Justice League Trailer Spoof – TOON SANDWICH

Um, excuse me? Never fear! Wonder Woman is here! The door… was unlocked! That hostage was dead before I got here, OK? What did you do this weekend, Diana? I did not kill a hostage at the courthouse! Whoever told you that, they lied! Yeah, I didn’t do much either. The world remains in mourning
after the death of the Superman. And where is the Gotham Bat? The masked vigilante has been a no-show! I’m right here! Just look up! Hey, whatever happened to that bat guy? I don’t know – I guess he threw in the cowl! He’s a no-show now! They said the age of heroes
would never come again. Well they were clearly wrong. I said age of heroes. – Not age of churros!
– Hey. It was a significant period in my life. Mmmm. And by god, it’s come again. This is the churro Gotham deserves. Something is coming. Oh no. It’s Steppenwolf. No. I’m Droppenwolf. Did you not just witness my entrance? But don’t worry. When Steppenwolf gets here, steps… will be taken. No protectors here. No lanterns. No home security. No Kryptonian pornos. And no Batmen. I’M RIGHT… HERE! This world will fall. And everyone”s gonna blame Batman
for being a total no-show. I SHOWED!! I’M A YES-SHOW!! One misses the days when one’s biggest concerns
were exploding wind-up penguins. Alfred. That’s still my biggest concern. Please don’t tell me you’ve stopped
the hourly perimeter sweeps! No, I haven’t stopped doing the sweeps. – Oh thank god…
– There were no penguins spotted at 2300,
I assure you. Just because you can’t see them, doesn’t mean they’re not out there… lurking in the dark… Sir, we are on a plane– THEY’RE PENGUINS, ALFRED!! THEY CAN FLY!! They found me. This is cray-cray. Honestly, I think we’re all gonna die. Does anyone else want to take a stab
at giving the big motivational speech? And I don’t think it’s gonna be a quick death, either. I think it’s gonna drag on for a fair while.
We’re gonna feel it all. Our throats will probably hurt the most
from all the screaming. Don’t engage alone. We do this together. Where’s Flash? OK guys, I’m engaging alone! Wish me luck on my lone engagement! Oh. Hey, Stabbenwolf. Didn’t see you there. You guys seem ready to do battle and stuff
but I’ve never done battle. I’ve just pushed some people and run away. I thought you looked familiar! Relax, Alfred. I’ll take it from here. Son, you’ve just committed grand theft Batmo. The penalty… is every hero’s worst nightmare. Superman… was a beacon to the world. Alright. He didn’t just save people. He killed a whole heap of them
while he was fighting Zod. Ow! That’s sharp! Yeah, it’s a sword, dumbass. Stop trying to be a Michelangelo painting. You’re the boss. I know we’re far from water, but I can still contribute with my surfing skills! Ow! Land hurts so much more than water! How many of you freaks are there? Not enough. I’m fixating on the number “7” for some reason. Oh hey, Batman. Thanks for showing up. Where have you been the last… Oh, wow! They really just vanish, huh? Oh. That’s rude. Ew. I have a serious problem. He said you’d come. Now let’s hope… you’re not too late. Hey. It’s never too late… to give them Hal! Why were there two impact tremors? Mmm, what’s that? Well, before you arrived, there were two impacts. What happened – did you land twice or something? Uh, yeah. I, uh – I did land twice. I, uh… I landed, I realised I’d missed the mark by
a few hundred yards, didn’t feel like walking, so… flew up and landed again a lot closer. That’s… awkward. Yeah it is. It’s really awkward. In fact, I kinda wish you hadn’t mentioned it. – Moving on…
– You know what you should have done? You should have landed softly the second time. Yeah I should have done a lot of things. So… Earth is in jeopardy… Why are you doing hard landings anyway? What’s the point of meeting in secret
if you’re gonna land like an H-bomb? OH MY GOD!!! You know what? SCREW this planet! Alfred? Did that green superhuman from outer space show up? We desperately need his help. I’m terribly sorry, sir. He’s a no-show. [WONDER WOMAN]
I think it is fair to say that I am
the most valuable player on the team. [OTHERS SCOFF] [WONDER WOMAN]
No seriously – let’s look at the evidence. Batman is cool, but he has no powers, so he’s out. [BATMAN]
When are you guys gonna stop holding that over me? [WONDER WOMAN]
Flash is super-fast – something no man should ever brag about – but he has no stealth! Every time he moves he becomes an electrical storm. Why can’t he be more like… Quicksilver? Quicksilver doesn’t need all the zappity-zap-zap. You’re all flash and no substance, Flash. [FLASH]
Uh, wow! I didn’t ask to be so highly charged. [ZAPS] [WONDER WOMAN]
Cyborg can do some useful things… but he is such a downer! Honestly, his robot parts are less robotic
than his personality. [CYBORG]
I. Disagree. Conversation terminated.
And Aquaman. He can control water and fish, which would be a real asset
if we weren’t fighting on… dry… land. [AQUAMAN]
No one could have predicted that. But hey – if any of these aliens set foot
on my home surf, they’ll be soggy. [WONDER WOMAN]
Anyway, I think I have made my point. So why have you brought us
to Superman’s grave, Bruce? And why is the coffin out of the ground? [LID COMES OFF] [SUPERMAN]
Because the real M.V.P. did not R.I.P.! That’s right, everybody – I’m back. I had to levitate quite a few dirt particles, one by one,
but I eventually dug myself out. What’d I miss? [WONDER WOMAN]
It’s great you’re back, Clark, but there is
something you should know. Your public funeral cost American taxpayers
over ten million dollars. Now that you’re alive, the government wants you
to pay it back. They are going to let you do it in instalments, and fortunately, they’ve kept your job open
at the Daily Planet so– [LID SLAMS SHUT] [FLASH]
Uh… where’d he go? [BATMAN]
I think he went back inside the coffin. [WONDER WOMAN]
Clark? Did you just go back inside your coffin? [SUPERMAN, muffled]

