Justice Holiday Heroes: Episode 2 – Lindsey Performs 💗 Ft. Jessalyn Grace

Hi everybody. I’m Jessalyn Grace and I’m
traveling around the country to visit with girls with heart who are challenging themselves, and you to put their
superpowers to work for Nationwide Children’s Hospital and become a holiday hero in the making. We all thought it would be an amazing idea to challenge you guys to
go back to your hometowns and use your superpowers to use, to raise money for the hospital. When they first challenged me, I was like hmmm, what should I do? But I was thinking that I
would definitely want to do something with like performing
and stuff like that. The performing is just something
that kind of like comes easy to me sometimes and
also I was hoping that if I do like a show I could
raise money for them. And I could have like raffle tickets. And just like sell things and yeah. Hey guys, it’s Jessalyn. I’m here in central Illinois
to meet up with Lindsey. She’s a holiday hero in the making. I’m so excited. I can’t wait to see what she’s up to. Let’s go. So Lindsey, what are you
doing for your fundraiser? So, what I’m going to do is
I’m going to host like a show. It’s basically just like
going to have a lot of performing in it and I’m going
to have like raffles and there’s going to be like baskets and I’m
just going to hopefully raise a lot of money and just everyone
is going to be singing and it’s going to be a fun time. So today I started just
taking notes and just trying to figure out how this idea
is going to be possible and just trying to figure it all out. My plan for tomorrow is
to try to find a place to have this fundraiser at. I’m going to ask my show
choir people and friends if I could have them in my
show and my director tomorrow. Hi Miss Dedra. Hey Lindsey, what’s up? So um, I’ve been challenged
to raise money for this foundation in Ohio called
Nationwide Children’s Hospital. And I really want to
help donate to them so I want to make a fundraiser for them and I want to have it involve
performing because I kind of want to make a show for them. Do you think you could help? Sure, What are you kind of thinking? So I’m thinking that we could
have maybe Vocal Velocity perform like a few other
groups and they could be like singing and just fun and just acting. I can help you with that. You can? Yeah. Thank You. Let’s do it. Let’s do it. Okay, so Dedra said
that she would say yes. And so did my friends. I think this show is really
going to come together. I’m just so excited. So everybody should have a highlighter, a pencil and a holding out for the hero. The processes of putting a show together, like when you go see the
show it doesn’t seem as hard. But now I really appreciate everyone that puts the show together. It was kind of hard honestly. Like we had to make posters. We had to make raffle baskets. I had to get a set together. I had to get a bunch of people to perform. It was honestly just like a
lot of work and it was kind of stressful because like we
still have a lot to do and the show is coming up soon. Are you nervous? A little bit. Well you shouldn’t be. And hey, I think there’s
someone that you can talk to. Who? Hi Hi How are you girls? Good Are you excited for tomorrow Lindsey? Yeah, except I’m kind of nervous. I don’t think you should be nervous. I think you should just
really focus on having fun and doing what your meant to
do and just help raise money. And just have a really fun time. I think having fun is going
to be the most important. Okay. Cailee Rae was just super nice
and she was super motivating. And she was just always
really helpful and I feel like she was really there. And she really believed
that I could do this. She didn’t have a doubt for a second. Okay, so today’s the day of your show. Yeah, we have a lot of
stuff left to do though. So I’m kind of nervous but I’m
also really excited though. Do you need help with anything? Yeah, there’s a ton of
stuff you can help with. Let’s go. My biggest asset for making
this show was my mom. Because she always helps
me and she was just helping me always think of ideas. And she helped me with a lot of posters. She handled most of the money of the show. She’s overall, she’s like super great. And she was just always there like. “Hey Mom, Can you help me with this?” She’s like “Of course” So she’s just always there
and just always ready. My name is Jessalyn Grace and
Lindsey is a holiday hero. Let me introduce you to Lindsey. Hey everyone. Thank you so much for coming to the show. I really appreciate
everyone taking the time to support this wonderful cause. I am happy to say that a
hundred percent of the proceeds of tonight’s show will go to these kids. It’s going to be a really fun night so sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. The crowd reacted actually really well. Like they were like really
happy like after every song they were like clapping and
they’re just super positive. Finally, here’s our last song. And I would like fellow girl
with heart, Olivia, to join me. Right now me and girl
with heart Olivia are practicing our duet for the talent show. Which I’m really excited about. I can’t wait to do it with Lindsey. And I can’t wait to do it with Olivia. I don’t know. Do you think it’s doable? Well of course it’s doable. If you believe in what you want to do of course you can do it. Aww, thanks. I’m excited. We are going to do it. Yeah, it’s a great cause and I’m sure it will be great. I like the symbolism. Like we’re flashlights for
Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Helping them. And I just thought it
overall just be a good thing and a good song and I
just really liked it. And when I heard I’m
like “Yes, this is it.” I was really excited
about singing with Olivia. Because, just Olivia is one
of my really close friends. And it was super fun singing with her. And also like the song Flashlight. Sometimes like she could
be my flashlight too. Like how we are like both flashlights for Nationwide Children’s Hospital. She’s also my flashlight in a way too. Well congratulations. Thank you. Your fundraiser was amazing. I can’t believe like how
well you pulled it off. It was just awesome. Thank you so much. So why were you nervous
in the first place? I don’t know to be honest. Everything just worked out as planned and everything was really exciting. Looking back I probably shouldn’t have been as nervous as I was. I should have just believed in myself. But you know, it’s over now. And I had a really fun time. And I can’t wait to donate
Nationwide Children’s Hospital. And you guys could help too. Go to gofundme.com/justiceholidayhero With everyone helps
then we can raise a lot of money for this great cause. Bye.

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