Living In A World With No Judgement – Simone Milasas

Choice is creation.
Choices is infinite possibilities. Choice is knowing you can choose
and then choose again. Choice is not fixed, it’s not stagnant. If you could choose just because you could,
what would you choose? The greatest barrier people have to choice,
is thinking they don’t have any. You always hear people say,
“Well if I only had choice…” Well guess what my friend, you do. You have always had choice
and you always will. You have no one else to blame for what you have not created in your life, and you have no one else
to acknowledge for the brilliance you have created,
except for you. You are the source of creation.
Just choose. One of the first times I heard
Gary Douglas say when he realized that judgment was nothing but
a big, black, dark. deep hole and never creates anything,
he demanded of himself that he would never judge himself
or anyone else again. That is my demand. What if you lived in a world with no judgment.

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