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  1. IvyTruong says:

    You can't save the world alone, brO(green lantern logo)
    Oh god I'm dead

  2. Tyler Animation Tyler says:

    Mona Lisa was a Leonardo Da Vinci painting

  3. Jonalee Rodin Magtiza says:

    I don't like dc

  4. Michael Freed says:

    Okay, I may not be good at spotting the breadcrumbs, but no one else here has mentioned the "Mid-morning of Justice" OR the "W.W. was here" with a smiley-face etched into the statue Diana is "cleaning."
    I just don't want you to stop keeping in those details.

  5. Nugget Warrior says:

    My mum is making churros today

  6. Saptorshi Ghosh says:

    Zackass League

  7. Mo nika says:

    I found 5 ring lantern in this minute 6:09

  8. Pat Sosa says:

    Please do far from home

  9. Marcel LAZZER says:

    "NO Boys Allowed"!!! 🤣😂

  10. Vocaloid Olubori says:

    Me all the time.
    I am right there.

  11. Gaming guru ji says:

    Do not press read more

  12. Juan Nunez says:

    I found all of them, there at 5:50

  13. kevin yen says:

    3:34 at the left near the rubble

  14. I'm The Best says:

    I found all rings 5:58 see proof

  15. Mayday says:

    Supermande vardi

  16. Alan Leone-Bridges says:

    Where's Batman

  17. Rainbowroboboy Channel says:


  18. A MAYHEM FILM! says:

    I found the five lantern rings in the video at the end

  19. Sarojini Albert says:

    Yay cool

  20. Blue Blade 906 says:

    3:13 look up-right side of the hand is the red ring

  21. marvel's Avengers heroes says:

    Why didn't you show any sexy or hot things about wonder woman

  22. Tamoor Mir says:

    super bowl part 3???

  23. LittleSkyFox Gaming says:

    Flash: pushes Godron
    Flash: ewwwwwwww i have a seirious probolem

  24. Gabriel Mutombo says:

    Batman has the churro that Gotham deserves but not the one it needs

  25. Landon Gipson says:

    It’s never too late to say sorry

  26. Frazer Robertson says:


  27. Zander Groom says:


  28. Cesar David says:

    Lo de Mujer maravilla es una referencia a la actriz que hace a Carol Danbers?

  29. Batman Barlow says:

    This is the cherro Gotham deserves 😂🤣😂😂😂😂🤣

  30. Batman Barlow says:

    Son you've just committed grand theft batmo 😂😂😂😂GTB

  31. TheOlondo says:

    The drawings is better than this guys ability to make a funny joke

  32. Joshua Mora says:

    just because u don't see then, doesn't mean they are not there, working in the dark.

  33. Ricky I don't like the car idea Grubbs says:

    Thanks alfred i'll take it from here.

    Son you just committed grand theft batmo

  34. Thanos fans 4ever says:

    Never fear, wonder woman is here😂😂

  35. ToonCatYT says:

    Yes 😂

  36. jhuno sai says:

    This is better than the nerfed movie bias shit

  37. Sao Cũng Được WhAtEvEr says:

    Má phụ đề clon j mà lúc ẩn lúc hiện zạy troll người xem à vkl…

  38. ollyxyz says:

    Why wasnt green lantern in the movie

  39. My life stories says:

    I was watching Justice league while watching this toon sandwich

  40. Red Ranger says:

    Well fighting zod, what do you expect when two aliens having godly power fights? Obviously people.arengonna die directly or indirectly, go see the mos again and count how many time superman tried to knock zod away from city but due to zods commitment zod kept on dragging the fight to city.

