LE MANS 1955 – Mortelle compétition – Court métrage d’animation de Q. Baillieux – HD (Film complet)

Mike Hawthorn and Ivor Bueb
in Jaguar number 6. Juan Manuel Fangio and Stirling Moss
in Mercedes number 19. Pierre Levegh and John Fitch
in Mercedes number 20. Now, the Le Mans 24 Hours Board
wishes to pay tribute to the Italian drivers Alberto Ascari and Mario Alborghetti who died in race a few days ago. Mike Hawthorn runs to his Jaguar,
he’s the first to start. And the Jaguar makes a fantastic start. Pierre Levegh creeps up on the frontrunners. A Mercedes just stalled! It’s Fangio! Fangio has stopped, oh my god what a surprise! Now, out he goes, he’s starting.
What a start my friends! At the 30th lap Jaguars and Ferraris are leading,
tailgated by Levegh’s Mercedes. 289 km per hour for Hawthorn, 286 km for Levegh. Tanks almost empty, the drivers reach record speeds
in the Hunaudières stretch. Attention please, attention please. There’s been a crash. The Le Mans 24 Hours Board asks
all non authorized people to remain seated. And the Jaguar is already leaving the pit,
determined to keep the lead. Mercedes was the only team to withdraw from the race.
It was 43 years before they returned to competition. John Fitch continued his career, dedicating himself principally to road safety. It was the deadliest crash of car racing history, costing the lives of 80 people.

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  1. Alfredo Sabagni says:

    There was Nobody like Fangio in all racing history. 5 Times Formula one World Champion. At the end of his career He could be the father of his rivals, and he won the title again.

  2. Alfredo Sabagni says:

    "Fangio, Sos Campeón De Carretera; Fangio, del volante sos el Rey; Sos Varón de gran Coraje, Y Difícil de Vencer" (Del Tango "Fangio").

  3. Pedro Affonso Paula Barboza says:

    2019, the year that the rest of the world noticed le mans

  4. The Yeti Monster says:

    This HAS to be Oscar worthy. I think its brilliance.

  5. Mícheál says:

    Its known now that the blame for the crash can be placed on the driver of the lead Jaguar car, but it was not at the time. The man driving the Jaguar, Mike Hawthorn, would die several years later in a road accident, overtaking another car.

    The car he was trying to overtake was a Mercedes.

  6. WacKEDmaN says:

    Love the style…reminds me of the 'Cranks and Goggles' game

  7. WAX 08 says:

    Super court métrage incroyable bravo 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  8. Daryl Connolly says:

    Decent film that. I believe everyone should know about that crash. Nice angle on it but people need to know what and how it happened. Why was it such a milestone in racing history. Many spectators lost their lives to watch a sport they love.

    Also it said that Mercedes didnt race for 40 odd years well that's not true. Mercedes didnt race in formula 1 but they had many teams in different series, such as dtm etc.

  9. William Jordan says:

    Silly decision. Had he not heard that the show must go on? Perhaps he realized magnesium cars are too flammable.

  10. Murilo Franco says:

    Que do caralho!!!

  11. Christophe Georgel says:

    The 100S looks like a C-type

  12. AlexKulibin says:

    It's a great homage to that terrible day on June 11, 1955. And it's also a great example of why sometimes reality just does not work for cinema. From a dramatic standpoint, there is no explanation as to why Alfred Neubauer, as a character, actually changed his mind about withdrawing from the race. First he insists on how important it is for him to continue the race and win. Then, after a short while – click, "we're no longer racing". It almost feels like some significant event is lacking between the talk in the underpass and Neubauer's final decision. There was no action from the main protagonist, John Fitch. As a character, he had to have done more than just reflect on what happened and walk around with a solemn face. For a similar idea and a more efficient dramatic execution, it is recommended to watch the 1966 classic, "Grand Prix".

  13. Because the Internet says:

    Weird. I'd never watch a full motor sports event but will enjoy the hell out of documentary or dramatic feature based on motor sports.

  14. Dorian Dakhlia says:

    On peut avoir le film en français Arte ou c’est trop en demander à une chaîne franco-allemande ?

