Justice for all: Stop ICE arrests at Oregon courthouses

the first thing you hear is our legal
observer asking for the warrant. You hear him say in the process “ouch you’re hurting me as they twist his arm” and more and more agents pour on the scene. They then physically drag the community
member out of his truck. The only way they got him out of the truck was effectively manhandling him in a way that looks to me like almost broke
his arm. The the fact that you would have such an ambiguous and violent incident
outside of our courthouse it was it was shocking to me They just came and cornered us and
harassed us and and didn’t say what they were doing and why they had targeted me. She said that she had a photo of me. There was no resemblance other than the skin color At that time we still were
confused. What’s going on? What just happened? Who are these people? Why did they come at me and for what? This is a photo we have that proves no
matter what I says that they do arrest people inside courtrooms. They got tired
of waiting and they just did it right inside the courtroom when several other
people were sitting there. I guess I have hoped that ICE would have some
boundaries some respect for the protocol and decorum of our courthouse. But it was clear after I saw that photo they had none. We had the hearing and you know he’s
doing great. We walked out and we were immediately surrounded I asked them for
their warrant, which I always ask and they were like “we don’t have them, don’t have to carry one.” So then I followed up with “okay so show me how you know who it is that you’re
after.” They wouldn’t show me anything they were abrasive and
disrespectful you see it there I’m asking him to go
the elevator they’re saying no and then and then he hits me open-palm like that. Schlosser (cell phone video): “That is my client” ICE agent (cell phone video:): “For a criminal case. This is administrative.” They never did show me a photo it was it they were after. In the end it’s affecting the administration of justice. administration of justice. You see them hanging outside a
particular courthouse exit and when the individual they’re looking for comes out
he’s surrounded by his family. You can see them pulling out their pepper spray and shaking their pepper spray bottles basically telling the family to back off
that they’re going to arrest the family member. And you see them pepper spraying family members including the elderly mother. you

2 Responses

  1. radicalguy1 says:

    Hey, if you don’t want to be arrested, obey the law! Kudos to ICE for doing their job.

  2. A Anon says:

    I am So PROUD America has Elected a President who can deal with the Illegal Alien Invasion!

    The American Citizenry has had ENOUGH.

    The Entitlement Culture of RECIPIENTS will be deported back to THEIR County of origin.

    The Selfish Ass dream is OVER.

    Hard Working Americans have Dreams Too!

    If Illegal Aliens Spent as much time Fixing Their Failed Countries as they did Protesting in America and Fighting For What Belongs to Others:

    The World Would Be Paradise!

    100% of Crimes Committed By Illegal Aliens are PREVENTABLE,


    But No One Wants to talk about the families separated forever by Illegal Aliens who Kill Them.

    Here is a list of those killed by illegal Aliens!


    Maybe They Will Kill YOUR loved one NEXT!



    Starting with the DISGUSTINGLY SELFISH ASS daca dreamers!

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