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  1. Johnny Jackie says:

    First also
    Shazam>Supes now

  2. Jayden Marvel says:

    How many subscribers have you got? :>

  3. 351 หัสวรรษ ภู่พวง says:

    They should have added this in the movie ;")

  4. Dres2000 says:

    Would have been a "OK" movie if these scenes were in it.

  5. Aisonic95 says:

    Why is this even a "bonus" scene? It should've been in the movie..

  6. Shefaz says:

    My Gawd! 😭 WB truly messed up

  7. SDN Editions says:

    can you send for me this video (in high quality) for my email please, it's for my fan cut

  8. Wasif Iqbal says:


  9. Wo Be Killin says:

    The re-shoots killed this movie smh

  10. Kid says:

    Someone tell me what dose this scene means ?

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