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All right stop joking around Luthor I’m gonna have to come in there *Struggling Laughter* *Struggling Laughter* Ah There he is welcome aboard there for a glass of Gout De Diamant I was just celebrating God’s return out of the ground and back up into the sky He and his odd little friends are forming some sort of league you better not be wasting my time no I have too much to live for and more important things to do we have to level the playing field Mr. Wilson To put it plainly, shouldn’t we have a league of our own?

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  1. Scxrlet says:

    Just think, that post credit scene led to no where

  2. Oo oO says:

    Lex Luther the poor man's Joker

  3. Game Tuber508 says:

    Snyder must love the first Spider-Man movie. He casted THREE PEOPLE FROM THAT MOVIE IN HIS DCEU MOVIES. JK Simmons, Commissioner Gordon.
    Willem Dafoe, Valko.
    (I forgot his name but he played Flash Thompson), is Deathstroke.
    What's next, Tobey Maguire as Tim Drake Robin?!


    As of November 2019
    Is this still happening or not ?

  5. Jorge Jesus says:

    HAHAHAH this is never gonna happen.

  6. Jb_TheRock says:

    that deathstroke costume always gonna look fake as shit to me

  7. 450/400 Man says:

    That is the worst possible cast for Lex Luthor besides Don Knotts

  8. CAVlogs121 says:

    Eisenberg is the worst Lex. Terrible casting.

  9. Lucas Lima says:

    An actual good looking, good sounding Deathstroke
    Cause of death: the DCEU fucking up again

  10. Epic Rants says:

    Perfect actor for slade, worst actor for lex luthor

  11. doni ellenberg says:

    Honestly the best scene in the entire movie. If the justice league gets rebooted I really hope they keep all the main cast and if robert plays Batman it wouldn’t be terrible. The next justice league movie should be on a much smaller scale where they fight the legion of doom

  12. Gemini Taurus says:

    The fact he took his mask off pisses me off. Lex is too young. Weird breathing at 1:15 when he takes mask off. Cheesy ass line too.

  13. Vinny Atoori says:

    Complete waste of movie and lex and slade Wilson.

  14. Vinny Atoori says:

    They should had Bryan Cranston to be lex .

  15. Synergy says:

    Joe was the exact height, exact look, yet WB decided to waste an entire franchise 100x better than the MCU. THANKS!

  16. New Gate comics says:

    I love this lex luthor

  17. sceek channel says:

    Why does this look so cheap

  18. brand hey says:

    Things were headed in the right direction…you know before Henry Cavill and Ben affleck decided not to play Superman and Batman anymore

  19. See Thomas Howl says:

    This is so corny

  20. Dominic Carrano says:

    It doesn't matter what movie he's in, or how long he's in it, Deathstoke is badass

  21. Jomar says:

    Batfleck had no chance against this slade lmao

  22. Bro Tatoe3944 says:

    He said 7 words and took off a helmet why so hype.

  23. marie711 Sprow says:

    What movie is this from

  24. Joseph Trevino says:

    Gee if ben doesn't feel comfortable as batman why doesn't he pass it on to his brother. Just saying Casey a good actor too.

  25. Riveriux Phenom says:

    Striped shirt, solid neck , tiled suit , dotted tie .
    Mqke up your mind Lex you look like a damn fool.

  26. shrimp dynamics says:

    that suit does not look good

  27. walt8899 says:

    Sad that in this 1 minute scene he's better as Lex than in a whole movie

  28. Caleb Kent says:

    Who played deathstroke make a solo film with that deathstroke

  29. James Thottumkal says:

    Lex: Shouldn’t we have a league of our own?

    Slade: … Aren’t you the guy from that movie with magic?

  30. BB Entertainment says:

    League… OR LEGION!

  31. Parth Vaja says:

    We should get deathstroke origin like joker..

  32. Mike Park says:

    Titans’ Deathstroke looks more intimidating lol

  33. John Haladay says:

    Like everything else with the pre-Joker, Shazam, Aquaman DC films, everything here is forced, incoherent, and unexplained. How did Lex Luthor escape from prison? How did he just easily get his old life back? Why didn't Superman, Batman, or Wonder Woman hear about his escape and do anything? Why is Deathstroke here? Is he here because he resembles Deadpool? He was never introduced and unless you're a die-hard DC fan, no one's ever heard of him. The only "bright spot" is that this version of Lex Luthor is far less annoying and eccentric than the one from Batman v Superman.

  34. Fair Rooze says:

    Lex: "shouldn't we have a league of our own?"
    WB: well yes, but actually no.

  35. Zack Hawkins says:

    Seeing how Joker was a success….. A DeathStroke movie would be a good idea.

  36. Steve Stevensteverson says:

    I'm sorry. He's just awful as Lex Luthor. I've tried to warm up to it. Tried to like it. I like the actor. But he's just wrong for the role.

