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  1. Scone Pastrami says:

    Not gonna lie I would watch this

  2. MiL BoT says:

    um, this is like super awesome. Lol

  3. Silvester Axeldio says:

    Awesome..you doing great. Keep it up!!

  4. Manolo Pedraza's Marvel Fan Cinema says:

    Pretty cool but why you didn't put Wonder Woman's series footage?

  5. Jose lopez says:

    tim curry from legend!!!!! aka satan lord of darkness

  6. Juancho Corleone says:

    I don't know why… But this made me cry.

  7. AeroBlades4 Everyone says:

    I watched that batman movie

  8. VH214 says:

    Anythings better without afleck

  9. gelso gelso says:


  10. Asilo doTio Coringa says:

    <3 perfect <3 :3

  11. Mulher Maravilha says:


  12. Mauro Play says:

    Se não for assim então não quero ver…

  13. Irgnostatic * says:

    Man if you saw this in 1980's

  14. O Corvo says:

    muito bom

  15. Nesar Talukdar says:


  16. Rafael Aricó says:

    Esperando este canal ter mais de 1 milhão de inscritos. Parabéns pessoal.

  17. BellowD Gaming says:

    RoboCop as Cyborg killed me XD

  18. Spönny says:

    Superman's human dad is Aquaman :3

  19. NannuSoundtracks says:


  20. Vichigo Uzumaki says:

    in Xena I like

  21. WELL FIGHTER says:

    Parabens cara ^^

  22. Química Resolve says:


  23. Mikael Prado says:

    robocop WTF

  24. sergio 10 says:


  25. Nico García says:

    Jajajajajajaja robocop

  26. CubanPete1990 says:

    Very cool

  27. Giovana Bicalho says:

    Trocaram o cyborg pelo robocop

  28. Jonah Kirk says:

    I'd watch this. Even if it sucked.

  29. Jonah Kirk says:

    If only producers saw the potential in these sort of crossovers back in the 80s into the 90s. And also if Batman returns didn't flop.
    Flash had his tv series, which is dandy enough. Though I'm not sure if they're make a movie for the other three.
    Then they might have the Christopher Reeves superman being missing. I don't see him being dead, just returning from… somewhere.
    Then after a justice league movie, superheroes might've been given more respect from producers. Maybe we could've seen superman lives after this.
    Or maybe it would've flopped being so alienating at the time. A crossover between Batman and a bunch of characters we don't know? They're fighting a demon?!
    Is this a super hero film? A horror movie, an adventure film? Or maybe just producers would question it.

    It would be better if there was an Aquaman and wonder woman movie before this. Though cyborg would be replaced by some other character. Blue Beetle? Superman if they didn't even bother with superman as a reveal. Though it would be interesting if they actually built up to it. Which they wouldn't have in the 80s- early 90s. But hey! If they did, it would be fun. The movies likely would've been released years apart. Batman 89, Batman returns 92, aquaman 95, wonder woman 97, justice league 98. Or we could pretend in this alternate universe Xena was a wonder woman tv show, but then still a justice league movie would've been released in 97. That's fine. Maybe superman would've gotten to play superman. Then he'd die in superman lives. Oh. Just as superman returns, he dies. I mean, that's better than just as soon as he dies he returns. Nah, that's just ridiculous. Who'd do that? Haha.
    Now yes, superman could be established as dead in this universe in the Aquaman film or maybe in this universe's Batman returns. That being the first instance implying a shared universe. Though I would honestly be interested in superman lives, which would be redundant had the Kryptonian actually died. So I'm going with he's missing. Not that that's realistic for a dc franchise.
    Also, did you like the release date for Aquaman I set? Yep. The Waterworld release. We'll assume we replaced Waterworld with a better movie. It would need to be for the 90s justice league movie. Which is replacing Batman and robin in this universe. I guess Aquaman could be in the place of Batman forever, but its more fun to say it's replacing waterworld. Maybe there is a Batman sequel that year with Michael Keaton.

    Anyway, what hero would've replaced cyborg in a 90s justice league lineup if superman was missing?
    Do you know more about these companies and how they would've released these films?
    What would happen to Christopher Nolan's trilogy?
    How would this affect cinema?

  30. Matías Llerena says:

    Xena, really? What a creative!!

  31. Ronald Sprowal says:

    Be Cool if Justice League came out 1988 ''But if came out 1988 '' The villain would be different

  32. Resort Island the Dreamcast Sonic says:

    Unfortunately cyborg had a case of "Michael Jackson disease"(in real life vitiligo) during the set of retro Justice League. it's still good though keep up the good work 👍

  33. MR Scene IT ALL says:

    well done

  34. skyler jickain says:

    no way ,,this trailer just show the whole movie,,so much spoiler,,

  35. Mistaj86 says:

    This looks a whole lot better than the one we got.

  36. Jünior Gonçalves says:

    Ficou foda !!!!!!

  37. Hammer says:


  38. ZI-WAN KHAN says:

    Excellent trailer and keep up the good work, can you also do a retro trailer for Man of Steel please thanks.

