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  1. john mayer says:

    I want to go one on one with Ainsley next

  2. Useful idiom says:

    A very impressive man right there.

  3. m bk says:

    What does this have to do with Impeachment.

  4. George ONeal says:

    This guy is good. It's a shame they arent all like him. We have a government education system that needs to be done away with. Its causing the dumbing down of America

  5. daniel letterman says:

    I NEVER got a memo saying "don't say Merry Christmas". Stupid people thought that.
    Neil Gorsuch got on SCOTUS through hypocrisy. How dare he pretend he should be on that court with all the lovely words he used.

  6. George ONeal says:

    Ask him why Scalia was murdered

  7. Peter Porreca says:

    I am getting your book. you tiered me up.

  8. A Leyden says:

    God Bless Trump for choosing him.

  9. Gavin McIngus says:


  10. Rotax 636nut says:

    God Bless You Justice Gorsuch

  11. Billy Bibbet says:

    Don't worry, there are plenty of flies in Washington!

  12. John Tatum says:

    I wonder what gorsuch really thinks about the sham use of the impeachment process by Dems in the House? Does he agree that the Legislative chance can abuse their power and have done so with the Impeachment Hoax? Ainsley is really cute when she cannot read…ha!

  13. Ken Karawan says:

    AOC doesn't know the three branches of government.

  14. Michael Davis says:

    I'm sure this lady is a fine person, but she always comes across as so incredibly ignorant. No, it's not because of her accent. I'm from the South as well. She just seems like a pretty face they put in front of a camera. Definitely not a journalist.

  15. kwik2hear says:

    Ainsley, real news, real woman. Go! Judge Go!

  16. T C says:

    Don’t make it up. Democrats are you listening?

  17. Bēowulf Allrauðr says:

    Wow how wise

  18. T C says:

    Judge Gorsuch very nice voice.

  19. Mike Jensen says:

    What a great pick! If only we could get rid of RBG and that crap of a human and major coward Roberts.

  20. Georgia Watch says:

    Democrats=“Oh my God, he is talking crazy!!!! Impeach him”!!!!!!!

  21. great outdoors says:

    Locked in a cage….That's where Genuine patriots demand Trump be put

  22. JEFF simmons says:


  23. Jim Fishburn says:

    I could sit and listen to him for days. He is a great man.

  24. Dee Pattison says:

    The talk is fine if people understand the original document but I doubt it.

  25. william browning says:

    He could not answer the God question, he just put ALL in man’s hands. Really, what does it mean “created equal”? I’m equal to Adam? I’m an NBA star? I’m a genius? In God’s sight we all belong to him AND are born with the sin nature.

  26. Virginia Goins says:

    God Bless This Judge.
    What an Honor to have You.

  27. Brian Allen says:

    Ainsley Earhardt is either incompetent, or extremely distracted.

  28. Lisa Towe says:

    Unquestionably the most constitutional justice we have had in the last several decades. We got lucky with him.

  29. EdwinPeter Higginson says:

    Proceeding "without fear or favor"

  30. Scott says:

    3.04 Gorsuch: "Every country in the world has a great bill of rights these days". NO. Australia doesn't.

  31. Francisco Valiente says:

    Founders they earn that titles. The left say fraimere.

  32. Dick Ross says:

    What a wonderful interview! Thank You Ainsley.

  33. Grace M says:

    What a wonderful interview, A humble man!!

  34. JimiSurvivor says:

    AOC couldn't name the three branches

  35. Rusty Denison says:


  36. D JG says:

    If we are to have a representative government that is "of the people", then the force and effect of the law on the people must be that explicitly intended by the peoples' representatives.
    What the peoples' representatives intend, or intended, must be the sole rule of law. If new circumstances arise not covered by the laws conveying the intentions of the peoples' representatives, then new laws can be passed by those representatives. What can't properly be done is to arrive at new law through regulations by bureaucrats or court rulings by activist judges. And even when our representatives pass new laws, those laws must be explicitly authorized by the intentions of those who wrote the Constitution.

  37. Joe Herr says:

    Members of Congress dont know 3 branches of govt like aoc

  38. James EJ Jones says:

    Can someone please tell me how will this man will make my life better or yours?

  39. DanSk451 says:

    Haha!! “When people are yelling at you and threatening you”. That was a direct shot at Ttump.

  40. nonshatter7 says:

    'Merry Christmas' in his first statement. Not something banal like "Happy Holidays". I like that.

  41. Lee Boggs says:

    Merry Christmas indeed. Allowing a complete answer. How refreshing in an interview.

