Justice League Girls vs Wonder Woman | Justice League Unlimited

Looks like we’re in this together If you call me girlfriend I’m gonna dropkick you into the next county Now don’t go all sentimental on me No, no, no little bird [Canary cry] No, no, no little bird [hoarse whisper] Watchtower What? Lemme give you the short version I don’t want to hurt you Shayera But I wanna hurt you Just when we were starting to get along Huh? I don’t think I wanna know We’re all in a cage match fighting to the death Yeah, see? That all you got? Oh no. I’ve saved the very best for last Yes that’s really Wonder Woman, ladies and gentlemen. It is on! Can even these four beautiful bruisers stand up to the Amazon powerhouse herself ? Anybody got a plan? Yeah try to stay alive Anybody got a good plan? We’re getting creamed here Let me try, cover your ears [Canary cry] [Glass cracking] [Glass breaking] [Audience jeers and boos] [Audience screams] Keep her busy so I can take her from behind Oh nice move That’s all I got

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