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  1. k-max fullbuster says:

    first they make an awesome character( batman,superman,spiderman) than they fck it with every bullshit from every angle

  2. seal says:

    Flash: Yeah i need.. Uh…. Friends

  3. Reepacheirp firewalker says:

    I like I like.

  4. Sugra Moiz says:

    karabala husein

  5. Rodrigo Gomes Lobato says:

    Will not the green lantern be in the movie?

  6. Porsche GT3 says:

    Henery cavil was a badass in man of steel and i wish he plays the same thing in justice legue,for me he was real hero in man of steel

  7. Godfred Kortsu says:

    can"t wait to see this movie

  8. Matt Willis says:

    I can't believe the only good thing about this trailer is Aquaman.

  9. BBCC18 says:

    It suck

  10. bobby fagan says:

    Spoiler: Logan is better

  11. DecadeMinato says:

    How come this version of The Flash be able to use speed force with just a simple turn?

  12. Leo Hewlett says:

    Why this actor as a batman and why this actor as a flash… just terrible

  13. Jay Kelly says:

    Screw this piece of trash…

  14. things17 says:

    Why didn't they use the flash in the series!

  15. the pranking maniac says:


  16. the pranking maniac says:

    I love it

  17. jose rodriguez says:

    He's doesn't talk to FISH!!!!

  18. kareem mahfouz says:

    the flash looks so shit

  19. dave latumbo says:

    batman/bruce wayne doing jokes now… it reallu stinks that affleck is the new batman.. what a waste.

  20. OpalmeshSpringtime says:

    So ready for Ezra Miller

  21. Chris Whited says:

    i love Germans but shit that's bad. i don't know who you are?…………completely horrible.

  22. ToXicGaMer 210 says:

    when does it come out

  23. HeisenWirt says:

    01:39 Rick and Summer of Rick and Morty behind Bruce.

  24. Victor De Leon says:

    What if flash was actually a regular guy?

  25. john rankin says:

    OY VEY this looks bad,  its going to lose so many SHECKELS and BOMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Adrian N. says:

    Gadot is so bad as Diana. She is not even attractive. Before someone says, 'but she's a model', lots of models have weird looking faces since their main job is to be a glorified mannequin. She said she was gaining weight and training, but I don't see it. She is as skinny as a 10-year old girl, no muscle tone. I don't know why this still triggers this much. She can't act. Her accent is distracting. Someone high up did her a big favour. She sucks. And so do these movies.

  27. Tomboy Chan says:

    That was cringey.

  28. Eve Dela Cruz says:

    this is a must see movie! I can't wait to watch it!!!

  29. Crisgamer1 says:

    1:43 lol rick and morty

  30. Garvit Garg says:

    superman ?

  31. imthat Goon says:

    I really wish they make a martin manhunter movie he is my favorite yo

  32. Pete.M. says:

    This will push Ben off the wagon! Jose Cuervo to the rescue!

  33. JacobJakeTv International Pictures says:

    why does it feel like Avengers 4?

  34. finao o says:

    Doesn't look good from here, but at least someone finally made Aquaman respectable.

  35. CARE TAKER says:

    C.Bale was the best BATMAN.

  36. Scrub Fiji says:

    What I see from this. Bruce become Nick fury/tony stark, The flash kinda looks Asian with a hint of Peter Parker, when I look at batman all I see is daredevil. But I love it


    pleas god make it R rqated!

  38. Murdoc Niccals says:

    In the scene with batman and the flash there's rick and Marty on in the background

  39. JackedHuged Man says:

    barry allen?… what the fuck its suppose to be wally west…

  40. Michael Ji says:

    Aqua man looks like Roman Reigns

  41. Fatih Demirkan says:

    amk un interneti çekmiyor. …

  42. Fadel Rjafallah says:

    Where is Super Man (No Goal) please?

  43. Niromanti says:

    I dont like Flashes costume

  44. Fear Of Frank says:

    ppl saying the flash actor is awesome but i really dont like him just from this trailer.

  45. Kerstin Banse says:

    i wanna see a TEEN TITANS live action movie!!!

  46. Steve Hughes says:

    where's green arrow,  green arrow and atom?

  47. Calum William Hay says:

    One of my pet peeves is when some fuck trys to defend Zach Snyder as a 'visual director' like other directors don't worry about how their film looks. That first scne with the flash is so slow , over indulgent and boring I'd be mistaken for not understanding that the flash doesn't have superspeed. It's also completely at odds with the rest of the scene tonally. Liem the rest of the scene is a pretty tongue in cheek, fun and it's working then we have to wait for like 20 seconds to get on with the rest of it. I kow this seems pretty nitpicky but it's just a good example of what I think is a problem in alot of his movies. The perfect kung-fu in watchmen being at odds with the gritty realism is another good example of how shallow I find his direction. Still I'm sure if this movie is actually as fun as it's trying to be here it might be a decent action movie.

  48. mariuccio strega says:

    0:26 This music is so damn cool

  49. sujan magar says:

    Where is superman

  50. sujan magar says:

    Where is green lantern

  51. Altaïr Ibn La Ahad says:

    1 question who is the enemie ? What are they fighting ?

