Man Claims Mother Was The “Neighborhood Girl” (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

You may be seated. Good morning,
Your Honor. Good morning, Ron. This case of
Fuel v. Burnett.
Thank you.
Good day, everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day. Miss Fuel, you say
Mr. Burnett is refusing to admit that he is
your biological father. You say the only reason
he’s denying you is because he would rather
drag your mother’s name
through the mud, than take responsibilities
for his actions. Is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. Mr. Burnett you say
Miss Fuel has been given false information
about her paternity. And she used that to badger,
humiliate and harass you. You admit to having a sexual
relationship with her mother, but say there are
many other guys and you couldn’t possibly
be her father. Exactly. Miss Fuel, so you’re
31 years old. What happened that
made you finally want
to establish paternity? Well, Your Honor… Um, September 2015,
my brother was… (VOICE BREAKS)
…murdered. JUDGE LAKE:
I’m so sorry. …senselessly. FUEL: For no reason
and, um… That really opened my eyes. I mean, I went through
a deep dark depression. I’ve lost 90 pounds
just off of depression
and stress and… (INHALES DEEPLY)
It’s opening my eyes. Life is really short. I shouldn’t even be here,
I shouldn’t even have to bring him here to prove
that he’s my father. I just want closure,
Your Honor. That’s all I want. And you believe,
Mr. Burnett, that she’s
just badgering you? That’s what I believe. JUDGE LAKE: Why do you think
she would even do that? I don’t… I don’t have
no idea really why. You know,
she’s been my niece. JUDGE LAKE:
Through marriage? BURNETT: Yes. So when were you told
that she believed
you potentially could be… I’ve never heard of it
until, like, about
two years ago. Really? Really. You’ve been talking
to my mom when I was a kid. Never! Never talked to your
mom about nothing. So then, I ain’t… It took about
two years ago. Um, I was told, um,
by a family member. What were you told
by this family member? That she looks
like my family. JUDGE LAKE: So for you
it just came out of the blue
like that? BURNETT:Yes.FUEL:That’s a lie.JUDGE LAKE:
But that’s not how
it happened for you?
No. My mom told me
the night she was in labor, he was at a party
and he was going around
telling everybody “Michelle’s at the hospital
having my baby.” That’s a lie. FUEL:
31 years ago. That’s a lie. So she admitted to having
a relationship with him? FUEL: Yeah. BURNETT:
I’ve never been in a relationship
with her mom, period. So did you always
grow up knowing he was your father
even though he would
call you his niece? At the age of seven
this same family member, told me that
he was my father. My mom never… They lying. Um… So my mom
never told me Walter
was my father. She told me
as an adult. She was embarrassed
that he was my father. (BURNETT SCOFFING) That’s why she never
came to me and said that. It was this other family
member that told me like… BURNETT:
She’s embarrassed? Her mom was the one
that’s known as the
neighborhood girl. Everybody slept with
her mom. All my friends did. FUEL: That’s a lie.
That’s a lie. Did you? That’s what
we’re trying to get
to the bottom of. BURNETT: Yeah, I did! So you did sleep
with her mother? Yes! (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) I did. Amongst… Uh, 20 other of
my friends. JUDGE LAKE: So… How did you know that?
Were you there? BURNETT:
They told me. You did have sex
with her mother. Do you know
whether it occurred during the window
of conception? No. It didn’t. Not to my knowledge,
no way. But you were told
that it did, Miss Fuel. Yes, ma’am.
Yes, Your Honor. And you were told
that he is your
biological father? Then why ain’t
her mom here? JUDGE LAKE: Were you… Hold on, don’t come
for my mama. I’m coming for nobody… My momma is sick.
She’s suffering from a loss. My brother was murdered.
She can’t handle this. She don’t…
I got this. Let’s reset. FUEL: Please. JUDGE LAKE:
Mr. Burnett. Yes, ma’am. JUDGE LAKE:
Were you around when her mother first
found out she was pregnant? Do you remember
that happening? Yeah. JUDGE LAKE:
You do? Yes, I remember
it happening. JUDGE LAKE: And so,
when that happened was there a certain guy
