#LOVEWINS – Victory at the Supreme Court

(If you could take my pulse right now, it would feel just like a sledge hammer.) (If you could feel my heartbeat now, it would hit you like a sledge hammer.) A landmark day at the Supreme Court. History being made as we speak. Live pictures outside the United States Supreme
Court. I feel like we are running out of adjectives here, as far as how you can describe what
has happened inside these hallow halls. Historic. The justices ruled on one of the greatest
civil rights issues of our time. The court now holds that same sex couples may exercise
the fundamental right to marry. This is a step forward, in our country for
equal justice under law. I was able to fight for my husband, and our marriage. And to turn
that fight into something that is impacting the entire country. That’s a very good feeling
to know that. (Music) (If you could take my pulse right now, it
would feel just like a sledge hammer.) (Music) (If you could feel my heart beat now, it would
hit you like a sledge hammer.) (Music) (You’re taking over the beat of my body.
You just don’t let up, don’t let up.) (You’re taking over the beat of my body.
But you lift me up, lift me up.) (If you take my pulse right now, it would feel
just like a sledge hammer.) (Music)

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  1. Drew cvbcxd says:

    You guys rock

  2. Canned Rat Meat says:

    Friday June 26 2015 will be one of the biggest days in us history

  3. Evania Endellion says:

    Despite living in New Zealand this was some of the best news to wake up to!

  4. Derrick A says:

    about time! So damn happy right now!

  5. fern pallister says:

    Thank you HRC

  6. Mickimick says:

    I am crying such happy tears. This is the happiest I have ever been.

  7. ベンダー空 says:

    I'm soo happy!!!!

  8. Beatriz Oliveira says:

    Sledgehammer yaaaaaaaas, fifth harmony ❤

  9. Bob says:

    Thanks Obama.  Seriously.  And thanks Jim.  Proud to call you a fellow Ohioan.

  10. Jeremy Judkins says:

    After today's news I was inspired to create my coming out and gay marriage story. I hope it inspires you all to live for yourself and be #proudtolove

  11. Sprinkleofwilly says:


  12. Matthew J. says:

    Emotional happiness!

  13. Ann Erou says:


  14. Cam says:

    Finally, victory! Got those religious bigots good. This is a big step forward to societal advancement here in the U.S. How could this country call itself "The Land of the Free" and yet not allow individuals to further express themselves simply because of their sexuality? This is no different when the Supreme Court ruled that mixed race couples can get married, and saying homosexuals could not is no different. Glad we carried through.

  15. edward guk says:

    Thank you HRC! 💖

  16. End Of Prohibition says:

    Celebrate Marriage Equality

  17. Марина Бурцева says:

    I'm so proud of America!!
    Can you tell me what is this song? 🙂

  18. Ani Vuković says:

    I'm not even from America but I'm sooo happy for you guys! Congratulations love you all!♥♥

  19. carr311 says:

    congrats !!!

  20. Markus says:

    Amazing. This is the best day ever in American history! Congratulations America, from Sweden.

  21. Jaye Rodriguez says:

    Oct. 26,2013 my wife and I decided to get married and have a wedding ceremony with family and friends. Yes we knew it wasn't legal. But we wanted all to know how much we loved each other. And we were willing to wait till Texas became legal to marry gay couples or save enough money to make a trip to another state that could marry us. But because of my health it has made it impossible to travel. Thank you my sweet Jesus for answering our prayers. It was worth the wait. Soon will be legally married! Amen!

  22. poisonivy0997 says:

    why the FUCK do you come onto these videos only to hate? One sin is not bigger than the others which I'm pretty sure you've sinned without even knowing… the Lord accepts us anyways and forgives us for our sins so frick off

  23. floristakuya :b says:

    Who is singing ?

  24. OfficialNeff says:

    Am I the only one who is still in shock. I thought it would take 10-20 years before it became legal. Literally so happy.

  25. Alexander Egorov says:

    Damn I'm crying, but it's tears of happiness. Never have been more happy before.

  26. Andrew Michael Dellorfano says:

    Obergefell and Windsor are my heros

  27. RokosBasilisk says:

    In celebration of this, I am temporarily changing my profile picture from the anime DMC dante to what you are seeing

  28. Show Me Love says:

    love the music…

  29. عبوسي تيوب says:


  30. Martha Marvelette says:

    So Happy, BUT please take 1 Minute to remember the Hundreds of Thousands we lost during the fight and a Big Thank You to "Act Up" who taught many of us to fight back, (back in the day). So Proud of you HRC, Thank You for keeping the Legacy Alive.

  31. Kari Kidd says:

    WooHoo I am so happy ! Welcome to the dysfunctional club called married life (legally now)

  32. Ola Gilani says:

    fuck america

  33. What The Irinna says:


  34. HI CAM says:

    Thank you HRC for continuing to fight for the LGBT community! #LOVEWINS

  35. Bro. Glover says:

    The question is does male spermatozoa belong in another male & if it does what's so positive about it?

  36. Jessica Ferry says:

    2018 and I still watch this regularly just because this was the best day of my life.

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