Listen to NASA’s InSight at Work on Mars

AT WORK ON MARS] [In March 2019, InSight surveyed
its “workspace” on Mars.] [A camera on its robotic arm
took the pictures on the right.] [At left is a graph
showing movement] [detected by its seismometer.] [Besides quakes, InSight can
“hear” wind, its robotic arm,] [and even friction from parts

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  1. Cake creep says:

    NASA, I may only be a kid, but I really admire your whole company, I hope to grow up and work for you 😄

  2. J.M says:

    Why I feel afraid 😵

  3. Tray Terra says:

    Want to go so bad…

  4. Raylene keys says:


  5. JETT MNXD says:

    Welcome to mars ware you will get the wind gusts are the biggest dust-devils you will ever see 👌😀

  6. Ryusennin says:

    Next time put a cheap 3Dio on the spacecraft so we can have proper Martian AMSR.

  7. generalbolt says:

    But if a tree falls on mars, does it make a sound?

  8. Jason Dichter says:

    This looks like its spread over about 20ish minutes…so this is compressed a lot. Does InSight afford the ability to listen to the full 20 minutes?

  9. Limi V says:

    Today I learned: Wind sounds the same anywhere

  10. Randy Barrientes says:

    NASA this is interesting god bless.

  11. Sharon Dwyer says:

    all that way and the camera points down to the machinery ; instead of across to view the planet hmmmm i'm not so gulliable

  12. Jozel Dogelio says:

    Simply amazing.
    Considering my name was on that rover!

  13. स्कत लोंडा says:

    i think water in flowing inside….

  14. Radar O’Reilly says:

    Too bad the heat probe is not working.

  15. Jura Park says:

    Mars is alive!

  16. Frankie says:

    Wow listen to that a billion dollars down the drain

  17. John Pierson says:

    What is the composition of the atmosphere creating the wind? Thanks

  18. the legendary SHILISH of 612 says:

    Good news… The core have been activated thxx to Mons u legendary

  19. The Okvideos says:

    0:56 it kinda sounds like aliens

  20. Talismancer says:

    That sounds like an awful amount of extra noise to work thru to get seismic data!

  21. Adrian rosa says:


  22. Tumen Odnuud says:

    Where is whatsup this month October video???

  23. DougSmithBass says:

    Great work everyone !

  24. rpbsjy says:

    As cool as that was, it seems like the data from the seismometer is being attenuated by non-seismic events, including man-made events. Is there a way to filter out the garbage so that only seismic events are highlighted?

  25. Sarwar Sadiq says:

    Wow great job

  26. Sean Gallagher says:

    How soon till we can get a live feed? 🙂

  27. Jimmy Bates says:

    I'm surprised by the amount of wind blowing….there seems to be more atmosphere than I was expecting

  28. maxcap60 says:

    It sounds like when I tap the cord on my in-ear headphones.

  29. V8 says:

    The Ghosts of Mars

  30. Frank Hazleton says:

    That is amazing. Mind blown!

  31. Stefan G says:

    Her on earth is possible to hear sounds because of the air, so how are those sounds detected and registered on Mars?

  32. Guy from the 80's says:

    Whats the name of the song playing in the intro?

  33. Javi Extremo978 says:

    That’s very strange

  34. Javi Extremo978 says:

    That’s can be a orbit of a probe emitting microwaves???

  35. Sailor Monkey says:

    Sounds like my stomach after taco Tuesday

  36. Trini1984 says:

    Some of use would love it if InSight had a video camera to record the arm in action but to transmit the video back to Earth would probably months or years!

  37. Valendr0s says:

    That's really cool. Thank you for that.

  38. Jake Lakota says:

    Wow. How long did it take to enhance white noise? Seems like the same people who had to colorize gas in galaxy images were tasked with enhancing "wind. To make it cool. And generate "funds." Cause "no bucks, no Buck Rogers."

  39. widow maker says:

    Great , fantastic

  40. raz AB says:

    وما أوتيتم من العلم إلا قليلا. لا إله إلا الله

  41. 3ric585 says:

    Robert David Steele said there's pedophiles on Mars. Is that true?

  42. Shaggyduder says:

    Interesting, were told by NASA that Mars has a C02 atmosphere, so how is sound being heard, as C02 absorbs sound and is not a medium where sound can propagate, so what is happening here? just another statement by NASA that we are suppose to just take their word for?

  43. John Pierson says:


  44. weerobot says:

    Arizona.. desert more

  45. Oscar Galvan says:


  46. Amachetay Cybo says:

    Can u show aeries prime soon… I know its real u think we all dumb huh

  47. Siddhartha Kayal says:

    If u r no there. ..what we know about Mars. we r just reading in book.but it's practical …special thanks to you NASA for this video …love you from INDIA.

  48. nightmisterio says:

    What microphone was used?

  49. Nala! says:

    “Can you hear me now?”

  50. Jim Profis says:

    What if we put something similar here on Earth so we can see the difference between them two?

