Justice League Movie Clip | Wonder Woman vs SteppenWolf

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  1. John Werner says:

    "You overestimate yourself". Bitch you do know he is billions of years old right? He is just a teeny tiny bit more experienced than you…

  2. Di,an Ra says:

    If i have that much speed…i am definitely gonna fuck diana…😂

  3. Raw Grant says:

    Is it me or does Affleck fights like Bale in this scene

  4. BoyBlue713 says:

    Perfect scene

  5. tehmaimed says:

    so if she dropped her shield in her fight with steppen…. um how did she get it back??

  6. yu tung Chen says:

    Ezra miller is so handsome and talented in here.

  7. Gunslinger454 says:

    I think this movie got a lot more bad press than it really deserved. I quite liked it. My only real problem with it was the parademons. They're strong enough to throw Batman around like a rag doll and tear apart the Batmobile with their bare hands, but Bruce can still go hand-to-hand with them and walk away unscathed. Still, that's a pretty small complaint overall. As I said, I quite liked it.

  8. no body says:

    If Steppenwolf is the end of worlds, why was he portrayed a bit weak in this movie? JS

  9. no body says:

    I love it everytime Wonder Woman crosses her arms.. 😍

  10. sk8rdad says:

    Good movie. Funny too!

  11. T E says:

    Can someone explain to me why Wonder Woman uses her lasso as a grappling hook rather than a weapon against Steppenwolf? She literally just leaves it hanging after she swings up.

  12. Alan Beumann says:

    looks like the boring segments of both Man of Steel and Wonder Woman. One character throws another through a wall and back and forth and back and forth and back and forth and back and forth and back and forth and…

  13. HAMBOY- CHIEF says:

    4:14 SteppanWolf:i am stronger than batman!/wonderwoman:i am stronger than superman HAHAHAHA beat you/steppanWolf: -_-

  14. Michele Stevens says:

    Hey how did you make that move??

  15. John logan says:

    They really did give Diane a feeling of smooth grace. She's beautiful, and manages to be nearly feline.

  16. nabil athaya says:

    cool 🙂

  17. Ana Marija says:

    i swear to god this batman is so stupid

  18. Ifti Hossain says:


  19. seekr34 says:

    hmm, wonderwoman should have been stronger against steppenwolf

  20. Tom Stevenson says:

    2:07 they underpowered Wonder Woman so much to the point where a parademon can knock her out…

  21. K.C johnson says:

    Should have kept the synder cut infinity war continues to dominate DC.

  22. Sam T says:

    1. What kind of director chooses a villain named STEPPENWOLF(there are so many goddam memes)
    2. Batman is made lame and the minions are lamer
    3. In that scene, Flash could have easily grabbed the sword and stabbed Steppenwolf

  23. Rudy Juarez says:

    The end of this is so cringe worthy. I mean, totally robbed it from Age of Ultron.

  24. geometry player says:

    Wonderwoman is stronger in her movie here shes not that strong

  25. Dragica Jelic says:

    Two things to say:
    1. Wonder Woman is the only JL member who has a mother (if we don't count Superman's adoptive mom).
    2. 3:32 – I thought this would be really uncomfortable moment…
    3:34 – But I have forgotten Flash is super fast so he can skip those uncomfortable moments.

  26. sethorlando says:

    just so sad that a justice league movie turned out so bad….

  27. TheLifeOnHigh says:

    The music score in this scene is like something from a cartoon. 😞

  28. Ifti Hossain says:


  29. syntax error says:


  30. Ziggy Stardust says:

    I think the Flash is so hot

  31. Taquan Pickett says:

    When you make a character as powerful as WW that can go up against even the strongest then make her get thrown around my steppenwolf!! It’s sad… and why when she hits his axe it doesn’t snap… isn’t her sword like OP SHARP

  32. Mic Pan says:

    WTF are your thumbnails man…

  33. The Legend says:

    I hate that they made batman so weak

  34. James Goobs says:

    I always hear "Alfred, I need the Nyquil!"

