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  1. James Volk says:

    I believe in rehabilitation, so keep him inside till he's 75

  2. Bill cooper American patriot says:

    He got a lot still to loose , every co , forever .

  3. RedemptionSoS says:

    He looks like Quasimodo's illegitimate son

  4. ATAHUALPA867 says:

    Give him the needle. Period

  5. Diana Ripen says:

    The guy is showing he's true colores….and them he what's to Say that he didnot kill that boy

  6. sai76 says:

    Let the correction officers beat the crap out of these criminals.

  7. Cynthia Z says:

    Death penalty please. They don't deserve to live.

  8. Victorious Angel says:

    Get rid of that filthy rodent.
    They don’t respect life whatsoever.

  9. SJ Delgado says:

    1 to 20?!? No 1 to 5!!!!

  10. Her/She Doll says:

    Don’t put him in confinement, he’s trying to be slick cause he’s scared. Keep him with the other animals no matter what he does!!!!!

  11. DJ Tony Torres says:

    the guy is straight up BUM!!!!

  12. flowersandcandy flowersandcandy says:

    If this man only used the machete to scare junior and he is serving life for it. Then that's not justice.

  13. Jennifer Gonzalez says:

    Diablo papa. estas mellao

  14. Ena Vasquez says:

    What's the purpose to keep that evil in jail? Evils like that trash do not deserves to be in this world!!

  15. sumoni says:

    A child killer and a rapist. Disgusting.

  16. Crystal Cai says:

    What an ugly looking man hahaha

  17. JINOV says:

    not surprising, this coward pos isn't a man, he's a boy who can only fight when he has overwhelming odds in his favor or his victim is a woman, tie him to a cactus in the desert.

  18. Rolco X says:

    The vast majority of Dominicans are lowlives.

  19. Lissette’s Bloom says:

    Don’t get beat up by 50. Inmates lets just do 20. They need 3 officers which each unit

  20. BubbaCrane says:

    Sorry but all states need to bring back the death penalty. Idk why we fight so hard for these evil men to live. I say make it harder to prove death penalty case. And then bring it back. You should 100% have to prove without a reasonable doubt someone is guilty. If any evidence is circumstantial then you get life. If it’s without a doubt, then you die

  21. Lazlo says:

    They way she words her statments is annoying

  22. RICHARD RADICE says:

    What they feeding him in jail ROCKSALAD!! NICE GRILL!!

  23. Aston Boxr says:

    What a ugly geezer

  24. Roxanne Ruiz says:

    His mom is an idiot. Shoulda aborted that ugly molacho

  25. WhTe_Tygre_DBD says:

    Never seen someone so ugly

  26. Truth0503 says:

    Torture him

  27. Usha Presaud says:

    Yes your right he don't deserve to be treated in good way put him with the big bang boy let them make he be came female hahaha dam slick we need to save our Children's and Adults life God bless us with life not for an Animal to sweep our life away so he needs to stay in jail for life hahahaha

  28. Usha Presaud says:

    Put the electric chair on please he don't deserve to sitting eating Free food in jail my taxfair Money

  29. Usha Presaud says:

    The Lord is my shepherd Thou shalt not want he leaves me in the green grasses Rip in peace baby junior we will always keep prayers for you in Jesus name

  30. Nicole Fuentes says:

    death penalty, no questions asked.

  31. Tony Stevens says:

    Soooo…are these guys upstate?

  32. Luis Flores says:

    Death penalty

  33. Khaliyl Mohammed says:

    I just came home on drug charges from rikers island.. I saw Jose digging up some guys cacahole and smelling it upon request… they called him Mr. Scratch n sniff.

  34. Joe Altieri says:

    This demonic satan human being will get what is coming to him hasn’t he put enough hurt on people already enough is enough

  35. Raymond Serrano says:

    Death penalty please no question asked.

  36. ComeAtMeBro says:

    He’s clearly trying to be isolated

  37. Rob Lee says:

    Let me explain something to everyone and make things perfectly clear all these Killers are trying to do is is get out of jail put in a mental institution like Bellevue Hospital cos they know if they're putting population things are going to go pretty bad for them in my opinion they should be put in population and if anything happens to them who gives a s*** anybody who scene that video of 13 grown men beading and stabbing to death a 15-year old shouldn't be put in a mental institution they should be put in prison in population pieces of trash trying to stay out of population and behind the scenes the leftist pieces of s*** like the one you see on this video trying to get these criminals out of prison and put in hospital for the rest of their lives what pieces are trash these people are corruption in this country it's unbelievable I can't believe what's coming out of the mouth of this b piece of s***

  38. zevlag ocram says:

    He didn't attack the girl police officer! He punch the guy cop not choke the girl cop 2 different accidents

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