  51. kh40yr says:

    So, the seismometer is taking a beating,,heating and cooling that fast??. Would love to hear a bunch of pebbles slam the seismometer,,whoever is on duty will stand up straight!!. How hard where the gusts?? . Thank you JPL. Very cool on the audio and explanation.

  52. Seagull of astronomy says:

    Less money for army more money for feeding the earth and space research!

  53. Gui-Texzan says:

    Is this on Devon Island right now?

  54. Ron McDon says:

    Why does it sound underwater? is it the density difference between planets?

  55. Jose Giovanni says:

    Parece sonidos tenebrosos.

  56. Timothy Foote says:

    I wanted to use my 1% remaining battery to express my humble opinion about that, although the

  57. HAL 9000 says:


  58. Andrew Davis says:

    Thank you for making these public. It is so interesting to hear the wind on Mars. Personally, I would love it if the audio was not quite so sped up, but that is a triviality!

  59. ruderalis82 says:

    У меня сосед этажом выше, когда срать садится, то тоже такой звук слышу!!! Марсианин чертов!!!

  60. Blackjack Videos says:

    Nothing has gone beyond the Ionsophere

  61. Paix Nation says:

    That’s the sound of the lander and machinery/robot.. what’s the fuzz about? that’s not Mars atmosphere nor land sounds cmon 🤷🏻‍♂️

  62. Stan110 says:

    Its an InSight job

  63. Nivel Plano says:

    Hijos de Satanás

  64. Kostas says:

    mars o)))

  65. Ty Saylor says:

    I just heard another planet's wind. I JUST HEARD ANOTHER PLANET.

  66. Plano Dimensional says:


  67. Maxwell Farman says:

    InSight: Alright, I'm landing on mars.

    Mars: [minecraft cave noises]

  68. KAWA REIGNS says:


  69. John Jay says:

    I know it's just science sounds, but the fact that it's recorded alone, on Mars, millions of miles, all alone on an alien planet….I don't know exactly why, but it spooks me. But it's a beautiful spookiness though.

  70. Христофор Одопопулис says:


  71. Igor Neves says:

    Oh my God, Aliens huehuehuehue

  72. Ytan Seyer says:

    Wooow, that's was AMAZING!, thanks for sharing Nasa. Just thinking that those sounds come from thousands and thousands of miles away, straight from the stars….i just say WOW!!! Great job!

  73. leon kenedy says:

    it sounds like lonelines

  74. Ayan Kumar says:

    If someone was there it will be three years of distance from home

  75. nini says:

    I'm scared it's really empty out there we're alone here..

  76. Mihály Tobak says:

    Menyek át twiterem rower benne van mars kutás lestopolta magyar kirmány hülye az szard már le ki fasz kalapot feje üres de nyilván tied is olaj mafa az egèsz

  77. Mihály Tobak says:

    Ne boszacs egyèrtelmüen lw irtam ha elmèsz marsra utazás 6honap kutatók csak hullakènt jőnek vissza segfej itt nem privátotol takarod Át megyek az oroszhoz szarom magyar mafiád üres fejü köcsõg öket nem gondokodik meg èltès marson húzál innen

  78. NeHoMaR G. says:


  79. Marek Fabis says:

    Amazing! I'm speechless!!!!!!

  80. Project IGI PT BR says:

    São alien não tenho dúvida a alguma forma de vida neste planeta.

  81. Mihály Tobak says:

    Ez a hangja

  82. George Toma says:

    It's nothing strange here. It's normal to hear that in universe

  83. Natalia Guerrero Hernandez says:

    I'm going to use this to do an illustration!

  84. Kg4 RCOM says:

    A little bit weird.
    Frequency | Language Can we understand something?

  85. Romiko Knight says:

    Мы не единственная раса в этом мире, я думаю это и так понятно здравомыслящему человеку.

  86. Fred Hoffman says:

    we are listening to the martian wind

  87. Andrzej Elvis says:

    Thank You zNASA

  88. Rafael Santolli says:

    Where's the raw sound samples avaliable?

  89. Electronic Music Selections says:

    the sound of when someone enters the toilet and you're outside hearing the voice

  90. A Comment says:

    What a time to be alive.

  91. Tom Servo says:

    if you play it backwards, you can hear 'paul is dead'.

  92. Jonathen LaFontaine says:

    What is resonating at ~25Hz?

  93. Dadson worldwide says:

    Yeah its failed the most important task thus far. It only had to pound a stack into the ground a foot and got wedged and off track.
    Could've saved millions by simply dropping a Walmart microphone onto mars.
    Disappointed tax payer .

  94. Dadson worldwide says:

    So that's what 350 million dollars sounds like .

  95. MultiYanus says:

    serem suara nya

  96. قناة العزة says:

    there is a wind on March

  97. some one says:

    I hope tax money is not being wasted on this stuff.

  98. Sartheris Stormhammer says:

    What a time to be alive!

  99. OrtoNNortH says:

    I just wonder, if we hear the wind, why there is no movement of the sand or soil (whatever it is) at the same time? Also the sound is like it would be recorded under the water, is that because of the Mars atmosphere or is it because of the microphone characteristics that is optimised to record different frequencies?

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