  35. jhoni gunns says:

    the w.w.SteppenWolf fight looks like a video game..this movie has to rank as one of worst movies of all time

  36. Marvin G. says:

    Wonder Woman can go toe to toe with Doomsday and even defeated Ares she should just be Enough to defeat Steppen Wolf on her own and even Aquaman they don't Superman for this.. and wow Batman being beaten by the Parademons that is not Batman at all.. and that Night Crawler wow how long did it last? 4 seconds?

  37. wanda maximoff says:

    You overestimate yourself

  38. Kate Montero says:

    Wonder woman and flash❤️😂

  39. busywl69 says:

    why did they wuss her out and made superman look like steppenwolf was just a cardboard toy. Wonder Woman is just as powerful and doesn't depend on the sun. This is why I stick to comics!! Pretzel logic.

  40. Nick Pellegrino Connors says:

    how does SteppenWolf know Hippolyta had a daughter

  41. 森雅史 says:

    ✨美女✨👸ガル・ガドット💐 ✨に 💖萌える❗️💖「ワンダーウーマン第2弾」が 待ち遠しい❗️

  42. Marko Scientist says:

    Wonder whore with stupid doll!

    LOL!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  43. Dee Art Music Videos says:

    Wonder woman should be able 2 fly

  44. Charles Edwards says:

    DC did a half ass job of this movie. SteppenWolf is horrible CGI. His lips hardly match what he's saying. MCU puts more time into their shit!

  45. Assunçao Gomes says:

    O melhor filme de todos os tempos….

  46. Veel Pelagio says:

    I feel wornderwoman is really weak in this movie .. She run to get the sword than punching steppenwolf.. When I was young Worderwoman always use her super strength punch . And she can take superman alone in some episodes in the cartoon sorry to say this I'm a really fan of wonder woman that's why I'm getting disappointed.

  47. Sean Salomaa says:

    pfft – 720p

  48. cabos gullu says:

    Why Superman is more powered than Wonder Woman? I think Wonder Woman is half god. But Superman is from another planet, not god, not half god.

  49. Tyler Winkle says:

    dont dive after the sword, you cant fall fast enough…

  50. Langmainganba Wangamba says:

    Wonder woman can fly…. Why doesn't she?????

  51. canal do marcão says:

    gal gadot is perfect <3 :3

  52. namrata paikra says:


  53. Geovanni D'addario says:


  54. john wick says:

    I like the fingernail she would look good right there

  55. Johannes Stach says:

    Alesju Kakju nou Wonder Woman Gala Godot Pladijatju.

  56. Alexander XiangJun says:

    I thought Wonder Woman can fly?

  57. BASEJOCK11 says:

    Every time I watch this movie it seems to get worse and worse..

  58. Jair carvalho fagundes says:

    Minha mulher maravilha linda Leticia.

  59. Ramen Addict says:

    why does steppenwolf look like a big ass orc in this movies

  60. Luís Antônio Marrega says:

    Ela é de uma beleza fantástica! Rio de Janeiro Brasil

  61. Mark Cambrone says:

    You know in the Earth 2 comics from the New 52, he tricked her into being his lover then stole their daughter from her. Years later he murdered her and brainwashed said daughter to be his enforcer.

  62. Kiki Perry says:

    When Steppenwolf Say child my axe is still slick with the blood of your sister Wonder Woman get anger!!! Just wish Wonder Woman would of had a proper fight scene with Steppenwolf would have been epic.

  63. General JD says:

    When will flash his own movie🤔

  64. Muhammad Hijabb says:

    i defflently dont like this flash. And I'm a big fan of the flash.

  65. Pushpendra Kumar says:

    C looks like Anushka

  66. Arsalanumer s.m.arsalan says:


  67. r0bw00d says:

    "The Amazon is mine."
    "Finish her."

    Quality writing there.