  37. Geoffrey Sorkin says:

    They thought there was going to be a sequel. That's adorable.

  38. pain pain says:

    When did this happen

  39. tomtomthebear says:

    He should of been the riddler..!!! He would of been perfect…even the way he talks…never should of been lex

  40. francis short jr says:

    He showed up on arrow afterwards 😁

  41. danny huang says:

    If Arrow can beat Deathstroke,Justice League can easily beat Deathstroke and then fight Luthor

  42. Noel Crenshaw says:

    Sucks that we'll never see where this scene was going.

  43. InvisibleEnenra says:

    1:09–1:11 What I Really Want To Say To My Teachers

  44. Kyan Baker says:

    It's Columbus

  45. Arvin Pascual Genido says:

    Did he just say "Mr Wilson" shit Deadpool

  46. Ben Seongwon says:

    This was gonna be the upcoming Batman movie featuring Deathstroke but sadly it's not going to happen. 😞

  47. Farglior X says:


  48. Eddie Gonzalez says:

    Justice League is underrated, but it could have better graphics though. And the heroes feel so old, ancient even. Not Barry or cyborg, but the others.

  49. DOLO BROLIC says:


  50. Erick Nathan Tagnipez says:

    WB really knows how to waste opportunities because instead of making a Legion of Doom movie, they made a Birds Of Prey movie

  51. Ali Zahid says:

    This post credit scene is more good then the whole justice league movie.

  52. Erik Waterson says:

    Those new Deathstroke pictures that just came out today 😍

  53. MixSona Productions says:


    spoken like a true Deathstroke

  54. Draw With Leejan says:

    Deathstroke looking like he came out of
    injustice I see you bad ass

  55. JMD Productions says:

    I couldn’t have been the only one to think, “oh hey, they recasted lex luth.. Aw, come on!”

  56. Armando Rivera Reyes says:

    God demet strash Jesse heisenberg I just can get over this garbage performance I don't care full hate on you for ruined Lex Luthor character Zack Snyder you need to be slap for casting this nigga Jesse heisenberg you suck ball

  57. Armando Rivera Reyes says:

    Not Jesse heisenberg you should not have your own league not with as Lex Luthor nigga your Torre the character of lex luthor apart he was garbage not I m sad for the justice league but happy that we are bot gonna see you again in the DC

  58. matthew delgiudice says:

    Dc is ass they need to re start new everything

  59. Vin Pal says:

    Deathstroke movie has to come out. Thumbs up if you support this

  60. miss alghul says:


  61. JonathanE39 says:

    Doesn't make sense there has to be more dialogue. Whenever he takes off his mask he's breathing heavily either they cut the argument btw them or that suit is heavy and pain to move around lol

  62. Sudipa says:

    DCEU literally copies everything from the MCU, even the concept of post credit scenes. Shame on you DCEU.

  63. nikto45 says:

    This is horrible.

  64. Jeremy Abraham says:

    This was the highlight of the movie….the only highlight lol

  65. Mr Gram Crackers says:

    Hopefully we get to see this Deathstroke again.

  66. Bryan Gravitt says:

    Worst casting choice ever. Should’ve had an actual man play luthor.

  67. Kaleb Murphy says:

    Not a good choice for lex imo. He isn’t intimidating enough to be a great villain.

  68. Jensu says:

    So sad that we will probably will never see Joe as Deathstroke again….good job WB

  69. Grandas Girl says:

    Yeah well he pissed me off so if lex wants to talk to me he can phone me he knows where I live ain't mugging ms off

  70. jeniel cross says:


  71. MidnightPhant0m1 says:

    The only scene from this movie that didnt suck lol

  72. Allistar Archer says:

    I wish they had a scene where Slade kills a bunch of guards. Like a Batman v Superman warehouse type fight scene.

  73. charlie says:

    This lex is trash

  74. Elijah Martinez says:


  75. Super Man says:

    Lex: Shouldn’t we have a league of our own?

    Deathstroke: No Shoots him

    Deathstroke: I told you not to waste my time

  76. Kaagh178 says:

    How I'd pitch any future Justice League films:

    Justice League 2-The Tower of Babel: Based on the comic book storyline of the same name. This would follow on from the upcoming (please be good) New Gods movie, the first Flash movie, Wonder Woman 1984, Green Lantern Corps and hopefully Man of Steel 2 ideally. Adds Shazam, Green Lantern and Martian Manhunter to the League following solo films. And would follow the storyline of the comics with the mysterious immortal Vandal Savage and the Legion of Doom unite to bring down the Justice League and take over the world. Batman, ever the paranoid realist, has created files on the weakness of every League member, including him, should any go rogue or go bad. The Legion of Doom get their hands on the files and use them against the League. Now its Justice League VS the Legion of Doom and with their weaknesses revealed, its all Batman's fault. Will they ever forgive him?

