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Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the “Le Court Journal” it’s eight o’clock and here are the news headlines. A new labor law was adopted by Parliament, in which proposition 666 will allow employers to flog their employees indiscriminantly. It’s truly a great step forward, as Mao Zedong would say, for the employers. President of the French Republic François Hollande is currently traveling throughout the country in order to celebrate this historic victory. There are thousands of them in France, we see them mostly in public transportation, often judged poorly by the rest of the population, and it’s here, in Caen that they chose to show their displeasure today. A report by Pierre Kiroul and Namass Pamouss. Like each day, Michel Patula puts on his uniform. It’s 9.30 a.m. at Twisto Company. Last look at the mirror and Michel goes to his working site. Herouville Saint-Clair, Michel knows this place well, it’s here that one week ago the most traumatic event of his life happened. It’s so hard to get over it … First … at the moment it was so shocking … but now … In nineteen years of working I’ve never seen that! Saturday 26th of March 2016, 9a.m., Hérouville Saint-Clair. Michel enters a tram in order to fulfil his noble task. Suddenly, one of the passengers doesn’t react as he should. A young girl raises her head toward Michel, and holds her right middle finger out towards his direction. I can still see her … and her finger … Please … cut … It’s in Caen hospital that Michel was brought to recover from this traumatizing altrication, thirty minutes after the incident. Still under treatment today, his therapist calls him scarred for life. When a victim experiences a truly dangerous situation, he may develop PTSD, or post-traumatic stress disorder. Michel’s colleagues, upset by this terrible attack organized an emergency demonstration. The meeting took place this morning, in front of the Prefectur, where angry conductors share their outrage. «CONDUCTORS ARE NOT HAPPY
WE DEMAND SOME WEAPONRY» They ask the government for more protection, and hope. Thank you so much Pierre Kiroul and Namass Pamouss for this deeply touching report. Our guest tonight is Mister Jean-Paul Truffin Jean-Paul Truffin, good evening. Mister Truffin you are an expert in security for railways, naval security and public transportation. As an expert, could you tell us more about the context and tell us how to find a solution that will finally solve this central issue? Yes, first of all, I’m really glad to be invited on your show. Today issue is a topical, national and social problem, which is quite hard to solve definitively. In 2015 about 2 in every 10.000 conductors have been attacked, which is something that worries an entire profession. We have two options: either do nothing and see if this number increases, maybe up to 3 or even 4 attacks a year before 2020, Or, actively start putting security forward. “Security forward”, title of your last book, published last week. As of today, what concrete measures have been implemented since the traumatic events occurred? We have video-surveillance in place, which is quite efficient to collect information as the events occur, but does not help anyone in the moment. I would like to intervene during, or even before a tragedy befalls us, with some easy additions like giving handweapon or even firearm to the conductors. These resources could erase the risk for conductors like Michel? Listen, it has already been successfully tested in various private organisations. which private organisations? Doesn’t matter, political jails … labor camps … but that’s not the point. It won’t work in the public sector, and I think that lots of methods could be applied in public transportation. I’m thinking on some combinations like electrocutions of the passengers … You have to realize that each passenger is a potential aggressor for the conductors. Occasionally, even reprimanding a passenger who did nothing, to create an atmosphere of healthy fear, in which the conductors will stand above the masses. Thank you so much Jean-Paul Truffin. We hope that this time our conductors will win their case and benefit of a new equipment, maybe starting their reign of indiscriminate fear next year. It’s now time to conclude this new edition with the news “People”. In a peculiar turn of events: migration influx increases, a boiling european population. The singer Florent Pagny, to relaunch his dying career, invited migrants coming from Middle-East to his villa in Patagonia. Between two llamas shaving, these migrants also added an exotic touch to the recording of the new album of our favorite tenor. Reporting by Cindy Deschamps and Gustavo de la Verga Grande. My name is Ali.. Mazaheri, we just arrived from Iran Mr Florence Pally gave us foods and a place to sleep. We work for him instead He gave us clothes. They are very professional in different instruments, it allows me not being alone, and be always with someone. Thank you very much. Thank you Cindy Deschmaps and Gustavo de la Verga Grande. Ladies and Gentlemen it is time to go off the air but we will meet tomorow at 8 pm for a new edition. We wish you a pleasant evening, on NTM1.

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