “Okay, let’s go ahead
and get a D…” That’s there baby…
That’s his baby picture. Look! Look at that. So… So, you’re saying, this is
a picture of Giovannion the left. Oh,
he is adorable.
BREWINGTON:And that’s Jerell.JUDGE LAKE:And this is Mr. Lee
as a child on the right.
BREWINGTON:Yes.And you say, you see a definite resemblance, BREWINGTON: Between
them two, yeah. The light skin. When you look at this
beautiful young boy, you really don’t believe
he’s yours, now that he’s in the world. No, I don’t really see
too much of me. Maybe, like I said,
we light skin, we’ve got curls, but… Other than that… It could be anybody. They got the same
hairline, nose. And so… After you signed
the birth certificate, do you then go forward being a father to Giovanni? Like, do you step up for him? Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: You’re obviouslyresponsible, as it relates
to child support,
because you signed
the birth certificate.
LEE:I’m always there.I’ve never not been there.JUDGE LAKE:You’re the man
he knows to be
his Dad. Yes. He calls me Daddy. JUDGE LAKE: He calls
you Daddy. AUDIENCE: Aww! JUDGE LAKE: With all of that, LEE: Yes. JUDGE LAKE: You still
don’t believe he’s your biological son. LEE: No. Your Honor, that is his baby. And I can’t wait. I can’t wait. ‘Cause the devil was a liar
and this is Lucifer. So, stop. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) BREWINGTON: No, I’m not. Uh-uh. Well, you might be
the devil then. BREWINGTON: Uh-uh. We’ll see. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) You all are a lot. (ALL LAUGH) JUDGE LAKE: And you’re talking about him like
a dog, Ms. Brewington. You know you love that man. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) It’s so obvious. I don’t know why we in here. (AUDIENCE CLAPPING) You good, though. You got
all the sayings and you got all the snap. BREWINGTON: I’m just… And all you gotta do
is snap back. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) No, no, no. JUDGE LAKE: Right back
over there No, Your Honor,
I don’t want that. ‘Cause you love that man. Ms. Brewington, I can see
the passion in you. And even though you’re making
jokes and he’s Lucifer, this isn’t easy. No mother wants to have a son, three years old,
a beautiful baby like that, and consistently have the man
you believe to be his father deny him, have to deal
with all of this drama. Deny him. I knew, I knew, She turned
the ship around. JUDGE LAKE: I knew behind… All of the laughter
and all of the… BREWINGTON: It’s not right.
It’s not right. That you put me through this. Lie. It’s not at all… I really
do care about you. If you don’t want that, you
should keep your legs closed.
That’s all there is. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) Then, that means she wouldn’t
be having sex with you either, LEE: Well, then she… Hold on. Hold on. Hold on. Hold on, Mr. Lee. Before you condemn, you also have to understand the part
you had to play. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know. Because Giovanni is three. He calls you Daddy. LEE: Mm-hmm. JUDGE LAKE: I could
only imagine if his soul and spirit could
truly process the fact that the man that I look at
and I say, “Daddy!” when I come running up… LEE: Right. …is standing in a
courtroom right now clowning my mother but also denying me. Denying him. And see, we have
to think about that. (SNIFFLES) Not always jokes and I always say that we don’t
clown in here because we not running a circus. LEE: Right. This really is a courtroom where we try to understand (SNIFFLES) JUDGE LAKE: whether or not
someone is a child’s father because that is
important information. I just had to say that because
Giovanni deserves to know. AUDIENCE: Mm-hmm. And when it comes to his life, and his paternity, he deserves there to be a level of respect, decorum surrounding this result because whether
it goes either way, this child still has to live with it. Let’s go to the result. Jerome. (AUDIENCE CLAPPING) These results were prepared
by DNA Diagnostics. And they read as follows. In the case ofBrewington v. Lee,when it comes to three-year-old Giovanni Lee… It has been determined
by this court, Mr. Lee, you are not the father. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) Told you. Hold on. (CHUCKLES) LEE: I told you. Don’t look at me like that.
I don’t know God’s plans. LEE: Who else? Did you just inject
put him in this. I… I’m just saying. No, I’m just…
No, hold on. Hold on. LEE: Hmm. Now the plan of Giovanni being
on this earth might be God’s. But the lie you told about
his paternity is your own. (AUDIENCE CLAPPING) JUDGE LAKE: So, lets just…
Let’s not… Let’s just own it. ‘Cause you don’t call this man
everything but a child of God. (BRITTANY SNIFFLES) Hmm. Damn, I put you through a lot. It’s all good. JUDGE LAKE: This is
three years. (EXHALES) JUDGE LAKE: This is
three years. I am so sorry. LEE: Mm-hmm. JUDGE LAKE: I have to ask you. Do you know who… (BRITTANY SNIFFLES) his biological father is? I have an idea. JUDGE LAKE: You just
have an idea. I have an idea. I want you to bring him
to this courtroom. And I want you to submit to this
DNA testing again. And I want you
to commit yourself to getting this answer
for your child. (SIGHS) Yes, Your Honor,
I’m fine with that. One reason why this courtroom
is so important is because it meets people where they are and then it takes them
where they need to go. Because it takes you
into the truth. That’s all I deliver.
All day’s truth. And I’m gonna… I’m gonna
be honest, Ms. Brewington, this was not the news you
probably expected or wanted, but it’s the news you needed. Because you’re not here
on this earth to be a liar. You’re not here on this earth
to live in denial. Because that cuts off the possibilities
for your life. Now you’re living in the truth. I want you to use all of your strength and your
energy and your goodwill to help your child identify
who his biological father is. And we are here to help you,
do you understand? Yes. We have counseling
and resources for you. I want you to go
talk to Dr. Jeff, and work through this. And I will see you back
in this courtroom. Court is adjourned.

