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  1. Mustang Jones says:

    Deep down I am a Marvel person but I just want a great movie. I loved Justice League but did not like Batman v. Superman. However if Man of Steel, Batman v. Superman and Justice League are looked at as a trilogy telling one story then it becomes much more interesting.

  2. Armando E. Torre Puerto says:

    I'm not feeling this review. Who the heck says DC is Zack Snyder-dark? Cand we forget the grimdark videogames and go back to the actual Justicie League comics from the 60s up until now? There is a great range of tone there.

  3. Armando E. Torre Puerto says:

    Also the clothing complain about Wonder Woman is absurd. Aquaman is freaking shirtless. A lot of feminist actually fight for the liberty of dressing like that.

  4. TheFlowMind says:

    Yeah nope it was a “barely acceptable” movie.

  5. Timothy Halverson says:

    I'm a dc fan!

  6. Chris Tsai says:

    I came across an article written by a critic names Angie Han, and it basically suggests that BVS is better than Justice League for its dare and for being something different. After viewing Justice League, I do feel in that way. I love the visual taste created by Zack Snyder. That is something unique in its own right. And kind of miss him already.

  7. Christie Greenwood says:

    How can you not laugh at DOSTOJEWSKI!!!! Come on.

  8. SB0780 says:

    Or you could be neither Marvel or DC 😉

  9. slavko bukvic says:

    First of all, movie is great. It isn't better then Wonder Woman, but it's enjoyable. And it isn't Joss Whedon's fault that Gal is so hot. And only thing i agree with, is Superman. He is better in this movie than in MoS and BvS.

  10. Ken Everett says:

    I was pleasantly surprised..It was actually 'Pretty Good'…two thumbs up for DCU!!

  11. Dan Connelly says:

    I really liked it!   I don't take superhero films seriously, and for me this was really entertaining.  "Saving the world — AGAIN" gets sort of tiring, but it's a comic book flick, and that's just part of the genre.  So I am glad I went.

  12. Priapus Rex says:


  13. one thus come says:

    I'm trying to get my head around why so many people aren't going at least once to see for themselves.
    The answer that I've come up with is that many people, including myself, did not like BVS,
    (JL is much bttr than BVS)
    and Suicide Squad is a genuinely BAD movie..period)
    I think once audiences caught word that reviewers are slamming the movie they trusted their own expirience to date of WB failures and judged this movie WITHOUT SEEING IT!
    The public is saying they are very testy about seeing WB superhero movies and first want "confirmation" from media reviews.
    That is what happened in my opinion.
    The movie is not the awful mess that reviewers are saying it is.
    But this is Karma and built up bad cred from previous efforts.

  14. Jesse Lucero says:

    Ezra Miller's flash is fine .everyone in the audience laughed at his jokes.

  15. godchildrenofsoul says:

    Aquaman is in the bad? Your totally retarded!

  16. Elijah Burrell says:

    Superman siad tell me do you bleed

  17. Circling1234 says:

    I LOVED the movie. I loved how much of a jerk Batman was, I loved his fighting and his thinking throughout the film. He was FANTASTIC!!! I did think Flash was silly but I had plenty of laughs watching this film. Superman was incredible and they did give him the respect he deserved. I enjoyed the whole cast and definitely want to see more. #DCgirl all the way 😘

  18. letter203ify says:

    I really like Amber Heard as Mera in JL. Her costume is beautiful as well as her performance. Too bad she didn't shoot swords instead of just bubbles. Then she'd be like Hela in Marvel. And oh yeah, she took quite a hit from Steppenwolf on her forehead.

  19. Shaquille Cox says:

    THANK YOU!!!!…….HE RUNS WEIRD…….he did it with his hands too……it bothered me

  20. The Amazing Lucas says:

    The movie was painful, tears of pain watching this.

  21. anonymousdogooder says:

    The Amazon's were GREAT…of all the complaints you could say and the nitpicking about her clothes it's just ridiculous. Seriously.

  22. Zjacnz says:

    If WB wanted a funny Flash they should have just used Wally West

  23. Lego Ant-man Studios says:

    DC dogs Marvel cats I love the DC movies

  24. stunnah 187 says:

    I enjoyed the movie, they should have made BVS in that style dark/light tone entertaining and more importantly see the heroes as being heroes.

