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  1. Stacie M says:

    This was wonderful…seriously…this interview made my day 😁

  2. John Henderson says:

    Breyer, Ginsburg, and Sotomayor (except for Kagan) only the fun Justices get to talk to Colbert.

  3. W P says:

    That’s a fascinating question lmao.

  4. Chris Cooper, random man of music says:

    Not a sandwich

  5. maggie198333 says:

    The Ghotbusters bit is hilarious !

  6. GINO SPIMONI says:


  7. Trent Mcgready says:

    Ruth bader is old as balls

  8. Lukas Schrage says:

    Has anyone actually followed that link? xD

  9. socrappyicoulddie says:

    Stephen should shout less on his show because his voice is like butter here

  10. Semaj Pugh says:

    I know you wanna give her the benefit of the doubt, but she looked like she honestly didn't know the ghost busters one lol

  11. banana junior 9000 says:

    She easily makes Kavanaughty look like a spoiled idiot.

  12. Jesse says:

    OMFG IT's the GHOST BUSTERS! How can you be on the Supreme Court and NOT know when it's an appropriate time to call the Ghost Busters! This has devastated me.

  13. Valce says:

    It always warms my heart to see people of incredible authority or success sit and converse in a fun, down-to-earth manner like this.

  14. Catbert says:

    Great interview. Brought big smiles to my face. A genuine, funny and intelligent important member of our legal system. Only wish we had many more.

  15. S Dev says:

    Omg she's amazing I love her!!!

  16. CD Smith says:

    She's quite wonderful. The kind of judge most people would actually want presiding over them, deciding on our highest laws, etc. You know, the kind of judge Trump very likely would want to replace with a flunky, a crony, or someone beholding to him.

    In other news, after seeing that shot of Colbert dueting "RIght Round" in his office with a singing banana, he needs to run for President…. so he can do that in the Oval Office. Totally. Now THAT would truly make America great again.

  17. wvu05 says:

    Love the legal gymnastics for the poker game.

  18. the numberonebeaner says:

    Hot dogs ARE sandwiches. What's the first thing you look for when you run out of hot dog buns? Sliced bread to make them 'sand-dogs'!

  19. THE WICKEDD says:


  20. BaldingClamydia says:

    I like her a lot! She seems really great.

  21. Wayward Mind says:

    Fools. A hotdog is . . . wait for it . . . a taco. Think about it.

  22. Tarik Haddab says:


  23. Vincent Maladière says:

    stephencolbert.org is live btw and it's terrible

  24. Dalany Jecis says:

    wtf a hot dog is not a sandwich .

  25. Richard Andaluz says:

    I will Buy these Books!!

  26. Tosca says:

    She's wonderful! What a great idea to introduce children to ideas of justice 🙂👍

  27. Damo says:

    Why doesn't America have this calibre of person as President?

  28. koltm52 says:

    Big Pappa C needs to bring the beard back, damn he looked fine.

  29. Cassie Harris says:

    Am I the only one who noticed the ominous sign that the video's length is 9:11

  30. Brandon Hicks says:

    3:07 oh my goodness it's a real site stephencolbert,org

  31. Darakaa says:

    She took the quarter, and then used it to call the police and turn herself in.

  32. Tom G says:

    Day theme at the end…. Awesome

  33. Laura Browning says:

    Love her!

  34. Seetiyan says:

    Lol – she needs to Ghostbusters stat!

  35. Larry D says:

    Oh Please! A hot dog is a sausage. It is part of a sandwich when it is on a bun. And, although, I like hot dogs, they are a poor excuse for a sausage and on a bun, ditto for a sandwich. The Justice gets a pass from me anytime. She's a delight.

  36. verbst says:

    This was one of the sweetest interviews in a while. And my God, that wink to the camera before he asked the Ghostbuster question! Love this!

  37. Maryanne Wambui says:

    omg she has never heard of ghostbusters!!

  38. nuttyest says:

    I like her

  39. Deb Mar says:

    Ghostbusters! Ghostbusters! Say it say it say it! Ok, she doesn't know the reference, but I still love this woman!!!!