  15. Happy Poop says:

    OMG i feels mahha go in this idk why

  16. bmoboss says:

    At the end it says Mercedes only returned after 43 years (1998). But I’m pretty sure McLaren-Mercedes started collaborating in 95? Correct me if I’m wrong here

  17. perrygustu souza says:

    RIP Pierre Levegh
    The car was built to win,not to safety

  18. WOTundPANZER says:


  19. Thanh Quang Trần says:

    The most beautiful racing animation I've watched
    cảm ơn luôn bác nào cung cấp bản sub chất lượng quá

  20. SARCO eSPORTs by Dylan says:

    Wow… I don't know what to say. That is amazing.

  21. Good one! says:

    Wow! Just wow. Brilliant brilliant work

  22. Rogue says:

    Fangio: "che, que pasa?"

  23. alphiu says:

    Wow, juste wow

  24. StevenM801 says:


  25. JUST MONIKA says:

    i dont really understand, can anyone explain it to me? why is it inhuman to keep the race going?

  26. K03sport says:

    Enjoyed. Imagine driving that fast, no overhead/road lighting and with 50s Era headlights/technology. Truly scary times in auto racing.

  27. Typically Thomas says:

    This is an amazing film. Thank you so much for making this. I'm glad I got to see this before I put together my top 50 films of the decade. Amazing work!

  28. Sai Saravana Kumar says:

    I never knew this history before i watch this short film. Sad

  29. simon caton says:

    If Wikipedia is correct, Neubauer wanted to withdraw like Fitch but didn’t have the authority to make such a decision, Mercedes bigwigs made the call at HQ. Very well done otherwise and needed to portray Neubauer like that as that was the normal way of thinking at the time.

  30. Openminded Illustrations says:

    This was dope! I wanna see more movies like this

  31. CF says:

    If this loses to some cheesy Pixar animation I'm going to violate 3 consecutive laws of the Geneva Convention.

  32. prepare uranus says:

    Isn’t this why sweden banned motersport?

  33. Dr.trip says:

    The animation is terible it's both ugly and choppy.

  34. Tre Wilson says:

    Was it really that bad?

  35. Joe Jia says:


  36. 40rty says:

    This is just brilliant. Storytelling of a history we should all remember. Bravo to the whole team who put this together!!!

  37. Corona Zenith says:

    Why is everyone black?

  38. Tony V says:

    Absolutely gorgeous.. Like nothing I have ever seen before.

  39. efjee wheelers says:

    WOW……….in many ways.

  40. JVCKO-X says:

    I really wanted to see Leveghs story properly. Thankd for finally doing it guys hope you win!

  41. Elise Labalette says:

    Allez voir le Mans 66. Rien à voir avec la tragédie de cette beauté d'animation, mais un bon film jouissif toujours dans cet esprit de compétition.

  42. Honest Abe says:

    Poo poo

  43. Fluxthelycanroc says:

    In my recommended but not a bad recommend

  44. Antonio Barrios says:


  45. joaqo fort says:

    Play it again Sam…..play it again…

  46. Óscar Maldonado says:

    This is very powerful emotionally, so constrained and sober yet it kicks like a mule.

  47. joaqo fort says:

    That was depressing

  48. MrKajithecat says:

    As someone who has zero knowledge about the sport or Le Mans this made me care about it and its characters all in fifteen minutes while experiencing an array emotions. That's stellar story telling. That's beautiful animation. Wonderful work.

  49. Luigi De Hedera says:


  50. Wurdswurth says:

    But the crash was during the day. Eh, creative license… Incidentally the Mercedes frame was built out of magnesium and burned like white phosphorus. How times have changed.

  51. Orz Orzelski says:

    Nice, but not historically accurate.

  52. KingKyle1 says:


  53. Paul Robert says:

    Do all French have such long legs? So they can run better?

  54. TShatov says:

    Very powerful cinema! Thank you!

