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I’ll take that as a yes. – What? The ring. The world remains in mourning after the death of Superman. Violence, active war and terrorism are all on arise. – I had a dream. It was the end of the world. – Invasion. – I think it’s something more. Something darker. We’re asking people we don’t know to risk their lives. Strong men is stronger alone. Ever heard that? That’s not a saying. It’s the opposite of what the saying is. Divided we are not enough. The world needs supermen. I made him a promise. It’s why I brought you together. – Ride ain’t over yet. – My man! Yeah! Oh! Awesome! It’s the Bat-signal. That’s your… Oh, sorry. That’s your signal, that means we have to go now. Yeah, that’s… That’s what that means. – It’s so cool!

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  1. nickwithay says:


    Hope this isn't a disaster, I really do.
    Still bums me out that super man's death was pretty much meaningless. Like really? He literally comes back in the next movie?

  2. FitzP Official says:

    MAH MAN!!!

  3. Hunter says:

    Clark: "I'll take that as a 'yes'."
    Lois: What?
    Me: [actually didn't hear what Clark said] I'm not the only one!

  4. Marko San says:

    wheres spiderman?

  5. جعفر المياحي says:

    رووووعة منتظرين على احر الجمر

  6. Ahmd_Nabeel says:

    What if the flash from Batman v Superman was actually from justice league and lois is the key to something in THIS movie not Batman v Superman😱

  7. April John Dave Ayco says:

    people well love Gal Gadot even moreeeeee ! <3

  8. Saad Hannan says:

    Aquaman A.K.A jason momoa Nailed it

  9. Goat Runner says:

    Is that Robin

  10. Hom Tolland says:

    What's the song name?

  11. lbccwelderman says:

    flop will wait

  12. LGKids says:

    That means we have to go now! Lol! This movie is gonna be good! Peace!

  13. False says:


  14. CJ GAMEON says:

    That showing of the Flash at 2:13–2:14 was so badass!!!!! That shit looked so damn tight!!!

  15. CJ GAMEON says:

    2:22 Aquaman sayn "yeah" I have to admit, that shit sounded so damn corny…….

  16. CJ GAMEON says:

    Well, this is November too, huh? So Thor Ragnorok vs Justice League? Hell, I'm seeing both but I'm going for #Marvel all the way!!!

  17. Drip says:

    This movie is probably going to be the best movie for 2017 next to Star Wars The Last Jedi

  18. matt inacan says:

    wow, looks like CGI garbage

  19. Mj Robles says:


  20. Razor Morningwood says:

    Is this the second movie where ezra miller acts and put "heroes" as soundtrack?

  21. Michael McMahon says:

    * cringe *

  22. Video515 says:

    Any idea about background music?hmm

  23. splits seconds says:

    This movie is going to be better than the avengers.

  24. Daniyal Shah says:

    The advert was the justice league trailer too 😂

  25. Arthur R says:

    The quality of the cg seems inconsistent. Some parts seem good and others quite disappointing 🙁

  26. Alejandro Vega says:

    Please be good please be good please be good please be good please be good

  27. William Castillo says:

    efectos especiales muy bajos, cyborg no parece real, a leguas se nota que es un efecto, en cambio en marvel, iron man y el mismo ultron se ve mas tangibles…

  28. freddy and foxy says:

    I can for this movie and what are they fighting

  29. freddy and foxy says:

    I think they fighting darkside or something

  30. BlushGush says:

    Khal Drogo is finally back. I've missed him so.

  31. splits seconds says:

    November 17 come already!

  32. Alex Carrillo says:

    Para cuando va a salir esta peli?

  33. Mike says:

    Goddamnit Barry.

  34. BlazingShade says:

    Any of the Avengers movies are better than this.

  35. David Thomas says:

    CW Flash looks better than this…suit is lame..

  36. Brandon Calvilo says:

    Anyone please! Where can I found the HEROES by David Bowie arrangement that was used in this trailer, it is so Good! 😢

  37. Shüßh Sharma says:

    Thanks DC for bringing back our hope. SUPERMAN – HENRY CAVILL ♥️

  38. Butt Fiddler says:

    I don’t know why The Flash isn’t playing a bigger role here. Physically he can take out anyone or any army just in a blink, he moves at the speed of light damn it.

  39. Franky Jr says:

    the ring is the Sunstone Crystal fragment ,,, maybe.. :v

  40. Abin Tom Sebastian says:

    Oops Avengers looks like your biggest rival is coming up with something big on it's sleeve…

  41. Danish Sunasra says:

    I don't understand which is the proper Aquaman , the movie one or the Tv animated series one ? Cz both are completely Opposite ?!!

  42. GoatzAreEpic Maokai says:

    If you don't like this comment NOW, then you hate this movie!!!

  43. Curt Randall says:

    I am not digging Aquaman. I hope he is more than just a beefcake superhero that occasionally swims.

  44. Malavos says:

    MY MAN!

  45. Rayan Martinez says:

    Guys, Oh My God around actually sounds like pretty rafinsist =]

  46. My name is Ben says:

    Damn, steppenwolf's size is twice the size of a normal human, i never know.

  47. Luci Heartfilia says:

    Who will win ?
    Wonder woman or captain america

  48. Metaphysical Resonance says:

    My man!

  49. Dims says:

    Not hyped at all what so ever

  50. ken cage says:

    speaking as i Marvel fan i would hate to die before ive watched this movie

  51. Cadeestar123 says:

    I'm way more excited for infinity war urr who's with me!

