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My father called it the change engine. It was found by the British during World War One They studied it, but they couldn’t even date it. It’s so old It was shelved till the night Superman died, then she lit up like Christmas They brought it to STAR Labs, where my father recognized it as a perpetual energy matrix -Ooh, that sounds cool, I thought it was like a nuclear bomb. -A mother box destroys as it creates It’s a cycle of life, but a million times faster My father thought it was the key to unlimited energy new formulas cellular regeneration But it’s too volatile to control.
-He used it on you. -I was in an accident should Have died My father thought that he could use the mother box to rebuild the broken parts of me with a few cybernetic enhancements Steady built a living machine. I may be stronger than its host too much So much life What’s on your weird mind? Muscles. Coordination basic cellular integrity the human being can only absorb so much The mother box was designed to reshape a planet so so what if you were stronger than a planet? your cells lying dormant but incapable of decay if you were in a conductive field A boost from the mother box could bring him back to life The Kryptonian ship has an amniotic chamber which would be a perfect -no Diana
Bruce, no you have no idea. What kind of power you’re dealing with even if there’s a fraction of a chance- -So what we could raise a monster? Like Luther did? -We have tech Luthor has never even seen! -Superman is dead We all wish he weren’t. -We don’t know what state he’s in We know we can’t bring him back, but this is science beyond our limits And that’s what science is for, to do what’s never been done to make life better -Or to end it Technologies like any other power without reason, without heart, it destroys us You’re risking lives Theirs and maybe countless more. We don’t have time for a control group Is it a risk yes, but it’s necessary Why?! because of your guilt (SIGH) Bruce I was there. You didn’t kill Superman At some point even you have to learn to move on Did Steve Trevor tell you that? Superman was a beacon to the world Why aren’t you? You’re an inspiration Diana you don’t just save people Make them see their better selves And yet I never heard of you until Luthor lured you out by stealing a picture of your dead boyfriend You shut yourself down for a century, so let’s not talk about me moving on You know that if she kills you we’ll cover for her -We are not enough! Each of us in our own way is held back, and I promise you Steppenwolf is not out there talking about ethics He’s trying to burn down the world we’re gonna stop him just by using his power this power against him I I agree Don’t like the idea of reintegrating with the mother box But I was running the numbers while you were being an asshole And there’s a high probability that we can bring him back Right right, but we mean bring him back in like a “yay he’s back” way and not in like a Like a pet sematary Scenario you lose something when he died even Superman Maybe not his mind Maybe his soul I’ll have a contingency plan for that If he wakes up, and you’re the first thing he sees You’ll need one

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  1. Flashback FM says:

    This scene is completely Joss Whedon. "Thank" him for IT

  2. Denishea Bates says:

    Batman isn't that intimidating to me

  3. Denishea Bates says:

    Diana needs a reality check and so does Bruce

  4. Alx G.P. says:

    I'm really surprised of that punch didn't break Bruce's chest, I mean, is WW who hits him and she is strong af

  5. Sharath S says:

    My God, this is awful. And Affleck looks horrible, jeez, reshoots ruined it for Wb more than they thought snyder's version would. Karma, nice

  6. Jandrè TRUTER says:

    Ben Affleck is the worst Batman yet. And he is fat, which no one can denie.

  7. True Potential says:

    So Cringy. So trippy

  8. Gee Luck says:

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  9. MrPikkoz says:

    One of the least bat-cave-ish cave i ever seen.

  10. Luna McGarrett says:

    I hate this Barry

  11. Areeb Azhar says:

    Damnn, batman shuts down diana like daaaayyyuumm

  12. Tom Bombadil says:

    I really just dislike every scene in the movie. The aesthetic and tint is bad too. I wonder when people in the next generations watch this movie, if they will understand the context when it came out. It felt rushed as shit and it felt like it was made because the avengers movie came out and now DC had to match up with it. Instead of taking the time to build a good story and characters, these people just act completely how I do not expect them to act.

  13. Gravivector says:

    The sciene/tech guys want to do it.
    The Gods are against it.

    Ok there's gotta be some metaphor or correlation to reality in there.

  14. jacesaces15 says:

    oh GOD, the acting, the CGI, just everything about this scene. It's just an absolute dumpster fire. I was really hoping some of these movies would be decent…

  15. Tiziana Pepe says:

    How she protects Steve Trevor😍😍 I ship them so hard❤

  16. Nugraha The Batman says:

    This is marvel? Fuck Josstice League

  17. Gab M.-G. says:

    2:54 Bruce is lucky that Wonder Woman doesn't have the same strength as Superman as she does in the comics because the last time Bruce got punched on the chest was in BvS and Superman made him fly 50 m away

  18. kristanto aryo says:

    Credence finally disobey Grindewald and use his power to join Justice League…good

  19. Fiz says:

    Batman lost his balls in this movie, the bvs Batman wouldn’t listen to Diana and take leadership of the team.

