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  1. Funk O'Matic says:

    roose bolton as the bank robber… spoiled…

  2. GuntPulp says:


  3. Henkzmeister says:

    Ben is hilarious <3

  4. Mohamed AlSerkal says:

    SUPES gotta awesome Moustache and it should be in the film 🙏🏻

  5. Davi Soares Soares says:

    Best movie of the year

  6. Davi Soares Soares says:

    Ben is So COOL and funny

  7. Faith Nelson says:

    Why does everyone touch henry when they talk like 1st Amy Adams now cyborg (idk his name)

  8. Jenna Calma says:

    Seriously My Friend is so obsessed with Ezra Miller she makes out with his picture during study hall.

  9. AwesomeisR says:

    I love how everyone said Superman is dead but Henry is alive lol :)) cant wait to see Superman's return

  10. nmr20067 says:

    I'm a believer!

  11. Tom Williams says:

    good to see Sadfleck enjoying an interview.

  12. Roberto Martha Estrada says:

    Gal Gadot is 🔥🔥

  13. Engin Budak says:


  14. LeoGoncalves says:

    Ben is different in this interview I liked 😀

  15. John Boko Show says:

    The title should have been
    'Justice League' Cast Talks New Film And What It's Like Being Idiots By Kids

  16. Thomas Shatrov says:

    Just saw the movie and it's an ultimate piece of crap. I absolutely loved MoS and BvS, I forgave SS and WW was OKAY. But JL is fckin awful. Forgive them, Zak, just forgive them…

  17. thegodhimself 101 says:

    Gal 😍😍👅👅

  18. Spank me Harder says:

    Gal gadot's legs 😍👌

  19. Sit Onmyface says:

    Gal 😍😍😍😍

  20. Ihaveahardon 247 says:

    Them wonder legs 😍😍

  21. Nicholas Campbell says:

    what happened to ezras right eye…why is it blue?

  22. Raj R Patel says:

    Older Alexander Skarsgard

  23. Matthew Juarez says:

    A surprise or two 🤔🤔

  24. gladys kate says:

    Ezra Miller is 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  25. Reillytyne says:

    Has Ezra Miller cut his eye. It looks like he's been boxing lol

  26. Haryo says:

    6/10 ..another fail by snyder

  27. Brendan Betts says:

    I'm seeing it next week

  28. MikeyxGee says:

    GUYS PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION SO HOPEFULLY WE CAN GET ZACK SNYDER'S ORIGINAL AND ULTIMATE CUT WITH THE ORIGINAL MUSIC BY JUNKIE XL RATHER THAN DANNY ELFMAN: https://www.change.org/p/warner-bros-zack-snyder-s-director-s-and-tom-holkenborg-s-score-for-home-release-bd444ca0-769b-43b0-a312-9e5ba342501e?recruiter=832955797&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink&utm_campaign=share_petition
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  29. Aaron Bertrand says:

    At 3:22, when he said "Let's talk about the beefcake" Jason Momoa was like :
    "Did you really just said that…"

  30. Brynley Jones says:

    Does jason mamoa live in a trailer with nine kids, and lives in Hawaii?

  31. eligamerman says:

    I love how the cast seems to embody their characters in real life 😉

  32. Eddie Raccioppi says:

    superman isn't dead…the worst secrete in film history

  33. Sammy Derrick says:

    Ben Affleck is FUNNY!!

  34. Stacy Marie says:

    Gal gadot / Wonder Woman 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  35. Athena Rivera says:

    What is on Ezra's eyebrow …..is this some sort of fashion statement???? 😦Love Ezra though he was amazing in the movie 😘

  36. Chris M says:

    Henry Caville is perfection

  37. proserfina21096 says:

    Supes taught me to hope,Diana told me believe,Bruce taught me to work out,Aquaman taught me to drink ✌️Flash taught me to be funny,Cyborg's got to be free…. Congrats for the success of the JL movie!watch it now!

  38. Angela Lin says:

    I've seen this movie today, it was so great!!!!!!

  39. Isaias Barros says:

    Great movie, totally love it

  40. Brian Kwon says:

    Ben Affleck is awesome!

