LEGO Justice League Flying Fox Batmobile Attack review! 76087

hello everyone brace yourselves because
I’m about to say the full name of this product it is the Lego DC Comics
superheroes flying fox Batmobile airlift attack set that’s a mouthful
this large carrier aircraft is the highlight of the set and even though
it’s big it’s actually fairly light and weight because it’s mostly hollow it has
the deck on the inside it’s able to pick up a Batmobile from the back or from the
front it’s also able to launch or drop a Batmobile from the back or from the
front look at that completely Halloween you don’t have the Batmobile in there
this actually is surprisingly switchable for something of its size because you
just pick it up from back here it’s very sturdy it has a pure Technic skeleton to
the thing that really holds it together well they use actually some Technic
panels even on the underside so those are you know fairly hollow they don’t
have a lot of plastic in them but they’re very sturdy with all the
connection points that they use so that’s actually a very good thing way
easier to pick up and to move about than I thought which actually makes it a good
thing for kids that this is made for often times larger crafts are not things
that you really want to pick up very often you want to pick it up with two
hands and you know just to move it from the table to the floor or something like
that and that’s that’s about it but this can really be picked up in and switched
around through the air you can shoot with a couple of stud shooters up on the
top it also has spring loaded shooters beneath the wings and those are really
hidden away I mean most time you don’t see them at all but the tail of each
spring-loaded projectile is off to the side here so you can pretty easily get
access to it and just shoot that off these wings look like they flop about a
little bit but in reality they’re not going to fall off I mean that’s it’s a
lot worse than it looks these little bits here can be bent around they also
don’t fall off too easily handful of stickers are used I think to good effect
if you hate stickers you can definitely leave them off of this set and it won’t
you won’t kill anything you get at least put
that symbol there though and we’ve got some odd colored parts as usual but it’s
not too bad I think that overall the color scheme is preserved pretty well
from end to end of this thing and the level of detail is fine it does not have
a lot of detail but what is there I think again is used to good effect most
of the visual interest of this thing comes from from its primary shapes
primary shaping as well as some of the aerodynamic devices on it that are
angled got just a couple of main engines back here which look good
use the black wheel pieces back here and put some animal burning glowing exhaust
port kind of look on the back of this thing this is nice up here the canopy is
double sided surprisingly it’s not attached with studs except for just this
one single jumper so it’s kind of going in the middle of that tube right there
but it’s not it’s not properly going down on top of an actual set of studs
that are exposed for plates or anything and it’s just kind of keyed into place
with these couple of plates underneath this has seating for only two now the
thing is we’ve scaled down a bit seeing four to one faces forward one faces
towards the rear and each one has a console and those consoles are identical
stickers speaking of consoles and identical stickers either side of the
interior of the main Bay has a pair of stickers to show you some displays just
to give you a little bit of extra detail in there it’s not all that visible and
much of the interior detail inside of this section doesn’t look all that great
with the undersides of parts exposed but yeah I would put in just a couple things
here so if you were to bring in minifigures inside of this and just
stand them on of course there are no studs on this technique based surface
beneath for them to stand upon but you can just temporarily put them there then
now they have something at least so to look at and
keep track of the overall situation there the other two back there at the
back like I said the Batmobile can be loaded or launched from the front or the
back is they’re both open this just rolls right in it has to go past a point
where it gets just a little bit stuck kind of but that’s actually very
intentional this will lock into place so this will never come out when you don’t
want it to these the hinged parts are supposed to represent small wraps just
leave them down all the time but that is not going to come out because of the
couple of spots where it got stuck a little bit that’s this right here it’s a
rubber piece and there’s another one back there right now
that’s just impacting the roof of the Batmobile that’s holding it in place and
keeping it from moving around so even though you’ve got these locks here that
are keeping it from being able to fall out you also have an additional kind of
shock absorbing element coming down from the ceiling that locks it into place
even further so when you have the Batmobile in there and you’re playing
with this thing because you can again it’s still fairly lightweight even with
Batmobile in there but Batmobile isn’t moving at all it’s completely secure
here so that is really well done for practical play this version of a
Batmobile is based upon the Batman vs Superman model in universe and in Lego
form but upgraded with more shootie stuff so this has a big ol cannon up on
the top and Lego has additionally added in another working stud shooter so you
can fire from that position in addition to the two small ones at the front still
no ability to rotate these around here at the front unfortunately but overall I
think the shaping is still captured well this rolls very nicely and easily still
has the half canopy on one side I think the stickers are fine I feel like I
would have liked those to look a little bit less comic a little bit slightly
more realistic just personal opinion the use of these Nexo Knights tile pieces
the five sided tile pieces really helps with the
the shaping of the winglets there they’ve also did a nice thing with the
axles at the back I think that’s pretty well applied in there they’ve used the
longer style of Technic pins to go through and then use these silver
spacers just over those so those are just over the same pins that are holding
these rear wheels on because they are the frictionless pins or minimal
friction pins you get a little bit of wobble there that really doesn’t affect
things it doesn’t make things work poorly as I said the goal is just fine
and then the canopy still opens from this side looks like the materials are a
little bit better on this one than on the one that I got from me the BBS movie
this has a couple of stickers in it on the sides there’s one there and it’s
showing a bunch of buttons and also some gauges but that’s kind of hidden a
little bit beneath the whole Canon assembly it’s a lot easier in real life
in person to take a look at this one but those are completely fully down on the
floor they’re not raised at all with the new weaponry on this side becomes a