    Justice League 3-Darkseid: Set after another phase of movies and sequels. Based loosely on the comics as well as the Apokolips Now two parter from Superman the Animated Series. Steppenwolf returns, leading a new invasion as general to his nephew Darkseid, Lord of Apokolips. With new foes Desaad, Granny Goodness, Kalibak, Kanto, Doctor Bedlam, Mantis, Virman Vunderbar and others by his side, Darkseid invades to seek the Anti Life Equation, a formula which would give him ultimate dominion over all living things. Lex attempts to ally with Darkseid as does Intergang leader Bruno Mannheim. Green Lantern seeks the aid of the Green Lantern Corps on Oa, as well as the peaceful New Gods of the lush planet New Genesis, neighbour of dread Apokolips. New Gods like Orion, Lightray, Mister Miracle, Big Barda, Bekka and Forager rush to Earth's defence. The Green Lantern Corps, Atlanteans and Amazons all answer the call to arms against the forces of Apokolips. Darkseid's agents on Earth attempt to terraform the planet into Apokolips once again. Dr Emil Hamilton, recovered from the Phantom Zone in Man of Steel 3, aids them, as does the mysterious Phantom Stranger and the Martian Manhunter. New addition Dr Fate sees the death of Lois Lane will drive Superman to murder Darkseid and embrace evil, eventually becoming a dictator to keep the world safe. Batman, Dr Fate and the Flash vow to avert this bad future and Bruce realizes to his horror that the Knightmare from Batman V Superman was real and a warning from the future. Bruce sends Barry back in time to warn younger Bruce that Lois Lane is the key. In the end, it comes down to Superman VS Darkseid and Lex approaches Clark with an offer of truce and help. Can Lex be trusted? And can Darkseid be stopped?

    Justice League 4:-Justice League VS the Injustice League: Lex's plot to form his own team of evil reaches fruition, among its ranks the assassin Deathstroke. Insert better plot here.

    Justice League 5-Crisis on Two Earths: Straight adaptation of the animated film of the same name.

    Justice League 6-Injustice: Straight adaptation of the videogame. Initially, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and the Flash and then others find themselves on another parallel Earth. In this dimension, Superman is a dictator who must be stopped and Batman leads the resistance. Our League unites with the resistance. Its Superman VS Superman!

    Justice League 7-Crisis on Infinite Earths: It all ends here. It all comes down to this. The Anti Monitor has arrived, to drain and destroy all Universes. Parallel Justice Leagues must unite to stop this being and are aided by the mysterious Monitor. The parallel Earth stories have led to this. But not everyone will make it out of this conflict alive. One hero will give their life to save the Multiverse.

  77. ALPHA WOLF says:

    Shit is Luther talking about making the Light?

  78. Miller Benton says:

    I only just realised Lex is Atlas from Now you see me

  79. BS Killa says:

    Fans: You better not be wasting my time.
    WB: Yes

  80. Novica Gojkovic says:

    Batman Vs Deathstroke, can't wait to see that, two martial arts masters against each other.

  81. David Ruelas says:

    In the snyder cut it is told that there is a scene where they actually show deathstroke helping lex luthor escape

  82. Joseph says:

    Why do I not remember this for a moment

  83. Ying Lok Edwin Edwin Lui - Bauhinia says:

    I was so excited for the legion of doom

  84. Spoilers Alert says:

    Best credit scene which is fucked by dc so lame warners

  85. Bernard Stephen Warchal says:

    This movie will never be made

  86. Ginger Geek2005 says:

    Lex: Shouldn’t we have a League of our own?

    Lex Luther, Slade Wilson, Ann Minerva, Eobard Thawne, The Joker, Teth-Adam, Black Manta, Jinx, Sinestro, Felix Faust, Toyman, and Poison Ivy entered the Injustice League chat.

  87. Trọng nhân Lê says:

    God i hope they change Jesse Eisenberg character
    He act like a crazy rich guy instead of calm genius

  88. DocDoomClassic 52 says:

    “You’d better not be wasting my time.” Turns out we were all wasting our time in the end.

  89. Jay N says:

    I wanna see the entire Deathstroke and Lex scenes!!! #ReleaseTheSnyderCut

  90. Music MG says:


  91. Paulos says:

    Deathstroke, my best and favorite on Injustice1, I miss him in Injustice2.

  92. Raw Star Far Eye says:

    What's with the happy music at the end?

  93. David P says:

    The blurry shot of death stroke from the back? With the swords? Hnnng

  94. anthony trevino says:

    Scene was cool but gah this movie is trash

  95. Son Goku says:

    That Lex decoy could make a better joker than Jared Leto

  96. ELMINAL KUKI says:

    Are all luthor guards female lol

  97. Allen says:

    Literally thought why deadpool is here

  98. IHaveAMentalSeizure :v says:

    If only they would darken the filter it would've been good…

  99. Ray Ramos says:


  100. Ultra Lucid Bluedream says:

    Release the Snyder cut

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