Knightmare-Future (Justice League 2: Darkseid) | Batman v Superman (4k, HDR)

Did you get it? The rock? Yeah, we got it. I’m sorry. Get down! Get down! Now! No!! She was my world… …and you took her from me. Bruce! Listen to me now! It’s Lois! It’s Lois Lane! She’s the key! Am I too soon?! I’m too soon! You’re right about him! You’ve always been right about him. Fear him! Find us, Bruce! You have to find us!

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  1. Cassidy Alexis-Starchild says:

    Had they just gone with the Knightmare storyline it would have been a much better film.

  2. Vander says:

    Terrible movie, cool scene

  3. henry maude says:

    The regime

  4. Dejean says:

    So Batman is something like Tony Stark , has visions and sh*t

  5. josue ramirez says:

    God, just movie was just so awful on nightmare scene with in a dream sequence??? Brilliant! 😂
    Bruce Wayne dressed as Batman, disguised in a long trench coat, scarf and goggles??? Yeah, hi, I'm Batman, in another disguise!!! 😒

  6. Gary Turbo says:

    That would be a great setting for Flashpoint

  7. MADMUKS says:

    You know things are bad when the Bruce Wayne in the Movie is actually Thomas Wayne(TFP)

  8. chriss4365 says:

    Stupid they show para demons then go with steppen wolf instead of darkseid fail.

  9. anti joe says:

    If look closely at Flash's suit, it kinda resembles that end of the world type scavenger suit. Because look at Batman's suit. This is basically If Darkseid had won or he's just getting started. We might see Darkseid in this. Also since we don't see Diana or Cyborg this could also be Flashpoint.

  10. Mr.Skittle Biscuit says:

    First, most important thing to get right about Batman: Does, Not, Kill.

  11. Brendan Sullivan says:

    2:28 guy just sits there with gun admiring batmans ass whooping skills

  12. Brendan Sullivan says:

    3:01 batman gets a 3 piece and a soda

  13. UndeadAlcane says:


    You ejected the first bullet by hand, didn't you? I see what you were trying to do, but testing a technique you've only heard about in the middle of battle wasn't very smart. You were asking to have your gun jam on you. Besides, I don't think you're cut out for an automatic in the first place; you tend to twist your elbow a little to absorb the recoil. That's more of a revolver technique.

    But, that was some fancy shooting. You're pretty good.

  14. Tylor Durdin says:

    Needs a better choreographer, and definately a. Better Batman

  15. Doug Neal says:

    Can someone explain this scene? I honestly do not get it

  16. Cristian Pacheco says:

    What happened to Batman doesn’t kill ?

  17. Johnny Who says:

    Ben Affleck does a MoFo of a Batman.


  18. stoney renegade says:

    These movies are shitty because of the fact that culture now a days is all about the look. About the appearance and Not the substance. This world reeks. Hopefully just a phase.


    This dark version of Supe has such an aura about him that even Homelander can match.


    (Spoilers for injustice comics in replies)
    In Injustice, Flash was with Superman at first but went back to Batman because he went too far (won't spoil why). So it likely plays out the same way with him saying "you've always been right about him." With him trying to put a stop to the Injustice timeline.

  21. Nick Coulthurst says:

    Too ambitious a movie, script needed polishing – still love it though.

  22. Motivated Krыsa says:

    In general, it’s like a reference to Injustice, and not to the second part

  23. Anderson Pereira says:

    Que baseado o Batman fumou, hein??

  24. Vice Ren says:

    This went over so many people heads

  25. Dad Bud says:

    3:40 That's Brightburn right there..

  26. James Remington says:

    there is only one thing that really bothers me about this scene. There is no way in hell Batman would have trusted anyone but himself to get the kryptonite.

  27. KotaThaSage says:

    a batman that kills..isnt that big daddy from kick ass

  28. REFR3SH says:

    Can anyone explain to me what flash mean at this part? 4:20

  29. Armond Welch says:

    These fucking dream sequences were such trash. Looked good in the trailer and that's about it. Im so fucking glad Affleck is fired from playing batman

  30. Ramon Maximiliano says:

    2:25 the guy on the left waits like a whole year and does not shoot batman… I mean could this scene be anymore fake? Terrible LMAO

  31. BootySnatcher 420 says:

    When people still somehow don’t realize that that was the real flash warning Bruce that if he doesn’t save Lois then they all fucked

  32. José Zulueta says:

    WB fucked their own universe. This scene was awesome and had me hyped for years.