  42. Jennifer Gudmundson says:

    The CIA has owned and Controlled N. Korea since WW2!! Not King Jung UN! POTUS has stripped the CIA out of several countries now!!!! Israel will be last!!!

  43. K Ā N A K A H A W A I ' I says:

    I like this man! What an awesome choice for Supreme court justice 👍

  44. MsJudi54 says:

    We need to put Civics & American History (conservative, unbiased version) back into our public schools!!

  45. BuRntCircuItz says:

    Ainsley, Neil.. Thank you for having this public conversation. The whole Country should watch this..

  46. valerie jewell says:

    Ronald carravagio, sweetheart, all of my male ancestors have fought in ALL wars, from the Revolution, and before that, The french and Indian war,
    King Philips War, Spanish American War, the Civil war, and my own Dad, fought at Guadalcanal, So. Pacific, and the Korean Conflict… My
    Great- Grandfather was the bell ringer in the OLD NORTH CHURCH, Boston, total family bell ringers: 95 years….There is no right for
    the pursuit of happiness… that's called masturbation…. It is THE PURSUIT OF PROPERTY, as there was no CURRENCY, during these wars,
    but payment for serving, was in the form of LAND GRANTS…..

  47. tstryker03 says:

    Such a great Man.

  48. Ward Lewis says:

    are you loyal to the man who hired you.or could you decide to fire him, antonin scalia was a very pompus man clarence thomas doesnt seem to have contributed much of anything positive in all his years on the bench. I hope you help our country in the right path

  49. J. says:

    I hope Ruth finally meets her end during Trump's second term.

  50. david fritzsche says:

    Please dont go Quail hunting…👈

  51. YahshuaLovesMe says:

    He's good!

  52. kelli43938 says:

    Cut the BS smiles and stupid questions and answers for the benefits of your movie clip. Same questions over and over and often the answers are just a little different every time they're said. Brainwashing a little at a time. Put this stuff back into history studies……not civics! HISTORY!

  53. Dr Morecoch says:

    the right to face your accuser… watch out democrats, your nonsense will not work in the supreme court

  54. Jimmy Avalos says:

    I took 5 oaths military n civil service to protect and defend the constitution of the united states against all foreign and domestic to include the corrupt deep state, shadow government.

  55. Lonnie G says:

    HOLD ON ONE LARGE SECOND Judge Gorsuch. The FISA court doesn't take anything seriously, they are giving the FBI a pass in lying to the court. Get rid of the FISA court judges. The FISA court judges are emperors with no clothes on.

  56. Meadow Apple says:

    Did anyone notice what is says outside the doors of the Court? Equal justice for all. When we recently had the hearings, were they EQUAL or one sided? When one side puts their thumb on the scale Lady Justice cuts off their hand.

  57. David Halseth says:

    What a great Jurist! Guess the “Merry Christmas “. Pissed off the atheist? Brilliant!

  58. Peggy Dalton says:

    Thank you Justice Neil Gorsuch for your directness, commonsense view, and your commitment to the Constitution.

  59. Neil Meeks says:

    Thank you Sir..God Bless You, and Merry Christmas

  60. Ho Thong says:

    By the way, Merry Christmas !! And the left go nuts !!

  61. nick windsor says:

    All GOP members should watch this.

  62. Carlos Ventura says:

    Get kavanaugh to interview

  63. Lisa Marie says:

    A supreme court judge is saying "Don't make things up" why would you even have to say that! what kind of kangaroo court is your Supreme Court? don't make things up? how about make decisions based on the Constitution and INTEGRITY my god what else would make you a judge?

  64. Sharon Rizzi says:

    Merry Christmas Justice Gorsuch!!! Thank You for your service to our nation, your dedication to our revered constitution and keeping our rights intact.

  65. PaddleFlambeau says:

    Ginsburg and Breyer May very well be replaced by Trump too! You dems have lost 😆

  66. Charlean Eason says:

    Merry Christmas Supreme Court Judge Gorsuch to your family and friends!

  67. Daydreamer says:

    I simply don't understand why an important judge would choose a Red-Coat over a patriot, to spend his life with. Are American women not good enough, or patriotic enough?

  68. Kathleen says:

    2 Chronicles 7:14
    If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

  69. DokktorDeth says:

    Trump, reverting to type, is reduced to attacking dead people again at his latest Nuremberg-style rally, in another cheap and predictable attempt to divert attention from his venality and rank cowardice. Get shut of this freak, and the US has a chance of rescuing its eroding Democracy. Keep him, and the country is on the road to being like the dictatorship of this creature's master, Putin.