little bit more of a challenge to get the Batman in there but fortunately all
this comes off very easily it’s only attached with those fronts that so you
can just pull that off I recommend doing that so you can get Batman situated just
right make sure his cowl is nice and straight and everything and just put
that back it’s it’s easy it’s closer look at the hero figures in this set
Batman Wonder Woman cyborg and look Superman’s back I mean oh no Lego has
ruined another movie they’ve spoiled everything I had no idea Superman was
going to be back yeah I think everybody knew that Superman was going to be back
a lot of detail in this new Batman can’t say I particularly like it though just
personal opinion and there’s a lot to see there’s a lot going on I like the
gold bits I like the harness and the belt but the rest of it is just a little
bit too broken up to me personally I don’t think that’s Legos fault in
particular I just don’t like that that looked just
in general nice print for the shield for wonderful
then I’m going to take that off in just a minute yeah let me go ahead and take
that off now if you want to make sure you can see the print on Wonder Woman
clearly and also check out the new arm for cyborg which has attached to it a
stud shooter I think that was a pretty good idea so that he could actually
shoot you know it’s not the most accurately proportions thing but it’s
not bad it does have that handle at the base of it because they aren’t reusing
that part it’s nice that they remoulded it into a silver color but you know if
you want to do something custom they do give you just an anti stud there so you
could plug other devices into that do something do something on your own or
use it just to to pick up pieces you know just pick up regular bricks if you
want to and then Superman is probably the most plain now he’s definitely the
most plain all the figures here because he doesn’t even have any printing for
his hips or legs whatsoever now each of these figures does come with I really
like that that arm printing for Wonder Woman each of these figures we have to
go around the other way does have an alternate face and the
gentleman at the edges have these capes which are the newer style cloth pieces
that do not crinkle up really nice printing on the back of cyborg there I
like that a lot alternate faces are good they are useful
they are I think very appropriate appropriate for what these characters do
appropriate for their characters in general their personalities or print to
be seen for back of Batman’s torso I actually like the back of his torso
better than I like the front of it but you also want to see what his face looks
like that alternate face with the mask on and also previously normal face was
covered up got that gunmetal gray color for the headband now rather than white
I prefer that personally it just less flashy the normal faces that’s
it for these guys on the bad guy side Steppenwolf gets a really nice unique
head mold and print and the mold I think go together really well print even goes
up into the I guess we call those horns brings in a lot of nice detail they’ve
got a unique print for the small neck slash beasts kind of body covering that
they’ve reused here from this view though he looks short and stocky you
know it looks like his his legs are really short but in reality I think his
proportions are pretty appropriate for Lego use in general I’ve got as access
you know properly built up you know hand fold pieces used they’re not too bad the
view from the back isn’t all that great that at least they don’t just have anti
studs visible there so it’s not too bad and you know he’s got two ball joints in
each of the extremities so able to get plenty of articulation out of that able
to get him into kind of a walking looking pose pretty easily you’ll also
be able to put them just on one single foot you know if you get them to balance
over to one side that’s actually fantastically easy you’ve got just a
little bit of claw decoration finger articulation there
the axe is attached with an actual clip so you don’t have to worry about the
fingers having enough grip to hold on to that and the head is just able to turn
from side to side which i think is perfectly fine yeah this works out
pretty well just a little bit block you’re looking in in the legs but I can
get over that okay these two parademons why do they look so good why do they
have so much detail why do they have two different vinyl wing pieces that were
actually cut specifically for them and you know print it up specifically for
them there that are different in shape why did they put so much effort into
these drones you know just expendable massive
ol baddie units I’m not complaining I’m just asking I mean that’s a lot of work
that went into these even just just developing the graphics
I’m most impressed most impressed indeed this is this is great stuff I think that
the green one would be the most massive allure the most desirable I wouldn’t
have minded getting just one more of those but I like the more brightly
colored one as well and you get additional prints on the backs yeah I
mean look at the level of detail there with the small speckling the one on the
right has the small speckles in the torso and the head done in the tan color
the light tan color and on the left they’ve done it with the bright green
colors that just regular green put a print on that I think it’s bright green
but some of the finer detail is that you know for me in person looking at these
figures from about a foot away have to really squint to even notice them at all
and it really helps to get and I assumed in view from the camera and half of that
you don’t even see half of the time or most of the time if you have the wings
on last thing I have to show you here is this red tesseract I’m aiming up to
mother box leather box yeah yeah well well interference in my microphone line
there sorry about that but just a beautiful print on this one as well that
that 2i2 tile piece on the top and they use the textured slotted bricks along
the side so 1 by 2’s they’re simple but looks really good with that print
righteous this is a righteous set that does justice to the theme I think the
price depart ratio isn’t the greatest but it’s within an acceptable range as
far as the volume of stuff is concerned it looks pretty good on value in that
sense except for the fact that this is completely empty on the hand side if
this had some interior detail some interior
real play space beyond just having a parking spot for the Batmobile
then I feel like the value would be a little bit better or if they had one
additional thing off to the side or a couple of additional figures even if
they’re just kind of throwaway figures so I feel like this is just a little bit
down overall on value compared to what I would want for this price and what I
would expect but again it’s not completely unreasonable that does it for
this review thank you very much for watching if you caught anything that
doesn’t seem right to you be sure to check the comments section first to see
if it’s already been addressed I’ll be talking to you again soon because the
next video is on the way

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