that everyone said, “Okay, well,
he’s the father.” Yeah, there’s a white dude
that said he was the daddy. So that was the word on
the street at that point? Yeah. Exactly. You all kind of just said,
“All right, then it’s his.” Yeah, pretty much. And you said,
“It’s not…” I went on with my life. Miss Fuel, did you ever
hear about this gentleman being the person
everyone thought was your father
in the beginning? Yes, Your Honor.
He was a possibility but clearly,
I’m not mixed. (BURNETT SCOFFS) Who’s giving you
information? As an adult,
I asked my mom.You know,
“Be honest with me.”
She told me that there were,
it was another possibility.
Miss Fuel, have you
attempted to have a father-daughter
relationship at all? Have you tried
to establish a relationship with Mr. Burnett? Yes. I’m the one who reached out
to him. He even said… (GRUMBLES) No. She attacked me on Facebook,
it’s what she did. Hold on now.
What is going on? FUEL:
Because he’s… (SIGHS) No, she made
a comment on my daughter’s page
or something. And I was like,
“Toya, don’t tell people
I’m your dad “when you don’t
know the truth.” No, Your Honor, she…
His daughter right there posted a mean meme
that says something
about fathers ain’t… AUDIENCE: Oh. FUEL: She can agree
with that. She knows he’s hasn’t
been in none of his
three kids’ life. BURNETT: Whatever. He’s a deadbeat father. BURNETT: Okay. It’s what I was told and I comment it
100, that’s true. Does anybody have
any of these messages? So I can try
to make sense of them. FUEL: Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE:
I’d like to see them. Ron, can you hand me
that evidence please? Here you go,
Your Honor. Thank you. This is after
her Facebook post. So, the first one……starts,
Mr. Burnett says,
“Stop it, Toy,
there ain’t no proof.
“Until I get proof,
I love you like a niece.”
Your Honor, mind you,
this is two days after my brother’s
murderers were captured. So, of course
I’m in my emotions. Of course
I’m in my feelings. And yes, I did
badger him on Facebook. Yes, I did.
I’m not going to lie. So let me go
to the next one.
It says… At some point,
you said, (READING) You respond,
Mr. Burnett… (READING) AUDIENCE: Ooh. Period. We’ve never had
no bitterness in
our life, ever. Other than this
what’s going on right here. I have never… I ain’t got
no hard feelings towards her. I’ve always looked at
her as my niece and… But, do you understand,
Mr. Burnett? Because of what’s
she’s been told, she believes
you’re her father
and it… When you speak to her,
it feels like she’s
being rejected. She’s been told! That’s just like me saying
that he’s my uncle. Well, I mean,
she… You know he’s not. JUDGE LAKE:
But listen… No, no. But no one
in your family, no one close to you. No one you love
and trust that knows you
and knows the other person has told you that news. It’s different
circumstances. Okay. JUDGE LAKE:
I mean, really. I know this may be
difficult for you to accept and difficult for you
to take in, especially since you
regard her as your niece. But if you put yourself
in her shoes for a minute, this girl is just running
around trying to figure out
who her real father is. And people have
fed her a story. BURNETT: Right. And then you admit,
“Yeah, I did sleep
with your mother.” In her mind,
she’s saying, “Well, that’s even more
of a real possibility.” That what they’re saying
could be true. BURNETT: Okay. That’s how she feels! I understand that
but how do I feel? I’m disappointed that
you’re on Facebook, as old as you are. (INDISTINCT MURMURING) Engaging in a nonsense
back and forth with a 30-year-old girl
that’s your niece. If she did that, you should’ve
picked up the phone and said, “Come on,
let’s go out to lunch.” I don’t know… “We need to have
a conversation “about what’s going on
because we’re not
going to do this.” Instead of going
back and forth with
a 30-year-old girl after her brother died. About something that
you’re so adamant
is not the truth. I wasn’t aware
of nobody died.
I didn’t. What? No, no. I didn’t know.
I didn’t know he had died. What? I live in Arizona. I didn’t know. I thought that this
was like your niece. BURNETT: She is,
but I… But he wasn’t
like your nephew? (AUDIENCE CHUCKLING) I’m not saying
that to be funny. I’m saying, you said
you’ve known this girl
