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video took a lot of teamwork. If you’re doing something that’s too hard
to do alone, do it with a team. I’m Batman. Cute purse. I’m Batman. I’m Batman. What do you want from me? Fear, they’re attracted to fear Why are you guys doing this? because it’s not fair that some people
get to have cotton candy and some people don’t. So we’re gonna destroy all the
cotton candy. And no-one can stop us. Want to bet? You’re too late. Welcome home Master Bruce. Thank You Alfred
I’m relieved to see you home safe. What was that thing?
It was a scout. It’s not from this planet isn’t it about time that you started
working with a team? you’re right Alfred I’ve got a couple people in mind. Miss
Diana would be an obvious choice. Alfred can’t you ask her for me? looks
like I won’t have to. you know I spent bazillions of dollars on security just to keep people out. Yeah, that stuff looked expensive why smashing it. Welcome to the Batcave miss Diana. Thank you Alfred. Steppenwolf is after the
mother boxes. Mother boxes? Does he miss his mommy? They’re a source of unlimited power.
Then it’s time to form a team. I hope you got someone good in mind. Excuse me guys. Where do you think you’re going such a hurry Punk? yeah this is our neighborhood
oh I’m just passing through. You’re gonna have to go through us. yeah. sorry guys I don’t have time to play and then I’d hate to break your glasses. What? I don’t wear glasses you dork. Where did he go? Hello Barry.
Hello strange person sitting on my couch I need your help. The world needs
your help. me? what am I supposed to do? Nice costume. oh I wouldn’t have put you
through cheating rescue really Really? Heat-resistant space-age material. oh, that Halloween candy can be pretty spicy. So you’re fast. I guess you could say
that. So do you wanna join the team? it depends. Can I keep it? Oh yeah sure,
I’ve got thousands of those. Awesome. So what’s your superpower anyway?
I’m rich. no Outsiders in Atlantis. How did you get
here? There’s no time to explain. the world’s endanger. I need your help.
Is it about the mother box? Yes. What do you know?
The Atlantean mother box was stolen by a monster. Steppenwolf. He also stole the box from
the Amazons. Then I guess there’s only one box left. I will join you and save the Earth. This is the Bat cave? This is Awesome! This is so cool. This is quite a team you put together Batman. Thanks, but without Superman I fear it’s not gonna be enough. I think I have a chance
to resurrect him with one of the mother boxes. Then take the flash and retrieve hisbody. What is this? Oh that’s from my younger years. You know what guys? I’m actually
quite terrified. I think I’m gonna die. I think all of you are gonna die.
You keep tripping over your feet. You look like a garbage can. You don’t have any powers, and you’re just as cute as a little puppy dog. And it seems, all our hope is depending on this dead guy that wears his underwear on the outside. Um, I think you’re sitting on my lasso. I’m sorry about that hear me don’t ever speak of this again
okay don’t ever. oh don’t worry. I stopped listening when you said I was gonna die you know I could do this a lot faster.
Then why don’t you? Aren’t you afraid he might be a zombie? Do you think this will work? It has to,
it’s our only hope what do we do if he attacks us? Yeah like
a zombie Superman. I’ve got a secret weapon. Please don’t be a zombie Superman. okay guys, this mother box should have enough power to resurrect him. Here we go. is that it? Uh, nothing happened. He’s still dead. This box should have the power to resurrect him. Cyborg
why didn’t it work? it needs to be energized. flash your speed generates
electricity do you think you can jumpstart it? Yeah sure I’ll try. I just need to get
enough speed. Cyborg, what are you doing? Put that thing away before he attacks. I can’t help it. It’s doing it, it self. I don’t want to fight you Clark don’t do this.
I know you. You won’t let me live and you let me die. Clark! Lois. Your secret weapon was a woman? That makes sense. Louis Lane is the only person that can
bring Superman back to himself. Superman beat all of you guys! At least he didn’t knock us down with his butt. Steppenwolf has all three of the mother
boxes. Superman might be our last hope. Finally I have all the mother boxes. This planet will be mine. Earth will never be yours Who’s going to stop me? You pathetic earthlings? Booyah! Cyborg, do you think you can separate these boxes? Yeah, it will just take time. That’s something we don’t have. We’ll try to buy as much time as possible. I wish we could have Superman right now. Is this guy still bothering you Oh You guys are too late! oh no the three
mother boxes have been United. Save us Athena. Who woke me up from my beauty sleep? Steppenwolf is that you? Get down here so I can see your adorable little face. Mom not now, the Justice League is watching. Have you been brushing your teeth? I’m trying to conquer the world. There’s no time for everything. the mother boxes hey that makes sense hey Supes thanks for agreeing to race with me. No problem kid. What do you want if you win? Can I tell everyone that I won? Sure thing, but if I win, you’re off the team. I’m just messing with you Good because I thought I was going to have to join The Avengers. You’re funny. East coast or west coast? West coast. West coast. Oh yeah. I knew that. Sorry. Go! Flash you don’t want to look aggressive. His name isn’t Flash. Your name is Flash. I know you. you won’t let me live. No cape. No cape for you.

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