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    I know she shamed, that little boy is so handsome this so sad

  72. Jeffery Maina says:

    He still has to pay child support because he signed the birth certificate ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿพโ€โ™‚๏ธ

  73. gothic tinkerbell says:

    Awww the baby boy too cute ๐Ÿ™‚

  74. Ebi Arhu says:

    Look at her. Just strong and wrong smh

  75. Bryant Mention says:

    Perfect example! You can never go off of looks just because you see alot of similarities!!!

  76. Gabrielle Williams says:

    I donโ€™t know Godโ€™s plan ๐Ÿ˜

  77. Nonya Bines says:

    Biiiii….AN IDEA?!?!?!

  78. Pollyanna Principle says:

    That is one honest woman. I admire her conviction.

  79. Native Nfree says:

    SO MANY ADS in these paternity episodes..5 ads is excessive.. Many watch YouTube to avoid advertisements.

  80. Island Girl 671 says:

    I feel bad for the son cause he'll learn all that lying from the mother. sad

  81. Melissa x3 says:

    I feel like she really believed what she was saying. Maybe something happened under the influence and didnโ€™t remember, maybe she got taken advantage of, maybe the dates were jumbled up who knowwss

  82. Paula Grey says:

    Why is she crying now ๐Ÿ˜•๐Ÿ˜•…

  83. Paula Majesty says:

    " At the time of CONCEIVEMENT…"

  84. Edwina Gray says:

    100% sure huh?

  85. 4656superman says:

    Excellent liar….She deserves an award..

  86. K. Santana says:

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  89. Mel K says:

    Old girl is a cold piece of work ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  90. Damitria Morris says:

    Wow she fooled me

  91. k Kwabs says:

    Liar just a loose liar

  92. Cory Matthews says:

    Did she ever come back to paternity court with her โ€œideaโ€ of a baby daddy

  93. Zeek Musiq says:

    I knew better when she said " but he looks exactly like him " I knew somebody else was in the picture

  94. Christina says:

    yโ€™all remember Richie from Family Matters this is him now lol

  95. Anne Yolande says:

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