Last Kardashian to Leave the Jungle Wins

(upbeat jungle music) – Welcome to I’m Famous, Make It Stop. I’m your host, Britney. – And I’m your other host, Katy. – Eight contestants will battle it out to be the last person standing
in the jungles of Simstralia. (laughing) – Welcome contestants. – You’re welcome. – Okay, the first thing you
will do is pick a partner and say why, but keep it short. – Caitlyn, we’ll start with you. – You know, I’m gonna have to
go with someone who’s quick, who’s smart, who knows me through and– – Caitlyn just pick. – I just want to explain why I’m– – This isn’t short, so those are the rules,
we don’t make them. (laughing) Ew, just pick. – I’m gonna go with Kris. – Oh yay, first pick. – Kylie, your turn. – I pick Kendall. – Predictable, but why? – Because everyone else is like super old. – (beep) you, Kylie. – Things are heating up, y’all. Next up, Kourtney. – Rob. – Damn it. – There’s no way I’m
gonna be stuck with Kim. I’ve lost before I’ve even started. – Seriously, I’m the last one? – Can we re-vote? – There was no vote. – I want a re-count, I know my rights. – Again, not an election. – I think she means veto. Yes, veto this bitch off my team. – You are the rudest
partner in this forest. – Okay, we have our teams. – It’s time for our first challenge. – Because y’all come
from extraordinary lives, these challenges are especially designed to bring you down to Earth. – Let me stay above it. – This challenge is called Laundry Chute. Four contestants will be– – Laundry Chute reminds me of when I– – No, no, quiet time. – Four contestants will
be hanging over the lake while their partners
solve this laundry puzzle. – [Britney] If the partners
can’t put these laundry steps in the correct order, in
time, someone gets dropped. ♪ Let’s get started ♪ – Please don’t sing. – I thought I’d add some spice. – This isn’t Simerican Idol, so. Are the contestants ready? – I’m so ready! Let’s do it! – [Both] No. – Rob, I just want you to know I love you. – Aw, I love you too. – I’ll kill you if you drop me. – Partners, are you ready? – I’m so gonna nail this. I’ve never done laundry before. – There’s one minute on
the clock and we start. – Hurry up! – Now! – Concentrate, babe. You can do this. – This is so hard, I haven’t
done laundry in so long. I think this one is first. – Winner winner laundry dinner! – That’s not a thing. – Pick an answer, Kylie! – Wait, let me think. Okay so you would add
detergent first, right? – I think so yeah! – Incorrect, try again! – I thought detergent was like gas to get the washer started. – You would think that. – Okay, first is separating
darks and lights, right? – I hope you’re not asking me. I don’t do hard labor. – I think this is it. I got it! – Move faster. – Kim, I swear to God. – It’s confusing! – Just put them in order! Haven’t you ever done laundry? – Have you? – This isn’t about me, Kim. – Clock is ticking, contestants. – Pick one! – Okay, this has got to be it. What? – That was incorrect. – No, it wasn’t. – Survey says, yes, it’s incorrect. – There’s a survey? – God, the view up here is fantastic. – Okay, okay, I think I have it in order! – Give it to me, babe. – Yes! – Girl power! – Kris has completed her steps! – Time is running out, y’all. – Got it! – I never doubted you. I was ready to fall. Trust no one. – Kylie, hurry up! – Wait, I think I’ve got it. Do people really do it this way? – You say that like there’s another way. – Detergent is a washer machine’s gas. – Cool. – Only one team left and
time is almost up, ladies! – Kim, oh my God! – This thing is like broken. You have to wash the clothes first or else nothing gets done. – Kim, it’s not like fruit where you rinse it before you eat it! – You don’t eat laundry. (buzzer beeping) – Sorry, girls, time is up
which means Khloe drops. – Kim you stupid–
(splashes) – Did you enjoy your swim, Khloe? – Shut up. – So this is our second challenge and this one is an elimination round. – Because your teams were the last to complete
the other challenge, you have been selected to play. – Whatever. – This challenge is called Budget Buddies. Pretend you’re given– – Question. – Yes? – What’s a budget? – It’s a dance move
they did in the sixties. – No it’s like when people ride the bus and you want someone to
move so they budge it. – Oh my Lord. – It’s a god? – No you fool. Budget is a way to plan so you
don’t spend too much money. – Why is that a thing? – I know right? Have people never heard of a credit card? – We’re gonna continue
with the challenge now. Can we do that? Can we move on? Okay. – In this challenge, you
will pretend to have $1500. – Pocket change. – Got it. – And with that money
you must choose to use it on only two items from the
list: a hot tub, rent, bills, and a makeup kit. – You have 20 seconds to
discuss with your partner. – So like, rent is a thing right? – I know it’s a great musical. – Bills are important. – Yeah, that’s definitely
a thing for people. – Is it? – I was just going along
with you, I don’t know. – My accountant does this stuff. – Same. – Time’s up, we need your answers. Kendall and Kylie? – Yeah, so we went with hot tub. – And a makeup kit. – Oh my God. – Those were are answers! – Okay, can you explain why? – Well, hot tubs are good
for your aches and pains. And thirst traps. – And you should always
look cute, so you need a. – Makeup kit. – Makeup kit. – (beep) They’re gonna win this. – I know. – We’re going home. – Amazing. Kim and Khloe, your answers? – We chose rent and bills. – And why? – Because people need to pay… – That’s correct. – [Both] What? – You may join the other