  52. William Chandra Wijaya says:

    I just dont understand things like "marvel person" and "dc person". Both are great and sometimes one is cooler than the other in some cases and their own aspect. Just admit it Batman V Superman and Captain America Civil War arent that great (fucking finding dory beat them lol 😂) You guys need to chill, there is no need to fight each other.

    (Dont get me wrong, I'm both Marvel AND D.C. comic fanboy)

  53. Rooky says:

    "I want grant gustin as the flash hurr durr…" shut up already. He is nowhere near an actor suitable for a huge movie, he can stick to faggy tv series and their over dramatic shit fest.

  54. hellothisismufin says:

    this looks promising. /sarcasm

  55. Haitam chouiekh says:

    I believe the dceu is kind of good when it comes to action, filming and all the other shit that you find in superhero movies. the only thing i hate about it is their fucking scripts. it's horribe, fucking horrible.

  56. Nercela Pierre says:

    1:43 rick and morty on the tv

  57. The Ali8oras says:

    aquaman was always kinda insignificant in comparison with the rest .Damh in this one he looks BADASS!

  58. Emily Yukki says:

    I miss old Batman from the dark night. rise

  59. Emily Yukki says:

    wait min cyborg is in this movie .

  60. Failbot9000 says:

    sorry bruh, aquaman joined Justice League before the death of his son and became a drunk.

  61. Stephen Strange says:

    Seriously I'm not looking forward to this movie. Aquaman in there sucks, Barry's eyes are wierd and Cyborg looks too CGI. They did Justice to Wonder Woman though.

  62. Bernd Kortig says:

    great trailer

  63. Meat IS RAWW says:

    Ha! If they think anyone would be fooled by DC trailer ever again……….they would be right.

  64. Peanut says:

    I'm so excited to watch this movie o_o

  65. ALESSIO DAL RI says:

    Last actor was best

  66. ALESSIO DAL RI says:

    It isn't batman

  67. Ana Verona says:

    Poseidón es el puto amo!

  68. Jay Harvey says:

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  69. Arvind says:

    Justice league spoof would be: Bruce wayne throwing his "batarang" at (not a) Flash guy, in the process killing 50 innocent lives before eventually hooking up with the Flash. :'D

  70. Pendekar Sarden says:

    this looks good but suicide squad also looked good so

  71. sameer gupta says:

    Hello yyyoooutubers watccch Justice Leaguee online heere => https://twitter.com/2b325b39a6ad4fdb6/status/824453498020327428

  72. The Mask of Nobody says:

    Out of all the women on this planet that are a perfect fit for playing Wonder Woman……they had to pick…………………that.

    What a kick in the face that is to the Wonder Woman legacy.

  73. Lyra Foxx says:

    Arthur Curry, I heard you can talk to fish.
    Victor Stone, I heard you can talk to computers.
    Barry Allen, I heard you can talk to the speed force.
    Diana Prince, I heard you can talk to women.

  74. Arief Rakhman says:

    so, does Superman dead or not?

  75. Badger says:

    You can see Rick from (Rick and Morty) at 0:51
    AAAND, Rick and Summer fighting at 1:42
    Comment if what i wrote was helpful

  76. NaptownApollyon ! says:

    Rick and morty at 1:50

  77. PACYBITS Kay says:

    Hеy guуys wаtch Justiсe Lеееаguеe oоnlinеее hеrе => https://twitter.com/3ba5cd1602af3e890/status/858504203311775744

  78. MrMessi56 says:

    What's song again ?

  79. FrozenShop says:

    Rick and morty in the background! 1:15

  80. xavier wright says:

    tf batman doing he works alone

  81. Monika Kovacova says:

    why did 1:00–1:15 make me ship Wondy with Bats? why you do this to me DC

  82. ninja pufferfish says:

    I would rather see the batman solo movie. deadpool was in a move deadshot was in a movie. IT'S DEATHSTROKES TURN!

  83. Kr1ptic says:

    I'm real when it's useful

  84. Index Na says:

    1:42 Rick and Summer OMG😍😍😍😍

  85. Simon Gerhards says:

    1:42 Rick and Morty in Background

  86. Nabeela Ghafoor says:

    So funny

  87. RasyaArasha says:

    Cant wait for this movie❣️

  88. Dwi Lubis says:


  89. Luis Rocha says:

    don't show this again on my freaking phone okay fake bulshit Batman fagg

  90. Edm Ultra says:

    best acting ilke he said other like Him and its all in Him ilike the wourldof battle its great dand strong of the wave

  91. Edm Ultra says:

    othert like him its very importent to see this man its in algeria

  92. MOlivery VIP says:

    sangat jelek film ini

  93. MOlivery VIP says:


  94. #ms13murat OMAN says:


  95. B. Mitch Mayes says:

    Did not feel big enough. It felt like a low budget movie done very well

  96. Maria Taveras says:

    What a garbage movie so disappointing

  97. Vipul Solanki says:

    Very nice

  98. K/DA Aehry says:

    0:50 no Blackpink so idk … 😂

  99. MC Schnitzer m8 says:

    Who else came here just for the trailer music?

  100. AG Entertainment says:

    movie should've been this

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