Kohanga Reo’s first day in front of Tribunal

Since 2009, the animosity
and concerns of Kohanga Reo around the country has resulted
in the trust making a claim to stop the Government
from managing their affairs. Today marks their first day
in front of the tribunal? Peata Melbourne reports. The regeneration of the Maori
language is up to Maori. That was the root of what was
said by the representatives of the Kohanga Reo Trust
to the Waitangi Tribunal today. Crown representatives were also
there to hear the Kohanga Reo’s case against and Pakeha system in charge
of the Maori education system. I don’t want the Ministry
of Education to have control over Kohanga Reo. At nap time, there a room
set aside for it. Not like at the marae
where everyone sleeps communally. The Kohanga want to control
their budgets just like mainstream early-childhood care centres. Our language is blooming
and it’s due to Kohanga Reo. The problem is that they’ve
exhausted their resources trying to get up to par with what the
mainstream system demands of them. They don’t understand our movement,
they only understand their own. Yesterday afternoon, Kohanga Reo from all over
the country began arriving in support of the claims
against the MOE. The laws are being met but not
the beliefs and the core beliefs. They are not based
on Maori philosophies. If Kohanga Reo receive the budget, they’ll still be under
the MOE’s thumb. Perhaps some things may be changed
to meet the Government’s aims? We hope so.
It’s up to the Tribunal. The Kohanga Reo Trust claims
will close on Friday, and next week, the Crown will
make their decision known. Peata Melbourne, Te Karere.

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