  25. stunnah 187 says:

    If they get Aqua Man right I see DC move forward if not it's time for a reboot

  26. Ngoako Morapa says:

    Grace and I always differ when it comes to DC …

  27. Ngoako Morapa says:

    Grace and I always differ when it comes to DC …

  28. Ngoako Morapa says:

    Grace and I always differ when it comes to DC …

  29. Ngoako Morapa says:

    Grace and I always differ when it comes to DC …

  30. Hafeez Akbar says:

    Didn't Henry Cavill screw up some kind of contract when he grew his mustache out, forcing them to make his lips cgi.

  31. Paul Owens says:

    Justice League was a great movie

  32. Nil Sen says:

    The movie is shit as all the reviews says as well as the box office..

  33. Matty Zatty says:

    "Everything that we worried about how Wonderwoman was going to be portrayed in her own movie is in this movie." You hit the nail on the head.

  34. SATI Productions says:

    Grace i'm really glad you liked the movie too. Our Movie Crew did too. we just thought it was good! But Wonder Woman is still Best DCEU Film This year for sure. Here's our movie Review btw. 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fqr8Ou2pt88&t=61s

  35. fabian butts says:

    I'm glad you realize it. I've been saying it for years. You are always unfair to marvel movies….

  36. Tyler Valentine says:

    I really liked Ezra Miller as the Flash but he was an awful Barry Allen.

  37. Charlie McIntyre says:

    This was an Awesome Movie!  saw it x 2.  Superman is Strong again as he should.

  38. Jack Edwards says:

    Well this review is like… really confusing to me…. also you’re sorta incorrect about the reason Joss Whedon was brought in and stuff..

  39. Jack Edwards says:

    I very much recommend this review of justice league. You know.These guys know what they’re talking about https://youtu.be/2v8tzrqF5dk

  40. Sky Warp says:

    The extended cut will be the one for those who liked MoS and BvS

  41. M Olivier says:

    I saw the movie yesterday and it wasn't good. I mean I came into with low expectations. But I will say the critics were kind of harsh. I think it deserved at least a 50. The characters were the best thing.

  42. Patricia Turner says:

    U finally admit u r a DC fan

  43. Patricia Turner says:

    I feel like this flash was slow, slower than the TV show

  44. Derrick taylor says:

    Grace- do you believe Justice League is better than Batman vs. Superman?

  45. Johny First says:

    I don't agree with your point about Wonder Woman's 'objectification'. There were just as many shots of Aquaman or Superman's glistening chest that were equally as objectifying.
    I don't think it's fair to critise Zack Snyder on this 'issue' when you only focus on Wonder Woman.
    Btw, I don't think this is an issue… I like seeing nice looking men and women in movies, Aquaman was a barechested badass!

  46. Anthony Pardo says:

    The boob joke was unnecessary and the way she dealed with it was a little bit off character. However ! I have to disagree with you about the Aquaman's comment. He was not kind with his fellow male heroes, and when he turned to WW he has nothing but good things to say about her, he was admirative. She's beautiful, it's a fact and since he was sitting on the lasso it's just the truth. You are mad about this comment but in the WW movie it didn't bother you that the guys were joking about the fact that she is gorgeous and that there is an island " full of women like her ".

    I have to agree with the flash running style, it was weird but I don't understand why you found him and espacially Aquaman acting " stupid", for the most part Aquaman was nothing but serious and had valuable point of views throughout out the film. I didn't find him acting stupider than batman when he was joking around.

  47. Berend Springbok says:

    Cyborg 10/10, superman 10/10, ww 10/10,aquaman 8/10, flash 8/10, batman 20/10 overall 8/10.great start. Refine batman abit, leave superman as is, bring ww back please, use cyborg more i mean waaayyy more he is a gold mine, and dont give aquaman and flash stand alone films just yet.DC

  48. Rak Nay says:

    I one of those guys that cant stand this sports mentality of Marvel vs DC.
    Im one of those guys who read comics before they are trend, dont have films and this BS of Marvel vs DC didnt existed.

  49. MommyOfMutants says:

    When Dianna and Bruce are talking in the woods with Cyborg spying, Dianna is dressed exactly like Negan, lol 🙂

  50. Tou Vue Moua says:

    The DCEU is like ordering a fast food burger meal and when received looks nothing as advertised. You still eat it cuz you hungry as [email protected]$!