  52. UknoULuvIt Show says:

    I hope this will be a good one

  53. Nick Valenzuela says:

    Gonna watch just so I can hear that "My man" in theaters

  54. Alina Winter says:

    Face businessman settle monitor damage satisfy determination.

  55. Let it be. says:

    Why does The Flash look like the 2017 Power Rangers armor and why does Cyborg look like Iron Man mixed with Deadshot?

  56. Jake Gibbard says:




  57. ThatFilmBuff says:

    To all DC haters, you do realize Avengers director Joss Whedon directs Justice League, right?

  58. Marcos Avalos says:

    sooooooo barry is a stoner now? lol

  59. Anonymous says:

    spider man review from rotten(literally) special snowflakes = it was a fun movie.

    Enough said bout marvel fangays mental level.

  60. hauntedsinger007 says:

    I’ve been all in since 2009 when they announced the script on Superman homepage!! The day is coming!

  61. Movie Wise Cracker says:

    Nice to get something out of superman. Love the Hero's song.

  62. AtomicGT55 says:

    What new video game is this? Is this one where good guys fight bad guys and there's a big battle at the end?

  63. SilverAlloy347 says:

    I hope this one surprises me like Wonder Woman did.

    I know it won't…..

    But, god, I hope it does.

  64. Kenter S. Joseph says:

    I hope that Japanese Would Agree to add SAITAMA IN A DC MOVIES OR AVENGER MOVIES

  65. jonathan schulte says:

    ought highway lobby plenty produce chemical pink procedure repeat.

  66. Marcos Amaya says:

    Honestly this gives me chills! Remember watching the cartoons religiously so to finally get a movie 😁

  67. Ta'Veion Coleman says:

    All I Want To Say Is “This House Is Bitchin’ 🙃”

  68. Bladedge Vamphog says:

    "the world needs Superman"

    No! The multiverse needs Superman!

  69. Lo0py says:

    Wonder woman I AM IN 👑👑

  70. star fucks says:


  71. lioneaglegriffin says:

    How is Aquaman like a thor that can't fly? Retrieving his Trident somehow.

  72. lioneaglegriffin says:

    How is Aquaman like a thor that can't fly? Retrieving his Trident somehow.

  73. RoCk'In RoLl AlIeN from Japan says:

    I'm getting that Joss Whedon vibe a lot more than Zack Snyder style in this trailer.

  74. minh nguyen says:

    too much CGI

  75. Allen Marshburn says:

    Team Aquaman

  76. albam raramque says:

    Oh damn, Cyborg been out here gettin' dis paper.

  77. Jashanpreet Singh says:

    Flash looks like he is high on weed all the time!

  78. Davi Jones says:

    Did anyone notice batman driving around with a canon on his car

  79. R I Z Q I M L N says:

    I like Grant Gustin as the Flash but Ezra Miller is funnier, The Flash is a funny character, isn’t it? … hut still I hope it’s Grant Gustin there haha

  80. Gabin Roy says:

    stare day rocket interview differ shared.

  81. KEMO Cali says:


  82. Neftali Rivera Jr says:

    Oh yeah I'm so hypeddd! Now it's D.C.'s turn to rock in theaters too! Steppin Wolf oh Justice League what a battle they have to conquer.

  83. oliver graf says:

    Where are Iron Man and the incredible Hulk? 🙁

  84. Ororo Munroe says:

    Justice League will be amazing!✌ ( this compliment is from Marvel fan😊)

  85. Tyler Holmes says:

    What is the song in the trailer?

  86. Revved up Crocodile says:

    I heard someone say that comic fanboys are the hardest people to please and that couldn’t be more true, can we please all stop going at each other’s throats and enjoy that our favorite comic book characters are getting movies no matter if there good or bad

  87. XProject13 says:

    Batman may be the leader but Wonder Woman is carrying

  88. Nick Wyatt says:


  89. Liam Gwynn says:

    Tmb to this song in stranger things

  90. Pablo Martinez says:

    What is the name of that song?

  91. Bryan O'Connor says:

    We can be heroes.

  92. A F says:

    I wish this trailer reflected the Justice League movie I saw…

  93. S Williams says:

    I wonder if Eminem(Not afraid) qualifies here.

  94. rodrigo magalhaes says:

    ride ain't over yet

  95. Nooby Playz says:

    This was a great film

  96. Patflix says:

    Here am I, in April 2018… Too late, but here's my opinion: It's not a bad movie, I liked it, but it do dissapoints. 😔 Here's why, the expectations after WW, and of the amazing trailers was very high, and they did it well, but I was expecting a lot more, like more stuff, and not the same plot as always, when Josh arrived to the movie, it became like how to explain it, Avengers style, and I personally didnt like it, we don't need another Marvel. Also I think that they should've presented us an Aquaman, and Flash movie before this, we didnt totally knew the characters, (even when they were very nice to me), also (I don't think Cyborg needs his own movies). Also, the villian, ok thats my least favorite part of the movie. It looks like an anime, and when he arrives the amazon island, it was a copy of the Loki scene on The Avengers. Also the visual effects, well… They could've done it better. But the movie has it's good parts too, like the evolution in the Superman character, The flash helps a lot, WW helps a lot, the atlantians are very cool, and the soundtrack is very good in my opinion, (no I'm not talking of the music) I'm talking about "everybody knows" and "come together" obyously. Conclusion, a good superhero movie, but comic fans could get very disapointed. (I'm always saying that this movies should be more funny, but this isn't particulary the case… Hope you read it and share my opinion. God bless you all.

  97. Duke D says:

    Movie was TRASH!! So so disappointed

  98. Jake Llavore says:


  99. Jake Llavore says:


  100. Ben K says:

    2:15 that's a pretty smile

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