  20. weathergoddess114 says:

    Batman: "you shut yourself down for a century, so let's not talk about me moving on"
    me: "yes, but in her case she was grieving over the death of a loved one; you're just feeling guilty for being manipulated by Luthor and think the death of Superman was your fault even though its not"

  21. Dani BOI says:

    Barry is suppose to be a bit weird. Not autistic

  22. grei says:

    I hated bruce for this SMH 😑😑

  23. NOAH AG THE MAN says:

    This movie was actually good. I’m sad so many people hate it

  24. Sebastian Emond says:

    John Hammond: "When we have control-"
    Ellie Sadler: "You never had control! That's the illusion"

  25. crazy crazy says:

    why is aquaman stealing a knife?
    What is the salary for being King of Atlantis again?

  26. dog says:

    this show fucking sucked lol

  27. TheM4niachicken says:

    Why does the cgi look so wank in these films??

  28. Ramsés F. says:

    Qué mala postura tiene Gal Gadot, me sorprende de ella siendo modelo.

  29. TheVergile says:

    this scene contains about as much chemistry as a first year history degree

  30. RAY ENG says:

    including superman to this movie was awful……….it would have been better if he revives but have amnesia ends up not helping and then post credit is something about him finding who he is or louis finding him in a forgotten town or something else; then we can wait for a second superman movie about his whole journey back to the society and the other "superman" (like reign of supermen) or other superheroes trying to fullfil his role(a more fleshout batman or flash movie)……… i mean this movie had potential and its so watsed it makes me sad 🙁

  31. Icy Mothership says:

    this movie was ruined the second they hired a faggot to be flash

  32. Cyless12 says:

    felt like WW should been the one wanting to bring back SM and BM shoulda been the one saying no

  33. Robert Frisbie says:

    would have been cooler without SJW Ben Affleck. Too bad they didn't do this shit with the better Batmans

  34. Ali T says:

    Screenwriting was sub-par. Not the best acting either, especially on the part of Ben Affleck. Gal Gadot was the worst. She should probably stick to modeling.

  35. Alaric Ace says:

    Another hand on Bat Man, Ah sry there's no another hand anymore :/

  36. tatayaya says:

    3:04 Superman was a vegan??

  37. Adam G says:

    no matter how many different scenes I see from this movie, it still looks like a Indie movie and not a professional one.

  38. David Luz says:

    Admit it , this is the bruce wayne we all want to see !

  39. TheCyberloki says:

    never liked that version of flash… Also his lightning randomly discharging into all those Tech in the Batcave seems like a bad idea especially if weaponry or computers are involved… He is emitting electricity while running but in other iterations it is not randomly discharging and damaging his environment and if there are sparks it is damaging something.

  40. generic username says:

    So do people watch this willingly, not as a form of punishment?

  41. Conshagen says:

    I'm high and this is still bad

  42. Littlecat3100 says:

    Why can't Batman emote??? This boggles my freaking mind.

  43. Hung Ram says:

    Holy hell what a turd of a film.

  44. Osman Mamedov says:

    I hate this movie soo bad. In comics they feared and respected batman. Tf is this. Ben affleck is a great batman but the director and writer are fucking horrible. This is why mcu is winning. I hope The Batman will be better.

  45. TIGER TIGER says:

    Acuaman, nada en el mar, cuando ahi las temperaturas del agua son demasiado frias. Por que usa una chaketa? hace mas frio en la baticueva?

  46. will Grello says:

    Ben had the potential to be the best batman of all time to bad the writers and people who created the narritive were utter shit

  47. Wus Poppin says:

    Whoever wrote barry's lines never really understood his character. It just came out forced and cringey.

  48. Jim Campbell says:

    02:54 – why is it ok that Diana just physically asaulted Bruce?

  49. Maharshi K Desai says:

    i am in love with gal's beautiful butt…

  50. Jimmy Heffner says:

    Barrys a white knight

  51. Kael Griffis says:

    The writing sucks. Actors tried but.. eck Aflack basically mocks batman. It's fucking sad

  52. SistemaGaming says:

    This is what happens when you dont cast the right people for the roles. Half the people here were GIVEN the job because they're pals with someone.

  53. Your Plug669 says:

    She got no ass

  54. Anything&Everything A&E says:

    Wonder woman :*Punches Batman'

    Aquaman: *aight Imma head out *

  55. Ali Tahir says:

    U know what would have been halirious that in 1:10 when aquaman took the thing and put it in his back pocket . Bruce would have confronted aquaman and sneakly taken the thing from this back pocket and then take it out and said "stealing isn't polite "

  56. Meme College says:

    Jason mamoa just stealing something

  57. Frawns says:

    Man those Backdrop graphics are god-awful. It's so painfully obvious that they are standing infront of greenscreens.