  68. Casanova Frankenstein says:

    Joss whedon really butchered wonder woman in this scene. Never let that man near a superhero movie again

  69. Yamilet's Entertainment Edits says:

    I think wonder woman can defeat steppenwolf but shes not trying

  70. Crafty Fruit says:

    Why doesn't wonder woman use her wakanda forever attack?

  71. Glaessel Vaguchay says:

    Looks like the flash is blushing

  72. dark artisttt says:

    The inconsistencies in this film compared to the previous sets of movies in the DCEU are laughable.

  73. Jony Raja says:

    Anyone can share full movi link plzzz zzz,,,,

  74. Mia Mi says:

    Or… or.. ooooorr… barry could have taken the sword.. and killed steppewolf in one second.

  75. glooomy says:

    I prefer the quick sliver xmen scene

  76. The Knight-Wolf says:

    3:32 best part

  77. Benson Fang says:

    wonder woman is only half amazonian, she is half god, as her father is Zeus

  78. Benson Fang says:

    goddess vs god

  79. Daniel Mitchell says:

    Wonder woman was hot for every male in this movie. Love the reactions she gave in the scenes. Just hope she doesn't start a #metoo movement in the dceu

  80. Abunai Akane says:

    Obviously this is meant to show off the speed of Flash and it does so beautifully, but it also shows off how fast WW is. How fast was she processing the environment to be able to close her hand around the sword handle when he bumped it to her?

  81. Dirtyshot says:

    “Child, my axe is still slick with the blood of your sisters”. One of the hardest lines of all time 😂

  82. David Escobar says:

    I love Justice League and DC characters, however, the idea of make them so weak it ruined the movie a lot.

  83. Goblin Kid says:

    @1:39 The awful kick by Batfleck is reminiscent of Keaton's in the Batman 89 movie.

  84. James Goobs says:

    " Alfred, I need the NyQuil."

  85. MAX MAX says:

    I wish I directed this movie. First of all, I wouldn’t have picked “steppenwolf”… second of all I would’ve changed many of the characters personalities and third of all… it was missing one huge thing… it just wasn’t that cool…

  86. Aaron Stickel says:

    They really need to give Wonder Woman her flight ability. The let Superman fly but not her? Confused.

  87. FBI says:

    Pause at 3:27

  88. Guadalupe Gomez says:

    Anyone else notice Ares and Steppenwolf called Wonder Woman “child” ?

  89. XD张景荣 says:

    This movie is so much mistakes, no wonder why the box office is not as much as WW, WW can defeat darkseid alone, WW is more powerful than supes too, and then it seems like steppenwolf and his minions almost raped WW for so close! WTF

  90. infamous4141 says:

    Steppenwolf looks like that neighborhood junkie who just quit heroin and now does meth kinda guy

  91. Mukundmarvel4 says:

    Wonder Woman has time to Wax…
    Look at her underarms

  92. Gay boi says:

    Why was she so strong in Batman vs Superman but she's like decreased in this movie?

  93. Kyle Greene says:

    Wonder Woman wouldn’t be caught DEAD (no pun intended) fucking crab walking 💀 @ 2:12–2:18

  94. Orange juice Apple juice says:

    I fucking hate joss whedon for nerving the queen wonder woman

  95. halietigges says:

    For the people saying Wonder Woman would've beaten him alone but he killed her with ease in the comics..in Earth 2.

  96. ‘MuricanEagle says:

    Marvel’s The Avengers: Shield wielding Hero that fought in a World War fight the horned helmet wearing bad guy and struggles.

    justice league: shield wielding heroine that also fought a world war fights the horny bad guy and loses.

  97. Thad Castle says:

    Lmaooo what is this shit 😂 wonder woman would wipe out steppen wolf in the comics and in her own movie! Dc disappoints smh

  98. Saya Angel says:

    This is how she gets treated after having the best dc movie.

  99. Freddie Can't Dance says:

    Barry just fucked Diana in 0.5 seconds then Diana said "WOW, I didn't feel anything except my vagina felt wet inside?!"

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