all her life and it was
like your niece. Word didn’t get back to you
no matter where you lived that her brother had
been tragically murdered? No, not for weeks
afterwards. (STUTTERS)
She’s my niece,
that’s right. I don’t really know
her other siblings. You didn’t know
the other siblings
the way you knew her? No, I don’t
know them. JUDGE LAKE:
Okay. I don’t know them. So you did not
get that information? No, Ma’am. JUDGE LAKE:
So when this was going on, when she said she was
in a bad place because
of her brother, you’re not aware of that even
happening at that point? Exactly. Exactly. That’s right. It wasn’t
like a long message. I just made a
couple of comments like, “Toya don’t say nothing
unless you know.” He told me, that he was going to
show up at my wedding, and have the
father and daughter
dance with me. But he did not show up. BURNETT:
That’s never been… You never said that? No! Oh, my God.
We’re under oath right? No. Yeah, we sure are,
I hope so. You never told her? BURNETT: No. You never told me
you was going to… No! She’s not my daughter. Why would I show up at her
father and daughter dance? JUDGE LAKE:
Well, may be because
you were her uncle and you knew
she didn’t have a father. No, that’s not it. (EXHALES) So you never
promised her that? BURNETT: No. Never had that
conversation? No. FUEL:
You don’t recall that?
Did you asked him
because you believed
truly that he’s your
biological father? I didn’t ask him.
He volunteered. He offered, he said,
“I will be honored to have
that first dance with you.” BURNETT: I was in
the hospital at the time. So… Were you in
a hospital? (AUDIENCE CHUCKLES) (EXHALES) Doesn’t matter,
I was in the hospital. You’re just lying.
You’re a liar. Whatever. That’s all he does
is lie. That’s not what I do. Why were you
in this conversation that led to him
volunteering for this? I was taking it upon myself
to get a DNA test. He said, “Okay, I’m going to
fly you down to Arizona “I’ll pay for half
of your fare. Never said that. “We’ll get a
drug store DNA test.” “And do it that way.” No way. All of these conversations
you say never happened. No, I have never said
nothing about flying her
to Arizona or… You said you would pay
for half of my ticket. Why would I have
to pay for half? I shouldn’t have
to pay for nothing. I shouldn’t either. You ain’t paid
for nothing! I ain’t going to!
There’s no need… (YELLING) You don’t even take care
of your three kids! Mr. Burnett, I want to hear
from your witness. I want to see if someone
can shed a light on this. This story is,
uh, a lot. Please stand, ma’am. Step to the podium
and state your name
for the court. I’m Jenae Johnson. Miss Johnson,
you are Mr. Burnett’s
biological daughter? Yes, ma’am. JUDGE LAKE: Okay. And so, do you remember
knowing Miss Fuel
all your life? Was she like your cousin? No, I knew of her
because like they said
they married into my… My family but that’s it.
I knew who she was. But you didn’t know… I’ve never had
any contact with her like, maybe a barbeque or
something where she was there. But it’s never
been, like, we have conversations or
anything like that. JUDGE LAKE:
You weren’t cousins,
you didn’t hang out together? None of that? No. But you’ve never heard any rumors or things that
you father could potentially be her biological
father as well? No, ma’am. That’s a lie. JUDGE LAKE:
Now why are you
saying that’s a lie? ‘Cause we talked
about it on Facebook. Yeah, two years ago. But, okay we
talked about though. And what did
you talk about? FUEL: We talked about,
she was just like, “Well, my dad told me
that, um, “it could be
many possibilities…” Whatever her dad
fed her. She basically be talking
about my mom, too. So clearly, they had
a discussion about it. So clearly,
you knew about it. We talked… I never said
I didn’t know about it I just found out
two years ago. Now, did your father
say to you that he was one of those
possibilities? Basically, he told me
he had relations with her and there were
other possibilities. He never said anything
about him being
the possibility. But he did say to you
she’s looking for her father or she believes
I’m her father? Yeah, so when
I reached out to her
on Facebook, I asked her, I was like,
“So I heard you’re saying “my dad is your dad.” And then that’s where
