hi guys this is your sister Kerry-ann Gidden
in Jesus Christ guys I just want to come to you today with a revelation that the
Lord gave me concerning his judgment which is still on tract and nothing will
change this and today I was on Facebook and I saw various post and headline I
haven’t really read them a to saw the various headlines ladies and gentlemen
and one of the headlines read that the economy in America is doing very well
and then another headline also read that Donald Trump says that the the that he
is happy that the economy is doing well and that America is the envy of the
whole entire world and that was that and I left it I didn’t click on the links to
read it or anything I just went doing my own business and today the Lord came to
me and he bought those two posts that I saw on Facebook and he began to speak
and this is what the Lord God said to me very clearly he said that the economy
especially in the United States of America is controlled by the Satanist
delete the Zionists and the Illuminati that they controlled when they when the
the economy crashes or boom and at the moment it is booming it’s nothing to do
with God Almighty but this is a form of control by these people because they
know when to elevate the economy and they know when to crush it ladies and
gentlemen and as God began to speak to my heart he
led me to first first Thessalonians chapter 5 and verse 3 so that’s four
festal onehans chapter 5 and verse 3 and it says for when they shall say peace
and safety then sudden destruction cometh upon them as travail upon a woman
with child and they shall not escape and this is what the Lord spoke to me about
ladies and gentlemen coupled with what’s going on and at the moment people are
thinking that everything is okay that the judgment of God is withhold and that
especially the United States of America is doing well but God gave me a word and
I’ve posted it on Facebook straightaway when the Lord spoke to me and he
basically said ladies and gentlemen that you must not become complacent
you must not become relaxed and that you should still be watchful and should
still be mindful because judgment is still is still on track and it is still
set and it is still coming and the enemy will do everything to take your eyes of
what is about to happen to catch you unaware and God does not want that and
as he began to speak to me I love also led me to Revelation chapter 18 let me
see if I can find the worst well thank you lord just a minute ladies and
gentlemen sorry about that I found the verse I didn’t want to keep keep you
guys waiting for this Revelation chapter 18 and verse 7 and this is in relation
to when Donald Trump basically said that that the United States of America is the
envy of the world and I don’t think he was saying that from a good place
ladies and gentlemen that this was a boss fault and a very prideful comment
and the Lord brought me to Revelation in chapter 18 verse 7 concerning that
comment that trump is made and this is what the Holy Bible says how much she
has glorified herself and lived deliciously so much torment and sorrow
sorrow give her for she saith in her heart I sit a queen and AM no Widow and
shall see no sorrow and that is when when I read that a comment from when I
saw that coming from the Lord from this is a scripture that the Lord gave to me
concerning that comment saying that America is the envy of the whole entire
world ladies and gentlemen were in final hour we must be prepared and I’m doing
this video to let you know that the judgment of God is still on track he has
not changed his mind concerning anything everything is still in process and what
you’ve got to understand that Satan is the Prince of the air Satan is the god
of this world so our earthly money our hurtfully
wealth so to speak it is literally controlled by the devil and this is
reason why you get these mega preacher preaches about prosperity wealth health
cars and houses that’s all they talk about because they’re feeding the Itchy
air and the ego of the people they’re not speaking the truth and it’s the same
thing with the government legend you’re not different the government’s are no
different from the pastors in the church and God is saying in this final moment
do not do not become complacent this is all trickery what you see in America
going on with the economy and all that it is all trickery
ladies and gentlemen because very soon you’re gonna hear that it’s collapsed
and is crushing banks closing and all that so keep rising gee
keep your eyes on the prize we know that we’re in the end and we know that God is
wrapping things up so I just wanted to come to you very quickly just to let you
know that the revelation that God is giving me concerning the economy in
America not only in America but in the whole entire that it is controlled by
the elite the Illuminati the Zionists or the Satanists they’re running things
ladies and gentlemen and they are creating a will create a massive order
out of chaos so God eternally bless you and love you
all and I will see you soon something in glory in Jesus precious own name
Amanda amen amen blessings amen

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