  39. Jordan Gingold says:

    Thanks for using Keaton! 🙂

  40. Funbia_dude says:


  41. Nexus4546 says:

    The sad thing is, this would have been a much better movie than what was made.

  42. lll lll says:

    im crying…this is the best version of…

  43. raglyph says:

    This was good especially xena/lucy lawless as wonderwoman and of course keaton batman

  44. Smoov Operata says:

    Kevin Costner is a way better Aquaman

  45. Paul Contento says:

    Not bad the Infinity War one is much better though

  46. Mr. Variant says:

    3:26 RoboCop's on fire, cool

  47. Isyraq Ummair says:

    Death of supermain is 0:47

  48. C Smith says:

    The steppen wolf is much scarier here than the actual movie

  49. the Cosmic brick says:

    This would have been a big hit in the 80s-90s

  50. Rainbow 101 says:

    Can’t help but think this version would of been better than the one we got. Michael Keaton, Kevin Costner and Tim Curry!!

  51. RandomUser221 says:

    Lel, Xena as Wonder Woman, Kevin Costner as Aquaman… I'd like some pasta with that extra cheese.

  52. radioheadfan56123 says:

    When Alfred said penguins you should’ve showed The Penguin’s army of Missile Penguins from Batman Returns.

  53. Doddy BJ says:

    Robocop :p Xena :p

  54. Radhe Shyam says:

    Better than origional

  55. Alfred Rudolf says:

    wtf… Xena doing all fixed different series movies in justice league making fool Instead he is big fool.eho.made thos.video idiot adding old.videos

  56. Matt Partington says:


  57. chilled sama dio says:

    When is this coming out I can't wait

  58. Davinder Chahal says:

    who r u…?
    I m batman

  59. Joshua Schmidt says:

    Do the stranger things trailer in the style of the goonies!

  60. John Hardy says:


  61. Teigan Nyman says:

    MCU and Arrowverse are both better than the actual movie of the Justice League. I’ll take a 90s version of that movie over the 2017 one anyway.

  62. Jack Rusio says:

    CONGRATULATIONS AMAZING VIDEO!!! THIS WAS THE SPIRIT OF THE 90's(what CW's Earth90 in the ELSEWORLD crossover event should had been…not a mixed result from Amalgameing SMALLVILLE with the Flash…I loved both series but 2005Justin Hartley's GreenArrow could never posibly be in the same universe of John Wesley Shipp's Flash)YOU NAILED WITH YOUR CHOICES FOR The JLA members(for a Theatrical Motion Picture)
    maybe for TV(CW could have hired Dean Cain to reprise his role as Superman and finally put Kevin Conroy on Michael Keaton's Black Costume)…but one thing is true: Lucy Lawless was the WonderWoman from 90's

  63. Rogelio Fernández Puentes says:


  64. Reaction 2.0 says:

    Stepnwolf look more Scary …in justice league movie

  65. Reaction 2.0 says:

    Stepnwolf look more Scary …in justice league movie…

  66. Marvin Groß says:

    I would rather watch that than the real movie. 😂

  67. manoj joshi says:

    0:30 that cleavage though…..

  68. manoj joshi says:

    0:59 who is this bombshell?

  69. shahrukh khan Khan says:

    Xena is perfect Wonder women

  70. John Hardy says:

    I personally think that this the best retro D.C. trailer mashup I have ever seen. Thanks, and keep up the amazing work!

  71. John Hardy says:

    Thanks for loving the comment! I was wondering, if you ever make a website just for Darth Blender, send me the link, because I draw retro posters, they are really kind of amateur, but they a lot of energy. Some of my stuff is B.R.I.T. ( Burt Reynolds Iron Man Trilogy), Michael Jackson as Starlord in Guardians of The Galaxy, NBC T.V. movie poster of The Avengers , and more recent, a 1980s movie poster for Avenger: Infinity war. So, keep up the great work, and i hope that I get a reply soon! Again, thank you SO MUCH!

  72. John Hardy says:

    Thanks for letting me know, guys! let me know when its up, so I could possibly upload some retro marvel/ dc movie posters that i drew. Thanks again!

  73. Hafeez Lumos says:

    awesome ❤👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻lov this video

  74. Sunil Nandi says:

    And That Superman must be Legendary Christopher Reeve 😍

  75. Ahmar Saeed says:

    So Superman’s dad used to be Aquaman?

  76. The Young Historian says:

    If this was real, what year would it come out?

  77. Tanya Kasim says:

    Lucy Lawless would have been an awesome live action Wonder Woman.

  78. Zack Snyder says:

    What a God-Awful Trailer.

  79. silverkingukable says:


  80. rom bllard says:

    very nice work dude but if you were truly aiming for retro versions of these characters why not use linda carter wonder woman instead of Xena warrior princess? since we don't have retro live action movies of cyborg and aquaman its okay to use robocop and waterworld but Xena instead of wonder woman 70's tv series?

  81. Ayush Chatterjee says:

    This is better than Avengers Endgame

  82. christopherjob francisco says:

    Batman: Superman was a beacon to the world. He didn't just save people, he made them see the best parts of themselves

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