  51. Salty Meme says:

    This is the first BTT Review I disagreed with

  52. Brent Waters says:

    I wonder if Austin grants cw version of the flash would have been better

  53. Brianna Hudson says:

    I understand what you mean about the flash thing and his running. The only comment I can make on that is that it was slowed down so it looked weird but also was flash ever really confirmed as a professional sprinter or anything ? We all know he runs fast but could it be possible he just runs so fast we never noticed he actually had bad form or something. I find with a lot of speedster type characters they just know how to run upon getting their powers but very rarely if ever are we shown them learning proper form and stuff

  54. SCD says:

    Marvels better. End of discussion. No argument.

  55. mukil_microice says:

    I loved it Theatre was erupted when supes return and asks do you bleed?

  56. Leonardo Flores says:

    DC definitely, I'm happy to get into the marvel universe though, just DC fascinates me way too much and makes me nerd af

  57. Dmitry Kim says:

    Leave the fucking wonder woman alone. Why she shouldn't be sexy? Make her fucking female bodybuilder with mustache then.

  58. Griddy Films says:

    The Flash solo movie should be called “The One Where The Flash Runs Like Phoebe Buffay”. Also, I’m so glad I’m not the only one who noticed all the Wonder Woman butt shots – I swear everyone either thought I was crazy or obsessed with Gal Gadot’s butt when I complained!

  59. Sol Maq says:

    Thanks for that review! Renewed my hope but kept my expectations grounded. Excited to see it now!

  60. Guy in A mask says:

    Cyborg is my favorite character from the movie

  61. soulbreeda says:

    I love Marvel and D.C.

  62. soulbreeda says:

    Nooooo…….the score throughout the entire film was terrible. Doesn't represent D.C. like Marvels theme score represents them.

  63. soulbreeda says:

    Right on the Flash running. It was terrible. Take ques from Quick Silver

  64. Animexcel says:

    9:40 Yeah, Flash's face planted in Wonder Woman's chest. This stuff usually happens in anime. I know Zack Snyder has borrowed stuff from anime before, so maybe it shouldn't too surprising. Ezra Miller seems to be into anime too since he cosplayed Ed from Full Metal Alchemist; maybe he suggested it :p

  65. TributeOfDistrict13 says:

    I think The Flash was actually one of the better parts of the movie, he seemed relatable and humourous imo, and I agree that Aquaman got too silly towards the end! I'm a Marvel fan lol

  66. Muhmod Shabazz says:

    I needs an ultimate cut 😭😭😭😭

  67. Wedgeman ` says:

    I love the fact that you're opinionated and give us your honest thoughts. Some reviewers just come off as being too vanilla for my taste.

  68. Dan K says:

    Justice League is enjoyable though at the same time extremely disappointing. The jokes were horrible, no one laughed at any of them in the theater. Superman throws in a joke about dieing when he pulls the power box apart with cyborg which is a total contradiction of B vs S. Remember how superman dieing was such a serious thing in the end of B vs S? They made what could of been a great action movie into a bad comedy. Hopefully the extended version helps make the movie better. I think DC has done great until I seen this mess. It is enjoyable to watch for a butchered movie.

  69. Itay Bsor says:

    just finished seeing it, i think it's the first time i agree with grace's every word.

  70. Wil Sain says:

    I have a hard time believing that Wonder Woman is "objectified" more than Aquaman in this movie. It seems left of center women don't want female characters to be feminine anymore..

  71. Anthoney Ferrell says:

    The movie made me like cyborg and now I'm craving Teen Titans. Would be cool to use the batman story line to help create daimen to spin off. Like imagine the next batman movie introduces Talia and Damien and some dope flashbacks. Humanize the movie could give it the Mrs & Mr smith family vibes. Leading to Talia "Dying". Damien and Batman killing Ra's . I think They should follow the DC's Teen Titans Movies for the storylines.

  72. Gleidston Filipe Santos Silva says:

    Too many booty shots of Gal Gadot, huh? You were probably looking at your phone during all the Henry Cavil and Jason Momoa shirtless scenes. Come on, this is Zack fucking Snyder. Dude's a fetishist, and we all love him for it. He sexualizes everything, man woman, alien, gods, everything.

  73. Pei K says:

    Ezra was just fine, The Flash was one my favorites. Cyborg as well. I will always be a dog person and D.C. person. I like Marvel comics and cartoons, some of their movies… Yes, they rushed to make their all superhero team up movie, sadly. I actually really liked JL, far better than BvS (didn't see SS yet). They're trending in right direction in my opinion.