  55. Der Thilo says:

    THANK YOU! i need you to make much more of these. every classic race which was mildly interesting, with fictional but thoughtful dialogues between them involved ppl. for me, this was like flashes hitting every one of my nerves, one after another. From the start it felt right. The glory of the racing's golden 50's, the dark clouds forecasting the biggest tragedy of our beloved sport alreeady in the sky, just not seen by eyes, but by heart. At minute 4, where they stand before the infamous Le Mans start, i was already weeping (for joy). at minute 5, where the Merc is raging through the field on Hunaundieres, i had something comparable to an orgasm. Shortly after that i was crying. there are only a few things that get me like this, but this.. i had it in my 'watch later' list for some days, waiting for the right time and mood, because i expected something special, and got my film of … maaan. i think since 'dances with wolfes', when i was a little boy, i was't that touched throughout an entire film. Alfred Neubauer was already the biggest hero of all crewchiefs, he still is one of the biggest in the olymp. How they have shown him here, it seems worthy to me. you guys know your stuff, thx again. this i enjoyed as well: before the race, whenever there are drivers to be seen outsight the car, in the same shot WITH a car – it looks so fantastic. Those humans, those machines, it reminds me of knight and warhorse before battle. they have a bond that can decide over life or death, and thus a REALLY special relationship, i know you know you made that clear. Kudos. maybe you do a dozen more of Le Mans'55 films? from every possible perspective, even from Mike Hawthorn's ö_Ö

  56. Ronald Thompson says:

    That was incredible.

  57. Abe Parra says:


  58. Lord Baltimore 5300 says:

    This film uses 3D rotoscoping and canvas art to create the visuals seen here and not CGI used in most animated films and because of this we have a winner here.

  59. IkuMasterLink says:

    I thought the accident was during daytime…

  60. SlyBlu7 says:

    Not really fair to Neubauer, the Mercedes team manager. He had already come to the conclusion that Mercedes should withdraw even before Fitch asked him to, but he did not have the authority to do so. He needed to contact the board of directors of Mercedes-Benz to do so. There was an emergency meeting of the board called, and Neubauer was notified over the phone that he was allowed to pull the car.
    The chief-engineer of Mercedes talked to the Jaguar manager Frank England, and asked them to also consider a withdrawal out of respect for the dead. Frank England was actually the one with a reputation for being a hard and callous team manager. He felt that as Jaguar driver Mike Hawthorn was not responsible for the crash (Hawthorn even blamed himself), there was no reason to withdraw. Jaguar actually won the race by a wide margin, and celebrated the victory with the traditional champagne on the podium.

  61. Tonio445 says:

    bel hommage. C'est assez etrange, le design est tres graphique et pourtant ca reste tres réaliste et beau. chapeau ^^

  62. slopcrusher says:

    Although this was a major event, death was all too common in the racing world back then, especially with those open cockpit cars with no driver protection, it wasn’t unheard of for drivers to get launched from their cars, flying through the air during a crash, I remember quote specifically about one crash where it said “ the driver began to fly through the air, almost flapping his arms as if he was trying to fly away from the whole ordeal, before he hit the ground.”

  63. XenonunoX says:

    This gave me the most chills I've had this year…

  64. barkon says:

    Stunning and beautiful. The style is unique and the pacing is utterly perfect. My only critique is that the headlights of the cars emit not light. This is especially noticeable on the aerial shots where the light would have been quite visible on the tarmac. My only critique for myself is I only know enough French to pick out a few individual words from the final text.

  65. Ruben Fritz says:

    pense que era algo interesante pero resulto ser una idiotes bueno perdi el tiempo

  66. Ruben Fritz says:

    Neubauer dijo que los autos eran muy rapidos para ese circuito lo ignoraron

  67. Silver Spoon says:

    cel-shaded 3D. vectors. beautiful technique.

  68. Joel Movundlela says:

    I am going to take this to a million views.

  69. 青葉真司は自殺しなかった says:

    this > Weathering With You

  70. Fabien Valentin says:

    Triste record que celui-ci la…Un repos éternel aux 80 victimes.

