Landlocked land under Waitangi Tribunal spotlight

The Waitangi Tribunal is holding
the Rangitikei ki Rangipo inquiry at Hauiti Marae, Rata this week. The process will examine alleged
treaty breaches that occurred in the
Central North Island region. But as Eruera Rerekura reports, the tribunal is hearing evidence
about a legal anomaly that affects Maori nationwide, landlocked land. Hauiti is the marae,
Ngati Hauiti is the resident iwi. But one of their biggest grievances
is they can’t access all their lands. This issue is important to us
from Mokai-Patea. Ngati Hauiti say a huge proportion
of the tribal estate is landlocked. They say this prevents
them from accessing, or developing the asset. The majority of them
we can’t access the land so we’re unable to do anything
with the land. Nationwide, land-locked property
is a huge issue for Maori. It’s estimated as much as one third
of Maori land is landlocked. It’s up to the government
to sort this one out. It’s clearly a big issue
the government needs to address. Eruera Rerekura, Te Karere.

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