  33. A Tachanka says:

    Dope af

  34. Tv&MovieEdits says:

    Superman:Hail Hydra!

  35. Игорь Коробейников says:

    Batman Wick

  36. Luis Hernández says:

    Still want to see the Snyder Cut

  37. Cam Walsh says:

    I’ll be so disappointed if they don’t follow up on this more.

    Batman with guns is really cool though

  38. Sree Kumar says:


  39. Валера Буранов says:

    2:26 🤬🤦‍♂️ shit

  40. Frozy says:

    anyone notice that the flash has somekind of alternate suit like a different version of the suit?

  41. Jed Molina says:

    3:54 the make up disappears

  42. MagnificentApplePie says:

    "Batman is probably immune to bullets, so we should go up to him and beat him with our guns and fists instead"

  43. Anshuman Das says:

    We want injustice league

  44. DarKKnightt07 says:

    I love the camera work in this scene, from the moment Batman steps out of the truck, it is one continuous shot, no annoying camera cuts or angles.

  45. Whippy99 says:

    They could have all shot him so many fucking times but no they for no reason get even closer and get on a knee to do so then they can’t do it I mean like they could have just shot from where they were but whatever batman would win either way

  46. 3myr Ryamo says:

    Why does the title say Justice League 2?

  47. Dinh Nguyen says:

    Can someone tell me who that is(my guess is flash)4:21

  48. Багдат Кабиев says:

    Намного лучше бы сделал Зак снайдер

  49. Flynn Burger says:

    2:30–2:31 the introduction of the pistolarang no longer the batarang thats to true to the source material were using the….

  50. dc fan boy batman says:

    What is inside lex Luther box

  51. André Enciso says:


  52. DRAPES ROYALE says:


  53. Toby Smyth says:

    Every time I see this it just looks like a weird injustice gods among us scene?

  54. Muhammad Taufiq Abdul Rahim says:

    3:55 magically removed black eyepaint

  55. Ali Adoul says:

    so, uh… correct me if i'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure batman's first rule is never to murder…

  56. AngryToasterOven says:

    I just don't understand why they're stereotypical Nazis. Why couldn't have they been like evil Children of the Corn? I've always wanted to see Batman beat up Amish folk….

  57. BIG Games says:

    This is where dark side have taken this world and every superhero is dead or gone this scene was mint to be the future to n the JL but Zak stopped filming because has kid pissed away. Like the flash coming in and telling him it’s superman’s mother’s scane

  58. Jason Gotsgo says:

    This is when Clark become homelander

  59. Hype The Beast says:

    so Flash was talking about Louis Lane and to bring her in as the big gun, remember this is the future flash going through the speed-force to tell the Batman to bring in Louis Lane, this is what they do to bring back Superman as the good guy. So apparently this whole movie is taking place in an alternate universe when Superman turns good, in reality, Flash didn't go back in time to tell Bruce to bring in the Big guns which makes Superman bad, later on down the road Joker kills Louis Lane and Superman blames it on the Batman because the Joker is his job and not his. Superman becomes even more evil and teams up with Darkseid and Steppenwolf to take over the world.

  60. Macmac says:

    Look how they butchered my boy

  61. Christopher Newby says:

    Sadly this does not make sense anymore… If it was we'd have to see the best superman go.

  62. Bruh Moment says:

    Why can’t they just make an epic movie based off of this

  63. Hayden Lau says:

    Soldier: I have this weapon which fires steel projectiles at supersonic velocities, at 800 rounds per minute. My target has a big-ol face hole in his mask, which I don't even know is bulletproof. What should I do?

    Fucking run at Batman and hit him with my gun.

  64. Javier Guerra says:

    Im guess we will never see the conclusion to this movie.
    Ben and Henry are out.

  65. Austin Ballard says:

    Batman having eye makeup to no makeup in seconds.

  66. Daniel Martinez says:

    This movie was a waste no sequel or anything to continue this movie. Dc is so scattered with all differnt upcoming actors

  67. Francis Yanthan says:

    wah..Ben is soo huge..

