Lord RayEl’s Address to the World on Pentecost, June 9th, 2019 Courtesy of ABN

I think you probably know
why I’m addressing you. 2011. I came to you… my… saints… apostles… even members of the Pantheon… proved… to YOU… my words. You did not believe. We have tried… love. We’ve tried compassion. Grace is a gift. No one earns it, but it is given to the worthy. How many of you are worthy? How many of you have lived up to the standards..
of.. our.. Father? How many of you have tried to save others, KNOWING I am here? You look on the news
every day and you see… DOOMSDAY… in your face! Your eyes are filled with ALL OF OUR ANGER! EVERYTHING WE HAVE DONE,
TO BRING YOU TO US… With LOVE… not FEAR. NOT FEAR! And still you refuse. Still, you DEMAND of us punishment. Chastisement. ALL YOU WANT IS FOR US TO SPANK
YOU LIKE THE CHILDREN YOU ARE! And you have forced our hand. We gave you… deadline, after deadline, after deadline,
hoping… praying…
that you would not force our hands. And each time… Each time…
you threw our gift away. All we’ve wanted is to give you a paradise.
Look around you. What do you see out there
that is worth saving? No more deadlines. I am sorry, but we can no longer… make the worthy suffer…
for the unworthy. No longer. No longer will they be victims…
of your… ingratitude. The end begins now.

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