  41. Brian Kwon says:

    Can Justice League part 2 invite Green Lantern to join the league

  42. A. Kalantar says:

    man why cyborg is this. I wish it was green lantern or hawkgirl

  43. Nate Chalmers says:

    I bet no one as ever hear of gal before she was Wonder Woman an you all are saying she’s perfect for the role I disagree she’s not perfect for the role would have prefer someone better

  44. XChronicHash says:

    Dafuck is wrong with Ezra’s eyebrow

  45. Theryyx_ says:

    i loved it wehn batfleck talked about joker <3

  46. Jason Perez says:

    Gal gadot worst casting for Wonder Woman

  47. BATMAN says:

    great cast

  48. caitlyn who r u says:

    Ezra and Henry 😍😍

  49. caitlyn who r u says:

    Henry: I am not dead


  50. Danny D says:

    wtf is wrong with his eyebrow

  51. Jack Mulen says:

    For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

  52. Verdaniel A.T says:

    It's just me or I thought he was hugh jackman 4:14

  53. Saji Narayanan says:

    Who is the sexiest of this guys

  54. Can Dartan says:

    Ezra was playing himself in the movie like robert downey Jr and Ryan Reynolds

  55. DeJuan Phillips says:

    So is it me or does Ben son needs to act I mean that’s pretty cool and it’s definitely in his blood

  56. Kingdrago101 says:

    Ezra must've been dared to cut off his eyebrows or something lol

  57. Chad Pril says:

    Probably gonna be the best part of the movie is when Superman returns.

  58. Rachel Wolski says:

    Is it just me or is Jason hot asf?!

  59. Lady Firehawk says:

    Superman is not dead

  60. Elle Woods says:

    Tbh, Argo had the best punchline. And it came from Ben Affleck’s character: “Argo F### Yourself!”

  61. Mark Vargas says:

    so are they going up against thanos

  62. Mark Vargas says:

    who cares, if superman is dead they still got superwomen. she's as powerful as superman, or more.

  63. Mark Vargas says:

    why does that guy, have one dark eyebrow

  64. whiteribbonman1 says:

    Thumbs-Up #1K-plus here, Saturday 9 Dec 2017! I have NOT gotten to see the film yet but am SO looking forward to it!

  65. alseipel168 says:

    DUDE! Everybody knows not to leave a superhero movie until after the credits are over. Like, OVER over!

  66. C&L Ramos says:

    Should be arrested for abuse of such beauty !!!! What a man show !!!! Henry Cavill ❤❤

  67. Pedro Labaki says:

    Oh my gosh! I need to meet them!

  68. Anjar donny Prasetyo says:

    Gal Gadot is from Israel ya

  69. Joshua Owie says:

    Gal gadot accent 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  70. Mia T says:

    2:30 Ben: There was a birthday party and he (my son) wanted me to dress as Batman
    Ezra: OMG! I did not know this! <– his reaction to Ben's story is hilarious xD

  71. Giovanni Loera says:

    so Ben Affleck did buy the suit after all 🙂


    Ben Affleck The best

  73. Roberto Saavedra says:

    I don't care what the critics say, I love Justice League, and I love this amazing cast!

  74. Rosie Hodgens says:

    Its rude they didnt cast grant gustin as flash

  75. Galaxy Samsung says:

    Keanus joke was very bad, sorry, better he tooked my real friend. We want to check new pc systems, because his father is to old and has problems with melissa

  76. Julio Wu says:

    3:11 Affleck's voice breaks xD

  77. Jane Booth says:

    asstors roid holes …

  78. Asif Aman says:

    Thumbs up for the Superman only!!!

  79. caitlyn who r u says:

    I would die for this cast bye

  80. Aphyrius says:

    I won't say the movie is bad…but I won't say the movie is great either.

  81. Zarar Afridi says:

    Superman's return was the worst kept secret in history of promotions….

  82. Kai. A. says:

    What's going on with Ezra's right eyebrow???

  83. stringsthings says:

    This explains why my last shipment from Fed Ex went missing.

  84. Hayden Joel says:

    My favorite is Flash

  85. Shavi T'Vini says:

    Ezra comments at the start are fricking hilarious

  86. hallamittuna says:

    SuperHeroes for adults.

  87. Rapat Tangtrakul says:

    yeah I'm here to support — Superman ( Henry, you nailed all the characters !!!! )

  88. The Creator says:

    Jeez, ben affleck so mad and serious in the movie that seeing him smile is surprising

  89. Jovan Hernandez says:

    Ben was hilarious😆

  90. miolim says:

    Imagine if Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern were part of this cast! Really great!

  91. miolim says:

    Poor Henry! He is so silent because he can't saying anything without spoiling the movie LOL!

  92. Rebekah Puse says:

    In every interview i have seen of them talking about this movie. Ben Affleck always looks bored, wishing he was somewhere else. The rest of the cast is having fun. Ben just looks miserable

  93. doggo lollo says:

    I hate ezra miller , pls don't attack me , cause probs someone will do it

  94. mohim shah says:


  95. Jéh a EXO.L :D says:

    2:36 Ezra and Jason omg😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  96. rogue24 1 says:

    Get zack back ASAP! Wb messed it write up, josstice league should not been allowed to release. #bringbackzack #ReleaseTheSnydetCut

  97. peter papadimitriou says:

    So is the sequel coming

  98. David Curry says:

    They all seem to like each other

  99. Benjamin Ellam says:

    this film looks really good man l can not wait to wacth it 👍👌

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