  71. Daniel Solis Rodriguez says:

    This tragedy, a Kid have to see this to see how the automobile security has evolution in all the time to no make more victims of the accident

  72. Cristian Pop says:

    Does anyone remember the PC game called "Another world". The style of the intro looks so much like this movie 😀

  73. Dick Driver says:

    In life it's not whether one win or lose, but more about how one do play the game being own Attitude.


    Being certainly so a poignant short animation that deserves an Award.

  74. Dave Walker says:

    That was really well done.

  75. Billy Andriamahazomandimby says:

    Huge respect to Mercedes. They have had bad luck at Le Mans. A deadly accident in 1955 and flying cars in 1999. I hope they will come to Le Mans, and replicate their success on the F1 to WEC.

  76. Bruce Schneider says:

    Nicely done.

  77. Cuda Hemi says:

    The result had to be annulled, the best did not win, it is paradoxical that the one who caused the accident won.
    Hawthorn 😡

  78. A7V2 says:

    While I respect what the film-makers were trying to do here there's several gross inaccuracies which really change the way some are portrayed. The Fangio/Moss Merc lead or there-abouts for most of the race before being withdrawn, and there's no mention at all of the Kling/Simon Merc. Also Pierre Levegh would never have expected to be in the lead car as he wasn't even a regular factory driver for Mercedes.

    I'm not certain if Neubauer retired immediately after Le Mans or not (but I don't think he did…) but certainly he hadn't planned to before so that's another strange thing to include. EDIT: He definitely did NOT retire immediately after Le Mans and continued until the end of the year.

    Really though what annoys me the most is that the film passes judgement on people (and encourages the audience to do the same) on very limited evidence (and many inaccuracies not just the ones I've listed) which to me just isn't fair and it should be more clear that this is a work of fiction only inspired by, not based on, a historical event.

  79. Kevin Kennedy says:

    This was the most moving and beautifully animated short film I've seen in many years. This deserves more than just a nod. I don't care what the competition is. Great cinema has the power to move you to real emotion. This animation did that. Thank you and best of luck.

  80. Carlyle The Youtuber Boy palacio says:


  81. oscar cabrera says:

    Excelente court!!

  82. PJPF says:

    Where's the French audio version?

  83. Ingeniero Alberto says:

    Dont think this is an oscar Short, is a god one but not for Oscar.

  84. Graeme Westbrook says:

    Nice dig at the uk and jaguar

  85. The Bird of Hermes says:


  86. Daniel Udovenko says:

    Graphics look like it's still buffering

  87. ArdipithecusR. says:

    Goddamn this is heavy.

  88. Max Michell says:

    This was fantastic.

  89. Philsons Lament says:

    The only bad thing I have to say about this is I want more!

  90. Phillip MJ Bacon says:

    It is said that it takes at least seven factors to coincide to great such a disaster…

  91. Alє :3 says:

    falta bastante del accidente original la vd, fue 100 veces peor en la realidad, ademas de que falta el que causo el accidente.

  92. Tech Päd says:

    This film is soul-shaking.
    How was Hawthorne able to live with the guilt of being responsible for the death of 84?
    He would have killed himself after watching this…

  93. weemissile says:

    I think it was more respectful to finish the race than to quit, lest all the deaths be for nothing. I would understand not coming back to Le Mans afterwards though.

  94. daniel vergara says:

    increíble fenomenal único felicidades a todos

  95. Merlin Man says:

    Really the film needs to show more detail on the crash, while I appreciate the movie greatly, this lack of focus on the truth and quite horrific aspect lost it both impact and depth.

  96. Nikolas Manuelides says:

    Why only 720p in 2019?

  97. ticote16 says:

    Ça laisse sans voix…un grand bravo à toute l'équipe d'avoir pu mettre en œuvre ce film….et Merci…oui merci de nous proposer de ce genre de vidéo pour nous, les passionnés que nous sommes !!!

  98. lucashf1 says:

    Gran corto.
    Muy bueno

  99. Melvyn Kenobi says:

    This is simply beautiful.

  100. lsunav says:

    Wow. Heartbreaking and powerful.

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