we got into our conversation. Basically, just her
telling me her side. FUEL: Right. JOHNSON:
And I told her mine. And I can tell this really
hurts you, Miss Fuel. FUEL: It does.
It does. People don’t understand.
I suffered so much. (VOICE BREAKING)
Throughout my childhood
I went through so much. (SOBS)
And I’m carrying it. My childhood was so rough. And I get to see him
taking… With these other
three kids. He even took care of
a child that wasn’t his! I’m a possibility. So,
why didn’t you at least try to find out
if I’m your child? But you over here
taking care of another chick’s baby
that ain’t yours. But you want
to keep telling me, “Oh, your momma this,
your momma that.” You didn’t even try.
You didn’t even try! Why didn’t you try
if you knew there was
a possibility? ‘Cause I’m your mom’s… Stand up and be
a man for your kids! I knew your
mom’s history. What about
your history? You’re worse than her! That’s your opinion. No, it’s not.
It’s a fact, man. BURNETT: I’m not worse
than your mom. Yes, you are.
You are today. That’s your opinion. FUEL: No, it’s not. Can you hear her,
Mr. Burnett?
She’s just saying… I understand,
I know she’s hurting. (SCREAMING) No, you don’t! Until the truth
has been told, you can’t just say stuff! That’s just like her
momma just said. He momma said
this is… “He’s your dad.” No, she didn’t. She weren’t
a 100% sure. My momma told me that.
She was real with me. She… My mom was
real with me. Yeah. She told you
about everybody else she slept with? Yes, she did baby! All 20… Yes, she did. You weren’t
conceived yet. Why you standing
over here? It doesn’t matter here. (INDISTINCT) It doesn’t
matter, I’m here. Okay, listen,
listen, listen. Wipe them tears. (BANGS GAVEL) Let’s get
some order. JUDGE LAKE: Ms. Fuel,
did your mother, when you say
your mother really
kept it real with you, I wanna be honest. If she did
sleep with other
people as well, did she give you
their names too? Yeah. She did? Yeah. Did you try to contact
those men as well? No, there was only
one other person. No way. JUDGE LAKE: This is what
I need to ask you. Are you here hoping he’s your father? I believe that he is.
So I wouldn’t be here. Cause I feel like
I’m carrying the shame. I think that’s
very real because most people can
understand how you
can feel confused. How you feel
like you were
left behind. How you feel like
he’s rejecting you. It really touches me. Because that’s a tough
burden to have to bear for a young girl. You did nothing
to cause this. You know that don’t you? Yes, Your Honor. I’m happy
that I’m here today
with you all. So that I can give
you some answers. Because we need them. I have the results
for you, Ron. Your Honor. Thank you. These results were prepared by
DNA Diagnostics and they read as follows. In the case of
Fuel V. Burnett.
When it comes to 31-year-old Latoya Fuel, it has been determined
by this court… JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Burnett… You… Are not her father. I apologize,
I’m sorry. Come here. (SNIFFS) It’s all right. I’m sorry. There’s no need
to apologize. It’s all right. (SOBBING) JUDGE LAKE:
Thank you for that. You’re welcome. Ms. Fuel, are you all right? (CONTINUES SOBBING) No… But I will be. But it does
bring closure
and I’m… I really apologize,
I’m sorry.
To both of y’all. Apology accepted. There’s no apology
needed though. (APPLAUSE) You were only going off of something
you were told. And if you had
to get answers, to be able to
move forward so be it. Do you wanna continue to look
for your biological father? No, I can’t,
I’m not.
No ma’am. JUDGE LAKE: I know this wasn’t
the news you wanted, but what I could give
you is the truth. And that’s gonna help you. And sir, I hope after seeing what this young girl
has gone through, your niece a young girl you have
openly called your niece. That you will check on her. Sure will. It’s the right thing to do
and I believe in my heart. That… Other things have
transpired that
her mom didn’t tell her
all the truth. And that’s
what I believe. We may be
wrong but we’re here for
the truth right? JUDGE LAKE: And you just take
some time to think about it. We have counseling
and resources for you all. Okay? I wish you the very
best of luck. The court is adjourned. (APPLAUSE) (BANGS GAVEL)