contestants at the main camp. – Kendall and Kylie, you
have been eliminated. – Who doesn’t want a hot
tub and a makeup kit? – [Producer] I think people would rather have somewhere to live. – You can live in a hot tub if you try. – People are so lazy. – This is where we have to sleep? – I don’t know, I think it’s kinda cute! – You’re sleeping on the ground. – We can make this work. It’s what family does. – Shut up, Caitlyn. – It’s getting late. We should probably get some sleep. – I call the hammock! Oh my God! – So last night was horrible. Caitlyn and Mom wouldn’t shut up. (gentle music) – There are so many stars in the sky. Little fireballs. ♪ Twinkle, twinkle, little star ♪ ♪ How I wonder what– ♪ – This is a solo, babe. – Oh. – You know what I could go for right now? – What? – A t-bone steak. ♪ T-bone steak, eat it on a plate ♪ ♪ T-bone steak, tastes so great. ♪ – Very good, babe. – Really? – You were a little flat. – I got no sleep. – Hello, you two. How you feelin’? – I feel energized! – This challenge is called the DMV Wait. You must sit and wait for one hour. – If you leave the DMV
set before that hour, you will be eliminated. – I love it, let’s go. This can be a great
bonding opportunity for us. Waiting and bonding is the secret sauce. I can fly you know? But I didn’t have to go to the DMV. I just grabbed a plane. There was no way I was gonna slap a hoe. Not in those heels. Forget it, forget it babe. Now is a good time for me to tell you my life story from the start. I was born in– – I can’t! I’m famous, make it stop! – Rob has just quit the
game and I don’t blame him. (laughing) – Wait, where’s Rob? – He’s gone. He quit for some reason. – I forgot he was even here. – My beautiful baby brother. What a lot of people don’t know is that me and Rob are super close. We even shared a moment last
night getting ready for bed. – Can I have your extra blanket? – If one of us is gonna
freeze to death tonight, it’s gonna be you, not me. We really bonded. – Well, gang, we better
start pulling our weight and clean up this dump. – Why? – Don’t ask questions, just help, stupid. – I literally don’t get the point. – We have to live here, you stupid bitch. It needs to stay clean. – I don’t see why we should
waste energy proteins on that. – Kimmy, we all need to pitch in. – Wow, way to bring the camp down, Mom. – What? – You didn’t have to bully, Kim, babe. Too far. – I barely said anything! – There’s evil and then there’s you. – Welcome to the fourth
challenge called Job Interview. Earlier, we asked Kim and Kourtney standard
job interview questions. – Your job is to match those answers. Whoever matches the most, stays. Whoever loses, has their
partner catapulted into the air. – We’re not liable. Khloe you’re up first. – First job interview question is, tell me a little about yourself. – Khloe, what would be Kourtney’s answer? – No. – Correct! – Kris, your turn. What is your leadership style? – I think Kimmy would say,
Creative Businesswoman. – That is incorrect. Kim’s answer was Kanye. – That makes no sense! – It makes perfect sense. Use your brain. – Khloe, what do you consider to be your biggest professional achievement? – My birth. – Yep that is exactly
how Kourtney answered. – True. – Kris, how did Kim answer this question? Out of all the other candidates,
why should we hire you? – I’m smart and a hard worker. – Nope, I’m sorry. Kim’s answer was Kanye. – Are you kidding me? – Embarrassing. You’re so embarrassing, Mom. – Last job interview
question for both of you. Who is your number one reference? – Myself. – You’ve got it right! Kourtney is safe. – Kris, same question. Who is your number one reference? – Kanye! – Wrong. – What, who was it? – I said you, Mom! Why would I put Ye? – Because he was your answer
for every other question! – I wish I could disown you. – Kim is officially eliminated. (screaming) Welcome to your fifth challenge. You’ll be playing and eliminated in teams. – This challenge is
called Standing in Line. – People actually do that? – I thought they only did that in movies. Wow, it really is a different world. – Most people can’t afford VIP fast passes and have to wait in close
quarters with strangers. – Both teams will stand together
in each box for 30 minutes. Khloe is with Kris and– – I’m famous, make it stop. – Oh, okay, well, Khloe has quit. – Does this mean I win? – It actually means that– – I can’t believe I won! – Kris you– – I’d like to thank the academy. (beeping) – This is the final challenge. Housekeeping. – In this challenge you must clean and upkeep your mini home
by any means necessary. – Whoever finishes first, wins. – This is perfect! This set looks just like
my first place in Simalibu. It had a view of the– – No one cares, Caitlyn. Alright, let’s get this challenge started! – [Caitlyn] Piece of cake! – Looks like Caitlyn
is off to a good start. – [Britney] And Kourtney’s doing nothing. – Just gotta trim this shrub
and bing boom, I’m done, babe. (dramatic music) Okay I’m– – [Kourtney] Done. – Looks like our winner is– – No, wait a second, she cheated! – No I didn’t. – Then how did you get
everything done so quickly? – I called a maid and gardening service. – See, that’s cheating! – Technically, a lot
of busy people do call for affordable services
when they don’t have time. – And she said by any means necessary. – Kourtney is our champion! – Ain’t this some (beep) – You should totally go
check out our other video Going to High School with the Kardashians. – And shout out to our member gemofgems. ♪ Subscribe ♪ – Okay. ♪ GM Productions ♪

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