  68. Willaev says:

    This is Last Jedi quality fight choreography.

    Fucking atrocious.

  69. Akwari Financial says:

    0:08 who else just realized there is a green lantern symbol on the field?

  70. Dantai says:

    This scene is amazing, everything about it, visuals, costumes – putting Batman & Superman in such extreme
    "war-time" situations that they break the rules, break each other.

    Zack Snyder certianly had a vision here, I just wish he didn't try to blow his entire wad in this one film. It could have been much more if it was stripped down and had less sub/side-plots & didn't focus on universe builidng as heavily – just tried to be the best movie it could be without that stuff.

  71. Akira says:

    This movie was quite good but Batman needs his stand alone movie before this one. Plus, that Martha moment ruinede everything. It was better have a bad Superman with red kryptonite than a bunch of misunderstanting between these two

  72. Mr Aj says:

    Heres where the arkham games are more realistic than the movies the amount of times these stupid people walk up to batman with their guns insead of shooting him. Uggg

  73. D Jason says:

    2:26 the guy on the left side got on his knees for no reason.

  74. SouR Waves says:

    I’m the 600 comment

  75. nismo armada says:

    Christian bale is the best actor for Batman

  76. Lekhalifa Gaming says:

    Fake sence 😂🤦🏽‍♂️

  77. le Hoarderz Al-Shekelsteins says:

    tell me about batman. why he wear the mask?

  78. Alexo Skykasl says:

    If you have a problem with BATMAN KILLING Bad Guys by using GUNS, there's something wrong with you.

  79. Janell Hollmond says:

    people:this is sick

    Me:where's gotha

    Also me:this should be a part of a movie called the bats and Darksiders of GOTHAM

  80. Janell Hollmond says:

    This has to atleats ingage with the joker who is Batman's biggest villlian he would have been dead or just chillin like a villlian

  81. Hoàng Nguyễn Thái says:

    And we will never see any things follow this scene. Fleck's gone.

  82. ULTRAgameplays YT says:

    Damn batman is a one man army

  83. The Star Federation says:

    This kinda reminds me of Injustice.

  84. Tommy Fr says:

    That’s the batman we deserved.

  85. _ Ourumav’s Briefcase _ says:

    Wow, is that post apocalyptic city Gotham in the background??

    I mean, just wow. I understand it's just a movie but, I can't help but think about the citizen's final thoughts while they knew they were gonna die, like " heh . . .guess Batman couldn't save us this time . . . Shit . ."

    Must've been a surreal moment for them . . .unless there's a big piece of the lore I'm missing. I dunno.

    Lollol it's fun to think about

  86. E D-J says:

    And the og Captain Marvel lives in this world

  87. Batman says:

    Zack Snyder directing style just perfectly fits DC Universe

    Just my opinion…

  88. AJ 1998 says:

    This whole scene was cool af and everything but in all honesty, what purpose did this scene serve ? Scenes should be in the film only if it has a real purpose and moves the story along. This thing had no purpose other than to look cool.

  89. MR-HorribleLad says:

    the only bad thing about this scene is that they got the fight between batman and soldier's wrong. if you look carefully you can see that the superman's soldiers are just there to get beaten and they don't even try to shoot batman. they just keep stepping in front of him to get beaten.

  90. SugarW1thC0ffee says:

    The scene was cool but what the fuck was this??? This was Batman!?? I’ll always be surprised how people genuinely liked this!

  91. ekalem says:

    I love the dark atmosphere in DC

  92. MBOmnis says:

    Holy crap. This changes pretty much everything.

  93. Rishabh Chatterjee says:

    he is so slow

  94. Pixel says:

    [3:40] Homelander?

  95. Michael Kayseryan says:

    Terrible fucking movie man

  96. Entity hunter 306 says:

    Its funny how batman uses the rifle to hit badguys then shoot bad guys

  97. Erlinda Mari says:

    Mord lik injustice

  98. Adam Khan says:

    Wanted to see where this story went in Snyders justice league. Oh well….

  99. Aquarius says:

    No one:

    Like literally no one:

    No one in the world:

    No one in the universe:

    When No Nut November is finally over: 4:18

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