  74. stanley weezy says:

    I loved the flash and aquaman in this movie. I did!

  75. Arjun Besra says:

    One of the worst DC movies that i hv ever seen.Superman is not that powerful in the DC Universe.

  76. Beaches south of L.A. says:

    Are you ever going to get to a point? Jeeze blah blah blah blah blah endless rambling

  77. Doctor Wind says:

    How do you think Gracie looks just wearing jeans and nothing more?

  78. anand chougule says:

    If you can love both,then why do you hate marvel

  79. yurick100 says:

    Marve, and dogs

  80. Dainger Mouz20 says:

    I thought JL was just an ok movie. That's why it's disappointing. It was suppose to be great. All the pieces were there but for some reason they were not utiluzed. The story was just not up to par.

    This Barry Allen was not the Barry Allen I've read about.

    This Aquaman was not the Aquaman from the New52 which is my favorite interpretation. He looks more like Peter David's Aquaman which I haven't read yet but I'm meaning to check it out. Maybe he's more like that version.

    Batman imo didn't get a good fight scene. Batman fighting should be a spotlight on every movie he's in no matter what.

    Steppenwolf should not have been the villain. It woulda been better to use Kalibak and also Desaad. Granny Goidness and her Furies. And Darkseid should have definitely appeared at the end of the movie

    Lex should not have been broken out of Prison. He should have been release on some technicality

    Cyborg, Wonder Woman and Superman I enjoyed the most.

    I love Zach' s visuals I enjoyed Man of Steel and the fight scenes with Zod and Faora. I enjoyed BvS and Sucker Punch. But perhaps he should not participate in the story AT ALL.

    Maybe Ms. Patty Jenkins should try directing Justice League 2

  81. Eric Watkins says:

    Leave Ezra Miller alone I rather have him as flash then MEDIOCRE FLASH ON CORNY CW

  82. InsideOutWIRLionKing&HTTYD3 Fan2001 says:

    I heard people like Jack Spyra thinks that Justice League is irredeemable. He actually said it was his worst movie ever made. He even prefer Norm of the North, The Emoji Movie, and Food Fight over Justice League!

    Seriously? How could anyone prefer Norm of the North, Food Fight, and The Emoji Movie over Justice League!? How!? I can't see that and never will!

  83. raimitrilogymemes says:

    I loved Justice League. Sue me.

  84. Cytron1515 says:

    This movie was better than I expected. Love how Superman said "Do you bleed?" back to Batman.

  85. Chopperwocky says:

    Does Grace have a problem with Cavills shirtless scenes in the film?

  86. Henry Lawrence says:

    You like DC. Your on drugs

  87. Thomas Baron says:

    I liked the movie for what it was.
    Sure there were some problems but I still enjoyed it as an entertaining film.

  88. TVR / Xorro says:

    3:23 Was that a cut in your camera?

  89. TJUC123 says:

    Wow. I'm watching this for a second time, and asking myself, "Did I see the same movie as Grace? Did she see the Snyder Cut because I want to see that?" Everything Grace is saying in this review is completely different from what I saw in the movie.

  90. TJUC123 says:

    I don't think Ezra made many creative choices with Barry, either. I'm pretty sure he was written that way. Just like Jason Mamoa with Aquaman.

  91. Mihai Alexandru says:


  92. Mario vidales says:

    Ezra is a great actor but in this movie he kinda didn't even act he was being Ezra Miller

  93. wholetruthy says:

    the movie is good

  94. Pixar fan 124 says:

    I prefer marvel personally

  95. VishnuPrasad P says:

    An year before you said war for the planet of the apes is a worst movie,now you say this stuff is really good? seriously?

  96. Diogo says:

    Finally watched this movie after being put off of it due to all the bad reviews. But damn, Grace, you are so right. I'm such a DC person. I freaking adored this movie. It was so so good. I felt so happy throughout and excited and on the edge of my seat and I must say, I love this team to pieces.

  97. Jonas Blane II says:

    This is still the worst superhero movie ever.

  98. Marvel/Dc Fan Belgium dutch says:

    You don't have to choose between Marvel and Dc , you can enjoy both

  99. gutenbird says:

    Thanks. I will give this movie a shot on your review. I’m afraid of watching some review where someone has to much invested and they either love it or hate it.

  100. Omar Khalifah says:

    I felt the movie more comedy than action " the flash and aquaman were too silly " I didn't even finish watching it , nothing special about
    MCU you win

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