Judgement & Tribal Shame

Hi everyone so today Judgment, it’s a big one and I will say the good news first is that if you are getting judged Generally, that means you are moving forward in a good direction And so when we consider, you know I always say I think about it like an old school scientist when they went forward in some new way Of course, there was a lot of people coming in after them. Let’s see it like the shadows. No You know, there’s some truth coming out and so we come back to us and it’s the same type of thing We are leaders whether you like it or not change makers play shows, you know we’re just going the new way in a lot of different areas around parenting and even living our lives and So once we start to do that We come back to our family of origin our parents our siblings aunts uncles grandparents all that and the wider community around that teachers You know doctors neighbors you name it? And so when we start to go a new way What happens is we’ve got an energetic match at point a once we start to move then also there’s a glitch and these people have to do something either go away or Slip in back in with us in the energetic match and so for some it is a hard thing to swallow down Because it’s them not us. That’s the crazy bit. It’s actually about them and their fear of You’re gonna make me consider something different that I haven’t looked at You’re gonna make me want to cling on even harder to this old way that I’m thinking about Because my monkey mind doesn’t like thinking of something else because I might have to change too And so that’s where all that judgment leaks out in different ways because the monkey minds like no no no No don’t self reflect go and pointed out in that way So then we start to get okay, if it’s them not me. Where does that leave me? But the thing is they’re still in a work for us to do because we’re human and we’re around there and we do take on emotions So that’s the inner work part for you is to go through into it You know dissolve that and release it sit with it and to go. Oh, yeah, I feel judged. I feel shame I feel really scared this group of people that I’ve grown up with and had a you know A safe space with is all of a sudden you know basically turning away from me and that’s when we call it the tribal shame of All the sudden I don’t feel accepted by the group and that is a void to be putting your self-injury to go Well, when we realize we’re late, we will jump into a new group of people around that and we all you know generally shift and move into You know and another tribe in whatever way it is whether it’s online and local new friends Whatever, but that helps us to feel that way But the next thing is to go. Okay, so I’ll let my stuff out it’s them not me I can hold that hot space. Once they let my stuff out to see it for what it is with them to go Oh, well, I’m not really sure on how to go forward with this She’s chosen to go that way but by default I the family or whoever else it is Is having to actually, you know, go forth with you. They have to give you a reaction in some way Until they can get to neutrality as well and they spin like okay sure. That’s what you’re doing. That’s fine And that’s not going to affect me. That’s the way we’re heading in the 5d in the higher dimensions But for now, we’re sorting out all the crap to go. Okay, who’s going to go? Which way and how are we going to go with that? So the main part is then to start to realize what? Energy, you hold then. Everyone else will react in that certain way So if you hold a very strong energy around this is why I’m doing it my children need me to show in their highest pass their highest good and Those stronger you are in that the more you blow out the others. They don’t have anything to come at you with Because they realized well, she’s serious and that energy reflects and so when we’re not carrying that energy that’s when we get the doubters which Unfortunate it’s very annoying to go on Oh, I’ve still got doubts around what I’m doing or fears, um, and even just about what people think of me So once we let go of that then we become more empowered We become more in solid and the judgment starts to drop away drop away But we will go through judgment and we will have trouble shame as we move forward It’s a path that I see for all of us new New way people whether it’s parenting healthcare education The whole bit you pick a theme around any of that if you’re going forth in a new life There will be some tribal shame by those closest to you that you’ve held dear for a long time going Ah, we’re not sure and giving you some interesting monkey mind reaction back So I’m sending you love I’m sending you support do this for your highest good do not go back into this Your acceptance know that when you go forth to your highest good you’re going to get acceptance in other places But it first starts in accepting yourself and accepting what you’re doing and being very strong in this not half-hearted That you are doing an amazing thing. 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