  41. ItzLuke 13 says:

    Me: looks at description
    Category = Comedy
    are we a joke to you

  42. The Puggle says:

    Wade Wilson was here

  43. Ddawgbennett21 Savage says:

    U all r gay

  44. iron man says:


  45. LIGHT SABER says:

    Alfred kills cyborg😂😂

  46. God's gaming12345 c says:

    Okay Batman's for real no show after flash pushed him cuz he's probably going to die but he's Batman he has grappling guns

  47. God's gaming12345 c says:

    The jackass League

  48. God's gaming12345 c says:

    Ryan Ronald wow

  49. leslies_ cute_ says:

    Art HISHE
    Spear 🤝


  50. Aizhen1seven says:

    Im rappinwolf

  51. Nia Nia says:


  52. Eric Czaplewski says:

    Did anyone find all the rings I found red, yellow, and pink

  53. Md Ratul Khan says:

    I love the animation

  54. polite critique says:

    Wen resurrected superman fought the league flash pushed him why don't he just pull supers pants down instead to stop supes attack on him

  55. Erhan Özdemir says:

    3:43 you re the boss 😀

  56. Vikash Sasikumar says:

    Better than the movie itself am I right?

  57. Matthew Bento says:

    3:25 evrey heroses worst nightmare

  58. My life stories says:

    Stabbenwolf, Droppinwolf, Skippinwolf, Steppenwolf, Dabbinwolf

  59. Talha Waseem Gaming says:

    Your toon sandwich animation is so amazing

  60. Talha Waseem Gaming says:

    In the end it would have been better to add t rex from jurassic park 1 as it did the same thing with water

  61. Faded Penguin says:

    This is better than the movie

  62. tako NHARI says:

    Oh no it's stepen wolf no it's dropen wolf

  63. Felipe00k7 says:

    1:42 1:45

  64. Ya Asian Boi says:

    W.W was here 🙂

  65. PrtyProductive says:

    Like if this channel is better than hishe

  66. Ricky León says:

    Their at the end of the video

  67. Ricky León says:

    The rings are at the end of the video

  68. RYTP BICH says:

    We are vv vv
    vv vv
    vv vv
    vv vv
    vv vv


    NN NN
    NN NN NN
    NN NN NN
    NN NN NN
    NN NN NN
    NN NN

    O O
    O O
    O O
    O O
    O O
    O O
    O O

    M M
    M M M M
    M M M M
    M M M M
    M M M
    M M
    M M

  69. Dutch van der Linde says:

    This is better than the actual movie.

  70. Hunter x God says:


  71. Time Sketch says:

    Marvel fan boi Here

  72. Tagk monkey —- Shady says:

    I would rather watch this than the actual movie

  73. Dennis 2ooo says:

    Flash:Why are you the leader again batman?

    Batman:Cuz I’m Batman

    Flash:Yeah,I just wanted you to say that

  74. Pipoca com Nescau says:


  75. Josef Johnson says:


  76. Ali hashim Hashim says:

    To bad bat man your a no show 😂😂😂

  77. wooflee s says:

    aquaman- far from water

  78. Moriya Anderson says:

    This is the Cherro Gotham deserves

  79. Duch ess says:

    "No kryptonian porn!"
    Y was batman watching that type of porn anyway? 😂

  80. Duch ess says:

    The real stepen wolf had barely any lines lol 😂

  81. Roman Scholefield says:

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  82. Ann BautistaI'm says:

    Bite-God lol

  83. Ann BautistaI'm says:

    No kryptonian porn XD

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  85. Infamous Echo Unreal says:

    Lmao flash part pushing people

  86. Mohanlal Premranjan Naik says:

    Flash:I just push some people and ran away (pushes bat man)
    Bat man:I thought you looked familiar🤣
    It's the best part

  87. Angel Feliciano says:

    If the Snyder Cut was like this, It might be worth watching.

  88. The Something says:

    Steppenwolf, Droppenwolf, Stealenwolf, Skippenwolf, Stabbenwolf

  89. Shadow Gaming says:

    Ohhhhhh gahd the penguins can fly

  90. Zacharia Freeman says:

    What about Martian manhunter

  91. tam oyuncu says:


  92. The Dark Night says:

    SEE?!?!! IM RIGHT HERE!!!!! I SHOW!!!!!

  93. Dai Anderson says:

    But where is Batman I don’t see him anywhere in the video? Why is he a no show?

  94. Ellie Healey says:

    i cant be the only one who heard green lantern/ Ryan Reynolds impression i thought that it was deadpool

  95. Julian Hamers says:

    It’s a Leonardo Da Vinci painting, not a Michelangelo

  96. Zexroz Studios. says:

    Where’s Batman?
    I guess he’s a no show.

  97. Robert Smith says:

    Yall are so funny. Just subscribed. Why does WW sound Indian?

  98. YoshiBroccoli says:


  99. Battle Beast says:

    If justice league was a good movie

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