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  1. Van Vocalist says:

    Superman was the only good character in the film

  2. Jose Alfaro says:

    Nailed it as always Grace!

  3. William Quemuel says:

    Reboot with Christian Bale?

  4. Sorn Ratana says:

    I don’t understand their timeline. How is SS related to JL?

  5. Michael Pagliaro says:

    serves them right it's up to the fans not the money dc will be the crowning gem in there universe if only you give them a chance

  6. John Max says:

    Green Hornet, Teen Titans, Wonder Woman 2 and 3, Hawk Man, and Batman under the red hood

  7. emperor Vader says:

    I know this is not a star wars video but I think Disney should stop new star wars movie don't like them I like some people that thay have picked if you know what I mean 😧😧😧😎😇

  8. Michael Moody says:

    Leto’s joker is the worst ever.

  9. Sean says:

    Wow you are getting thinner and thinner..

  10. Dwain Morris says:


  11. Dwain Morris says:

    I know you are a Kennedy fan but her and JJ are killing the  star Wars franchise. watch how the Star wars fans drop off after Star Wars episode  nine . That new Rian Johnson Trilogy is not going anywhere

  12. Dwain Morris says:

    Kennedy is going to bomb out just like the Star Wars Hasbro toy line

  13. Nathaniel Davis says:

    I think the DCEU needs to reboot honestly it was flawed after BVS and Suicide Squad and Wonder woman JL sucked and Man of Steel was Ok the weakest of the DCEU movies


    Shazam will be SHIT. looks rediculous. Black Adam? Dwayne Johnson?? YOUR KIDDING ME RIGHT? holy fuck people. Who are the execs over there? He's in EVERYTHING. It's too much. Stop turning this circus into such a joke. Focus on Wayne's wealth/ HIS TRAGEDY and his passion. Focus on Clark' Being an alien/ and his duty to JUSTICE.


    Somebody at Warner Bros hit me up. I will tell you what the people want, and how to go about it. Despite what princess says… If you want to make this A BILLION DOLLAR deal… You MUST REBOOT. That's it. No question. You've made some money. Enjoy it. Now fucking invest it in a story line that WORKS. NOT THIS DUMB SHIT. I have to guess about plot lines and story arcs, WHEN THE MOVIE IS ALREADY FINISHED??? FUCK OFF

  16. Ian says:

    DCEU is such a headache, i feel like people have to make an effort to like these movies.

  17. Lucky Bit says:

    Flash point !!!

  18. Dragan76 says:

    You loss me at Bryan Singer singer being good at action sequences. Straight snooze fest

  19. BIG GEE says:

    Please…Please…Please, learn to modulate your voice. Whenever you speak LOAD for emphasis, you blow my ears off of my head. OTHER THAN THAT, YOUR PERFECT!

  20. StRaPS 818 says:

    Marvel fan here mothalovas! ✊

  21. Voicewav says:

    Keep Aflec.

  22. MRNEONGAMEZ 2007 says:

    Green lantern

  23. John Doe says:

    They should hire Christopher Nolan

  24. doramason says:

    yeah hire someone like kennedy lol

  25. Fandom is Life says:

    I think we need more gritty darker stories

  26. patrioticmarine says:

    First step: Get rid of Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor. He is the WORST villain in any modern superhero movie. People would be better gouging their eyes out with a spoon rather than watch him play Lex Luthor again.

  27. Peter Jackson says:

    Spoilers, spoilers, oh, spoilers! I love that scene where wonder woman's lasso of truth is being used without the hero it's used on noticing till it's pointed out. Or the league leaving faster than the flash. Great stuff.

  28. 2Scribble says:

    5:01 – you lost me there… FUCK Jared Leto and his… cat… impersonation… thing 😛

  29. Mario Pantoja says:

    Need to reboot the whole thing. BvS ruined Superman. He already died and came back….WB busted their wad prematurely trying to cram that story too quickly.

  30. Jevocas Green says:

    Grace. i want YOU to head up the DCEU. Everything you have said is ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! PLEASE TAKE THAT JOB AND COURSE CORRECT THIS FREAKIN GTHING

  31. Liam Harte says:

    I want aqua man to stay lol

  32. vro, we peaked says:

    Keep Jared definitely, he's a great damn actor but just change his character design and his persona, then we are good with him.

  33. Bikim Brown says:

    Marvel took ten years to get where they're at. They expect DC to do it in a couple years. give it more years and people will get on board. People are going by numbers but DC director cuts are way better than any Marvel movies. And I think that's why DC doesn't do as good at the box office because fans are really waiting for the DC director cuts. Because they make more sense and offer much more movie. point is why go see a movie when the DVD will be the real movie.DC movies are actually way better than Marvel movies.

  34. Golden Boy says:

    I really don’t like Jared’s version on the joker. I feel like they should recast him

  35. Bale Sahagun says:

    I've been saying this forever give DCEU TO MARVEL save yourselfs the embarrassment.

  36. Felicia Tillman says:


  37. Mark S says:

    Suicide Squad 2??! Hmmmm

  38. Ayiz A says:

    they should Just reboot the whole thing with new actors directors and writers. Cavill and Afleck are already out the door. Ezra is awgul as the flash get rid of him make a new costume with a confident actor. And galdot is great but

  39. Larry A. Grimenstein says:

    And my reply to your thing about their action scenes. Only really good action sequence they've made so far are Wonder Woman when she goes into the town with the guy in the Bell Tower and the fight with Batman in the warehouse when he's trying to save Martha Kent. That's it

  40. aweshum says:

    Can we come back to this? How do you feel about this franchise now?

  41. Donna Brooks says:

    Not into tattooed, hard-drinking "biker" Aquaman. Aquaman was always my fave superhero, but Mamoa's dark Aquaman? No. I'm not going to see the Aquaman movie. CGI isn't everything. Also, since when can Aquaman fly??

  42. abestream5 says:

    Only started watching your videos recently and this older video looks odd because you looked really down, almost in tears. Must have been a big letdown for you at the time.

  43. matt keegan says:

    Def need to recast leto, worst joker to date

  44. Oz10 Km says:

    I don't see how you can be a dc fan at all & not be upset with the garbage wb has chosen to represent on the bigscreen with the dceu just because I trash talk the movies they have put out doesn not mean I'm not a dc fan it actually makes me leagues more irritated because I am a fan no pun intended

  45. Hailey Q says:

    am I the only one who absolutelly hates Ben Afflecks batman? And his suit looks also terrible, after Christian Bales batman , I cant stand what I am seeing with Ben Affleck

  46. John Max says:

    I liked half of the dc movies, none include superman

  47. Mark Laser One says:

    What to keep everything what to trash haters

  48. Pepe Loco says:

    Hahah she got fuck over by Shazam!

  49. John Grice says:

    So much of what you said is correct Grace, I did not love that you would go to a tv writer to work with you on the Batman family projects, personally, i would have also given up on Matt Reeves. It has taken him all this time to come up with a Batman film and even now, there is no cast announced. Priority should be SUPERMAN, BATMAN, FLASH and GREEN LANTERNs. We have a solid movie base right now, so lets just go with what we got and go forward.

  50. SerLex says:

    Grace, could you please do a revision of this video nowadays. Please.

  51. Ben Martinez says:

    I agree I think a reboot would be a mistake. There is no damage here done that can't be undone especially since it's so early on. Unlike the Last Jedi where they literally ruined characters because they did so many things out of character DC hasn't completely destroyed any characters like the Star Wars Universe has.

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