Kim Kardashian West Talks Prep for Baby #4 and Criminal Justice Reform

-I haven’t been here in so long.
-Thank you. You have not — You were on our
very first “Tonight Show” ever. -It’s been years.
-So it’s always been — -Your very first one?
-My very fir– Yeah. -Oh, wow.
-So it’s been five years, almost to the date.
-Oh, wow. -So much has changed. -So much has changed
in five years. -Oh, my God.
Congrats on the family and… -Thank you.
-How — How are the babies? How are — How is everybody? -So good.
-Yeah? -My daughter,
my 5-year-old daughter North, and my 3-year-old son Saint
are finally getting along. [ Laughter ]
-Yeah. -It’s like…
-That’s fantastic. -…the best moment as a mom. -Yeah, you want it —
you want it to work that way. -Yeah.
-Yeah. And you have baby number four
on the way? -Baby number four on the way.
-Wow, good for you. [ Cheers and applause ]
-Yeah. -That is so great. -Yeah, but, you know,
I was kind of stressing. But it’s just —
my house is so full. But I heard that parents of four are the most enlightened
and calm of all parents. -Really?
-The most calm, yes. -Of four?
-Yes, I heard that, so… Oh, my gosh.
I — What — What if — Two — that’s all I have.
[ Light laughter ] Am I — Am I stressed out?
[ Laughter ] I’m just nervous
and stressed out? -I felt the huge change —
from one to two… -Yeah.
-…felt like one to 20. -Oh, really?
-That was like the — That was harder
than two to three for me. -Yeah, because you
just don’t sleep anymore, ever. -Yeah, yeah. -You have to
just say goodbye to sleep. It’s all over. I don’t know when it ends,
I mean, ’cause… -I feel like four is gonna be
really even, though, because, I just — you know, right now,
it’s like me with two always. -Yeah.
-And Kanye just has one. So he’s, like, still living
his life, and I’m — you know… [ Laughter ]
-Yeah, and Kanye doesn’t — Yeah,
but this is what Kanye does. -It’s not making…
-This is genius. This is North.
This is baby North. She — She actually fell asleep
on his head for thir– [ Audience awws ]
-Yes. -He said for like 30 minutes? -So if you know anything
about Kanye, you know
he can fall asleep anywhere. -Yeah.
-Like — Like a doctor’s office, I’m getting a sonogram —
he’s snoring. Like, any — any place
I take him, he’s snoring. -He could
take a power nap anywhere? -Left me in a restaurant once
in a meeting for him in France. I didn’t even understand — they
were not even speaking English. -Yeah.
-He falls asleep at the table. [ Laughter ]
And, I mean, the worst. So she definitely is him. -Oh, my gosh.
It’s so cute. Oh, I thought about you
the other day. I was watching
the State of the Union, and they mentioned this woman —
was it… -Oh, yes. Alice Marie Johnson.
-…Alice Marie Johnson. This is because of you, right? This is something that you
kind of campaigned for. -A little bit.
[ Cheers and applause ] -A little bit?
-Yes. [ Cheers and applause continue ]
Yeah, me and — I mean, she’s had amazing attorneys
working for her for two decades. -Yeah. -So I was the last push
at the end that — -Explain the story —
How did you know about her story or hear about it? -I was honestly
just on my phone, and someone
that I follow on Twitter must have reposted a news story,
and I saw it. And so I always say that
Alice’s story came to me, and I just felt
something inside of me that I — if I had the power to help,
i was gonna try. -And now she’s — she’s out.
-Yeah. She’s out. -And you got to see her
reunite with her family. [ Cheers and applause ]
-Yeah. Yeah. -I mean, it’s a beautiful story.
-Yeah, it really is. And — And I mean, to me, seeing
her at the State of the Union was just such a message of hope, because
there’s so many people like her that really deserve that.
-Yeah. -And I was just so proud
to see her. She was texting me,
texting me pictures. -That’s a big deal.
-I was so happy for her. -Good for you for doing that.
That’s great that you did that. -Yeah. Thank you. Thank you.
[ Cheers and applause ] -Are you — Do you plan on doing
more with criminal justice to… -Yeah, well, you know,
we were all really behind the First Step Act
that the President endorsed, and they got that. And so, actually,
a guy named Matthew Charles was there at
the State of the Union. -Yeah. -He was the first person
to get out, so that — from the First Step Act. So that bill
got out thousands of people. So we’re working on getting
all of those people out now. But something that
I really want to focus on — I think there’s such a stigma on people hiring
formerly incarcerated people. I think that, you know, without people really knowing
their story and their history about what they’ve
really been through, or maybe — there’s so many people that are
incarcerated for life for murder that maybe
they were just next to someone and they were a group of people,
and there — a fight broke out, and somebody,
unfortunately, died. But they
didn’t even hit the person, didn’t even have a weapon,
and were serving life. So they’ve gotten out. And people like that deserve
a second chance at life. -Yeah.
-And I feel like I definitely, for all my businesses,
I would love to partner — there’s, like, a company —
ARC in California — that helps find people,
once they get out, and give them jobs
and counseling. -You get them jobs.
-Yeah. So I would love to hire
formerly incarcerated people. And I think I would — you know, I would love to spread that
message that other companies — and big companies
can do that, too. -Good for you. I love it.
[ Cheers and applause ] -Here’s why I love it.
-Mm. -You do so much stuff. I’m glad that you do this stuff,
as well. -Thank you.
-That’s really nice of you.

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    Shame on her and Kanye for using a surrogate. Choose adoption you selfish fucks.

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    😘 hot mama

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    My mom has 4 and she can not take any more arugiment

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    I am so glad this comment particularly about Kim is mainly positive when its usually the opposite – tons of women supporting her and lifting her up, that is how we all should treat other women at all times!

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    Jimmy at 1:02 – "I, *gibberish*, TWO"

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    Can I just say well done to Kim for standing up for a truly meaningful cause,she didn't just do it for publicity I really think she did it coz she believed that Alice should be free and she used her celebrity status to help that woman, in my opinion that was a truly amazing thing to do, i mean she didn't have to do it, she chose to do it coz she wanted to help that woman, good on you Kim,keep doing things like that,and for the same reason you helped Alice, for example, because you believed in her cause, in her innocence etc,kim doesn't get enough credit for all the charity work she does and the causes she fights for

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    Kim has come soooo far… She took a night of video taped sex and turned it into an Empire! You may hate her but Kim kardashian is smart an amazing women and mother… Just because she likes taking half naked selfies and wear makeup does not mean she is not smart.
    I'm sure Kim didn't want it to go down this way but things happen in our lives for a reason. Luv ya Kim k

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    I love that people are finally starting to see what a kind hearted, loving, & generous woman she is. The comments in this video are amazing. I’m so happy for Kim. Everything she has done for Criminal Justice Reform is impeccable, all the hate shes gotten over her stand against it was worth it. As much as people use to say she was self absorbed air head, this completely shows what a GREAT woman she has always been. So proud of you Kim, I know your father would be very proud of you. Best of luck on the bar! πŸ™πŸΌπŸ’•

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