  58. Mahil Mehtar says:

    I liked Diana and Bruce's debate about technology. Both had valid points. And I liked Bruce telling Diana to be an inspiration

  59. Mukundh Pv says:


  60. BIG J says:

    Don't you ever mess with a woman's heart especially Wonder Woman's, trevor is a badass!!!

  61. Chase Neland says:

    I get where people are coming from when they say Barry’s lines were kind of making him seem like he was just there and not offering anything of value remember in this version he hasn’t become a CSI yet or become anything more than a lost kid trying to free his dad. He probably doesn’t know much about anything yet so for me his lines were good.

  62. Ole says:

    this batman doesnt do anything in this movie rofl… doesnt seem smart either, hes just there

  63. Fransta says:

    Nobody gets sick of his running around making it look like a god damn electron storm around billion dollar electronic equipment? Fuck is wrong with these people.

  64. rajath 2137 says:

    Who on earth made Ben Afflick Batman after he destroyed Daredevil right in the first movie?

  65. 5ilver42 says:

    that's no cave… it's a space station.

  66. Ajmal N says:

    Batman would never ask for permission🙄

  67. Kyle Hallman says:

    What kind of coat is Jason Mamoa wearing?

  68. Irish_ Soldier124 says:

    I lost faith in the theory of this movie when the fucked up flash

  69. Naz6 James says:

    I came here after the new trailer of wonder woman 1984. Bruce said to Diana that she shut herself for centuries and move on. But in the new trailer ww1984, wonder woman is on suit with lasso in public place. How can not even a single person know that she live for almost forever?? I wonder how the timeline works.

    Also, Batman is super rich with high tech but giving the fact that he found out about Wonder woman (possible world threat like superman during bvs) through lex luthor is making him the worst batman ever.

  70. Matt Garcia says:

    when flash movie coming out

  71. tallasianmike says:

    @0:24 How does the timeline for Cyborgs creation work? He just said that it wasn't active until Superman died. How did Luthor get the research video for BvS then?

  72. Juan Brough says:

    Did the CW get a budget cut?

  73. John Pratts says:

    You can actually SEE the difference between the Snyder Cut and Wheadon's. Ben Affleck's 5 o'clocks shadow disappears and reappears from scene to scene. And Gal Gadot loses all of her lipstick every once in a while.

  74. Ian Johnson says:

    what a terrible movie

  75. Abd Elrahman says:

    Is this Bruce Wayne arguing with diana or tony stark with Steve?

  76. Long Lee says:

    dc movies suck. reason? too much realism in them.

  77. Diego Rodriguez says:

    Batman wouldn’t have gotten hit.

  78. Emil C says:

    Would be interesting for injustice

  79. rcsitant lia says:

    I mean i can’t blame Diana for shoving Bruce, since he did talk abour Steve.

  80. Sheikh says:

    B vs S still better than this crap

  81. Sayan Andrews says:

    Get this version of the flash tf outta there

  82. Destro7000 says:

    Painful scene.

  83. Sand Warrior says:

    Why is Barry acting like a faggot?

  84. ZipSnipe says:

    lol 1:17 Aquaman shoplifting in the Bat Cave

  85. OLL13 says:

    this is a strange lan party

  86. WayToDawn says:

    "Technology is like any other power. Without reason, without heart it destroys us." J. Robert Oppenheimer said something very similar a long time ago

  87. manav bhalla says:

    The first Justice League movie we get and we get a useless and comical version of an amazing Batman and a dumb struck by puberty a day ago Flash

  88. Robert Currie says:

    I wonder if this scene will get more mileage after Wonder Woman 1984.

  89. joebro391 says:

    ugh, I hate what they did with Batman's character :X It was so much better in BvS

  90. O A says:

    2:55 I wouldnt do that ı were her.Wouldnt wanna get trapped in my own mind fighting till ı pass out

  91. marc smith says:

    Bill Clinton calls Hiliarys Clam the Bat Cave.

  92. Sjanae90 says:

    Ben Affleck is just a horrific actor to me. 🤷🏾‍♀️

  93. SPIROS BONIS says:


  94. Raymond Rogers says:

    4:15 I don't think Gadot and Mamoa are actually there together. Anyone else see it?

  95. Raghu Seetharaman says:

    God, Affleck's acting here is horrendous.
    And that's really weird because he is a pretty great actor.

  96. PTM45 smi says:

    if diana kills bruce aquaman is gonna take him down to atlantis so they won't find the body. lol!

  97. Jory says:

    Aquaman : nah
    Ain't having any of it

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