    Yes, it's THAT serious.

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  70. Miami Hurricane says:

    All because Trump WON in 2016. KAG 2020 we get more Gorsuch's!!!

  71. servicarrider says:

    I am so grateful for this upload. I happen to be an atheist but I know that you are a good Christian man. So, if you will permit me, Justice Gorsuch, I'd like to say…God bless you, sir.

  72. Nonnette Damian says:

    Justice Gorsuch is an honorable judge.🙏🇺🇸

  73. Johnny Gee says:

    let's get killery arrested…..tried. and convicted of her multiple crimes..no pardon for TREASON !

  74. Elias says:

    What a lovely Man

  75. TimeforaChange InGovernment says:

    Nice to hear “MERRY CHRISTMAS & G0D BLESS” from a newz station.

  76. FORD ONLY says:

    An awesome man and a wonderful speaker! Thank God he's in there!

  77. Tom Eddy says:

    This man makes you feel good because there are good lawyers. We need good lawyers and then we have politicians.

  78. Todd Mintz says:

    Merry Christmas!

  79. 06 TrailblazerSS says:

    He sounds like a radio DJ. Thank you Justice Gorsuch for being the man of honor you are.

  80. J 9 says:

    Add or subtract nothing, just like scripture. If we do, we get ourselves in trouble.
    People have been adding and subtracting to both since day one. Look how that has effected us.

  81. Glenn Silvetti says:

    Merry Christmas Justice Neil, Merry Christmas

  82. Elizabeth Tolan says:

    Overturn ROE V. WADE!!

  83. Joseph Licata says:

    A true patriot. Thank you God!

  84. MrShaun42088 says:

    wow. such a wise man. i agree with his values.

  85. Portabote says:

    the constitution does not have anything written that says their is not separation of church and state!

  86. Lisa Holte, Your Access To The Red Carpet! says:

    What a fascinating man! Love him

  87. john poole says:

    @ 3:50 Ainsley had all she could do not to bust out laughing, but at the end she blew it by saying we can all " relate" to these stories. Whaaaat, how many of us sat in Lincoln's bedroom and called their dad LOL

  88. Mike Ross says:

    What a wonderful and wise human being!

  89. Edrick Ruckes says:

    God bless America. Great pick mr. President

  90. Tony says:

    Please search Amazon for books using "kids American history" to see how biased the results are. Nearly all books are about minorities. According to Amazon algorithms white men did nothing in America.

  91. Dan Burnside says:

    As interested as I am about Judges book I can't stand looking at another communist freaking loyalists communist couch bimbo anime I add conceited bimbo that's manipulated everyone on the couch to follow along beside you while I'm not

  92. Dana Gilkison says:

    This impeachment coup will now go to the Supreme Court because the House voted to impeach using reasons that are not high crimes and misdemeanors as defined by the constitution. Violation of the separation of powers is the reason used by the House to impeach the President for exercising his sole authority as the executive branch. So now the separation of powers will be determined by the Supreme Court and hopefully restored. The previous four presidents before President Trump willfully blended the powers of the three branches of government and now that separation needs to be restored for our protection from an over-reaching tyrannical government while allowing the President to exercise his authority to protect this nation from outside forces and well as domestic problems.

  93. Kornel Adams says:

    I’de like to have this kind of a law knowing person as a president!

  94. Joe Duarte says:

    Great interview… Trump will regret his appointment though as he is going to lose bigly on the issue of his tax returns.

  95. Lisa Weaver says:

    A sustained Republic! He is so right! Don't let the wreck less in Ego of power take over. For it surely can ruin it . Millions gave to get this Republic for us! You cannot fathom the ways to it.

  96. Lisa Weaver says:

    This is a great interview . Refreshing!

  97. Robert G Horne says:

    I want to read this book

  98. M Infanger says:

    IF Trump didn't lie to America 15,000 times. IF Trump wasn't a man who stole millions from veteran charities, betrays allies TO GENOCIDE and pardoned war criminals over military objections. IF TRUMP OR REPUBLICANS CARED about America they would cooperate WITH THE PEOPLES RIGHT TO THE TRUTH. THEY ARE NOT ABOVE THE LAW. WE DESERVE BETTER THAN THE CORRUPT SENATE AND TAINTED PRESIDENCY?

  99. Jomama says:

    He's wrong about one thing. He can't take my rights away.

  100. Ryan Workman says:

    Glad to know Sotomayor is a Yankee fan. We agree on something!

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