  40. Blueberryymuffin says:

    I don’t think she knows the song lol.

  41. Blueberryymuffin says:

    A sub is a sandwich. Their bread is sometimes if not every time connected. A hotdog is a sandwich just like a burger is a sandwich.

  42. Ryan Sullivan says:

    You jackarses busting her about Ghostbusters need to call someone for a life

  43. Rosemary Williams says:

    why do I feel like she has a scream room… 😀 JK…am I?

  44. Rosemary Williams says:

    Ghost busters LOL oh yeah she defiantly has a life to not know where that was going…I Love This 🙂

  45. Luis Jimenez says:


  46. Chimpanzee says:

    Sotomayor is just another American celebrity that pushes her books – as always when it comes to Americans it is all about the money.

  47. Justin Thyme says:

    it's funny how "real people" never get pop-cultural references … maybe it's because they are busy living their life rather than binch watching crap on TV and wasting their time on this earth away…hmmm 😛

  48. GreenEyes 1226 says:

    Love Her …!!!💜💜

  49. XHeroZA says:

    UR so awesome SC!

  50. PelloTap says:

    If you ever get the chance to meet this wonderful woman, she is the sweetest person! It was a delight to listen to her.

  51. 61lastchild says:

    We need more truly intelligent people, like Justice S, in the public, speaking out, explaining things of importance…and not the dolts we have now on fake news shows(aka; Trump News) and the whole of the WH staff pretending to be smart.

    But we need to go back to listening to smart people…thats the only aspect of the past we truly need to return to…to MAGA.

  52. Dani TheRealHucasys says:



    No Sonia, don't eat hotdogs we need you strong and healthy!!!! Love this woman.

  54. scrubjay93 says:

    Long may she live and prosper!

  55. Thiago Albino Santos says:

    She is so adorable

  56. Brian Jones says:

    A wasted opportunity for a great interview. Shame, Stephen.

  57. Jacob Prim says:

    I don't want to imagine kavanaugh with superpowers…

  58. J. MaBob says:

    I like this lady!!

  59. Adam Jensen says:

    Thats right, keep pounding those hot dogs. Maybe we'll get two more Trump picks on the Supreme Court.

  60. Wearephuct O says:

    So important supreme court decisions are being made by a 100 year old woman on pain killers.

  61. Johnyliltoe says:

    "You seem nice. I'm sorry you have to live in Washington."


  62. Alice Wolfe says:

    awww, shes cute!

  63. Tiny says:

    First time I enjoyed whatching this dbag.

  64. Rae Lynn says:

    This was amazing! And he asked about the Hot Dog sandwich debate again. Awesome! Has Mr.Colbert interviewed the most sitting Supreme Court Justices? Any chance we can see more of them? 🙂

  65. Diana B says:

    hahaha, she is not putting up with his silliness… She is such a wise brilliant leader!

  66. Aosha says:

    Stephen, chew with your mouth closed for goodness' sake.

  67. Felicia For Real says:

    I love her

  68. *Mars! Exulti!* says:

    She's never seen Ghostbusters. How adorable!

  69. Shigemi Notoge says:

    A hot dog is not a sandwich, it's a soft taco.

  70. Inuyasha TT says:

    I love this lady so much

  71. Bonnie Robinson says:

    We need these women.

  72. Christopher's Customs says:

    What did this prove?

  73. Ariel Steinsaltz says:

    Just when I think I can respect a member of the highest court in our land, she goes and says that a hot dog is a sandwich. How can I trust any of her rulings now?

  74. Ahmed Farouk says:

    Call the avengers

  75. ROBERT DUFAULT says:

    When he got on the subject of poker he should have asked her if she ever played strip poker. If she would have said no he should have said let's be honest.

  76. Mahmoud El Arch says:

    She's too wise to say Ghostbusters !

  77. sailtheplains says:

    3:19 I believe it

    4:11 EH OH She went right for the Guilt-Throat!

    6:27 He had to fight a grin. hahahaha

  78. Anthony Camacho says:

    Who ya gonna call!? THE PO PO!