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    Don't lie girl…

  78. Robertas Liūtas says:

    The guy, sitting behind the plaintiff, is soooo hoooot!😍

  79. JAHZY TAFARI says:

    I still wouldn't want to talk or deal with a daughter who talks to me like that. Go bake were u come from.

  80. TheInteligenceOvWar says:

    Crazy! They need to start handing out more free condoms! They're cheaper then a DNA test ffs! That poor guy was getting blamed the whole time as if he was suppose to know her feelings and of what happen to her. Because he didn't know what happen to her or what she went threw, doesn't mean he doesn't care. So they should stop throwing that in his face.

  81. A1 PIMPIN 24/7 says:

    This women need to check their mommas before trying,wasting their time on a guess

  82. faith maforo says:

    Where is the mother

  83. Nikky Tomlinson says:

    We deserve an explanation when Jerome isn't present. Like who's Ron??

  84. Joshua Brown says:

    RIP Jurl

  85. Joel says:

    Classic! This woman hounds this man day to day, then gets him up on TV to insult, berate and shame the man… then when she finds out that he's telling the truth, all she can say is "sorry"?!?

    And to the judge… this is not a 30 yr old girl. She's a 30 yr old WOMAN getting up and facebook hassling this man. He has EVERY RIGHT to confront her on facebook if he wants to.

  86. robelto burrows says:

    There's something wrong I grow up in the time when, any popular talk shows like, oprah and others, uses to clap and applaud the strong independent woman, who didn't need a man or a father for there children and boastfully we can do it all by ourselves, know it's the same strong independent woman, crying the loudest and blaming others people for there bad choices?

  87. Jay Raphael says:

    “30 year old GIRL”??? Sorry, Judge Lakes there’s no such thing.

  88. trizznathaniel84 says:

    I really hope this woman has a long talk with her mother. It makes me sick how people shamelessly lie to their kids.

  89. Khiana M. Harris says:

    She Was RUDE & Disrespectful. Be Mad With Your Mama. At The End Of The Day, She Opened Her Legs For MULTIPLE People. Like Its Madness.

  90. jeanthree says:

    MISS Fuels is a nut job. Blame your mom for your childhood and yourself..

  91. Deanedra Joseph says:

    The judge is bias toward the man and a 30 yr old should know better too.

  92. Ari Aslan says:

    I hate when the judge takes sides…. 🤦🏿‍♀️
    Let's watch on.

  93. Ari Aslan says:

    His bio-daughter looks like him…

  94. Ivy c says:

    What family member tells a 7 year old I formation like that?

  95. Shedwin Eliassin says:

    "prove your momma wrong not me" Mr Burnett "PERIOD"

  96. Nicole La'Sha says:

    When she said Me-Me I bout passed out lol

  97. Molly Weasley says:

    A "me me". 😆

  98. track star says:

    Once again the judge didn't say nothing about the mom not telling the truth but counsel the supposedly father..

  99. Yoag 1 says:

    Only a minute in.. their eyes & facial shape look alike…3 minutes in with his attitude I hope he's not…10 min in..omg, they act like twins… results 😖

  100. Ghemony Rygar says:

    30 year old girl? I wish I was looked at as a boy when I was 30

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