Make a claim to an employment tribunal on GOV.UK

The digital service improves upon the non-digital service by essentially making it quicker to apply to an employment tribunal. People should use this service if they have a grievance with their employer or potential employer. The thing that has been really positive is
the primary feature that we have implemented around saving and returning to the form; that’s
getting fantastic feedback. Throughout testing, we were finding that users,
when they were filling out the form, were getting confused at certain points, and they
were unable to continue filling out the form. So we went away and we worked on making the
language a lot clearer, and then retesting it to make sure that they were able, then,
to get through those points. We also received a lot of feedback that 29
pages is a lot to actually understand. Our form is now 12 pages long. For people who have experienced a problem
at work, going to the employment tribunal is the last recourse for them to get justice
for the injustice they feel they’ve experienced.

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