  79. Ahava Juife says:

    She seems humble! Love this!

  80. sebatian says:

    Ghostbusters, Justice!!!!!!!!!!!! this proves she's well-learned and not like us commoners or she's just an old lady.

  81. Rachel 'RTNightmare' says:

    Who you gonna call?
    The police for sure.

    That's hilarious! XD This is so weird. Oh my goodness, she breaks the mold. I love it! 😀

  82. Kittenofdeath says:

    Didn't expect Stephen to take that big of a bite of hot dog. He dang near choked himself!

  83. Anita Mwangi says:

    do Kavanugh next

  84. joseph bodden says:

    Coins left in public devices, vending machines, phones etc. are abandoned property in a public place and the Finders Keepers Act of 20000 BC applies. Legal salvage.

  85. PureUnwindASMR says:

    I love field pieces -Steven shines even more if that were possible. Please hear this LSSC!!!

  86. Melanie says:

    1000 comment

  87. S Ma says:

    Hilary sucked an egg.
    Mark R is a dummy.

  88. Joe Della Selva says:

    Oh GOD Stephen do not quit your day job……awkward and stupid questioning of the poor woman. Leave her to do her job magnificently and read 'My Beloved World'.

  89. Red Balloon says:

    Great segment. People seem to forget that there has only ever been 4 women Justices 3 of which are currently serving. Sandra Day O'Connor retired over a decade ago. In my opinion it shows progression with regards to equity. I also like Justice Sotomayor because she grew up in a household whereby Spanish was the 1st language spoken. She is also eloquent and a wonderful inspiration for all.

  90. Terri Kukla says:

    Keep the others in line please!!

  91. john jacobs says:

    Inspiring Lady no doubt.
    I am working on having my biography penned.
    "Broken Promises, Shattered Dreams" depicts my life which will included several chapters from the years 1999-2007 what I call the "positive" years.
    South Beach Miami…Art Deco lifestyle, beautiful beaches, lovely "mamitas" and Estefan Enterprises!
    A time when a working class "schmuck" from New Jersey and his Latino buddy were attempting to springboard a project with Mr. Estefan's company.
    The A and R Department of Mr. Estafan's company broke their promise, shattered the dream, and hurt my friendship with my "amigo".
    When faced with the reality that issues would best be settled through the court, my Latino friend had no interest in being involved, so I fought for my justice solo.
    I took my case all the way up to the US Supreme Court where an "angle", Justice Thomas and three others seemed to be on board to look at my case.
    Unfortunately, five other justices were not.
    I lost on a technicality, TIME, or as it is called in the legal system the statute of limitations of which I was under, NOT over had deprived me of having my day in court.
    In July of 2018 after several very cordial emails, I received a call from a representative of Estefan Enterprises that was deeply appreciated by me.
    That call lead to positive closure and just as important, gave me to inspiration to pursue putting my life story in a book and hopefully turning that into a movie.
    The representative told me that both he and Emilio Estefan wanted nothing but the best for my future and success.
    I received encouragement from Estefan Enterprises to pursue the book.
    Although I had asked if they would be interested in teaming up with me, I was politely turned down.
    The company is involved in too many other projects.
    So, here I am solo.
    At least I have been given the inspiration and motivation from the man himself Emilio Estefan and his company to pursue my new dream, right?
    After all, although some dreams never come true, you can continue to dream until one of those dreams does come true.

  92. Isaiah Oliveras says:

    No Women Presidents Ma'am

  93. Tim D says:

    Finding a quarter in a phone booth is like the winning the Rhode Island lottery!

  94. Jake StateFarm says:

    No! It's a hot dog!!!

  95. Nat LuvsStrawberries says:

    I love her!

  96. Ascent says:

    Man the brilliant legal mind just could not catch that joke. Lol

  97. Alex Landherr says:

    At 7:06, I bet she purposely avoided giving the desired answer for comedic effect.

  98. Carolina Morales-Alicea says:

    I like Stephen’s comedy but I didn’t like this interview, too many silly questions, don’t waste the judge’s time.

  99. SystemYTP says:

    Awesome, 9-0

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